May 2nd, 2013

Wii U

The Wii U hasn’t been selling too well in the UK and retailer Asda joins the list of stores that have cut the price by £50. The basic white unit is now being sold for £149, while the premium 32GB black deluxe model that includes Nintendo Land is priced at £199.

In March, Asda was the catalyst for the massive unofficial price drop, dropping prices from £249 to £199 for the 8GB model and £299 to £249 for the 32GB model. Retailers seem to be losing their faith in selling Nintendo consoles and are attempting to get rid of the mass of stock they have. This is bad news for the company, after its fiscal reports showed that it only sold 3.45 million Wii Us globally. This price cut will likely lead to other price cuts across the UK, so it seems like now is the best time for those in Great Britain to buy in to the Wii U ecosystem.

[via Asda]

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  • David Kumapayi

    There should be no excuse why everyone in the UK shouldn’t have a wii U lol

    • DemonRoach

      That it sucks is a good excuse.

    • Adam Porter

      there must be some reason cause it’s still not selling, and this is rock bottom price

      • Richard Yates

        Unfortunately most uk gamers are cod/bf3 tools…..and parents ween them onto them games waaaay to early!!! we need nintendo more than ever!

  • Adam Porter

    i spent 380 euro for mine back in november and now i could pick it up for not even 200, i’m severely pissed

    • Magnus Eriksson

      yup, but its really Nintendos fault, not the retailers. The best game on Wii U today is made 1991… So sad.

      • Nintedward

        Virtual console games don’t count as ”the best game on the Wiiu” rather , the best game on the virtual consoles. The Wiiu is backwards compatible with the Wii and it’s virtual console library , so you could say the best game on Wiiu is Mario galaxy 1 and 2.

      • Saul Rivera

        What best game are you talking about?

        • Magnus Eriksson

          super mario world

          • Elem187

            Sounds like you have nostaglia glasses on… as much as I like Mario games, it doesn’t hold a candle to Monster Hunter 3.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            I wouldnt know. Didnt try MH3. Good? I heard the story was quite thin so never bothered.

          • Saul Rivera

            Yeah the story is there just for show…but the real thrill of MH3 comes from the massive battles where you surely can’t go in half-heartily…feels great when later on in the game..that one monster which you had troubles with in the past is now a pushover compared to what lies ahead..

            But yes….Super Mario World is still one of the best games around

          • Magnus Eriksson

            I might give it a try if it wasnt for the time thief games like that is. So I just have to take your word for it.

          • gamesplayswill

            I played the demo and I hated it, but it has potential…

          • The demo is made for the familiair MH gamers not for new players to the series, no offense. The actual retail/download is way better to get into the game. Much more explanations.

          • 100% agreed with you even though I play the non HD 3DS version. But MH3U is easily the best game out on a N system, Definitely on WiiU. On 3DS it does have some strong competition though.

          • Richard Yates

            Magnus is a drama queen!

          • Magnus Eriksson

            And you Richard Yates must be on “America gots talent” with your bright intellect, you wonderchild you. Think of all the people that will cry when looking at your beauiful mind in work. I got tears in myeyes already… so beautiful… <3

    • Just sold my wii u in protest. Fuck you nintendo! shoulda bought a ouya lot cheaper with the same qaulity of games 🙁

      • Cloud Windfoot Omega

        HAHAHHAHA……. no

      • Alex

        Sheesh what happens if PS4 and 720 costing at $600 would you be freaked out, and I am enjoying my WiiU.

      • Richard Yates

        Rofl idiot.

    • greengecko007

      Then you massively overpaid my friend. That’s a $500 Wii U. I wouldn’t even buy the PS4 for that amount.

  • Nintedward

    This is depressing and confusing. Why are people losing faith in the system when its big games are not out yet , I don’t understand.
    It only sold 3.5M by 31st march……. OH THE HORROR!!!!! cough more than PS3 and 360 sold in same time frame cough fucking cough cough.

    These people are retarded , they will soon come crawling back when games like Mario Kart launch they will think ”why the fuck have we slashed the price to £150? , we are comprehensively , idiots”

    I’ve said it before and I will say it again. NINTENDO DOES NOT NEED TO SELL A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF WIIU’S!!! They don’t need to sell 100 Million like the Wii , they don’t need to sell 70 million like the PS3. All they need to do is NOT.LOSE.MONEY. As long as they don’t lose money on the entire Wiiu operation , then they are litteraly unstoppable. The billions they are sitting on won’t be going anywhere as long as they don’t lose money and it’s as simple as that.

    And then you factor in that the 3DS is extremely strong (The fastest selling gaming hardware EVER in 2 years) and is getting stronger and stronger . Yeah… Nintendo is fine , not going anywhere. And even if the WIiu does a Gamecube they will just try even harder in the generation after.

    • Potemkin

      But now they aren’t and those big games are not around and some don’t even have a release date. Maybe later on Nintendo will be able to regain some lost ground, but meanwhile, this is what they were looking for with their poor advertising campaign.

    • The issue is that “casuals” just arent interested in thw wiiu like they were with the wii. Nintendo is accountable to its shareholders who want as much profit as possible.

      People say they can go decades losing money and still survive… a business that loses money for decades usually gets shut down or changes irs business model (softare only).

      Not t saying Nintendo is even close to that stage yet but its not good for console gaming as a whole that its struggling even with price drops.

