Sep 17th, 2012

A few days ago we reported that the Wii U deluxe edition had sold out at GameStop and Best Buy. Now the both the Basic and Deluxe models are sold out at major retailers Sears, Kmart, Target, and Toys ‘R Us. It’s unknown how many units Nintendo has allocated to each retailer, but one thing is certain: the Wii U is selling out very fast.

The only place left to pre-order the Wii U is GameStop, which only has the Basic edition, and Walmart, which still seems to have both Basic and Deluxe sets, and some of their own bundles.

Once GameStop and Walmart run out of pre-order units, the only place left will be eBay. Several Wii U consoles have been spotted on eBay, with prices as high as $900.

When a console sells out of pre-orders this quickly usually means there will be shortages during launch. Analyst Michael Pachter recently predicted that Nintendo will manufacture 1 million Wii U consoles per month, and that they will all sell out for several months after launch.

Which means if you want a Wii U in your living room on November 18, you better go and pre-order very soon.

Toys R Us Wii U

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  • Dr. Device

    God dammit I still haven’t pre-ordered…
    //sob its a hard life—-

    • link 5

      Better hurry up they’re selling like hot cakes I had no choice but to get the basic bundle with a game

      • some gUy

        when pre-orders are out, is that just a store’s first shipment?

        • ninjabake

          Yes. New pre-orders will be back up in a months time at the latest. They’ll have to have some kind of supply for demand before the system hits shelves

          • just NINTENDO

            nintendo is best i dont have any money i will sell my eyes and i will buy wii U:D

      • loko34

        ma vai a cagare. vogliamo parlare di numeri??????????

        che coglioni.

    • ConCity Soldier

      Hastings aren’t doing pre-orders but I believe they will be available on day one. My local WalMart are only doing online pre-orders right now, & they said they will present in store pre-orders most likely by Thursday. They haven’t received the cards for in store pre-orders yet. My local Gamestop, yep they sold out haha.

    • Jetty

      The Basic isn’t a bad deal, with all the external memory the Wii U utilizes. Get your Basic or wait for Deluxe.

    • AKA-Link77

      Yah! i need to pre order right away! im getting worried. ._.

    • Amtoj

      I pre-odered the deluxe and 5 games! I’m so psyched! (Im not rich, saved my birthday money for later, along with gifts! Thank you July!)

  • FLphoto

    So glad I pre-ordered my deluxe edition along with NSMBU, Zombi U and Assassin’s Creed III at my local Gamestop. Went in there today to pay more of it off, and apparently they have been turning people away since Saturday.

    • Dr. Device

      Don’t rub it in my face. D’:
      Lol I might just have to settle for basic set.

      • afroninja

        man this sucks im 11 and i cant afford a wii u so hopefully ill get lucky and my parents will get me one for christmas

        • Super Paper Rye

          I’m 11 and I had more then enough to pre-order the Wii U.
          Anyway, sorry. This is the same thing that happened with the Wii. I really hope theres enough in stock for Christmas for you.
          Luckily, I already pre-ordered it Saturday.

      • Macarony64

        Crap i still dont have the money too,who wants a red 3ds whikt mario kart and kingdom hearts just 200 dollars.

        • u mad bro

          I’m getting the WiiU on Christmas. After the WiiU launches are you guys are still going to WiiU daily? also can you guys give me your friend code or whatever you use to add someone when you get the WiiU like Nintedward, NintendoGamer, Nintendonoob ,etc because you guys are awesome if your getting Blops 2… I know some of guys think COD is terrible…but I want you as allies.

          what Nintendonoob says ”noob out”…im sorry I Just had to.

          • Melk

            …I’m sorry.

            We’re NOT giving our account’s nicknames to BlOps2 players


          • Macarony64

            mine will be revealed has soon that i have the console hope wiiu dayle have a forum to post it wen it release


    I feel sorry for anyone who hasn’t pre-orded it yet. Good thing i preordered on Friday 🙂

    • Jetty


    • pookie

      pre ordered on friday and 6th on the list now to prey they get 6 …. and i also paid it off so hopfully im good to go.

  • td,y,i,.

    I was smart, I pre-ordered my Wii u at sears because i knew other people would pre order it at more popular stores.

