Nov 12th, 2012

Wii U pre-ordersWhen Wii U pre-orders opened in September, the console sold out less than a week later. Nintendo was rumored to have allocated as many as 400,000 units for pre-orders in North America, and those consoles have been sold out for weeks now. GameStop’s waiting list for a Wii U has surpassed 250,000 gamers, Nintendo revealed last month.

The biggest game retailer in the world, GameStop, announced last month that Wii U pre-orders were “off the charts“. In the UK, game retailer GAME said that pre-orders were “exceeding expectations“. And it certainly appears so, as there is no pre-order inventory anywhere.

But how does the current pre-order success compare to the original Wii, which is the best selling home console in Nintendo’s history? Wii U Daily spoke to half a dozen game retailers across California, some independent establishments and some which were part of larger chains. Every single one of them reported that the Wii U currently has more pre-orders than the original Wii back in 2006.

One retailer in Los Angeles told us that Wii U pre-orders are about 3:1 compared to the Wii, while others are seeing anywhere from 50 to 100 percent increase in pre-orders for the new console compared to the old. This isn’t that big of a surprise, actually, since the Wii was a new phenomenon back in 2006. Today, “Wii” is an established brand, and its easy to see the Wii U attract more pre-orders than the original console. Even if it’s highly unlikely that the Wii U will surpass the Wii in terms of total sales.

When the Wii launched back in 2006, it was sold out for many months to come. If the Wii U is already getting more pre-orders, we’re likely to see shortages and sell outs once it hits the stores. Analyst Michael Pachter recently said that he too believes the Wii U will sell out until next year, despite Nintendo manufacturing “1 million Wii U consoles per month”.

Nintendo is rumored to allocate 1.5 million Wii U consoles for North America in 2012, while shortages are expected in the UK. According to Nintendo, the UK Wii U supplies will be “tight”, with as few as 25,000 consoles available on launch day.

The Wii U launches on November 18 in North America in two flavors: a $299 Basic set, and a $349 Deluxe set with a few accessories and a copy of Nintendo Land.

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          I look forward to reading those reviews !

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        The Wii U is sexy and it knows it.

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        Wii U will smack the faces of Microsoft and Sony.

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      yay they fixed the nunchuk I love it.

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    Great news!! Now we just have to wait 5 days an I get my console with black ops 2 zombiu assassins creed and FIFA 13! And my pro controller with protection fr game pad! I’m ready for this shit!!

    • Dronch

      FIFA 13!!

      • DarkNite

        Are you going to get it? I’ll play you on lauch day!

  • Mario MC

    I think this will be more successful then the initial Wii because it will appeal to the Core gamers as well since it doesn’t REQUIRE movement, rather it makes it optional if desired!

    • Gavin

      Yeah but a lot of casual gamers will have moved on to smartphone apps and games. Its no real surprise that Nintendo wanted to get back to the core gamers, they’re the safest and most predictable option.

      On a side note, can’t wait! 30 Nov for UK but meh. I’m a little scared though, I ordered from Argos as everywhere else was sold out but.. Argos have a really dodgy online banking/pre-order system. They took my money straight up, most companies don’t take the money ’til its shipped. :/ I better get my Wii U!

      • marioravesto3d

        I hope so for your sake.I ordered at grainger games in store am pleased I did there sold out of pre-orders as is my local game store.This is going to be one hell of console.

  • zify

    Thats nice to know!

  • NintendoMan :D

    Makes sense since many people all ready own the Wii and want to see what its successor is like. ONLY 5 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Smitty

    No one can say for sure if it will be as successful as the Wii, but I really do hope it is in terms of software sales not just units shifted!

    • Ledreppe

      I agree, we have to have a degree of sobriety here. The initial sales are encouraging, but there are many months to follow where sales may taper off.

      • Kahhhhyle

        I think it will sell strongly until Sony or Microsoft unveil their next consoles. I also think that’s why Nintendo posted their sales estimates till March. Since e3 is in april

        • corbin74

          Whoa man, e3 in April???