    • Zombie Boy

      You say it’s big games aren’t out yet… The truth is, not many games are out at all yet! This is the problem. With nothing to fill their shelves, retailers have no choice but to place the few Wii U games in a small area (usually out of the way) or even on the same shelf with the Wii games, which means little exposure for the Wii U. And no exposure is the Wii U’s main issue. If people were more aware of it, more people would buy it and there would be no need for these price drops. So how does the Wii U get more exposure? Alongside the advertising campaigns that Nintendo have ONLY JUST LAUNCHED AFTER FIVE MONTHS, the system needs more games to fill retailer’s shelves and capture people’s attention. Fewer games = less exposure = less interest in the Wii U = price drops. Simple.

      • Nintedward

        Agreed. But you look at the Sales of Nintendo’s first party big games and it’s clear that they will be the catalyst for Wiiu sales.
        Wii fit U , Pikmin 3 , Wonderfull 101 , Bayonetta 2 , Mario Kart Wiiu , 3D mario , Windwaker Remake can turn eveything around. Scrap that , they WILL turn everything around.

        • Zombie Boy

          While I agree that those games may turn the numbers around a little (Wii Fit in particular), that’s still just another 7 games on the shelves for the next however many months.

          Another issue is that people have gotten into this download mentality now, where they buy games from the eshop. Its great for making it easy to buy games, but crap for advertising purposes. Who knows anything about the eshop other than existing Nintendo owners? And some of those games (Trine 2, for instance) would be big system sellers if released normally through retailers! Its a waste…

        • Adam Porter

          open your eyes

          • Nintedward

            Yeh , they’re open. That’s why I know that when the games I listed above release , the Wiiu will go up 10 fold in sales , fact. Just watch. Windwaker remake – 2-3 Million copies of that will sell. Wii fit U – 10 Million + copies of that will sell , Mario Kart – 10+ mill copies of that will sell , Bayonetta 2 and wonderfull 101 , close to a million each , Pikmin 3 – about 1.5 Million etc etc.

            Those are all big games. NSMBU has sold over 2 million copies , I know what I’m talking about.

          • Adam Porter

            we’re talking console sales here not games, so what if mario kart and wiifit U sell 10 million copies that’s not going to mean 20 million consoles will be sold. Fact is the wiiU is now losing 100pounds and over on every console sold in asda, they are cutting prices to move stock, how many new units do you think asda will order again in a few months time, they will be extremely cautious from now on with the wiiU. another problem is when a piece of new tech goes down in price it very rarely goes up again, the question is how does nintendo get the wiiU back up to the 300-350 pound price, back where it was making money, no way asda will buy in new units at 300stg now after having to cut it down to 150.
            now that the price has went down so far it’s tim to call it, TIME OF DEATH 16:29 MAY 2nd

          • Richard Yates

            Ad still chats waffle! Please please please be around when the wii u gets its just desserts so i can so remember when u said it was dead? Numpty!

          • Arthur Jarret

            It’s still making money, just not for the retailers. Nintendo is still selling to the retailers for a profit. In the end, the retailers will be out of wii u stock for a few months up to a year – but customers will go in and request the system due to the games released.

            Then their competition, which is currently still holding the suggested retail price, will still have stock and take their sales.

            Obviously, the retailers expected the second coming of the wii launch – they overstocked and are now selling part of their inventory at a loss.

            By the way, in the netherlands no such price-cuts seem to be occuring. It really seems to be a UK thing only.

          • Adam Porter

            i never said it was anything other than what it is, asda are the ones making a loss, do you think asda will stock it again after taking such a heavy loss. ok it’s a uk thing, but asda is one of the biggest if not the biggest retail chain in the uk so it’s a huge deal for nintendo in the uk.

          • Then finally someone might buy NY Wii u and 6 games and accessories but until then I guess huh

      • TCar

        Nintendo can only make so many games at a time! Personally, I think the game developers are being extremely lazy when it comes to supporting Nintendo. Why do they seem to think that Nintendo needs to hold their hands to get them through to the finish!

        • Zombie Boy

          I agree, third party games are needed badly. Yes, Nintendo make great games, and yes, those games will probably sell a few systems. But the games I’m looking forward to most are all third party (Project CARS, Resident Evil Revelations, Watchdogs, X…). If Nintendo could get their hands on more EXCLUSIVE third party games then it’d do wonders for their sales.

          • TCar

            For sure but unfortunately it is up to the developers. Nintendo can entice them as much as they can but if the developers feel they can’t make a return they bail. The bigger problem, is that some don’t even try.

          • Zombie Boy

            It is Nintendo’s job to make the Wii U profitable for third parties. Hopefully the new advertising campaign might help a bit, and their own games may push the sales up a little more… Once the number of Wii U owners go up then third parties will see that they may be able to profit from it and start making games. But without those games on the shelves in the first place, it is going to be a struggle for Nintendo over the coming months (especially when the rival next-gen consoles are released). Its a catch-22 situation… I HOPE they turn it around, (they did with the 3DS, but it had no real competition like the Wii U has) but nobody can say for sure at the moment whether they’ll get it right from now on…

        • briwas10

          Do you like losing money? Do you? When an opportunity arrises for you to LOSE MONEY do you jump at the chance?

          Didn’t think so.

          You wanna know why NO ONE wants to make games on the wii u? Because they lose money.

          Companies don’t like losing money. They avoid losing money whenever they can.

          You are truly an idiot (and very naive) if you think “nintendo has to hold their hands”.

