Mar 23rd, 2013

Aliens Wii UOh, Gearbox. They made so many promises with Aliens Colonial Marines. Not only that, they had so many good things to say about the Wii U. For one, they said the Wii U version would be the “best looking one“, and that the Wii U GamePad is the “best controller for hardcore games“. They said a lot of things…

Officially, the game is still on track for release on the Wii U, but we pretty much gave up on the idea of seeing the game on the new Nintendo console. And that’s not a bad thing, because Aliens Colonial Marines is an awful game (having played it on PC), so awful that no gamer should waste his time or money on it.

However, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford — probably the least popular person in the gaming industry these days — says that they’re doing the best they can to bring the game to the Wii U. He said in an interview with GameSpot that the game “looks cool” on the Wii U and that it’s up to SEGA to release it. The way things look now, it’s unlikely we’ll see the game on the Wii U.

But that’s okay, because judging by (pretty much) everyone’s reaction to the game, Aliens Colonial Marines is an awful pile of junk. It’s one game that we can say we’re glad won’t be on the Wii U anytime soon. If we’re lucky, SEGA might just give up on the Wii U and cut their losses on this whole project.

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  • Gabe Hoffman

    Okay why are we still making the assumption that Aliens Wii U will be the same as the other versions? First off the the Wii U version is being handled by Demiurge not Timegate so it could be an entirely different beast. And perhaps the reason they have been quiet about it is that they have decided to polish and fix the game for Wii U. I have a feeling we could have another NG3 here

    • Re-Master

      I did agree with this. Supposedly the game died when TimeGate took over, so Demiurge may have saved it… But according to someone at GearBox in an interview, the Wii U version is the worst of all, sporting pointless minigames WITHIN the main game. I need more games on my Wii U, but if this is going to be on Wii U, I beg of them, make it good! The 360/PS3/PC version is horrific…

    • Not only that, rumor has it that the “good looking” demos and trailers we have seen came from the Wii U version of the game. With the lack of recent Wii U specific footage however, it’s a tough case to make.

      The majority of the game was handled by Timegate though, so I think the only changes Demiurge can add to A:CM is better controls, A.I. and graphics. When you look at it though, we’ll be left with a better looking game that still suffers from generic gameplay. The only way I can see A:CM selling decently on the Wii U is if Gearbox and Demiurge do a complete overhaul and refine the game, even if it does mean a longer delay.

      • Robknoxious1

        “When you look at it though, we’ll be left with a better looking game that still suffers from generic gameplay”

        I agree, that’s probably the best case scenario..

  • Unless they afterall bring the definitive version and they stick to their promise they made before. Doubt it though, but if they do bring the “greatest” version I’m happy, just not the crap version which was brought to the other platforms.

  • Interesting article title, not to mention errors.

    • WiiUltra

      Its consistent with all his crappy articles.

  • tronic307

    Don’t rush things, Gearbox. Take as much time as you need to polish the ol’ turd. You only have until eternity. Oh, trust us, we can wait…

    • Well, you know what they say. A polished turd is still a turd…

      • AlienFanatic

        You never know. There might just be a tasty peanut or kernel of corn at the center.

        • tronic307

          Wait… are we talking about Cracker Jacks or Jackie’s crack?

        • I found that funny XD, humor who knew

  • D.M.T

    Hopefully they are planning to bring the better version to Wii U. They need to fix pretty much everything. There’s no point in bringing the crap version. Either fix the game or cancel it.

    • Marius Valasinas

      Agreed. If all issues are fixed and graphics ARE the best of all (as they say), then I’ll go for it. But only IF

  • Nintedward

    Out goes Aliens corridor marines . In comes Deus Ex human revolution Directors cut !

    (epic article title btw Mr Kinsley 🙂

    • wiiudaily

      Thanks, glad there’s one person who appreciates it 🙂

      • Nintedward

        I liked it! Funny and serious at the same time XD

        Watch out for a comment from my grandma about the use of the word shitty. she should be here any minute! *hears zimmer frame*

  • D.M.T

    I have a question (not related to this article). Can you play Lego City Undercover with the Pro Controller? I love the Gamepad but the battery life is pathetic which is why i buy games that also support the Pro Controller.

    • Nope, Gamepad only. You could buy the Gamepad battery packs from Nyko for longer gameplay sessions.

    • sithWiiU

      Lol! 4 hours….