          • Kahhhhyle

            Sorry I’m an idiot… June…

        • mojojojo888

          I think it will continue selling well even after the next console(s) are revealed? Why? Not because I’m a blind fanboy, but because I think thats exactly why the BIG first party games haven’t even been revealed yet…the big guns are for longevity and keeping sales going…I see Retro’s title coming out alongside next year’s system (hoping it’s Earthbound), and Smash Bros. coming out alongside the following year’s system…I think this might be the best positioned Nintendo has ever been…these games are system sellers, and I think they will give Nintendo that boost they need to stay competitive and possibly even put a hamper on other system sales.

    • Elite

      Ya developers want there software to sell. The original wii had a lot of console sales, but software sales for third party wasn’t up to par as the other consoles. I hope to see high third party sales this time.

  • Naterman

    Nintendo wiiu FTW!!!!!!

  • YoGoUrT

    This thing is preordered since sep 14th. I might react opening the box the same way I did back then with my NES (Am I that old now ?) The young child inside me might smile for months 😀

    Damned, can’t wait !!!

    • Dan

      Not too old, still better than doing drugs and women!!!I always say that to my wife

      • retlaw

        I’m 35. Nintendo Makes me feel like a kid

  • Adam Fox

    hmmm…the Wii was sold out for about 6 months after release….does that mean this will be sold out even longer? (I’m sure Nintendo was anticipating on the Wii U sales being more than the original Wii and made more, just not sure how much more)

    • Sharkz

      I think they are manufacturing more WiiU’s a month than they did with the Wii. Hopefully they will catch up with the gamers on waiting lists so they don’t give up and not buy one. Nintendo will sell a ton of units if the supply can keep up with the demand from the get go.

  • Alienfish

    I don’t think these numbers really matter. Pre-orders were less common back when the Wii came out and more people lined up at the doors hoping to get one whereas now people (like me) just flat out buy the thing before it releases so they’re assured a console. It is still pretty impressive that the waiting list is so long though. Just wait ’til all the people already on the waiting list bring this home and show their grandparents. Then things will heat up like they did for Wii.

    • JumpMan

      yup, the interwebs have made buying stuff MUCH easier in the past 6 years. i’ll be workin’ my booty off this week to get the rest of my money. my aunt is probably really happy i want something this much! i’m ’bout to clear every bit of dirty off of her house! GIMME MONAY!

    • fatherb

      i dont remember anywhere taking preorders for the wii besides walmart which pulled the bundle pack for double the price.

  • NaX

    Sunday could not come soon enough. >:D. I wonder if E3 2013 ill see a clip of smash bros. Wii U or w/e it will be called, that would just make me one happy Wii U owner.

    • Sharkz

      A glimpse of MarioKartU Would be awesome to see!

    • Alienfish

      Whatever Retro is working on will be at E3 2013. I don’t care what it is they’re working on, you know it’s going to be good.

  • richman

    It’s possible the wii u could outsell the wii for example look at the 3DS it’s only been out for a year and couple of months and its already outselling the DS.

  • TheDavyStar

    Where I live Nintendo gaming is an unknown and the country only has a 1 million population so I suspect there’ll be at least A wii u in the next few months 🙂

    • smashninja22

      where i live the population is 70,000. There are places in the world with much smaller populations than that. Le West Indies

    • Ravyu

      Where I live there are 5 million, and 1 million have an iPhone and/or iPad. I’ve seen kids as young as 6 have them. God, society is bs here.

  • PokemonLp10

    “When there isn’t any news to put up today…
    We make an exclusive to keep our watchers happy!”- WiiUDaily

  • TheUNation

    Rumors of the Wii U pre-orders at 1.5 milion sounded very reasonable. I’m sure that the most of them will be ready to play the U after it launches. And it’s possible that the Big N will be adding millions more of the units right now. Thumbs up for Iwata-san!

  • -IVIatrix+

    Nooo i haven’t pre order the wii u. im done. now i regret pre ordering. sob….

    • Nintendonoob

      I didn’t pre order but meh… All I need is: money, fast car, M-16s, RPGs, and a bowie knife to keep the shoppers at bay… NO MERCY -IVIatrix+!!

  • LyingTuna

    Well, this doesn’t mean that much to me, seeing as how the Wii was sold out for so long after launch. All this tells me is that people don’t want to wait for the console like they did the Wii. This doesn’t really mean its selling more, though I really hope it does. That would be swell.

  • Linskarmo

    That’s great! I hope there’s a console left for me. I have to wait for Christmas, anyway, so they might re-stock before then if the launch ones are sold out.