          No one needs nintendo to hold their hand, but NO ONE wants to LOSE MONEY by propping up SOMEONE ELSE’S SYSTEM!

          It isnt ANYONE’S JOB BUT NINTENDO’S to support the system. If nintendo makes a system that PEOPLE WANT then developers will make games for it because THEY can make money on it.

          Developers do not have their own system. They make games for AVAILABLE systems if they think they will make a profit.

          Clearly developers do not think they will make a profit.

          Do you see Sony or MS having these problems? No, because developers are confident they will make money.

          Nintendo screwed up by making a system no one wants. Dont blame anyone but nintendo for their many many mistakes.

          • TCar

            You call me an idiot and you conclude your rant with “making a system that no one wants.” Why are we having this conversation, oh that’s right because I own a Wii U and I wanted to since it’s unveiling! Please don’t resort to calling people idiots, after all, doubt you would say it to my face in public.

            With every Nintendo system released, Nintendo’s own games are the ones that outshine every other game released. The sales far outpace the other released games. This alone has put some developers in a position of non-development. They do lose money, not because of the development but because their exposure is out-shinned by Nintendo’s own games.

            By the way, Sony and MS have these same issues. However, because they make their systems more about all around entertainment, rather than just games, they have a bigger reach. It isn’t because they know they will make money, it is because Sony and MS will allow any type of game, good or bad, on their systems and more people have been duped into buying their systems. There are more games on those systems but the ratio of quality to passable is pretty low. Also, those companies have so much clout that they can pretty much do whatever they want in terms of costs.

            You really should attempt to do some real research prior to pressing your fingers on a keyboard. Also, try to practice some restraint in attacking the person you are attempting to have a discussion with. When you resort to name calling, or claiming you are better than someone that you have never met, you only come across as a less intelligent person. You can continue to support Sony and MS as much as you want, me I only support Nintendo. If they are gone, I won’t be playing games anymore, it’s just that simple.

            BTW, Nintendo didn’t screw up, the developers have. There are loads of people that want this system, and loads that already do have the system. There is a market, the developers just choose to support PS4 and XBOX720 and let Nintendo fall to the wayside.

      • Magnus Eriksson
        • Zombie Boy

          That’d be great. I’ve often wondered why Nintendo doesn’t make ‘Best of…’ packs to be released through retailers. Loads of developers have made compilations of their old games and sold them (at a huge profit). We could have a ‘Best of NES’ compilation, for example. Nintendo could then expand on this with ‘Best of NES volume 2’ and so on… Granted that these games will probably be available on the eshop / VC anyway, but this could be another way to get games on retailer’s shelves – which is good advertising, as I’ve mentioned above – and makes it easier for people who have no internet access to play these games. And if you don’t think it’ll sell, look at another Nintendo classic games compilation from a few years ago – Super Mario All Stars. I think that did pretty well…

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Man, some of you guys is uncapable to see what is happening here. You are like religious fanatics. THIS IS BEYOND RIDICULOUS! The system is failing, that it.

      • Adrian

        I’m not particularly attached to the Wii U (I mean I love my WIi U and all, but when it comes down to it, it’s just a video game console), but I do think people who say the system is failing are being overly dramatic. Just wait a year or two and see if it’s failing. Within the first half a year, it’s very premature to make any such claims.

        • Magnus Eriksson

          But it IS failing. So far it failed on basically every level. Nintendo made alot of people unhappy the way they treated their fans this gen (and last part of last gen).

          • briwas10

            Nintenboys dont care about truth.

            All they want is another reason to hold out hope.

            Remember a month ago when these SAME nintendo losers were saying that the wii u’s would fly off the shelves when lego city and monster hunter3 get released?

            Did that happen? Nope. The games got released and nobody bought a wii u.

            Nintenboys dont care about truth or facts, all they care about is hope.

            I hope these nintenboys eventually grow up and become adults, because this nintendo fantasy land where failure is success WILL NOT help them in the real world.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Yeah, first it would kickstart in march, then MH3, then E3…Yup, I remember…

      • Richard Yates

        OMG Did u say the same about the ps3 in its wank first year? your a moron!

        • Magnus Eriksson

          And you Richard Yates must be on America ots talent with your bright intellect, you wonderchild you. Think of all the people that will cry when looking at your beauiful mind in work. I got tears in myeyes already… so beautiful… <3

          • Gary

            Why are you such a stuck up loser?
            Instead of saying “It is failure and it will not suceed” it would make much more sense to go along the lines of So far the Wii U has been an underwhelming console but the future can’t be predicted as such we have no way to know if it will be a bust or an amazing console. I would agree with Richard here since you seem to be a fool who can’t make a serious argument so either gtfo or actually provide a viable argument rather than “OMG THE SALES THE SALES!!! ITS A DEAD CONSOLE I KNOW SINCE ITS BEEN LESS THAN A YEAR” and then you throw sarcastic comments. You seem like a reasonable fellow at times but when you make comments such as the one above I lose all respect in you just due to the fact you can’t hold a serious conversation without resorting to sarcasm. Hell, even I realize the Wii U has had a rough start and it will have bumpy road for some time but theres no telling what nintendo can pull out of their hats. In general I could care less if third parties don’t suport the Wii U due to the fact that nintendo exclusives is the main reason I even bought the Wii U and seeing as how I skipped out on the whole Wii generation and the Wii U is BC it made a perfect choice for me I have never been a “nintenboy(?)”

