Aug 20th, 2012

Best Buy Wii UAccording to a leaked Best Buy email, Wii U pre-orders won’t start until September. The email was sent to Best Buy employees, informing them on the upcoming Wii U and the pre-order situation. It states that “industry-wide” pre-orders will begin in September. The email further states that customers can sign up to an email newsletter and be notified the moment the Wii U is available for pre-order. A few days ago it was rumored that GameStop managers would meet later this month to discuss the Wii U, as well as discuss GameStop’s pre-order and launch strategy for Nintendo’s new console. Best Buy has already begin promoting the Wii U in some stores, as the image shows.

In order for retailers to offer pre-orders to gamers, a few bits of information are needed from Nintendo: Wii U price and launch date. Nintendo has said that it will unveil those details in September, but didn’t give a specific date. The console has long been rumored to launch in November, likely on November 19, at a $299 price point. We’ll have to wait and see if those turn out to be true.

Will you pre-order the Wii U once it becomes available? And how much money are you willing to put down to pre-order the console? Let us know in the comments section!

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  • ninjabake

    I’ll DEFINITELY be pre-ordering it and I’ll put about $20 down for day one then pay it off in the coming months. I expected the pre orders to be available after Nintendo announces the price and release date.

    • Ed

      If ur in the u.s. u will prob have to put down 50 to start, just FYI.

      • ninjabake

        Thanks for the heads up.

    • Ekayode7


      U have made a revolution to gaming if u say paying $300
      for buying PC/gaming system that can be playable on ur hands
      am a ps3/wii fan But ps3 just got pwed!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gary

    i need some ideas for money. any help??

    • Mac

      you go to school? dont eat lunch if you get lunch money its quick easy money

    • ToadTheDestroyer

      maybe try mowing some lawns.

    • jat

      wash cars! or if you know somethink about computers use google adsense or facebook page to advertise

    • ck1x

      start a collection of pop and water bottles if all fails and turn those in for money. You would be surprised by how much you can save in everyday things people normally just throw away

    • LaserK

      Kiss me for $20 ;*

      • RonaldRaygun

        Man if you’ve been painting houses for 2 weeks and you havent saved 300 bucks then your getting ripped off.

    • Xarret

      I’ve been painting houses this past two weeks. But the others options are good too specially the lunch money one. Been there done that.

  • Mida

    If all else fails, camp outside!

    • TurtlePowa

      That made me laugh so hard xD



    • Herox95

      Whattabout a Red Wii U? 🙁

      • Grodus

        What about it?

  • Grodus


  • Dorfdad

    Hoping for $250.00 with a game packed in..or a bundle deal for the pro controller as well.. I am probably going to spend $500.00 at launch

    Wii-U Black
    Black Ops 2 (if avaialbe)

    Day one

    • D3rp^^

      is 500$ even enough to get all that? o.o

    • Wils81

      No Pikmon 3 love?

      • Wils81

        SHIT. *pikmin

        • AKA-Link77


      • theaquacharger

        Pikmin isn’t going to be ready on Day 1. It’ll be ready within the first three months of the console.

        • Alienfish

          Says who?

          • The Aquacharger

            Nintendo says.

          • Alienfish

            Name your source please. A statement without a source is simply an opinion. All I’ve heard on the subject is that it will be launch window, which could be anywhere from day 1 to the end of the year. No launch date has been given so no prediction can be made. This has been logic. It differs from opinion.

          • theaquacharger

            Considering Nintendo has announced launch titles and launch window titles that would suggest different. Games like Nintendo Land, Ninja Gaiden 3 (which Nintendo is publishing), and a few other games were announced as launch titles. Those are games ready day 1. Some games, like Pikmin 3, were announced as launch window games. Launch window != launch titles. And to go off their E3 website says launch window. says launch. Which it has been confirmed Darksiders 2 will be ready at launch for the Wii U. You want to talk about using logic but you’re ignoring the most important thing here. A single word changes the entire meaning. “Launch windows” is typically a marketing hype term to get people excited even though the game can come out 1 week – 3 months later.

          • theaquacharger

            Also you want to talk about sources while on Wii U Daily? The people who almost never publish a source? Who here : never gave their source as to who said it was an exclusive or where they got their information? If you want sources you’re 100% on the wrong site.

    • Nintedward

      i am UKish , so i am estimating as follows
      1. wiiu black – £289.99-£300
      2. 250 gb hard drive -£40 – 70
      3. pro controller – £25
      4 . pikmin 3 – £40
      5. zombi u – £40
      5. NSMB 2 – £40
      6- AC 3 – £40
      7 – Rayman legends – £40
      8 . Nintendo Land – £40 £600 roughly $700

      • Wils81

        If I recall correctly, the Wii U won’t be having a built-in hard drive (for obvious reasons).