  • nintendoododo

    Well Wii U is obviously better than original wii so i’m not surprised. Btw only 18 days left. It’s so close but still so far.

  • Dan

    Who wants my pre-order papers for 349???

    • The Island Of Misfit Toys

      Daniel. We are not interested in your shit.

      Welcome to the Island.

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      if you’re really givin’ it away, i’ll take ’em!

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      Lol, why do you ask that? Do you not want the Wii U or something? Or just gonna say something like no sorry looser IT’S MINE! Too someone who says I do? Lol!

      • Dan

        No i dont want the wii u. Its a gimmick system and i was gonna say f off i didnt preorder because its not next gen. No chat smae grafix as ps3 and xbox 360. Big woop. Xbox have had these grafix for over 5 years. wii u is a joke just like your mom CMD] DEATH

        • WiiUlover

          This is a Wii U site right?

        • Fireheart

          What an idiot troll you are Dan you know nothing about the Wii U. The graphics are much sharper and prettier than both PS3 and 360, and this is coming from a PS3 fan who loves both Sony and Nintendo. The PS3 is an amazing system, but the Wii U is next gen and it’s 3x stronger than PS3. I’ll still be playing my PS3, but I will probably be playing the Wii U a whole lot more. Stop being an idiot fanboy and do some research before you talk crap moron.

        • trashz

          Typical Xbox or Sony fanboy. Can’t spell…

        • NintendoMan :D

          Wii U is NOT a gimmick, there is chat, the grafics are twice as good, GET OFF A WII U SITE IF YOU DONT CARE!!!

        • The Island Of Misfit Toys

          The troll was once a man. A man free to roam the prairies in search for adventure. Eventually, darkness crept into his heart. His peers forced him into isolation. He lived alone, until one day he found salvation.

          Welcome to the Island.

        • Nintedward

          Fuck off.

          • Sharkz

            Dan reminds me of Golem from Lord of the Rings. He killed someone for an xbox or playstation and ran off and hid in the hills while he obsessed over it. Then he tries to attack the WiiU every chance he got until the WiiU pushes him off a cliff into a fiery pit……..maybe I’m looking too much into it.

          • prettypinkpanacea

            Well, I don’t think you can get much blunter than that!

        • Pokemonlp10

          … there is no higher resolution then HD….

          • muppetstakepearlharbor

            Yes there are, SHV is the current highest and completely not for home use. The next XBOX is going to display at 1440p (still only SHD not even SHV) even though nearly no screen supports that high.
            Though that same console is a Wii U clone already. But don’t expect much solid news about it until June. And yes, the new XBOX will be a fail copy with mostly better internal components, take it from word inside.

          • Nintedward

            There is. 4K televisions Have a much higher resoloution than 1080p so do Ipads , other tablets , pc monitors etc etc.

            Currently games consoles only support a maximum of 1920×1080 resoloution. But in the future , who knows!

        • Nko Sekirei

          ur more gimmick then any other troll

          • Sharkz


        • LyingTuna

          No chat you say? RUINED FOREVER!!!!! Also, same gen graphics in the games released on previous gen games, with the only next gen graphics being in new games? RUINED FIREVER!!!!! Yeah, you sound that stupid.

  • Allon

    Can’t wait!So glad I did not procrastinate on reserving it!:)

    • Allon

      The only reason i preordered was to resell to a stupid nintendo fanboy at a high mark up.The wii u imo ig garbage,but hey thats my opinion.. If there is a retard who will pay me 500 or more for a crapy system,good for my wallet

      • Fireheart

        Allon your another idiot troll fanboy aren’t you. I can’t stand morons like you who don’t know anything, but still try to talk crap about a system with amazing specs. Shut up get of this forum and go play your 360. We don’t care if you want to believe the truth or not. Just shut the crap up and go away and play the system like likes to have red rings of death.

        • Lew3107

          Fireheart, you’re mistaken. That’s not Allon.
          Someone copied his username and posted that message. If you knew Allon from the forum, you would know that:
          A) He doesn’t type like that, and;
          B) He’s been praising the Wii U for months.

          This site needs to have an account system for the comments section.

      • nintendoododo

        You are stupid if you think people will buy your overpriced shit.

  • Nintendonoob

    1,000,000 a month!? It should be 1,000,000,000 a month! Wii U will sell more than Wii!