            The Wii U may have had a horrible start, future games such as their flagship series like mario, Zelda, metroid, and starfox which can’t be found anywhere else will help nintendo’s sales. By how much who knows but that only time can tell, the way you act can be related to acting as if a plane is going down if it hits some turbulence.

    • Richard Yates

      Eddie u da man!

    • briwas10

      What exactly do you mean by “they’re unstoppable”?

      So even if Nintendo finishes DEAD LAST and get embarrassed by the ps4 and xbox720 they are “unstoppable”?

      Usually the word “unstoppable” would be reserved for a winner.

      You are perhaps the first person EVER to describe last place as “unstoppable”.


  • Timmy Swolfs

    Here in Belgium (just around the corner of the UK), there hasn’t been any price drop yet. So right now there is a price difference of 100 EUR ! on a Wii U console in two countries that are actually neighbors.

  • spigzone

    … so it seems like now is the best time for those in Great Britain to buy in to the Wii U wreckosystem.

    There, fixed that for ya.

  • MetroidZero

    The wise customer benefits. Buying a priced-slashed console that is stronger than PS360 with games like SSBU and other IP titles with a growing third-party base is a huge win. The retailers are going to buy cups for themselves when they start kicking one another for their ignorance at the end of 2013.

    Too bad I bought my Wii U in December…I could have saved some money lol.

    • briwas10

      Huge win?

      Why buy a system BEFORE games come out?

      You wanna know a huge win? Waiting until next Christmas when it costs even less and there are actually games for it.

      You wanna know an even bigger win? Saving up for a REAL SYSTEM like ps4 or xbox720

  • Adam Porter

    the wiiU is failing because people don’t know about it to even care, more people know about the ps4 than the wiiU and that was only announced a short while ago nevermind released 6 months ago!! i just can’t see a way back for the wiiU, how can they hope to bring the price back up to 250stg from 150stg.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      I sees the same thing.

  • Mark Thom

    nintendo is f@cking DOOM!!! OMG!!!!!!

  • jerry

    LMFAO the wii u is so dead its hillarious!!!
    It has ZERO competition since last november yet 3rd party are already making games for next gen when they have not even been shown yet!!!
    With nintendo bricking it and not having an E3 press conference they now realise that against the next gen the wii u is a piece of turd!!!
    Retailers dropping the price again to now only 199 for a 32gb deluxe….at launch this was 350 quid!!!
    Has dropped 150 in only 6 months!!!
    Wii u is dead!!!

    • Alex

      Calm your balls troll, it is not the end of the world for WiiU, when it gets games and advertisement then it will sell well, they already got the update, and Nintendo had this problem and they solved it like 10 times.

      • Adam Porter

        and what good is a new console selling at 100pounds under the original price after 6 monnths, you will pice up a basic set for less than a 3ds ffs. this is a joke, there is no way back for the wiiU after this, nintendo better have a new version ready that will be upgraded, and be ready with all of us early adopters refunds.

        • Alex

          It is only been 5 months just give some time like the 3DS.

    • Sales of the next consoles from sony n microsoft are not guaranteed more success than the wiiu. The console gaming industry is a shrinking one…

  • Alex

    Okay if Nintendo lower too much they have to give some free games for the people who spent a lot of money just like 3DS.

    • Adam Porter

      it’s not nintendo though, this is just asda, asda would have bought the units but are now selling them at a loss to get rid of them

  • jerry

    LMFAO Nintendo said that had learnt their lesson with the 3ds launch…..only a year later to make EXACTLY the same mistakes!!!!
    Priced way to high, terrible launch games and first AAA game that should have been a launch game released a year later and pathetic silly marketing!!!
    Calling it the WIIU has already killed the console with 90 percent of consumers who still think that it is an add on the original wii!!
    All they had to do was call it WII2 and all this nonsense could have been avoided!!
    What is even more worrying for Nintendo is that more people now know what the ps4 is and that was only announced 5 weeks ago!!!
    Everybody knew the next console was from sony ie ps2 to ps3 etc wii u what the hell where they thinking?
    Now no E3 conference as if they did they would get inhilated by the next gen…..after E3 wii you is history!!!

    • Alex

      You know that they are separating the presentation not just E3 but on Direct, IGN, and many other presentation to attract hard core gamers right?

  • I got my wii U for free , came part of a deal for a Mobile phone I bought

  • JeanPaul

    So… will they bump the prices back up when it’s starts selling again after more games start to come out?

    • Adam Porter

      not likely, tech rarely goes up in price

    • briwas10

      Only if there is such a strong increase in demand that a price increase would be tolerated by consumers.

      Supply and demand, my friend.

  • jerry

    Hey Alex yet it is the end of the world for the Wii U only lame nintendo slupers like you fail to see this!!!
    Has only been out 6 months and has gone down in price £150 already just to try and shift units!!!
    Zero marketing, rubbish games and 3rd party like ubisoft and EA turning their backs already!!!
    And yes the nintendo big games are coming but it will be to little to late for nintendo this time!!!

    • Alex

      You could just hit reply you know that right, anyway the 3rd party support hasn’t turn back on Nintendo only EA ever since SNES, EA doesn’t like Nintendo for that long time, and Ubisoft is very supported then why their is a “Rayman Legends App” for WiiU with everyday new challenges?

  • jerry

    Alex yes they are just doing lame like nintendo direct’s at E3 as they now realise going up against the next gen they will get OBLITERATED!!!
    Everybodys attention is on the next gen……nobody cares for the wii u and is why it is selling turd, to say pikmin 3 and rayman were launch titles to then delay them nearly a year is hillarious!!!