    • Johny

      well the key for gamepads horrible battery life is that you place it on a charging cradle EVERYTIME you dont play the wii u, and you should be fine..
      BUT if you really dont like the battery life (if your a strong gamer and play in a long playing sessions ..for example 8+hours straight with mh3u ;D) you really should consider Nyko’s battery packs : 1. which offers like 2x the battery life (its kinda bulky tho…) and 2. which offers like 3x the original battery life (!) … and this one is unnoticable, as it actually replaces the original battery completely.
      hope this helps 🙂
      for the details about Uboost and Power Pak, go to Nyko’s website

      • WiiUltra

        Or play near a power outlet. I don’t see why everyone bitches about the battery life. I play long sessions and all I have to do is put the charge cable in the hole. You could also get an power extension cable, use common sense people.

      • gobrowniesgo

        why do that when it comes with a charging cord that plugs in to a wall?

    • Veries Seals

      You can actually have better battery life for your wii U game pad now. buy one of these.

    • RyuNoHadouken

      gamepad only…video calls and black light clue finding are essential

  • Captain Falcon

    Language in the title… was that necessary, John?

    • wiiudaily

      Yes. I played the game. It’s very necessary.

      • AlienFanatic

        I’m with Smitty in that it cheapens the integrity of the site. Not that the unvarnished, almost un-moderated comments section doesn’t cheapen the appeal by itself.

        I’ve noticed a decidedly negative turn in the articles, as I’m sure many have, but wouldn’t it be better to just put the news out and let the commenters do the rest? Save the harsh language, if in fact it must be used, for your editorials.

        • Metal_Man_v2

          What some people fail to realize is that this is a fansite, run by fans, for other fans. This is not CNN or BBC news, there is no issue of integrity in which authors have to sugarcoat everything they do to avoid controversy. All of the author’s have their own voice in the articles, and is something that has been around since day 1 of Wii U daily.

          If Wii U daily isn’t what you were expecting, perhaps you should look elsewhere?

          • Yeah, but lately, all this author writes about includes some kind of rant, lol.

          • Metal_Man_v2

            I wouldn’t call them rants, but anyways, his latest article is up, explaining the Wii Mini. Hopefully people won’t throw a tantrum again.

          • WiiUltra

            What you fail to realize is that people come to Wii U Daily for that integrity, and a well written article. This writer lacks both apparently. He can voice his opinion but not in an article, thats what COMMENTS SECTION is for.

          • Metal_Man_v2

            Only idiots come to a fan site an expect anything other than author opinions and hoorah’s about the fandom. If you really don’t like it so much, stop wasting your time coming here.

          • WiiUltra

            Well sorry for believing that WiiUDaily would actually be a quality site for great articles. You just further prove that obviously theres no such thing as that on the internet. Plus, I’ve been coming here since the Wii U was announced so I’m not just going to stop. I’m not going to lie though, lately hes been getting on my nerves.

          • Metal_Man_v2

            “You just further prove that obviously theres no such thing as that on the internet.”

            So because ONE website has ONE author who writes things in a way you PERSONALLY don’t like, there is no integrity anywhere on the internet? You’re an idiot.

          • WiiUltra

            Oh now your calling names? Thats very mature. No go out and find me a website that has great articles full of integrity. Oh wait, you can’t because you don’t have my opinions. Im going to voice my opinions of how I feel about articles, authors, games and whatever else there is. However I’m not going to go down to you’re level (as well as others) of name calling. I didn’t personally attack you, all I did was give you my opinion and you call me an idiot for that? Wow. And yes, you heard me right that you also prove that there is no such thing because this website also has people like you commenting thinking that their opinion is better than mine. They are equal. If you don’t like me commenting, why don’t you go somewhere else? I’m not going anywhere.

          • Metal_Man_v2

            How ironic. You get all upset and write me a novel because I insulted you. Yes, it was immature of me to call you an idiot. But do you see how hypocritical you are being?

            You insulted the author’s work and his opinion and called it shit, yet you somehow expect people to be respectful to your own opinions? You don’t get to call others out for being immature, when you yourself are the problem here.

          • WiiUltra

            Ya I insulting his WORK, not him. Thats completly different. We are human, you would get upset too if someone called you an idiot. How am I a problem for you? We are just having a discussion, at least thats what I thought.