  • Johny

    GO nintendo !
    im just HOPING i get to get my WiiU ZombiU premium pack 🙁 its so hard…

  • Sobari

    I’m having a tough time deciding what Wii U model to get. I’m trying to figure out what will save the most money; the cheaper downloadble titles and digital deluxe promotion, or the resale value of physical copies when the inevitable Wii U successor comes out years later.

    • WiiUlover

      Well if your getting NintendoLand you should just get the premium because the game retails for $60 so u save $10 and more memory and all kinds of accessories.

  • [000]

    So it IS more anticiapated than Wii… My speculations were correct.

  • BananaPwnz

    That basically sums up the bright future for the Wii U! Look how popular the Wii was! If the Wii U has more pre-orders than the Wii, It’s gonna be a HUGE success!

  • gobbledegubber

    So happy after two days of back forth with bank and gamestop its know paid for cant wait for christmas im superrr dad

  • GameNChick

    Wow. I didn’t think it was possible. But that’s great to see

  • NintenDon

    So glad to be one of the 25,000 in the UK! Less than 3 weeks to go! Very envious of you guys across the pond.

    • LyingTuna

      Yeah. It makes me glad the US won the revolutionary war. We get the Wii U before you, but didn’t you get the 3DS first? So the American Revolution was actually win-win!

      • NintendoMan :D

        We’ll (Americans) will try not to spoil how AWESOME the Wii U is for everyone in Europe………..Unless you want us to.

  • nintendofreak

    to bad dis time i didnt pre order…..stupid college how i loathe u

  • Elite

    how can you calculate this when preorders are limited? Though i guess it was limited for the wii as well.

  • Marcos

    Well despite gave live in Brazil I’m glad I managed to import one now and wait to finally get my hands on it and enjoy the new experience with the Nintendo brand that has always surprised his fans around the globe. And I believe that the Wii U has power to overcome the sales of the Wii and once again become the champion of his generation because besides new experience he brings yet more games geared to the public which is entitled “Hard Core”

  • Hibill18

    This is great news for Nintendo! Unfortunately for me, I haven’t pre-ordered mine, but I’ll be waiting at my local Target Saturday night into Sunday morning! 5 MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!1


    Sean Connery voice to Michael Pachter:



      But to be for real i tottaly agree withPachter and you all know him and me are right. The wii u is weak and you all get mad becase yuo know its true.Long live xbox!!

      • trashz

        Have fun playing with your Kinect 2.0…

      • Nko Sekirei

        and ur gonna stay on fire mr log thats wat ur good for being tossed into the fire place to keep us warm from the cold


        Wii U Mad?

  • 30yearsofnintendogaming

    i hope that there are enough wii us by christmas for me to get one. (im 14)

  • max lazy 10

    Let’s just hope this trend continues for many years to come!

    • olimar

      Long life the Wii U!

  • HyrulianUtopia

    I hope this will only be the case for preorders and not from sunday to Christmas because I want it by Christmas and I didn’t preorder…

  • Boing

    This was nice :] something that wasn’t copied from others sites that had it days before. Wii U Daily should do that more often. I like that this site looks better than others but the articles are always the same as other sites just days late.

  • Rage quit


  • NintendoGMR95

    Oh man i can’t wait, man sunday’s gonna come quick for me. 🙂

    Also i bet we’ll see SSB4, Mario Kart U, & Zelda Wii U at E3 2013″ then in 2014 we’ll all be enjoying our awesome 3 favorite games. 😉

    • WiiUlover

      U just mentioned all of my favorite games!!! 🙂

  • Dronch

    And then Microsoft said: Lets reduce all the prices on our products so no one will buy a Wii u.

    • Dronch

      Boy oh boy how i love xbox 360. I wish i could make love to it.And the wii u can watch if it wants to.

      • Dronch

        okay wii u daily staff, please figure out who is taking names because the post above me was not me. whoever is copying names, you need to stop and grow up.

        • LyingTuna

          Thats why I set up a gravitar. I recommend it. That way, your real posts have a picture. Mine, for example, is Link. If somebody else used te username LyingTuna, but there was no Link, you could tell it was fake.

          • olimar

            what if that person puts the same picture? :/

          • Dronch

            how do you change it?