    • Alex

      I don’t think so Microsoft is pretty much sweating a lot since there next gen seemed very terrible and Sony is just going to show it’s system and some games.

  • jerry

    You know a console is dead when its best game to date is super mario world from the snes 21 years ago in the wii u eshop!!!

  • jerry

    LOL at Nintedward using lame ps3 and xbox launches from 7 years ago to the wii u!!!
    The ps3 was prices at 600 bucks you silly tool at launch and that is why it never sold!!!
    The wii U was half that price at launch yet it has still sold pathetic!!!
    Cracks me up you slurpers keep saying yes nintendo’s big games are coming but they will arrive for the holidays when the next gen consoles will launch!!!!
    Everybody who has seen that the wii u has been one big joke is now saving their money for the next gen consoles!!!
    The wii was so popular as it was 350 bucks cheaper than the ps3 at launch,came with a free game wii sports and was a totally new way of playing!!!
    Not rocket science to see why a console that came with a free game and was 350 bucks cheaper sold millions more!!!

    • Nintedward

      Asshole ^ .

      The Wiiu’s initial launch (first 2 weeks) was strong. It’s a fact that sales since January have nosedived , yes. But there is 3.5 million Wiiu owners as of March 31st , which is more than the PS3 and 360 accumulated in the same time frame. Price doesn’t matter. If Sony released a Console for £2000 it would not sell and it would be their own fault.

      PATHETIC!!!!! The only thing that’s pathetic is trolls like you who never learn. Nintendo Wiiu will sell when the big games come , period. It might not be a phenomenon like the Wii , it might only sell half as much. I do not care as long as I get the games that i want .

      Nintendo is 10 times more secure than Sony , remember that. Vita vs 3DS. Nuff said.

    • And AGAIN Zorbo85 is busted you use way to many similair sentences you allready used as Zorbo85 and your other alter ego not to long ago. You seriously suck at trolling poor kid.

  • jerry

    Alex next gen from microsft seems terrible?LMFAO it has not been even shown the world yet you loser so how do you know it is terrible?just off lame rumours mainly made up by cack nintendo slurpers?

    • Alex

      Then why didn’t they say something, why didn’t Microsoft say something about the Kenect and the banned used games in order to calm their fans, if you ask me it sounds like all of this is true, and what is wrong with you.

  • Frankie

    This is not Nintendo’s fault at all. Retailers should have better evaluated the market and realized it is not going to sell like Wii did right away. It would be a typical console launch, and pick up speed over the next year. It is their own fault for buying so many.

  • jerry

    Thank you Adam Porter finally some one else agrees with me….what good can dropping the wii u price £150 so that it is now cheaper than the 3ds!!!!?
    That is just plain PATHETIC yet nintendo slurpers think this is good news!!!
    Again nintendo will have to rely on the same mario,mario kart and zelda rehashes from 20 years ago but with just HD graphics to try and save the wii u!!!
    After E3 the wii u will be dead!!!

  • jerry

    Frankie it is ALL NINTENDO’S fault!!!!
    Priced way to high 350 bucks for 6 year old tech?lame launch titles,no AAA games,zero marketing and 3rd party turning their backs after only 3 months!!!
    More people already know more about the ps4 and what it is which was announced 5 weeks ago to the wii u which has been on the market for 6 months with EVERYBODY thinking it is just an add on for the wii!!!
    Biggest EPIC fail in video game history from nintendo!!!

    • Alex

      When was a Next Gen a 6 year old? So your saying that PS4 and 720 is 6 year old console?

    • Richard Yates

      jerry console gpgpu’s six years ago?? Ya muppet ya!

  • Saul Rivera

    If that happened over here it would not be on the shelves for more than a day haha…I bought a Wii U…my little brother has one too and my friend bought one the other day…if it was just like that everywhere in the world Nintendo would be top dog (not that they aren’t haha)

    • briwas10

      Based on sales numbers and the amount of retailers in America, retailers are selling about ONE A WEEK at each store.


      Even if america saw the same price drop they WOULD NOT be flying off the shelves.

      If nintendo sold the deluxe version + 10 wii u games I would maybe pay $100 for the bundle. Many many others are in the same boat.

      Just because YOU were stupid enough to pay regular price doesnt mean other people are.

      No one wants a wii u, deal with it

  • jerry

    The Wii U……..the Game Cube part 2!!!

    • Elem187

      Whats wrong with that? the gamecube was an awesome system.

    • Richard Yates

      Jerry….Twat part 1…..magnus….Twat part 2…….did u guys have a baby called knowledgeispower?

  • jerry

    Nintendward LMFAO another lame slurper using the 3ds v vita cack!!!
    The 3ds is a HANDHELD and had zero competition for over a year!!!
    The wii u is an epic fail and is why ubisoft turned their backs you IDIOT rayman was finished for the wii u but they decided to delay it and bring it to ps3 and xbox…the game was finished but they saw lame sales and rightly so delayed it!!!
    So what if nintendo big games are coming you slurper by the time they do the next gen consoles will arrive!!!
    Yeah lets play mario,mario kart and zelda rehashes that will just be in HD!!!LMFAO!!!
    Nintendo has even said that the sales of the wii u have been an utter joke!!!!
    350 bucks for a little bit better graphics than the 6 year old ps3?WTF!!!
    Your just gutted as you wasted your money on a cack machine now to find out after only 6 months it dropped £100!!!
    After E3 wii u will be dead now go and cry to your momma and play your utter shite lame gimmick wii u!!!