        • Nintedward

          exactly , thats why i said i am buying a new hard drive for my wiiu.
          it will support any usb hard drive. and there will be tons of downloads for wiiu. so a hard drive is essential if you are hardcore.
          all the retros , wiiu ware , full games and many other things.

        • dojo

          it is going to have internal flash memmory

      • XDLugia

        If the Pro Controller will not cost any more than 25£, then I’ll eat my hat.

    • Braulio500

      I envy you…
      I would like to pre-order a Wii U…
      But I don’t have much money right now…
      And my economic situation is a little bad =/

  • Nintyfan

    Wii U FTW! Any price is good, as long as it’s not like $1000. LOL xD Nintendo just don’t rip us off again like you did with 3DS, if the Wii U is $299 and I got my 3DS for $249 we got a problem here. 😛

    • Wils81

      Er… $300 for the Wii U is actually reasonable.

    • Alienfish

      Are you expecting a higher price? The WiiU contains pricier tech than 3DS so I’d be surprised if the price was BELOW $299. I’m hoping that Nintendo can make some money while giving us all a fair price is all. If Nintendo doesn’t have money, they can’t make good games, and I want their good games.

    • Amtoj

      I got the 3DS for $249 too. After price drop, went to the store and was refunded $50! XD

      • Dan

        I say the Wii U will cost $349.99. 🙂 still buying it!!

  • Nintedward

    O GOOD LORD PLEASE!!!!!! next nintendo direct will be the most exciting thing ever , and hopefully iwata , shibata or Reggie-STeel will give us a launch date and price . and then they will show us a spec sheet !!!!!!!!!
    w8 i am having a vision ”nooooooveeeemmmbbeeerrr the seveeennnn , noooooooovvveeeemmberrr the 11th. its november the 11th”.
    i am not psychic , but i just made up a vision and it said november 11th is the launch , earlier than expected , the visions also said that Europe is going to w8 till November the 17th or something.

    • Nintyfan

      Don’t you worry, Big N is always full of surprises. Nintendo can pull this off!

    • Egamingway

      I’m looking forward for the next Nintendo Direct as well but I would guess that a spec sheet isn’t going to be revealed. I haven’t searched it out too much but more than once I’ve read that with the Wii and gameCube that people had to open it up on launch day to find out the specs.

      • Nintedward

        yeh they better tell us the specs before launch though lol. we all buy it only to find out its weaker than we hoped. hopefully it will be stronger than we hoped!

      • D2K

        As much as I want to know the specs, it really is here nor there to why I would or would not purchase the system. What I care about are AAA 1st party titles. Nintendo has many franchises, but of the major heavyweight franchises Nintendo needs to release a game featuring at least one at launch.

        • Dan

          I’m going to wait till January to purchase the Wii U. It’ll give me time to find out what that specs are, have a larger game library, and hopefully get a system without defects (i.e. the Xbox 360/PS3) Also, by then I should have enough money to buy it along with many games and accessories.

    • RonaldRaygun

      I hope Europe never gets it.

  • Shadriczo





    Now there’s going to be a storm of pre-orderings coming!.

  • SuperShyGuy

    I can do $299. Time to put these analysts in their places a blow the Wii-U’s pre-orders through the roof!!

  • Chad

    I hope it’s true and the price point is around $300. I already promised my little guy one for Christmas so I’ll be jumping on the pre order band wagon as soon as I can.

    • Nintedward

      little guy 😛 awwwwww , we all know its for U. XD

  • XDLugia

    It must launch before November 18th, or else it would break Nintendo’s 5 year rule.

    • Egamingway

      You are a Nintendo fan my friend. =]

    • Dan

      It already broke nintendo’s 5 year “rule” by not being released last year in 2011.

  • Roy

    Can’t wait to see Nintendo’s next direct next month in September, I just hope they tell us the price,release date and specs! We are dying to hear these informations!

  • Kamon

    I NEED MONEY! FAST! Who wants my liver?

    • pnc45

      lol you made my day.

    • Leeroy

      I’m going to need a nice glass container to keep it nice and safe hung up in my room. Lolxd

      • Herox95

        Yeah suuuuuure, I’m pretty sure you won’t be playing Wii U games if you sell your liver :P, because of that, you’d have to be put on a machine, and you would be fighting for your life.

        • RonaldRaygun

          No he wouldn’t

  • Tubba Blubba


    • Mac


  • Mac

    oh man let the wii u be released on november 19th ( its my birthday that day) im not goin to school and if i do my mom gonna pick me up and we going straight to gamestop period.

