Aug 15th, 2012

GamesCom is currently underway in Germany, and while Nintendo isn’t there to officially show off the Wii U and its first party games, third party publishers are. Ubisoft, Warner Bros, EA and others are all showing off their upcoming Wii U titles at GamesCom, many of them playable on the show floor. German game site got a chance to check out the show and the Wii U booths, and they snapped some photos for your enjoyment. GamesCom is the biggest gaming event in the world, drawing some 250,000 people each year, making a few times larger than E3 (although E3 isn’t open for public). Check out some of the Wii U photos in the gallery below. Bonus pics: Zombie girls!

Wii U gamesCom


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      Last to be respected. Go away child, it’s bed time.

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      who cares if you are the first person to comment.This is a good website for Nintendo Fans to enjoy. So please don’t bring that youtube crap over here.

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        well if u can do finger math, about 4 people care….

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  • D2K

    I hope we get some announcements of some new 3rd party Wii U games.

  • Swic11

    ^ dumb and pointless

    Anyway, I’m glad to see Ubi throwing themselves out there for Nintendo, it’s great free marketing!

    • daboy5

      They are investing in the wii u cause it will be a success

  • Nintentionally

    I wan’t some 1st party announcements.

    • Mac

      well sorry but you aren’t gonna get any just because of the fact that nintendo isn’t there. they are doing sampling events to show off the wii u they don’t need gamescom to do that.

      • Captain Falcon is b0ss

        Do you think Nintendo may be in Tokyo game show? Would be cool if they announce some new 1st party titles, if not, I’ll wait for 2013 to announce something. Maybe Retro studios (the guys that made metroid prime series and donkey kong returns) will announce a secret Title for Wii U 😀

        • Shock

          They are going to be there.I think that’s when they’re revealing the wii u price and launch date[s].

      • Nintentionally

        Yeah obvz, but I am getting worried now that they haven’t even got teasers to show us of games beyond the ones we’ve seen. Hopefully they have them under wraps because their new features are so good that MS and Sony will want to rip them off.

        I don’t think it helps them by keeping quiet and allowing such rampant rumour-mongering continue unchecked. At one point last month the wii u was a broken concept and a massively underpowered turd of a console and I worry that consumers believe the crazy rumours when nintendo don’t come out and dispel any myths.

        I know I will fully appreciate anything from Nintendo and get my money’s worth but the console will be enhanced if enough other people buy it so developers actually make decent games on it rather than making terrible ports/shovelware and then blaming nintendo for the failure of such games.

        To be fair though, the 3rd party launch line up doesnt actually look half as bad as other consoles’ previous launches

  • venomjamaica

    I think I really am gonna get zombiU first day……. am really excited. I wanna know the games that Capcom and other developers are working on.

    Get N or get OUT!!!

  • metroidfusion2

    I can’t wait until later and when september comes because more 3rd party support will be coming

  • Draco Breach

    I heard some very positive things come out of GamesCon. It seems everybody who picks up a GamePad can’t stop talking about it. It’s comfortable. It’s stable. It controls well.

    Ubisoft also wants to show off as much as possible. They are doing a great job with the playable demos at every event they’ve been to. They are just jumping up and down like giddy schoolkids.

  • alex

    Nintendo is crazy this is the biggest gaming show with over 250 thosuend people this was the perfect oportunity to show more about Wii u like the specsssdd theres a lit of gamers and casual gamers that dont have an idea tha nibtendo have abew console coming I know cuse I talk to them almost every day

  • Lugo

    I really can’t wait until september for some official news…the Wii U is just revealing itself tidbit by teasing tidbit and its driving me nuts

  • Super Sonic128

    Guess Nintendos just to busy to attend the events this year lol.

  • Pachter Jr

    Love the new site but can you guy’s update the photo viewer. I hate having to go to another page to view pictures and the way it scrolls is awful. It would be nice if the screen dimmed and they popped out in a Facebook kinda way.

    If you need help i can send you my resume.

    • Kirbo99

      If you use Google Chrome, download Hover Zoom.