Jun 4th, 2012 publishUpdated   Jul 22nd, 2012, 9:32 pm

Wii U price
Nintendo has said that they won’t reveal the Wii U price nor launch date at E3, but new rumors suggest that that might just happen at the company’s E3 press conference tomorrow. According to Japanese trade paper Nikkei, which has a good track record when it comes to Nintendo leaks and rumors, the Wii U price will be revealed tomorrow at E3, and is expected to be 30,000 Yen. This translates to roughly $383 USD or £250 in the UK. In the US, this could likely mean a retail price of $399. In addition, Nikkei reports that the WIi U would get a whole slew of non-gaming features, including digital books, karaoke, and other possible Wii U apps.

Wii U Daily reported a few months ago that Nintendo would set the Wii U price at $299, and many video game industry analysts have pushed for an even lower price, something in the $249 range. If Nikkei’s sources are to be believed, the Wii U could end up costing a lot more than that. We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see whether Nintendo will announce a price, or whether the company will withhold this information to see how the market and gamers react to the Wii U. The Wii U launch date has been rumored for November 18, 2012.

Nintendo’s E3 press event kicks off at 9AM tomorrow, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest Wii U news and updates.

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  • CedrictheDragon

    I am willing to pay a reasonable price, £250 is pretty good for the UK if it is twice as powerful as the X-box 360, as I read somewhere, however, if te rumours that it is only as powerful at that machine and PS3 proved true, it would be a harder sell and no Unreal 4 support.

  • uPadWatcher

    Isn’t 30,000 yen equal to $300 US ? The price of the Wii U should be an estimated price of $299.99 US (299 Euro).

    • Joshy

      Not Even close this is relevant 1.00 US Dollar = 0.8EUR making euros worth more than our us money. 30,000.00 JP Yen = 380 US Dollars.
      also 299.00 US Dollars = 240.30 Euro’s

  • Fuzunga

    Why do people never believe these guys when they flat-out say no?

  • david6

    Price really isnt an issue for me, i will pay upto $1000 if its good. And i hope there are acessories, cause ill buy those too. And i want stickers and paint markers to tag my machine, white on black, black on red, black on white.(please nintendo)

    • david6

      Also i like nintendo t-shirts, i always buy those.

      • david6

        And i want nonspacific action figure, and bunch a stuff and creatures and rayman to put into the game pad, and squish em all in there. And i want to buy all the games and pad and procontroller.and a belt and bracelet or neclace, but it has to look manly.

    • Joshy

      u must be rich as heck :/
      not everyone is that filthy rich

    • Amorus

      same here

  • Alienfish

    It’s still in my budget. After seeing the pre-show yesterday I’m pretty psyched. Of course I’ll have about five months (probably) to mull it over.

  • Buzzeh

    30,000 yen is around 380 US Dollars

  • Swic11

    Im excited for anything under $400 but will pay up to $450 for the console. I told my fiancé that it would cost $450 that way I can ge some accessories if it’s cheaper!!! Either was a $300-$400 price point is fine by me as long as it has some graphical prowess.

  • Eddy120876

    sweet spot is 300-350. Since we all know the Wii U will be release during the Holidays and we all know we have to get presents for a lot of folks so money will be tight.

  • Ben

    The 30000 Yin price probably doesn’t translate directly to the US Dollar value. Japan electronics tend to be higher because of VATs and such in that region.

    I’m guessing it’ll be $349.US assuming the report is accurate.

  • Wildman

    Nintendo consoles are usually more expensive in Japan due to a strong Yen.
    I think the Wii U would cost $349 here in the US. That just feels right.

  • Aang

    £250??!! Perfect Price 4 Mii !!!

  • AZHood

    Nintendo has a good chance of winning E3 this year (depending on how Sony does at their conference, as I found the press conference by Microsoft disappointing). If Nintendo surprises everyone with the Wii U launch date and price, and hit all expectations, then Nintendo wins easily in my opinion.

  • Smurfman256

    3DS was 25,000 Yen when it launched in Japan (Approx. $319.13). It retailed in the US for $249.99 (Japanese price was approx. 1.27x higher)
    Wii U Japanese price (rumored) is 30,000 Yen. Approx. $382.94.
    382.94/1.27=$301.52. MUCH more reasonable.

  • supo hatake

    After seeing that pre-E3 video, Nintendo can have the code to my bank account.

  • Wow

    Wii U will have more of a struggle than Wii at launch b/c when Wii launched years ago, 120 yen = 1USD. Right now, 100 yen = 1.25 USD…

    • Can’tWaitforWiiU

      So your saying the economy getting just a tad better is going to make things suck for the Wii U? That makes no sense.

  • Swic11

    Nintendo usually wins E3. The other two companies are always boring

    • david6

      The e3 is so hyped, nintendo has a new zombie game that looks realistic. I like zombie movies.

      • Swic11

        The games graphics look fantastic!

        • Meliza Luna

          Its actually AMAZING!!!!

  • Poncho

    I predict four different bundles:

    “The Casual”; comes with a Gamepad and New Super Mario Bros. Mii, with 8GB of internal flash memory; will retail for $299.99.

    “The Gamer”; comes with a Gamepad, Wii U controller Pro, New Super Mario Bros. Mii, a headset, and 20GB of internal flash memory; will retail for $349.99.

    “The Pro”, comes with a Gamepad, two Wii U Controller Pros, New Super Mario World, a headset, and 50GB of internal flash memory; will retail for $379.99

    “The Fanboy”; comes with two Gampads, four Wii U Controller Pros, Mario Galaxy 3, The Legend of Zelda: The Hylian War, Metroid Prime 4, Untitled Donkey Kong 64 sequel, Star Fox Unlimited, Super Smash Bros. Dispute, Kirby: The Magic Puffball, Urban Champion 2: Downtown Rumble, Download code for Mother 1-3, two headsets, and 500GB of internal flash memory; will retail for $9000.99

    • Ravyu

      Fanboy for MEEEE!

    • Death

      fanboy for me as well

    • Harry Potter

      your bundle idea is really good but the last 1 is so funny . There is no WAYYYY that Nintendo will realase the fanboy bundle

  • Paul

    doesnt the wii u tablet hold a microphone just like the psvita ?

    the wii u will come with internal memory or memory cards and predicting over 150gb….

    will go upto £300 for the ultimate package

  • 3ds guy

    i have brought a vita at £270+30 for momory card and people r paying £300-500 on i pads an phones so i think around £350 would be sutible maybe 400 wii want nintendo to make profit so they can stay around for years to come if it can run unreal 4 then im definitely up for for paying extra would pay 500 for that

  • Giuseppe

    People spent 599 U.S. Dollars ( lol ) for a PS3 at launch. Anyone will buy a Wii U for the price in the news.

  • Meliza Luna

    How much is the Wii U for already? Is it $200, $300, or $400? In going crazy?
    I want a Wii U NOW! I’m going to explode because of all this waiting!

  • Amorus

    I will be willing to pay up to $1,000 too. Hope it’ll be good. I’ll be buying any accesories and games they seem awesome too! i will get it! i wonder if they come in teal O.O

  • Noahman007

    i hope it $250 us or 300 but not 400 no why

  • ParkourFreak

    if its above $330 I’m not buying, im not made of money…if its that much and the games are around $100.. Now if its less than $330 then I’ll get one, come on Nintendo and make it less than $330!