          • Metal_Man_v2

            I would be just as upset if somebody kept trashing the articles I put out for their own benefit. All I’m asking is that you please be respectful to the authors, and understand what Wii U daily is. They don’t have to take the time to write these for us. The authors are never going to take their opinion out of these articles because it is their site. They aren’t professional journalists getting paid to do this. They do this for the sake of Nintendo fans.

            I do genuinely apologize for calling you an idiot, but I hope you understand that it irritates me to see the people that run this site get trashed for doing us a favor. It’s not just John Kinsley, Ashley King gets bashed on her articles too. It’s getting ridiculous.

    • bizzy gie

      Yes, unless you don’t speak English.

    • DESS_M_8

      This guy needs to not be writing articles on this site ever again. He’s shitty

      • Metal_Man_v2

        He wrote the article for us to read, which he didn’t have to do. If his articles offend you for whatever reason, feel free to go somewhere else, I’m sure nobody else here would care.

        • WiiUltra

          Its not an article. Its an editorial disguised as an article. Its pure shit.

          • DESS_M_8

            I’m not offended, and feel no need to go elsewhere. This article is just poorly written and sounds more like a load of trash somebody like you would write, not an article meant for public audience. If I offended your boyfriend with my comments I do apologise, if I was aware his little girlfriends were so quick defend him maybe I would have thought twice before pointing out how shit he is.
            My apologies

          • Metal_Man_v2

            And yet, you cannot back up any of those claims with proof. How is it poorly written? How is is a load of trash? If you have suggestions for improvement, how about tell the author? He can’t get better at writing by you just telling him he should never write again.

            You don’t like this article for the sole reason that you don’t like the author and his opinion. The rest of your comment is simple BS, which supports my point that you enjoy wasting your time on this site and bitching for no reason.

          • WiiUltra


          • tronic307

            At least he didn’t write that the game was, and I quote, “wack as all fuck”.

    • AWwriter

      Grow up. If it bothers you install some NetNanny blocking software.

  • Johny

    it just MIGHT be another NG3 situation here… but its kinda unlikely… was looking forward to the game, but now that its obvious that it sucks.. not a chance unless its a huge ng3 miracle all over again.

  • Lord Carlisle

    Wow. VERY unprofessional title. What happened to the old writers? This guy is terrible.

    • wiiudaily

      Or as Charles Barkley would say, “turrible”.

      • Now mods are trolling too? This site have seen better days…

        • Metal_Man_v2

          Honestly, the word trolling is so miss used on this site. It’s called a joke, and it shows that the authors don’t care about the ungrateful people that want to dis their work. People that have a problem can leave, it’s easier than repeatedly coming back here and bitching. That just wastes everyone’s time.

          • People aren’t being “ungrateful” they are giving constructive criticism. When you put a title up and people complain you take it with a grain of salt. That is one of the main reasons their is a comment section so people can voice their opinion (comment) on the article, or how the article was written.

          • Metal_Man_v2

            Take a look at some of the comments, people are being very ungrateful and immature.

            “This guy needs to not be writing articles on this site ever again. He’s shitty”

            “Its consistent with all his crappy articles.”

            I agree that criticism if perfectly fine. It’s a necessary thing, but this is not criticism. It offers no suggestions for improvement, and is just disrespectful.

          • So far the statements i read you write are very well stated. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and now saying people cant state it in articles they write is kinda like a communism persona. Not everyone will worship everything thats on the wii u and you know what thats alright and to me is very welcomed, without this so called “ranting” the team who always looses wont get better because they’ll keep thinking their hot stuff kinda like some peoples mothers because their child isnt ugly but they’re out there ty

  • Scott Duperree

    Here’s one person hoping Sega doesn’t give up on Wii U. I don’t care about aliens, but don’t give up on the Wii U

    • Alex Damman

      i agree. although i don’t think that’s quite what john kinsley meant he was hoping for, i think he meant he was hoping that sega would not release colonial marines on the wii u, not that they as a company would give up on the console entirely. I WANT SONIC AND SPIRAL KNIGHTS FOR WII U.

      • Gabe Hoffman

        Spiral Knights on Wii U would be boss

  • RyuNoHadouken

    Im dont know why everyones bitchin..the article title is perfectly fine with me…but anyways, I believe the Wii U version will be on par with the demo that was released last year…if it has those graphics AND better gameplay and AI, then ill check it out…they released a 4gb update to the other versions, so im sure that will be on disc for the Wii U version.