    • Ben

      no way! My birthdays the 19th too!!! If it releases then… This would honestly be the best birthday present in history…. Please be the 19th!!!

      • RonaldRaygun

        I hope it’s released December 20th thats my birthday!!!…… Wait a second no I dont.

    • Chris01

      Oh mah gawsh! You guys too?? 😀
      My bday is on Nov 19th!!

    • Undecided

      Me too : )

      • Dan

        me five!! 😉

        • Meh

          Not me. 😛
          Still going to pre-order! 😀

  • Br

    I’m going to agree with Nov 19th given the history and optimistically say a $250 price tag, probably naive but reggie said they’d be pricing wii u to be competitive and good value throughout its life, as production costs drop that profit margin grows ‘throughout’ that time. Also they’ll make their biggest sales to the older casual gamers, $250 makes sense to them $300 does not, If they will charge 300 id be expecting to be compensated on cost in the online service which is also less important to that group. Finally on price, the 3ds may have taught nintendo that slimmer profits now are better than making a loss per unit later.
    Last guesstimate, Nintendo will surpass their original ambitious target of wii u’s sold by March and the analysts will act like they knew it all along, hail shigsy!

    • Egamingway

      $250 sounds good because, especially if there is no game bundled. And also, there’s not a large hard drive included. I’m in favor of no big hard drive built in because it cuts down the size of the console. I like the idea of using large SD or USB cards.

      • Br

        Yea good size&cost reduction, its not unreasonable move looking at the 360 arcade with its 4gb worthless hdd. The graphics are better than ps3 but thats 6 year old tech now, they aren’t paying over odds for cutting edge custom graphics so that wont cost much, processor is good but it’s not something magical like the cell processor in ps3. No individual components cost much and seem very off the shelf, costs cut at every corner so i think 250 is reasonable.
        Some are saying no way because the 3ds was 250, but 3ds is a highly individual and specialized device with a. 3d screen and those factors cost…

        • RonaldRaygun

          I want it to be 400$. Im dead serious. I want it to be a quality machine, not a 250$ dollar piece of shit.

  • YAK(youraveragekid)

    I love. Myself.

  • tht awkward guy

    i wud pay anywhere from 250.00 to 300.00 and prolly another 150 for 2 games nsmbu and zombiu

    • someone

      so if the wii u costs 200.00 you are not going to buy it

      • theyoshiking20

        lol nope

  • nyeh heh

    I dont think i will be pre ordering wii u or buying it when it comes out because i am getting an xbox 360….but i still luv nintendo

    • LyingTuna

      Why bother posting that? I don’t care, but it’s a Nintendo site. Come on, think about it!

    • RonaldRaygun

      Why xbox sucks… your not one of those halo fans are you.

  • James

    Gonna pre-order day one with ZombieU and Madden13! Can’t wait!

    • Herox95

      Me too! Except I won’t be getting Madden13. I want ZombiU so I can scare my Mum!

      • RonaldRaygun

        hahaha o man thats good ha scare your mum.

  • joe

    im willing to do a 50 dls down payment to pre order wii u cant wait to put my hands on it

  • username

    yes! (captain falcon style)

  • deedee

    pre order lol im just paying it off lol that is what vacation pay is for lol

  • link 5

    Hell yea pres order on first day

  • Roouth


    I live in Germany and i´ve pre-ordered the Wii U for a price of 350 euros.
    I am sure they will put it down to 300 Euros at least but I will be one of the first who will have the Wii U 😛

    I´ve even pre-ordered Zombi-U and Darksiders 2

    If I get more money I will even buy Assassin´s Creed 3 and Pikmin 3 maybe even New Super Mario Brothers U.

  • theorangefish

    I will get it in 2013. Why? Because I start working that year. Until now I don’t see any disadvantage for me except getting it later.

  • NinTobias

    Wii U-$269, €189 and £189. Reggie said people will be pleasantly surprised, meaning it would cost less than what people were predicting-at the time people were saying $299 so won’t it be lower?
    I still require Mario Kart Wii U. I wonder why they haven’t even confirmed it yet-even if the release is all the way at Xmas 2014 (Hopefully Earlier). 64 tracks and a proper Custom Track designer are necessities…

    • Nintedward

      hmmmmmm , i am expecting £289 . remember the 3ds launch price ???
      i am sure this thing costs A LOT more to make than a 3ds.
      so definitely not £189. that is tooooo cheap , for a thing with potentialy 1.5 RAM and 32 mb edram.

      hopefully you are right though.

