Sep 13th, 2012

Nintendo has revealed the Wii U packaging boxes for the two recently announced Wii U models. The “Basic Set” will retail at $299 and will include the console with 8 GB flash storage, a GamePad controller, and all the necessary cables (HDMI included). The “Deluxe Set” will feature all of the stuff from the Basic Set, with 32 GB storage, plus additional accessories: a vertical GamePad stand, a console stand, and a charging cradle. Finally, the Deluxe Set includes a copy of Nintendo Land. The Basic Set comes in white, while the Deluxe is in black. Both models also include a Wii U sensor bar. Now you know what to look for when it’s time to storm your local video game store on November 18.

Wii U packaging boxes

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  • liberalagenda

    I want it NOW!

    • liberalagenda

      I’m getting the basic set. What about you guys?

      • Nintendude

        Maybe getting the deluxe set. I dunno, my parents would probably buy the $200 dollar one, not sure about the deluxe though. Maybe if I can get some extra fifty bucks.

        • James

          $200? The basic model is $299…

          • Nintendude

            Sorry, typo.

        • eli seth

          200? you mean 300?

      • Satans_Hamster

        Depends on european prices but probably the deluxe. I reckon the extra 50 bucks are very well worth it.

        • DR. spankalot

          a lot of sites still say 799$ here in norway xD

          • DR. spankalot

            sorry, 693,25 USD

          • TheImaj

            Lol. Hey I’ll sell you mine for $799. Let me know..

      • 111jackful

        If I get a chance to get the Wii U, Probably the Deluxe Set!

      • AKA-Link77

        I want black but thats the delux one. . . .
        oh well ill still get it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ XD

        • Nintendonoob

          I am getting the deluxe set… I am okay with white consoles but I prefer black for my stuff… (ps im not goth though)
          NOOB OUT!!!

      • ridley vs. samus

        i’ll probably get basic and buy nintendo land on the side. and even then, i might wait for the price to drop a little. not that i’m not hyped for the console, though! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • AceSkill

          If you get the deluxe them it will be cheaper than getting the game and the basic set separately.

      • eli seth

        deluxe you get ten dollars off the game and some pretty useless stuff but whatever although the color differences seem kind of racist

      • Pikmin

        I honestly feel the 8 gig should be 280 (if not 250) mostly because of how much the extra 50 gets you..

      • ToadTheBarbarian

        NO MAN ! ! ! Think it over! Try to earn the extra $50 (mow some lawns, rake some leaves etc.) or convince your parents of the much better investment of the Deluxe model!

      • XENAJA


      • wiiupoo

        im totally getting the deluxe set. it comes with more memory and stuff, plus nintendo land. if you were to buy the basic set and get a game you would pay 10 more bucks than the deluxe set

      • Soundslikeprada

        I preordered the deluxe and two games, it was $530 in all, but I had a $500 stash set aside so I am glad I planned accordingly.

      • Sikora

        Basic console (white) + Nintendo Land = $360
        Deluxe console (Black) (Includes Nintendo Land + Club Nintendo Exclusives) = $350

        I’m all for the Deluxe console. Getting a Basic console is pretty much like throwing away you’re hard earned cash.

    • liberalagenda

      Actually, I’ll buy which ever bundle they sell at costco. I am assuming costco will sell the deluxe package, so I guess I’ll be getting a black deluxe one.

  • indirect76

    Pre-ordered the deluxe already at GameStop. Pre-paid and everything. I’m locked in!!!!

    • BONZAI BILL 23

      I just did so as well! I seriously can’t wait! I’ll be taking a couple days off once it comes out. What will U do?

      • swic11

        I already told my boss’ about the Wii U launch a few months ago when November 18th was being teased around the internet. So again today i reminded them today and I have 17th-21st off.

        • EvanescentHero

          Your boss gave you time off to play video games? Awesome.

        • Nintendude

          Best boss ever.

    • pdxmojo81

      I was the second person this morning there! Getting the deluxe (ofcourse!) and Rayman Legends & Mario. Probably Darksiders 2 as well.

      66 days, CAN’T FREAKING WAIT!!!!!!!!

    • Neonridr

      got the deluxe set from Future Shop (Canada)! Super stoked! Didn’t pre-order any games yet, but I have time to look into that, just wanted to make sure I got one of the black beauties before they were all gone. $50 extra was a no-brainer with everything you get!

      • swic11

        totally agree! The NintendoLand game alone would be worth it. Thats probably what it will sell for anyhow. But you get the 2 year subscription, console/gamepad stand AND a charger. Sweet tits!