    • Alex

      Last time I check the 3DS has a competition that is in 1st place on handhelds and video game industry.

  • Mbrown358

    I do find it massively amusing at the Nintendo hate and blind loyalty.Has Nintendo screwed up with the Wii U launch? Yup! Is Nintendo and the Wii U doomed?!?! Not by a long shot. Everyone needs to pull their panties out of their A@@es and chill out. The system has been out for 5 months and they haven’t released many games yet. That’s on them yes but its not the end of the world. Even with the Wii selling more than both the PS3 and the 360 most “Hardcore” gamers shied away and talked all sorts of crap about the system. Now the Wii U is selling slowly and the PS4/720 blasts come in. They will have little to no effect on the Wii U at all imo. Those consoles haven’t been fully unveiled yet and when they are we have no idea how they will sell. I for one think they both will face similar situations as the Wii U in terms of console sales. The world economy is weak right now and not many consumers can dish out $300-$600 bucks for a console and $60 per game. Iwata needs to get his crap together and do a better job with pushing the Wii U to consumers and devs. In the end the Wii U will be fine and Nintendo will be fine as well. Just buy the system you want and becareful about early adopting if you dont want to be pissed off. All systems blow HARD on a launch….I’ve bought them all on day 1 since the SNES/Genesis days and I know that first hand.

    • briwas10

      The economy is doing well enough that people are still willing to spend $200-250 on a ps3 or xbox360 even though the new wii u only costs a little more.

      People just dont want the wii u.

      People want sony and MS, and they csn either get an old system or wait for the new systems.

      Nintendo is failing because they made a product that people dont want.

  • jerry

    MBROWN358 all systems blow hard at launch?LMFAO!!!!!!
    Get real the original wii launch was the biggest in console history you moron!!!!
    The fact that it was 300 bucks cheaper than its rival and came with a free game wii sports and launched with zelda it sold out everywhere for 2 years….yet you nintendo slurpers seem to magically forget this?

    • Wayne Beck

      You do realize the Console that sold the Second Most in History at launch was the Wii U right?

  • jerry

    Wii launch…..EPIC
    Wii U launch……EPIC FAIL!!!!

  • Magnus Eriksson

    Nintendo have failed along time ago wit this one. Vote up if you agree, down if you disagree.

  • jerry

    Wayne beck the wii sold OUT FOR 2 YEARS AFTER ITS LAUNCH!!!!!
    The wii u sales dropped 80 percent after launch and have done for the last 5 months….BIG difference slurper boy!!!

  • jerry

    Poor nintendo slurpers…….PATCHER was right all along about the gimmick U!!!!LOL

    • Alex

      The person that only get less than 10% right and more than 90% percent wrong because he is a Microsoft fanboy. And I am talking to you on my WiiU while watching a video in HD, this touch screen is extremely usefull and not gimmick.

      • briwas10

        Thats cool….not.

        Ps3 can do everything wii u does, but 7 years sooner.

        Ps owners have enjoyed high def for 7 years.

        Nintendo is just now learning how to do things Sony and MS were doing 7 years ago.

        • Alex

          I forgot to mention on YouTube 1080p on full screen on my TV and full screen on my Gamepad playing exact same thing or on Facebook and etc, and I know PC and other systems can do that but on split screen.

    • Alex

      And you don’t have down vote me.

  • Glad I didn’t pick up a WiiU yet, but if the price drop continues in Europe, I’ll get a WiiU deluxe soon, it’s a bargain for £199/€225 it’s not good for Nintendo though, well maybe it is retailers pay perhaps £239/€265 to buy it from Nintendo and now they sell it for way below that price… Until they are out of stock and they no longer restock WiiU then it’s a big problem.

  • Oblivion

    This system is going all Dreamcast.

    • Sure somethings are going the same way as Dreamcast but really all in all the Wii U is still in good shape and the factors that plagued the Dreamcast do not plague the Wii U. Im not really sure why people always look at the Sega Dreamcast when a console is doing bad, Sega was losing alot of money on the Dreamcast, add that to the fact of having several poorly sold consoles prior to the Dreamcast plus the fact of the competition being 2 steps ahead of Sega led it to it’s demise. Not just low sales and lack of software.
      Not sure when people will figure this out.

      • Oblivion

        Well I don’t know if you are old enough to be there but for me this is bringing back all sorts of feelings. The Dreamcast was a pain to program for, I’m not sure where the Wii U stands on that but the result is the same. Nintendo can’t pay people to make games for it, no one wants to touch it.

        Dreamcast had the same problem and then something like 4-6 months after it came out, it was hacked. Death nail. Now third parties really wanted nothing to do with it because of piracy. Dreamcast was abandoned and the stock sold off cheap.

        Just feels all too familiar.

        • I was I believe in 2cnd grade at the time so I really wasn’t in to gaming as much as I am now(didn’t realize there was an xbox until I got an Xbox 360 about 7th grade). But I can completely see where you are coming from im sure it feels alot like the Dreamcast did. I just only see 3 relevant comparisons between the Wii U and the Dreamcast and that’s lack of sales, lack of large 3rd party support and poor system advertisement. Yeah sure the Wii U isn’t supported as much as the current gen consoles but it does have support from big 3rd party publishers and that support will grow alot(faster) when big first party titles come out.