  • alex

    I am traying to pay off my credit,card to get the Wii u a pro controller,and,a,game

  • AcesHigh

    I love how everyone thinks that retailers are waiting on price and release date to start pre-orders. Speaking from supply-chain experience, all major retailers had to commit inventory dollars to this launch a long time ago. Already knowing how many units they had to commit to purchasing from their distributors to even land a quantity on launch day, they will have had to know how much money they will be budgeting in Q2 (Q3 at the latest) against sales in their Q4 forecasts. If they’re big enough like TRU or Walmart, they might be lucky enough to land a consignment agreement where they pay only for what sells through. But that’s not everyone – just the major retailers – and even then, I doubt that will be offered given the history of console shortages and demand from previous console releases. If the retailer is a public company, they need to know what the cost is and revenue to report to their boards-of-directors and the Market in general to project earnings each half. They can “guess” or estimate (thus “forecast”) but a difference in unit cost of $25 (cost) across, say 1 million units for a chain like TRU is a difference of $25M. That’s a forecast gap that no one will put their job on the line to say “well they didn’t tell us how much the unit would be til September…” Not gonna happen.

    No, all of this work started in H2 of this year at the latest. And no, the guy behind the counter or even the guy that a gaming site reporter (like this one) talks to at Gamestop knows. And if they DO know, they won’t tell. The fact is, the only people who know the price (definitely) and release date (maybe) are the Buyers at the corporate level and Sr. Executives at the corporate level – all of whom are covered under NDAs (Non-Disclosure Argeements). They will start pre-orders when Nintendo allows them to. OR, they will start their pre-orders if they feel comfortable that their customers don’t care if they know the final price or release date. Simply put, the retailers are waiting until YOU know how much and when. Not when THEY know.

    • RonaldRaygun

      Thus you are a dbag

  • Nintendofreak

    I have less than 15 bucks 🙁

  • Lord Carlisle

    You know, I’m starting to lose a little faith in Nintendo. I mean, I played NSMB2, and it was good, but it wasn’t GREAT, like I would hope a Mario game would be. It was too similar to Wii… I mean, they barely changed the music! It’s still a good game, but I just want originality. Super Mario 3D Land was nice though. Still, it seems NSMB2 was a “staller” until U. I really hope U has more originality than NSMB2. And geez, though… I don’t care much about graphics, but it doesn’t look like NSMB U is any different than the Wii. They should of improved on that, it just seems lazy. I can’t even believe I’m actually saying something negative about Nintendo for once. (Prepares for wave of dislikes)

    Of course, once I get my hands on the Wii U I’ll probably eat my words.

    • Undecided

      Nintendo has been showing a factory-like developing style for most of their games these days. I found the original Mario and Donkey Kong games way more fun than anything released recently. They just keep rehashing the same game to make a quick buck.

      • RonaldRaygun

        I thumbed up you, the old stuff was way better. New stuff is just playing off of our love for those old games we grew up on. I feel sad for the kids of the new generation who have these new remake/copy games to look back on.

    • Someone

      The new super mario bros series are made to be equal… For Nostalogia,
      and if you think well, theren’t too much mario games, its only a lot of series.
      Also iwata confirmed that will going to be just one new super mario bros game
      for sistem.

    • theyoshiking20

      i think u r right nsmb2 is a staller

    • Meh

      NSMBU is going to be HD. How else would you improve the graphics? It’s can’t be more realistic. HD is good enough for me. 😀

  • Vehdrehl

    Preordered mine along with 4 games (Arkham City, AC:3, Smash Bros and Zelda) $50 for the console and $10 for each game. All in AUD.

  • LibertyZero

    Darn it. Since I went on this site, I’ve gone through 3 pairs of underwear already.

    P.S. Curses! Only got briefs left.

  • power of life

    nintendo well most likelly set the wii u price at 249 at this point thats what iam thinking anyway and they are going to do everything they can to push hadcore players at this point so the system looks so far good with the hv 1080p but well have to wait and see more imean iam huge fan of nintendo but most of the game they have as lunch tittles ihave already play them on the xbox 360 plus capcom are not puting resident evill6 atleaset this year which is going to heart theam alittle bit so so anyway nintendo has their own game like mario games and zelda and all of the other tittles so iam 80 going to buy it

  • chito

    I am going to put $100 at pre order yup I can’t white

  • FLphoto

    I watch this site like a hawk everyday waiting to pounce on my pre-order. I’ve already pre-ordered NSMBU, ZombiU and AC3. I’d like to spend no more than $300 on a black Wii U…otherwise my wife won’t be happy. But I’ll let her play it to calm her down haha.

  • Disciplelicious

    Definitely preordering. Willing to put the full price down.