        • swic11

          oh ya, and the extra 24 Gigs

    • eli seth

      i wish i had the money now theres not much point preordering it like 3 days before it comes out(witch is when i get enough money(cause’ with tax it comes around 385$))

      • LyingTuna

        Well, at GameStop it’s $50 (USD) to preorder. Power up rewards members get to do it for $25. I recommend preordering now, then if you lack the funds, go all refund on them. Just ask the employee first!

        • JumpMan

          yay for Pro membership! of course, i’m putting all my moolah i have right now toward a deluxe one ($75)! MY LIFE IS DEAD! gonna convince mom to take me to GS tomorrow to pre-order!

  • Josh

    I could stare at these two boxes all day

  • Christopher

    I wonder why Nintendo called it the “Deluxe Edition Wii U” in America but in Japan and Europe they called it the “Premium Edition Wii U”? Hmmm… probably the same reason why we in europe got the more colourful SNES that was the same as Japan’s, yet the American version was purple and grey.

    Still nice boxes, simple yet straight to the point. I like it!

  • Danรญel Rรณsinkrans

    I want my Wii U white, and I want the “Deluxe” edition. The GamePad looks better in white in my opinion. Why could’n they just make two colors for both sets. Why Nintendo.. why? >.<

    Any way, I'm looking forward to get my hands on Wii U, can't wait. It surely has been great day for Nintendo fans.

    • Kahhhhyle

      AGREED. But we can always just buy extra game pads in white I guess as long as they don’t cost an arm and a leg…

    • liberalagenda


      I want the basic in black. This is too funny ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Death

      I agree. I wanted a white Wii U to match with my white Wii and to differ from all the other black consoles; however, since I want the Premium Pack, I’m going to be forced to have black. :/

      I don’t see a reason for this, other than to easily distinguish the two outside of their, relatively plain, though clean looking, packaging.

      • Death

        Stole my name X-X

    • Neonridr

      I am thinking we are probably looking at $100 at least for the Gamepad. Since the price for the pro controller looks to be on par with current gen wireless controllers at around 50-60 bucks..

      • swic11

        they stay at 50-60 because people pay it. The tech in those controllers are old as hell now. No games support two gamepads yet, and by the time they do happen to pop up, I’m expecting the gamepad to be between $60-80

      • Kahhhhyle

        Looks like Nintendo solved that problem for us too they just won’t sell us game pads in North America until some games that support them come along haha… According to IGN

        • JumpMan

          i trust Rich with my life. of course, i have like twenty lives in Skyward Sword so i guess that doesn’t mean much…

  • Carlos Hugo

    I find weird that they just make one color for one package

    • swic11

      they do that to show that there are differences. Otherwise consumers may buy the wrong one, the different colors show the different tiers of the console. Its like Microsoft’s “Elite” version of the xbox360 when it was first release.

  • Swic11

    Well white is no good compared to the deluxe edition, justt read what comes with each, I think the black is much better.

    • Kahhhhyle

      Well for what comes in the box yes but me and Daniel want the white color with the black innards and bonuses. See where we’re coming from now?

      • swic11

        ya, i understand that. well, your just gonna have to buy them separately, which really sucks because its going to cost you well more than $50… I would bite the bullet and buy the black model if I were you. I got lucky, All of my electronics save for my Wii are black… So now I get to toss my wii to another TV and put my Wii U in its place.

  • Neonridr

    I wish Gamestop would ship to Canada. As of now, EB Games has zero information on the Wii U, neither do Best Buy, Future Shop,

    Heck, my parents own a house down in Florida, if I knew they were going to be there down at that time, I would have just pre-ordered it and had it shipped there. Anyone know any information on when we can expect to get pre-orders in Canada?

    • pookie

      im in canada too and on p.e.i and the only place too pre order around here say it will be anouther 4 to 5 days this sucks monkey balls.

      • Neonridr

        pookie – if you have a Future Shop nearby, they have started online pre-ordering!

        • pookie

          neonridr-thanks for the info apreciated sorry for the spelling.

  • Kamon

    Can’t wait! Is the Wii U sensor bar better than the Wii sensor bar?

    • James

      The sensor bar is just a plastic container, with infrared LED’s on each side. The Wii controller has a camera on it which tracks the 2 dots it sees (but not us). It’s like the PS3 move… but on reverse… and instead of having 2 annoyingly bright lights pointing at you, they picked the infrared color, so that we can’t see it.