  • Bob Singh

    I remember i saw one on Ebay for $900. I ‘ll try and post the link

    • Bob Singh

      heres 1 wii U deluxe for $950 + $35 tax.=

      here are 2 wii u deluxe for $2000. =

      Keep in mind these are the most expensive. There are some some cheaper Wii U deluxe for about $550

      • Mac

        i swear if people actually buy the deluxe for 2000 dollars, they are mentally retarded and just down right lazy to wait just one month after to pick one up for like 500% less than on ebay

        • Nko Sekirei

          let me tell u this some of those on ebays are being posted by ps3 and microsoft fanboys not all of them but just some retards trying to make a quick buck by rubbing in people faces that been trying to preorder the deluxe editions

        • Bob Singh

          its actually 2 deluxe’s for $2000

        • Jetty

          Anything is possible with Christmas involved.

  • Armani

    Woho! Once again I’m happy I pre ordered mine at bestbuy! 😀 si I won’t have to waste $900 on it on eBay 😛

    • Shane

      I’m gonna spend around 800 for the console and plenty of goodies when it comes out. I won’t get it at midnight, but I won’t mess up my sleeping schedule either so win win.

  • LikeABoss47

    I ain’t have no choice i had to get the basic model, but all is good cause i preordered 3 games in july

    • JumpMan

      *don’t have any choice. all is well. #GrammarNazi

      • Melk

        “All is well”? ._.

  • BigH 118

    You can pre order in store at Best Buy. They’re still taking in pre orders for both editions. I just got off the phone with them.

    • Armani

      Thats what hapepend tome!only $5 deposit. Imjust hoping I do get it… I dont want them to say they ran out, and we must wait… haha

  • Scott

    Just FYI – Walmart was out of Wii Us as of early Monday morning. Best Buy just started taking pre-orders again for the Basic model.

  • smallNdeadly

    Glad I was first at my game stop. But if they going for 900 on eBay may have to sell lol

    • Macarony64

      They are going for 900 on ebay that dosnt mean ppl are buying

      • AcesHigh

        Yes, you have to look at “Completed Auctions” to see what they actually sold for. I haven’t checked (don’t care to) but I’d image most have ended with no buyers. $550 sound more like a price that would sell.

  • Noteak

    I still haven’t ordered it. Depressed.

  • Novum Magus

    Went to Gamestop earlier today to pre-order ZombiU and they said they are out of both models now. Sure, you can steal this news from me, just source me, please. Luckily I per-orderded my Deluxe Model about 30 mins after they announced the price and release date

    • Novum Magus

      Two down votes because people are morons 😀 Thanks for showing yourself!

  • JohnAguilera

    I just got mine today! but it’s only the basic bundle :/ O well. I’m not really planning on buying digital downloads. Does anyone know if you can add more memory to the console?

    • Pokemon Master#1

      SD cards work to expand storage

      • Paul

        yeah you can pick up a usb external harddrive for cheap nowadays

        • JumpMan

          if i was rich i would get a 2 terabyte external harddrive because i’m to lazy to switch out discs XD

  • smallNdeadly

    Just kidding my son would kill me

  • dan


  • Nick

    And people thought the wii u wouldn’t do well. Silly interwebs.

    • Jetty


      The most hated consoles in the world,
      yet they still outsell current gen consoles.

  • Kahhhhyle

    GASP!! I’m so surprised!!!! Since when do Nintendo consoles sell out in preorders?

    • Super Paper Rye

      Since the Wii xD

      • Kahhhhyle

        I was referring to every one ever produced heh

  • Donnie

    My Gamestop just told me they are no longer taking Wii U pre orders , company wide

  • Yamiryuu Zero

    I wish I had the money to buy it. I’ll probably be buying the Wii U next year or later, according to my wallet.

  • NintendGo

    False if you go to the best buy store you can preorder. well atleast i preordered mine yesteday (the deluxe). you just have to go to the store not the website

  • Jon

    I was the first pre-order at my local GameStop. I went down literally 20 minutes after the announcement on Thursday.

  • NintenBrony

    i pre ordered my deluxe wii u at gamestop a week ago but i just hope that they dont run out of them if i dont manage to go to midnight launch

    • smallNdeadly

      According to the manager at my gamestop if they don’t get enough its sold to who preordered first

  • David12bc

    Man I am so glad I Pre ordered mine already. I was at my local GameStop Thursday to preorder the deluxe edition, and they only had a few left and it was only about 5 hours after they announced the price. This proves critics wrong that kept saying it wouldn’t sell well. *cough* “Michael Pachter” *cough*

  • wiiupoo

    glad i already bought mine at kmart.