          I believe that had Sega had succes with there consoles prior to Dreamcast and had perhaps changed strategy they could have pushed the Dreamcast longer. Also remember back then EA was a huge influence(at least from what I remember) on the gaming industry(much more than today) and when EA dumped Dreamcast I believe that is what sealed it’s fate more than anything.

          In the end I believe Nintendo is in a different boat than Sega was and they have a game-plan ready for the Wii U even though it seems that they don’t to us.

  • Mario

    Oh boy.

  • Luih

    wiiU is only a toy for children

    • briwas10

      For stupid children. You left out the stupid part.

      Wii u is only a toy for stupid children

  • GuardiansFan

    Its 350 for the deluxe model in canada….so going down to 200 pounds means its now about the same price…not sure why you guys were going rapped like this.

  • Sidney Majurie

    I wonder if these guys cut the price of the Xbox 360 or PS3 during their first few months on the market. They both didn’t sell as many units as Wii U in their first 5 months and they were way more expensive. Oh well, they are the ones loosing money here as they paid in full for the systems…

  • my mom have to travel from Venezuela to the United States to buy me the black version and also spend without advice a garantie from gamestop that cost 90dls.. and now i see this like nothin more a little respect for her effort to bring a nice gift in the past chritsmas.. so.. Nintendo go #$%&#self. Nintendo knows that in my country exist control change on the dollar. My money is like a piece of garbage. !#$#you Nintendo.

  • John Madsen

    This doesn’t surprise me one bit nintendo needs to notice there not microsoft there not sony so 349.00 for a console is insane

  • GariNGB
    • That’s cheap.

      • GariNGB

        Very much so. Its a shame that there isn’t more variety of titles out at the moment as if there would, they would be flying off the shelves at that price!

  • Greg Allen

    I’m going to finally say something on this “nintendo is doomed, nintendo is bat shit crazy debate” as so far, I don’t seem to be seeing any comments which are all that relevant. I’m a graphic designer and have some degree of understanding marketing techniques and I have also been fully acquainted with Nintendo, since the nes days as well as the rise and fall of Sega as a hardware manufacturer. Playstations rise to fame and the evolution of the Xbox.

    I have so many thoughts on this subject so I will basically just bullet point so as to not avoid confusion…

    1. Woods for the trees (or Nintendo Wii U IS a success right now)

    There has been virtually no marketing for this new console. Sure you can hear Iwata and Reggie make apologies for lack of sales, lack of line software etc. Don’t believe them. This is ENTIRELY an intentional strategy. Let me tell you why.

    I’m going to use the fairly recent launch of the 3DS as an example. Nobody understood this hardware when it came out. It not differentiate itself enough from its predecessor. People actually thought that it was just a Nintendo DS in 3d. Hmm. Sounds familiar. It released with pretty much zero games, certainly no AAA titles. Again sounds familiar? You can think if you want that Nintendo are crazy, or stupid or just lazy. Perhaps they just dont understand the market? But the facts are that this little system went from being a complete flop, to the worlds number 1 portable system. I dont believe this was a fluke, I also don’t believe it was purely based on the release of Mario Land 3d and Mario Kart although this was a key part of their strategy. The Vita is technically more impressive than the 3ds in practically every single way imaginable. Even more powerful than the system itself, was the hype leading up to the launch of the Vita. Suggestion is nearly always more impressive than when the curtain is fully lifted and Nintendo knows this. Hardware can compete with hardware, it cannot compete with wide eyes and speculation. Nintendo knows this. By launching the 3DS with zero games you are selling to a very specific demographic. The early adopters of new technology and the people who are diehard Nintendo fans. It released the absolute bare minimum of software that would get it through its first couple of months. Nintendogs and cats 3ds. Steel fucking diver anyone? And pilot wings 3ds. A game of the casuals and the female demographic. Steel diver for the tech buyers who generally dont care what theyre buying and a Pilotwings game that would appeal to the hardcore Nintendo fans. Then nothing, for months. They did not market the 3DS, because theyre phase one goal was to simply install a basic userbase and generate a few sales. When you launch a system, the price comes down over time, it can never go back up. So you sell for way more than you would ever expect to get longterm and watch people enjoy, or hate on a product. And let me tell you, Nintendo are in a very unique position in this global market because they’re AAA titles guarantee sales because systematically each release is regarded steller amongst its peers. Mario Land 3d and Mario Kart 3d was well into development at the time of the launch of the 3DS. They knew what was cooking in the kitchen people. They released an updated graphical port of a classic Zelda game to tide people over. It wasn’t until the launch of the Vita, which again launched with very little. All of a sudden the speculations surrounding the divine “ps3 in your pocket” became hardcore facts and that is when Nintendo released Starfox 3d, Mario Land, Mario Kart, Kid Icarus, Professor Layton etc etc… nearly every single month we are seeing tripple A titles added to an expansive library which has propelled the 3ds to superstardom and global success. The rise of the underdog.

    We are seeing the EXACT same marketing strategy for the Wii U. Launch games were tailored to just cover the early adopter demographic. Mario for the purists. Zombi U for the tech heads. Nintendo land is aggressively family orientated because where as a portable system is sold as a personal system a nintendo home console is designed around the living room space and family use. I am actually amazed that the Wii U has done as well as it has with this strategy. From this view point, to have sold many units in such a short time for such an expensive product is actually quite impressive. I don’t care what they state in public about sales targets, I would imagine that a multi-billion yen company is more concerned about appearing to make a loss, then to openly sell a godamn prototype to people. Other developers, as with the 3DS are only concerned about turning a profit and any developer worth their salt in the industry, is not going to develop games to launch during Nintendos ‘Phase One’ strategy. Monster Hunter has been hugely successful, but this is not a new game. Its the same game with slightly improved graphics. Its a nice little cash cow for a game that ultimately didn’t need a full start to finish design. Capcom knew damn well that releasing that game would pretty much sell to most Wii U owners who are starving for games. It was a safe bet for them.