  • Colin Tosh

    Funny thing is I want that rubbish Aliens game to see why it is so bad.

  • Kirzan

    I understand this version may be the better, older version of it. At the same time, it’s really hard to chug up another 60$ of which Randy Bitchford (‘s company) will get some of. I’m the kind of gamer that doesn’t buy used at gamestop because none of the money goes to the dev, which I want to support. In this case, I don’t want to support. No matter how much “better than the other versions” it is.

  • Had no idea this site stoops that low as to use foul language on topic titles wow.

    • mikel334u2

      i was laughing my ass off when i saw it. i guess no other word can universally convey the same message; by that they mean if a game is shitty, it’s shitty

      • tronic307

        Now “officially” shitty.

    • well you have to keep in mind some people just naturally use those languages because they picked it up somewhere and tend to not pay attention that they are used so frequently good sir

  • DragonSilths

    WiiUDaily has no good qualities left to it. Change the name and let it go to the trolls. Call it

  • Lev M

    all in all, this game sucks anyways

  • Only a few are true gamers

    Not sure this game can be saved and it’s a shame i was looking forward to playing this too

    • yeah i had this baby pre order’d but once I found it wasnt comeing out till later i took my money back and bought some beer XD but now the way it sounds, i may not get it but still I’ve enjoyed games that recieved bad ratings and movies too so who knows.

      • Only a few are true gamers

        Yeah it’s too bad i wanted this game to be awesome and it turned into a dud

  • This is the best article title on this website. Good work.

    • it does stand out which is a good thing, they freshly stated their own opinion and like normally on this site they try to kick the man down when done so.

  • Oh man, those articles…

  • Kyle Berger

    I was so surprised when you said “shitty” in the title

    • RonaldRayguns

      Really? I didn’t think anything about him saying shitty in the title until I saw everybody was surprised and shocked. Then I thought, wow it’s fucking retarded everybodys shocked how weird……. Satan, 666, Fuck, Shit, Ass.

      • Kyle Berger

        no its just that normally, people don’t curse in a news article.

        • RonaldRayguns

          Yeah I know, I was just being an idiot.

          • Arthur Jarret

            Most people are… you’re just one of the few that is honest about it.

      • It’s 616…

  • miigamerz

    lol great title. call it as you see it.

  • Neilandio

    Why is the author happy the game wont be on Wii U? Ok, he didn’t like the game, we get it, but there might be other people who would like it and if the game doesn’t get released on Wii U they wouldn’t enjoy it. One thing is not to care about the game, but being happy? that doesn’t make any sense.

    • Julio

      Your kidding me right? This game was a let down… The Wii U is better off without it and nobody wants it due to negative reviews.

      • Neilandio

        Why is the Wii U better without this game? How can this game hurt the Wii U in any way?

    • John Andalora

      Watch any video game review on this game (Angry Joe, Pro Jared) and you’ll understand why people don’t want this game on the Wii U.
      It’s universally hated as being one of the worst games so far this year. It’s not that one guy hates it: It’s just that bad.

  • Ibi Salmon

    Well, there’s on third-party game the Wii U is better off without.

  • Joseph Parsons

    well im help that SEGA fixing the pc and ps3 and xbox ones so im hopeing thay well fix the wii u one to day it put out and pz ppl go get you info be for saying shit love you guys at SEGA it make me happy to see them fix the game that shit ass Gearbox team fuck up go to hell Gearbox

  • Squid

    Gee, What a title..

  • Squid

    I’d rather have a Rhythm thief U than Aliens though.

  • Cerus98

    Very unprofessional title there. Fan site or not – it doesn’t help your argument when you use childish profanity in the titles. There are far better ways to express the same sentiment and they won’t make you sound like a tool because your literary skills don’t go beyond middle school.

    • zhenyaivan

      thank you! very unprofessional.

  • Paladinrja

    Oh for fucks sake Kinsley. First you spew all over the Wii U. Then promote PS4 daily at the top of this sites page. Now you rag on A:CM U like you have some fucking clue about this better than anyone else.
    You know what? Catagorically, why don’t you fuckoff and wax lyrical about Sony? I’m telling the chief editor to remove you from WiiUdaily. Fucing anti-nintendo click-media sheep. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  • Cerus98

    Ps. It should read “spared from” not for. Reads as if an 11 year old wrote this.