    • JumpMan

      lolz, Kmart… i haven’t been there in years!

  • nintendofreak

    well dont have a single buck anyway so couldnt preorder it…..stupid college

  • kenman

    i went around my hometown for two and half hours on release day because most places only let you pre-order upto 2 and got 14 nintendo wii u’s baby and ten are on ebay right now for 600.00 each with 3 sold as of today…OH BABY!!!! gonna make a fortune off the fanboys parents.

    • nintenfan

      you are a terrible and very clever person.

    • Pikmin

      you’re whats wrong with the world

    • The incredible sandwich

      you are a boss

    • Nko Sekirei

      ur one of those greedy and selfish bastards out there that would stoop this low just to piss off the people trying to get a delxue edition.

      • kenman

        piss off? i’m tryin to make a living for myself…if you cant respect that go fly a kite…

    • AcesHigh

      Good job shithead. You’re a genius. But there’s a reason why most of us aren’t doing this. We’re not greedy bastards like you. You’re the reason why parents, who have no clue about how popular these things are going to be upon initial pre-order announcements, can’t find them at Christmas for their kids. Make sure you check both ways before crossing the street with all those WiiUs in your hands. It would really suck for some parent in a rush to find the last Wii U for their kids to take you out by accident.

    • Jetty

      Do you work for capcom?

    • Bbelt

      I hope ebay is flooded with WiiU and you get less than retail for them.

      • kenman

        lol…that comment is soo stupid…and by the way already sold 8 of them, 2 left if you need one…i’m keeping 1 for myself and giving 3 to family members

  • nintenfan

    i haven’t preordered because i don’t have sufficient funds, and i’m hoping “Santa” will come through.

    • nintenfan

      also, as far as launch shortages go, i thought nintendo said they wouldn’t make the same mistake twice. then again, and this is more likely, the wii u will probably be wildly more popular than wii.

      • Draco Breach

        Again, the Wii ran into the problem of following in the GameCube’s footsteps. Production started at a mere 200,000 a month. They actually shut down production of the GameCube months ahead of the Wii launch to produce enough units to meet ‘known’ demand. I think the Wii launched with 800,000 units worldwide.

        Nintendo has not ceased production of the Wii in advance of the Wii U launch. You see rumors and speculation anywhere from a million to a two million unit launch. If 30% goes to each NA, JP, and EU and 10% to ‘other’ regions, it’s easily 300,000 to 600,000 to the major regions and 100,000 to 200,000 to ‘other’ regions.

        Nintendo has enough factories to produce around 1.4 million Wii U units per month, but that’s if they cease Wii production.

        The moral of the story is simple. The mistake Nintendo made with the Wii was unavoidable!

        They simply did not have the resources to meet demand. They did not have the manpower, facilities, or money to ramp up production. The story is very different this time around.

        In conclusion, the Wii came on the heels of the underrated and poor-selling GameCube. The Wii U will come on the heels of the smashing success and profitable Wii.

    • AcesHigh

      Santa’s not going to have much luck when people like kenman are crawling out of the sewers to buy up all the WiiUs before your parents even get a chance to buy one. Hopefully they’ll actually keep up with demand shortly after launch.

    • Gabe Hoffman

      Same for me I don’t pre order. I usually get all of my systems at Christmas time.

  • Paul

    hurry up before everywere else sells out in the usa

    anyways i will be buying the wii u white console along with zombieu @ hmv uk and putting my first £100 down then £50 a week until its paid of

    • Nintedward

      you going to your local HMV launch night there paul ??
      11:59 pm sharp on the 29th of november ??

  • Firebro

    i preodered as soon as you guys warned me about gamestop and several retailers selling out. I got mine at Toys R US. THANK YOU WII U DAILY! =D

    • Super Paper Rye


      • JumpMan

        Ultra ditto.

  • Seglberg

    Looks like Walmart is sold out now online.

  • Ledreppe

    Pre-ordered premium pack off Amazon. Just hope they deliver on launch day, and don’t screw up with supplies like they did with the 3DS in the UK.

  • mario is epic

    i am going midnight at GAME if u know what place i am talking about nintedward

    • Nintedward

      Of course I Know Game !!! , I am getting mine from Games Dojo which is an independant break away of Chips !!! , the store has depleted ALL of its pre orders all ready !!

    • Draco Breach

      The manager at my local GameStop says he’s not doing a midnight 🙁

      You’re lucky.