      So I don’t think they can make it better. What you can do is help the controller tracks better. You can configure the controller on the Wii system in the options. You can remove any candles and lights next to your TV or could be potentially tracked by the camera of the controller. Also, if you are too close to the sensor bar, it won’t track properly as the 2 lights of the sensor bar might have one of them get out of the camera range.

  • Luuis

    Not nintendo network Premium ๐Ÿ™

    • JumpMan

      i don’t really like that idea, because it made me (a long time ago) feel lesser than the people with Playstation Plus…

  • TheCruzKing

    Also Deluxe edition they forgot to put in up top has the 2year Network Premium service.

  • ax-el

    Actually the Deluxe Set is much, much better, i buy it without a doubt (the black color is the extra), but the extra gamepad sound expensive probably i don’t buy it until next year.

    • liberalagenda

      The extra game pad sounds like it will cost $100 USD. So I will hold off on that too.

  • Firebro

    I’m throwing my money at the computer and nothing is happening!!! I WANT THIS SOO BAD

    • just nintendo

      Me too

  • James

    Please report on the Wii U launch title “warriors orochi 3 hyper”

  • Neonridr

    it’s pretty much a no brainer to get the deluxe. The Nintendo Land packin, the cradle charger for the gamepad, the stand for the console, the 2 year Nintendo Network subscription and the 32 gb internal memory (vs 8gb) is worth well more than just $50. Plus the black version will match all my other components…

    Come on Canada, get on the online preorder train, this is 2012 after all. If I have to go and lineup in front of a store for one of these, I am going to be pissed.

  • Neonridr

    For all my Canadian friends, Future Shop has made their pre-orders available online! I just pre-ordered a black one and paid in full.

    Awesome news!

    • Wii u Fan Central

      Woooo! Go Canadian Pre-Orders

  • Jetty

    So the Deluxe includes a charging cradle, pad stands, 24 gb more memory and Nintendoland. Nintendo’s gunning for the 350 profit, and so far it’s working. I guess I’ll have to get a white pro controller with my deluxe set.

  • Madmagican

    Oof, $300 is a little steep for me, but I want the Deluxe edition so that’s $350… better start saving and counting days :\

    • Super Paper Rye

      I’m 11 and I got 700 bucks in my savings.
      I used to have 600 more…
      Spended it though. And you’ll get it, trust me ๐Ÿ™‚

      • JumpMan

        dude. i wish i were you. i’m 13 and have $38 in my wallet & $36 on my gamestop card and that is all the money i have. time to mow the lawn, i guess!

      • wiiupoo

        oh my god, dude! your rich!

  • rafael

    In the next few days we should allready have some news about how well this is selling through pre-orders. I hope so.

  • Shulololol

    So…….deluxe set + NSMBU + Zombi U and maybe a pro controller black. When i finished Mario i will buy me some Rayman.

    At first i wanted to buy Rayman over Mario but i saw the new gameplay trailer..Mario U will be sweet

  • Azael

    I want the Deluxe Set in white :'(

  • Ledreppe

    As soon as I learned of the two packs, I immediately knew I needed the premium one. I’ve also got a USB HDD waiting to be plugged in, so I’ve got plenty more storage for downloading full retail titles as well as indie downloads in the eShop, DLC and save games etc.

  • ncv144

    WHERE IS INFORMATION ON PIKMIN 3!!!?!?!?!, anyways, im getting the deluxe with marioU and pikmin 3 and a 2 wii remotes. Cant wait for November!!!

    • ncv144

      Also, any info on when plans to make it available for preoder? Im talking about the US amazon not because i live in US but because i have my orders shipped to miami and then to my country.

  • Skoog510

    I thankfully will be getting a job soon, won’t sadly be getting it at launch, but I plan on getting the Deluxe version, 32 GB will last me a little bit until I get a better storage solution.

    • swic11

      I currently have a 250Gig hard drive in my 360, and I think I have a total of 10 gigs used. Unless you spam the shit out of your hard drive with music/movies/and other random crap like that.. you wont need a bigger one. I have an external hard drive, i will use that if necessary, but I doubt that it would ever come to that

  • GodBody

    I gots me the one for tree-fiddy on pre-order at GameStop already….almost time..

  • benatard9

    Apparenty, GameStop is only taking preorders through the holidays, so preorder now! Also, they let me get two! So I got one of each… I’ll sell the other one for double/quadruple the price.

  • dawnofmorning

    Just reserved the deluxe edition, zombiu, and new super Mario bros u at GameStop an hour or so ago, so pumped!!!