  • dgallo911

    to those of u that are offended by the word go fuck yaselves. last i checked the internet is essentially porn and “offensive” language so if ya dont like it go get ya news from cartoon network or something

    • Ravyu

      Personally, we find it discouraging to see such sites using vulgarities. And no, Wii U daily is not porn, and neither should it be using offensive language

  • tomtank91

    the fact there was more than one development team doin different sections of the game proves it shouldn’t have been made. At least we knew walking dead game would be crap because activision were involved.

  • teknik1200

    All Wiii U owners should be playing Monster Hunter Ultimate 3rd right now.

    the game is simply the best game on the planet. There’s 33 new monsters to hunt, a new area and a whole new rank online (g rank) that has unique armor sets for all monsters (the looks change as do all the skills and slots) new weapons and I could go on and on,

    you could easily sink 500-1000 hours or more into the game, it’s that good!

  • Nathan Tull

    have you played it since the 4 gig patch , i think not this game is way better post patch and on ultimate badass mode is insanely fucking hard now ppl need to give this game another shot me and my friend shanerr were playing last night co op mode and had a 4 hour blast straight this game is fucking great and ppl give it a chance

  • jacob kistinger

    i dont care what reveiwers say they were wrong about zombie u i want this game

  • disqus_kc1D7F118j

    Funny how wii u daily REQUIRES us to not use fowl language but yet they add “shitty” to the title. They also love Michael pachter obviously, and now they have ps4 daily but claim to be nintendo fans. Hate this site now. Unsub to youtube unlike on fb and un follow on twitter now. Funny because I was here from the beginning. Damn, but they did it to themselves. Now ima fan now. See wii u daily, I can flipflop like yall to. Bye and goodluck.

    • thedeciderU

      this makes me curious. so you hate this site now because they run another video game fan site for the p4? who cares? screw video game elitism.

  • Jeovany

    I hope no buy this game on the wii u. Its a terrible and the only they could make it better is buy recreating the entire game and rewriting the story. The only OK part of this game was the multi-player and even that got boring after a while. This is a terrible game and I think saga is wasting a ton of money porting this over to the wii u

  • HeadNod

    “Wii U owners might not be spared for shitty Aliens game”

    Looks like they won’t be spared of any shitty games, period. What a waste.

  • thedeciderU

    I’m hoping for a release, and hope it turns out to be an okay game. Writers should report news though and not litter articles with pointless venting/bashing. We have the forums for that! Harsh, man!

  • iwata

    don’t push me!

  • Rinslowe

    IGN had a recent article from PAX whereas Randy Pitchfork apparently said “We shall see” to a Wii U release…
    According to that article is said it was no longer in his hands and that SEGA would be making the final decision to release or not.
    I know I’m likely reading to much into that comment, but it seems not only is this character a serial bullshit’r but it also seemed as though to me he doesn’t really give two hoots about it either way, now it’s just someone else’s problem. Back to Borderlands 2 DLC cash cow’ing…

  • CCM

    “Wii U owners might not be spared for shitty Aliens game” – Nice to see Wii U Daily keeping things classy and professional…Sure the game is terrible, but I doubt you’ll ever see an article with foul language in the title on IGN or GameSpot, heck even other Nintendo fan sites like Nintendojo and Nintendo World Report.

  • shadowmatt

    I was going to wait for the WiiU version but eventually got the 360 version so I could judge for myself what the game was like.

    To be honest is was not that bad, same sections were quite enjoyable. The reviews sort of lied from what I could tell. The game does have atmospheric lighting, including the swinging lamp, its just not in the same place as in the earlier demo. You get to setup the sentry guns, you can go down into tunnels and the aliens do use the walls and other parts of the scene. The other marines do not usually get in the way and if you play the game right they can be quite useful. I found the aliens will fight them unless you get involved and shoot one, then it will turn on you.

    I played the max on the most difficult so the AI would be working at 100% and some parts were actually quite hard.

    The were complaints in the reviews where they said the aliens were only in a few levels, the company men in the rest. That too is a lie, the aliens are in nearly every level, in many attacking the company men while you progress through the levels.

    Even the motion detectors, which you cant use when fully armed, is both movie accurate in its use but also adds to the tension, you are either armed or you know where the enemy is.

    The graphics in some places look a little low res in others they are very detailed. Some of the alien characters are very well made.

    I would probably give this a 6 maybe 7. If you like the aliens films and old school fps then you might actually enjoy it.