  • jman4102

    walmart is out

  • TheBoldman67

    Damn, I better run over to Walmart or Best Buy tommorow to get deluxe (that is if they aren’t completely sold out by then).

    • AcesHigh

      You better run there NOW. LOL!

  • AcesHigh

    I have to say, I can’t believe that there are people on this forum who want the WiiU but haven’t pre-ordered yet. At least the ones who are financially able. did you NOT think this thing would be in high demand? It took Nintendo over 1 year after release on November 19th, 2006 to get Wiis into regular shelf stock where you could walk up and get one. Same with all their other console releases (excluding hand-helds) – though not as long as a year. But still, pretty much every console I can think of from Nintendo had it’s shortages – even the NES Christmas of ’87.

    Better look for them now or you’ll be paying $$ on eBay Nove 18th.

  • Nintendo Power of Canada/USA

    Iam just going to sit down and yell……..CRAP!!!!!!!!!

  • NintendoGator

    This november 18th is gonna be Extraordinary!! I probably will not get any sleep for the first few days. I’ll be gaming, sleeping, gaming, eating, gaming and maybe work a shower in that schedule…. 1st game I’ll pop in the wii u will be Zombie-U. I’ll cover the windows with sheets so the room is real dark and spooky and just really get myself in the right setting for this game…. November 18th just cant get here fast enough………………..Out!!!

    • JumpMan

      me too but i’ll only have NintendoLand ’cause i gots no muneez… and add snuggling puppies to that list. 😀

  • Gabe Hoffman

    People still say Wii U is going to fail. With pre orders going like hot cakes that seems highly unlikely.

  • Herox95

    I’m hoping that either Mum or Dad will get me a Deluxe Edition, if not, then the Basic Edition for now, or I can buy 1 myself.

  • ssb4

    Crap my mom has to camp out fro wiiu deluxe once they get restocked at target, gamestop, of walmart

  • NintendoLover

    No one give up on pre-ordering the Wii U! Keep trying! I went to BestBuy at like 6:30 P.M. yesterday and they had like 20 deluxe Wii U(s) available. Everyone check your local BestBuy. If you haven’t preordered one yet there’s a good chance that it will be at BestBuy. SO GO TO BESTBUY NOW!

  • Nintendo Gamer Of 9th Gen (2018)

    I am from the future & the Wii U will be the most wanted console of every little Nintenfan of the World, and Nintendo will have sold 300 million Wii U’s across the world,
    go nintendo spread your Wii U Consoles across the globe and let it shine Wii U in the sky across this glorious world!.

    Also enjoying my Nintendo Wii X80 Console with 90 GB Memory and a Wii X80 Gamepad With 4D/HD Screen Desplay xD, it’s (2018) baby! in my time.

    Go Nintendo!

    Also Sony goes out of buisness Before they hit the PS5 XD LOL and Microsoft is part of Nintendo XD and Nintendo has new competition but that i wont reveal XD, you’ll have to wait till (2018)

    Peace out !!

    • Death

      Seems Legit^….

  • AO1JMM

    I preordered the 8gb version from Gamestop until I found out if the Navy Exchange will have the 32gb version on base. If they do I will cancel my 8gb version from gamestop.

  • sonicforlife11

    I just Basic one that good for me if a lot do have at all but want black one

  • kidnintend

    pre ordered the deluxe the day it was announced but the gamestop employee told me they will be gone by that saturday

  • JumpMan

    thank god i pre-ordered mine from GameStop on Friday… only on Friday because my mom wouldn’t take me D: but did it only 2 hours before they sold out of the Deluxe! TAKE THAT!

  • supermariolinux

    i preorded the deluxe at around 4:47pm on the day it was announced at my local GameStop, I am set guy’s right? i mean if i pre ordered first day im fine right?! lol XD, sorry im just paranoid from all the Wii Preorder horror stories i heard. im going to try to get a “backup” preorder to calm my nerves if possible.

    all of these sell out of preorder stories are NOT helping how i feel about all of this.

    im just nervous becasue i have no idea how many people preorded before me, im sure ill be fine, my dad thinks i am crazy. XD

  • SuperJello

    I just pre-ordered mine today (Monday) from EB Games. It seems that most retailers in Canada still have both models in stock.



    so preorder now!

  • dan

    funny at my local ebgames,, i called yesterday he said any minute now they will stop pre-orders,, I called again today and someone said they are taking pre-orders… so i went and get it… lol

  • SnakeBurns

    Seems like you can still order them I canada.