  • AcesHigh

    Actually, the Wii was sold out consistently for over a year. You couldn’t find one casually sitting on a shelf for more than a year. More in some markets.

    And people remember that. Thus the uptick in pre-orders. Simple as that.

  • nm_nintendo

    16 days for Europe.. Cant wait anymore 😀

  • Gamer

    The Wii U is going to sell so much over its life time 3rd parties have no choice but to comply and bring everything to the U. Ask the republicans third parties what happens when you ignore the masses( 47% ), and original gamers ( nintendo gamers ).

  • Arsonist Monkey


  • The Pablotron


  • immallama

    CRAP! How am I ever going to get one of these beauties?! I need one… Like…. to live… But they’re gone everywhere!!! D’:

  • immallama

    This is kind of a good thing though 😛

  • Jacob \o/

    Unfortunately, I did not pre order. Although, I can’t wait to get it next month.

  • Fireheart

    Ha ha all the pS3 and 360 trolls on here put that in your pipe and smoke it. This proves many people still love the Wii and went right out and bought the Wii U. This is because Nintendo doesn’t make crappy consoles or games. Man I can’t wait for the Launch event at the Walmart I work for to see how many people are going to be standing in line to pick this awesome system up.

    • Zeldatrek fc 3780-9021-0732

      Standing? At Wal-Mart? I took in a folding chair a bag of provisions ( not food just Phat Ds a book Cards battery pack and such) I plan on doing the same this year! Don’t know if I should cosplay as Mario though. I just might wear the hat.


    Who the F@%# is posing as me!?


      Idk mate. Maybe a hacker or somebody is posing as you… -_-‘



        Use if people want their identity to remain uncloned,

  • WiiUlover

    My 2 favorite things r Wii U and Wii U

    • Ninteggedon

      my 2 favorite things are zelda for 3ds and wiiu

  • HTFU NOV 30

    d’oh why did i become so poor I couldnt afford to buy a few?

  • ConCity Soldier

    I didn’t pre-order a Wii U. But I can buy one on Day 1 if I can make some more money soon. I spent too much & I already have to pay to get my PS3 fixed uggh. It’s nerve racking!! I might have to wait until January to get a Wii U.

  • lev

    good news to find out

  • ConCity Soldier

    Hastings didn’t hold pre-orders but will get em in Day 1.

  • LyingTuna

    Yo, Wii U Daily staff, I thought you should know that ign reported that you can’t play Wii games on the system without the day-one update. I don’t recall you mentioning it in the article about it, so I thought I’d give a tip.

  • retlaw

    Where is pactcher now?

    • marioU

      he would not do anything till he is paid for.

  • Skeptical

    It certainly doesn’t feel that way. Here in Canada we had so many different retail options to choose from. FutureShop was accepting pre-orders on both units until just recently, while stores like tRu and Walmart had one unit or the other available for the longest time. I don’t remember that being the case with the original Wii which seemed to be sold out everywhere. I’d like some more detailed numbers from an independant source before I jump to any conclusions. Making a few phone calls doesn’t really tell me anything.

  • GMo

    Got a preorder today at PC Richards in Connecticut

  • podge79

    Happy birthday wii u, Happy birthday wii u, Happy birthday dear wii u… Happy birthday wii u. . . . . Know its a bit early but cudnt wait anymore.

  • David

    Haha not a suprise, GO ON NINTENDO!! So whatsupp now Mr Patcher?! ^^

  • JVAN


    Whoa, I feel special!

  • Montrhuntr

    Well I wouldn’t go so far as to say there are no units available anywhere. At my local Walmart there is at least 10 Deluxe and about 30 normal WiiU still availablel for preorder! 😛

  • John BR

    I’m looking at this site at least 10 times a day since the launch day was announced, and i’m freaking crazy to have a wiiU but I’m from Brasil so I gptot to wait a little longer 🙁

  • Nintendork

    4 more days. This has been a long wait and i cant wait anymore, ive been having dreams that i have the wii u and then wake up disappointed. LOL

  • Gamecube U

    I hope they are in stock come Christmas.

  • The_fuzz_buzz


  • Derp

    Uh… Dang?

  • DaLoveSauce

    WOW….no comments on the article??

  • PKMN Trainer Red

    …(that’s red for “what now pachter!?)

  • cynthia

    wiiu is cool