    Nintendo are releasing an updated graphical port for a classic Zelda game which is enough to keep people at least a little hopeful. But this is as the joker would say ‘all part of the plan”.

    In less than 4 weeks time the Xbox 720 will be revealed, the PS4 has already been showcased. Consider the world gobsmacked. This is what we have all been waiting for. However I’m guessing that its not Nintendos goal to be only home console in a gamers living room… i’m also guessing that now they have purposefully created this absolute myth themselves, through zero games and zero advertising, that when they show off just what this system is capable of (NATIVE games designed from the ground up for Wii U) an assault of AAA Nintendo exclusive titles from their industry leading list of IP’s… Im guessing that it will very much be another Underdog story rags to riches story for this console.

    And let me just remind you that Mario Galaxy, Zelda Skyward Sword, Metroid Prime, Kid Icarus, Luigis Mansion, Animal Crossing, Pikmin, F Zero, Mario Kart, the Mario sports titles etc are renowned for being the top of their class. It is my “opinion” but it is also the opinion of many creditable journalists who are payed to know what makes a good game. 10/10… Perfect. The best yet. Bla bla bla. Nintendo have shown time and time again that they make the best even better and will continue to do so with the Wii U.

    2: Nintendo is for kids

    Id also like to point out that kids referring to Nintendo games as games for kids are never going to understand what they are missing out on until theyre parents let them stay up past 10pm. I am 30 years old and let me tell you, movies like Back To The Future, Indianna Jones, Star Wars etc are movies that remind me of better years in my life for good reason. They keep me youthful and remind me that the world is not just about advertising the lastest disposable shit. Nintendo, like Disney in its heyday and Pixar today have a seal of quality that any parent would be doing their children an injustice not to experience. It has been such a rewarding part of my childhood, collecting mushrooms, seeing “super 3d fx’ of Arwings flying out of a hanger, shooting shells at my best mates for hours on end in a completely rigged and unfair race. These are experiences that should NEVER disappear. That phrase “they dont make them like they used to” well guess what, Nintendo still do. We all grow up and you should be glad that Nintendo don’t. Not that Mario Galaxy was any less enjoyable to me as an adult but thats just me.

    3. Wii U is not next generation

    This actually tickles me. The months and months of debates on forums about who has the best graphics with the only viable argument being ‘graphics aren’t important its gameplay’. Well no you fools, graphics of course are important they are just not THAT important. Its fairly important for a female game character to have massive breasts but its not THAT important. Let me tell you what is important.

    The PS4 and the Xbox 720 will be released in the near future, they will release for a huge amount of money and they will also, like the wii u, struggle with their launch windows in terms of software. Does everyone think that when the ps4 releases that the ps3 will suddenly switch off forever and die. No people. What we will see atleast for the next couple of years is developers releasing cross platform games. A triple A title released for the PS4 will ultimately generated more revenue if it is cross platform. That means on BOTH xbox720 and PS4, as well as the previous consoles (in our economic climate these consoles will be alive for much longer than you think) so PS3 and Xbox 360. The nintendo wii u is somewhere in between. Not only is it in-between, but it also offering new ways to play. When the inevitable console price drop comes, when the next Zelda gets its perfect reviews and clearly looks like the best game to play ever (like it always does) guess what? It will make a lot more sense for a consumer to buy a Wii U either as an alternative “next gen” machine or as an additional “nintendo box’ for the Hardcores. Your Call of Duty and Assassins Creed will be multi platform. That means titles that are coded around the notion of being played on a spectrum of devices. Not SUPER AMAZING versions and then watered down. Just basic concepts for games with systems producing better textures, better frame rates, better lighting. Im not saying they wont look good on ps4 im saying, who the hell really cares? If you honestly think that developers are going to shoot themselves in the foot and care more about one system just because you yourself saved up all your pocket money to buy one system, you are wrong.

    I would also like to add that as good as these graphics are, you and I within 6 months will be used to it. It happens ever generation. Right now the idea is more tantalising. The dark knight rises couldn’t of possibly been anymore anticipated. Do you know anyone that prefers it to the Dark Knight? I dont. But for a little while there it looked like it was going to be perfect huh? Life is cruel. And simple. And predictable. No matter how amazing the graphics wind up being, people will still be playing mine craft, they’ll still be playing angry birds. Graphics are just not that important anymore.


    This is just my opinion please feel free to tear me a new asshole. Just ask yourself this. I know what Call of Duty in 2014 is gonna look like, I know hows its going to play. I know how assassins creed 5 is gonna play. The next 3d Mario game is slated for release in the next few months leading up to christmas. Look back at Galaxy and tell me honestly… whats a HD 3d mario going to look like and how are we going to play it? I dont think any of you who actually know these games inside out could tell me. You’re gonna “jump” and collect mushrooms and stars. Well clap clap clap. There is an art form being completely missed right under your nose. Maybe they should give mario a gun and put him in Afghanistan. That would be a real achievement.