Wii U Play
Wii U Play is a multiplayer and party game rumored to be in development for the Nintendo Wii U. The game is the spiritual successor to the Wii Play game for the original Wii, which was released back in 2006, with a sequel in 2011. Nintendo is rumored to bring a very similar style of mini games with Wii U Play, where the focus will be more on the innovative Wii U controller and HD graphics. The game will be able to utilize a bunch of Wii U accessories like the original Wiimote and Nunchuck controllers, and the Wii Balance Board.

Wii U Play features

Some of the features speculated for the new game are 4 player multiplayer where one of the player uses the Wii U controller for a specific purpose. This player would either play against the three other players, or be some sort of leader of a group since he/she has access to much more information about the game on the touchscreen tablet.

Wii U Play games

Wii U Play will include about a dozen mini games and party games, each supporting up to 4 player multiplayer. Most of the older games are expected to return to the new game, including:

  • Shooting Range
  • Laser Hockey
  • Fishing
  • Billiards
  • Table Tennis
  • Mini Golf
  • Tennis
  • A scuba diving mini game (rumored)
  • Hide and Seek mini game (rumored)

We’ll update the list with more mini games as soon as we know more. It’s unknown whether Wii U Play will be part of Wii U bundles or whether Nintendo will sell the game separately. The old game was sold with a Wiimote controller, so there is a chance that Wii U Play is bundled with other Wii U Models. Either way, the game would make an excellent Wii U launch title, showcasing the possibilities of the new console and tablet controller.

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    Wii Play already has a sequel for Wii called “Wii Play Motion”

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