  • Ninty1

    i’m getting the deluxe model

  • swic11

    I just cant wait until i see the “unboxing” of the U. I am too pumped. I’m pretty sure I called every Nintendo fan I know personally to make them jealous of my preorder lol

    • JumpMan

      god, i wish i had nerd friends… my friends are stupid and like dub step. #INeedToReevaluateMyLife

  • thenintendofan73

    i guess im gonna get the deluxe for christmas. its my best chance ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Super Paper Rye

    I want the deluxe set because I feel like with that one I’m getting more for my money…
    however, I want a white Wii U to differ from my Black Wii. Oh well, my wii is gonna get sold anyway after I transfer my data from my Black Wii to my Black Wii U.

  • logan7699

    I paid off my Black WiiU and five launch games….Mario, Zombie U, Assassin Creed 3, PiKmin 3, Lego City.

  • kidnintend

    just got back from pre ordering at gamestop the deluxe edition. didnt pre order ne games tho to many to pick from but i will prob get atleast 3. they gave me a list of all the games in their system but is still says mario is 99.99 for some reason, but it has tekken listed as 49.99?

  • LyingTuna

    I pre-ordered a deluxe Wii U and ZombiU. I’m a student. Funds be low. This will be the best thing since…the Wii launch. Wow. Well, nonspecific action figure approves. 2 games seems like a little… But Christmas will hit, then I will get Mario, Rayman, and maybe Pikmin. I don’t know. I never played the first 2.

  • Herox95

    I’ve decided I’ll go with the Deluxe, and I want NintendoLand and ZombiU. I’m gonna save up for either the console or ZombiU and will get my parents to buy me the Deluxe (Black) Wii U console, along with the packaged NintendoLand. But I already have a game pre-ordered: Super Smash Bros. 3DS. It might seem a little hard for me but I’m shoving Smash Bros. 3DS out of the way for now until I get either ZombiU or the Deluxe Wii U.

  • SteampunkJedi

    The Deluxe Set is definitely a great bargain: Nintendo Land would definitely cost at least $50, and there are other additives besides that. But if my parents are to get the Wii U I’m afraid it will be the cheapest one either way. I’ll have to test my persuasion skills. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Kenny

    I wish the Deluxe Set came in white…

  • TheImaj

    Deluxe. What’s an extra $50?

    • JumpMan

      when Reggie said “deluxe” i instantly wanted it. fancy words= happy me!

  • SortableShelf19

    Wait..Could the Wii U Gamepad Ac Adapter Charge the Controller? Because I thought that the Gamepad Ac Adapter could Charge the Controller.

  • Thatguywhoslappedyou

    Well im just gonna sell my Wii and get some extra ka-ching (aka $-$) but dam im gonna miss those gamecube games but really i only have wind waker and i have Pikmin 1 and 2 for the wii so meh at least i get like 20$

  • nintendoododo

    i feel sorry for usa that is so poor and stupid country and can’t get wii u. I am glad I liv in europe where wii u is cheaper and people are much richer.

  • maxlazy10

    Dang it I have white wii controllers. Still getting deluxe though

  • Aqua

    100th comment! yay!

  • He

    The Deluxe set will be mine.

  • LEGOkid

    Im okay with the basic set. But I wanted a black Wii U to begin with.

  • LEGOkid

    Whoever thinks the deluxe Wii U is cool, reply to my comment (Im so excited!!).

  • ryen

    I was really lookig forward to get pikmin 3 now i have to wait next year sigh. pre ordered my deluxe set

  • ssb4

    Deluxe looks cool. Plan on buyin deluxe, pro controller, nsmbu, assasins creed 3, pikmin3.

  • Colton S.

    I preordered the 299 one at target. Plus New Super Mario Bros U. I bet I’ll get my Wii u from the 19-21 of november. The warehouse is only about 30 minutes from our house. So I am sad that I won’t get it at launch but at least I’ll get mine before the rush.

  • Colton S.

    For Christmas, I’ll hopefully get Nintendo land, and Lego city:undercover. My sister will have to have just dance 4.

  • Aaron

    Well actually there was this site that zoomed in on the packaging and read the text on the side of the box and it says there is a feature called WiiU chat

  • Wii u

    Can’t wait, i’m in Missisauga,Ontario Canada.On November 18 I’m flying like acorn mario to best buy and picking up a black beauty.(Deluxe Wii u.)

    • Wii u Fan Central

      Wow, it’s me. Changed my name from “Wii U” to “Wii U Fan Central”

  • Wii u

    48 DAYS

  • Wii u

    Anyone on

  • Wii u