  • Wii u crazer

    Once I can I preorder it I’m telling my parents to preorder it for me so it can be delivered to me and once it gets to me I’m playing it all day and night.

  • NaX

    This is good finally going to see if a black wii u will be there day 1
    If it is then im sold i would prob spend $900
    I’ve done it before for others so why not for Nintendo
    Although i got done dirty by the 3DS >< still a lil hurt from that paid $350 since i got the 100 dollar warrenty and that was the worst only for it to go down 1 week later lol and Megaman legends getting canceled.
    Still I Nintendo has my money for the Wii U 🙂 lets look on the positive side here. . . to new games!!

  • NaX

    This is good finally going to see if a black wii u will be there day 1
    If it is then im sold i would prob spend $900
    I’ve done it before for others so why not for Nintendo
    Although i got done dirty by the 3DS >< still a lil hurt from that paid $350 since i got the 100 dollar warrenty and that was the worst only for it to go down 1 week later lol and Megaman legends getting canceled.
    Still I Nintendo has my money for the Wii U 🙂 lets look on the positive side here. . . to new games!!

  • Bosmur

    I’ve got enough money, birthday money! 🙂


      im getting my money from Christmas….

  • Juan_t

    Im hoping that the wii U comes with…
    1: console
    2: tablet controller
    3: pro controller
    4: video game (Nintendo land)
    And I hope it cost $249.99 or less and I’m hopping you can trade in your wii and get a $50.00 discount, like they did with 3ds/dsi

    • LibertyZero

      I’m guessing the pro controller is sold separately.



  • bob

    im hoping they price it simmilar to the 320gig ps3
    £200 or less ,

  • gobbledegubber

    Anybody thought about preordering two for the wii u short thats going to happen i figure mine will be free after ebaying the other right before christmas

  • 7Down

    Hmm, in euros, depending of the country and store, I’d say it will be between 280€ – 380€


    Wii U console
    One Gamepad
    One game

    Maybe extra controller such as the classic or Wiimote & Nunchuck

  • YO~L

    Right now I have $200 of gamestop credit, so I will put all of that towards the Wii U!

  • Daemonrunner

    I can’t wait!

    Since it will come around so close to Christmas, I will probably only get 1 game with the release and then ask for games from family as gifts. The hard part is deciding what game to get.

    I definitely want to get Zombi U and Darksiders II; but I may get something that has local multi-player instead like New Super Mario Bros. U, Rayman Legends, or Nintendo Land (assuming Nintendo Land isn’t bundled).

    I could always pick up a cheaper eShop game like Trine 2 or Mighty Switch Force HD until Christmas to quench my single-player gaming thirst. Besides, I will also be spending time transferring and enjoying all of my WiiWare and Virtual Console games to the Wii U as well.

    I will only pick up a Pro Controller if I find a game that doesn’t let me use my current Classic Controllers – I just don’t see a point to buying those if I already have something that works (and are much cheaper).

  • links1up

    whos skipping school if launched on Nov.19

    i know i will

  • Goldfish

    I work in Gamestop here in Germany, and i already pre ordered my Wii U just after the E3 finished (399 euros).
    This price is not exactly fixed, but it won’t be higher. This happens every time with games, when they are listed in the system for 69 euros (UVP price) and selling price would be 59 euros.
    Since beginning last week, there is a Console trade in promotion for Wii U, which you get extra 30 euros for your old console ( Xbox 360, PS3 or Wii) from the system price. For an example, Gamestop would normally buy your PS3 for, let’s say 150 euros. Then, if you pre-order the Wii U with this trade in, you’ll get the value of 180 for your old console.
    There is also a list of available games in the system.
    I am not sure if this promotion is valid in other countries too.

  • Andrew

    Wii u looks awesome so far! I’m willing to pay any price for it under $800, defenetly pre ordering it!

  • Daryusp07

    WiiU console $299.99
    ZombiU $59.99
    Black Ops 2 $59.99
    Pro Controller ?????

  • AKA-Link77


  • Bob

    299 US$, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Wii U at 499$ AUD…

    NSMB2 cost 40 US$ on the eshop, and 70AUD here in Australia, so if we apply the same rule… 🙁

  • Michael

    Hell yes I’m going to pre-order it once its available! I’m going to trade in my XBOX 360 as the pre-order. I’m as pumped about this as much as I am pumped for the new iPhone!

  • masseffect3

    I hope the wii u price will be between 250 & 300$

    • Omastar^_^

      I am okay with $250-$350 thats seems somewhat reasonable.. its not like its a wii

  • VictorAAA

    I want to pre-order this month and im willing the pay the full retail price so i don’t have to pay later But want the Black WIIU not the White one.