    I pre-ordered from a store on the 15th and even went as far as writing to EbGames.

    The reply I got is that if they took my preorder, I will have the unit on the 18th of November 🙂

    My answer to that is the vanilla corp answer to everything good : FUCK YEAH !

    Now , I just need to wait for the announcement that Square Enix is releasing DQX on the US Side !

  • Naterman

    Luckily I preordered mines on Saturday. Sadly they ran out of deluxe which I was really looking forward to. I’m in a debate. Can any of u help me? Should I preorder Nintendo land or new super Mario bros wii u?

    • SnakeBurns

      Both ? I was on earlier and it seems as though they are still taking pre-orders. is also taking pre-orders, I am just not sure if they will ship to a US adress…

  • SteampunkJedi

    Wow. I’d better preorder soon. I don’t need the Wii U on November 18th, but I sure don’t want to have to wait till February. O.o December’s a long enough wait for me.

  • Jetty

    Of course this is happening. Who wouldn’t want a Wii U? Just wait until Christmas, that ebay price will jack up.

  • Nintendo.sega

    Luckly i got mine at best buy just yesterday x3 wiiu deluxe!!!

  • loko34

    coglioni!! anche il dreamcast aveva esaurito le prenotazioni.

  • OmegaRed

    Don’t fret too much over the pre-orders….I didn’t preorder my Wii when it came out. Though I did sit out side of a Target from 10pm to 8am when they opened on launch day…we found online with a tracker that they were getting 69 Wiis so went and camped out with 10 other people…by the time the store opened we were cold as hell and the line had grown to account for everyone they were getting in, lol. But I got to leave with my Wii and Zelda: Twiligt Princess 🙂

  • Naterman

    Idk cuz nintendo land is full of fun mini games with lot of variety plus it teaches u how to use the gamepad. New super Mario bros wii u I always the same thing as its wii/ds/3ds counterparts but I do love that new feature of transferring the game completely to the game pad. Idk I think I’m most likely gonna go with Nintendo land. Let me know ur opinion.

  • paulie

    im pre ordering it on the 9th because thats my birthday

  • Fuzunga

    If anybody is interested, I actually compained to Amazon that they weren’t offering and Wii Us and this is what they had to say:

    “I can imagine your disappointment that the Wii U Console isn’t available for pre-order at this time. As soon as the distributor releases inventory to us, we’ll be able to make them available to our customers.
    Thank you for taking the time to write to us today!”

    So… they’ll have some eventually?

    • CheckItNow12

      I saw one for eBay for $500 and some on amazon for $600-625. But yeah, no way will I pay that much.

  • Naterman

    Man the wii h flew off Thursday afternoon when it hit for preorders. Hope fully I’ll make it in time to preorder Nintendo land and Not have the letdown I had when I went to preorder the deluxe but they ran out so I had to get basic 🙁

  • DarkLugia

    Well, I preordered the Basic set and Black Ops 2 at Gamestop on Sunday… Anyone else getting Black Ops 2?

  • WiiUhyper

    Keep up the good work at keeping me updated Wii U daily!

  • ZeldaFan85

    Already pre-ordered my Wii U Deluxe my local gamestop is going to have a midnight release for it. People would be nuts to buy one off ebay

  • Shane

    Apparently Best Buy doesn’t exist to Wii U Daily… Anyway, I heard straight from the manager at Best Buy that they will order as many as there are pre-orders, and will be taking pre-orders until an UNKNOWN date. I was the first to pre-order it at the Best Buy by me and asked plenty of questions regarding my for sure purchase of the console(Deluxe), and it turns out everyone can have one so NO WORRIES FOOLS! HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Shane

    Oh ya I’m waiting to preorder games, because I heard they are “encouraging” online downloads so I’ll see whether it’s available on the HDD or just the disc. I always go the HDD route because it’s way cooler. Besides, if your gonna buy a game when it comes out, you might as well download it like NSMB 2. Nintendo games rarely get a price drop too, so why not? Unless you want to resell it somewhere you’ll actually get most of your money back, plus with Accomplishments it will make you want to keep your game longer, especially Nintendo games because who the hell has a “Get 1,000,000,000 Coins in Luigi Mode” on there Xbox or PS3 right now. NO ONE. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  • Tehtriggerman

    I preordered my Black Deluxe variant from Wal-mart Tuesday morning. All gone! Glad I did.

  • Andrew

    Yeah… NO! They are sold out in Canada!