Mar 13th, 2013

Battlefield Wii UThere’s a lot of anticipation about the upcoming Battlefield 4 shooter from EA and developer DICE. The game is expected to be unveiled later this month, however, it’s likely that it won’t be released on the Wii U. The relationship between EA and Nintendo is at an all-time low, with several key EA titles skipping the Wii U. Strike that, all key EA titles are skipping the Wii U. EA has 10 confirmed games for 2013, and none are coming to the Wii U.

When Nintendo first unveiled the Wii U, one of the games showcased was none other than Battlefield 3 (among a bunch of other EA titles). The game was reportedly in development, but was shelved when EA and Nintendo’s relationship went south. EA canceled the game just like they canceled Crysis 3, which was already up and running on the Wii U. It seems that EA is taking the feud with Nintendo more personally now.

BF3 Wii UWhile Battlefield 4 is expected to be released on both the current gen and next gen systems, there’s still little hope for a Wii U version. EA has 10 confirmed new games coming out in 2013, and none of them is coming on the Wii U. Need For Speed Most Wanted U is the only EA title coming to Nintendo’s console, however, that’s a remake of the 2012 racing game.

Battlefield developers DICE said back in 2011 that they “see potential in the Wii U“, and that they were looking into what they could do with the controller. Sadly, it looks like EA blocked any Wii U development at the Swedish studio.

It seems that there are even more reasons Battlefield 4 and other high-profile shooters are skipping the Wii U. Fact is, most Wii U owners aren’t the hardcore FPS crowd. Activision said they weren’t pleased with the sales of Black Ops 2 on the Wii U. ZombiU didn’t sell that well either, but some of that can be attributed to slow system sales.

Would you like to see the Battlefield 4 or Modern Warfare 4 on the Wii U in the future? Would you prefer a first person shooter on the Wii U or on another system? Let us know in the comments section.

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  • MetroidZero

    **** you EA.

    • Gamefreak361

      They might just to get your money.

  • Nintedward

    We don’t know yet , but to be honest I don’t give a crap about Battlefield 4 🙂

    • dylanbob121

      I wish I could of played the third,but I dont have an xbox,ps3,and my pc is broken.

  • darkstar18

    EA is trash..acting like little kids really -_-

  • Roidenstore

    Im not a fan of the series, but yes, it would be nice to see them on the system.

  • Billy_Perry

    This is bullshit? who the fuck is the FPS market? I love Nintendo, and I bought Blacks Ops 2 on Wii U, and I would buy Battlefield 4 on Wii U. EA are massive pricks, I swear to god, I’m not giving that company any more money, I’ll just pirate all their games on my PC.

    You know what, if being on a Nintendo console, with the fantastic community of mature open minded gamers, with amazing games like Zelda and Mario, means that I won’t get to play EA’s shitty games, then I don’t give a fuck, their loss. As far as I’m concerned, the Wii U is the best console at the moment without your stupid “Hardcore” titles. Pricks.

    • routerbad

      I have BLOPSII on WIi U as well, and would buy BF4 on Wii U. I’ll be skipping it if it doesn’t come to the console. Not because Wii U is the only platform I have or like, but out of principle that bad behavior from a publisher should lead to diminished sales performance.

      • NkoSekirei

        well still get the next cod on the wii u coming this year in november

        • routerbad

          I probably will. It will be the first one actually designed for the Wii U so I’m looking forward to it.

      • Rinslowe

        I second that notion 200%. Boycott those fckers at EA…

        • Chris Hamilton

          I have been boycotting EA ever since the ystarted the online pass BS

    • Laud

      Guys… don’t get upset, this is a shit article written for no other reason but to spark controversy and bring in revenue.

      There is no reason to believe Battlefield 4 is not coming to the Wii U, if they’re wasting all the money to bring it to newer consoles with an install base of ZERO right now why wouldn’t the Wii U get it?

      Besides, it’s not even about Money for these two franchises, its about influence and being the top shooter. That’s why black ops was released on the Wii and bo2 was released on the Wii U.

      Regardless, this article is a joke, let me count the ways.

      1. No rumors or anything just the author thinks it won’t come.

      2. Might not come does not equate to, “WII U NOT GETTING BATTLEFIELD 4”

      3. Low sales are obviously because of low install base

      Basically, everything we knew already was said back to us but in a way to spark controversy. Don’t get riled up because of it, the console is only a few months in so ofcourse software sales are low.

      When BF4 comes out it’ll be at a time when sales are smooth and stable because of all the newer exclusives coming out.

      EA doesn’t take anything personally, they go where the money is and that’s all there is to it.

      Btw, flipnote studio 3d

      • Metal_Man_v2

        EA does take things personally. When Nintendo said no to origin, they said no to most games with heavy online functionality published by EA. But honestly, who cares anyway? I doubt the hardcore Battlefield Players would choose to play on the Wii U anyway. They probably disregard it as kiddy.

        • Gamefreak361

          Those types of gamers I consider narrow-minded.

        • Laud

          Trust me, they don’t. They can’t take things personally because there is no one man with the last word.

          They go where business takes them and they just don’t see the appeal of the console, but they will eventually and then we’ll get the games.

          • Metal_Man_v2

            Unless you work under EA, I can’t trust you, because you have no credibility. I see no indication that EA will eventually catch on to the Wii U, that is merely your prediction. It has however been shown in past events that they don’t deal with companies that don’t let them do things their way.

          • Laud

            I’m willing to bet you.

            Keep in mind I’ve never lost a bet when it comes to Wii U predictions.

            I CHALLENGE YOU.


          • Metal_Man_v2

            Whatever. You have nothing to base that off of, but I guess it never hurt anybody to dream. If you’re right and they actually do decide to support the Wii U, I guess you could give me a great big “I told you so”. Until then, it seems like a pipe dream to me.

          • Laud

            Well… you know, I base it off the fact that if I was a corporation and a console was doing well and business with that console would pay off then I would do it.

            You seem to think a grudge with a company would stop them from doing business.

            Also, NFS is being published by EA so they’re already supporting the console. (Kinda)

            Instead of a big “I told you so” I’ll just never bring it up again so you can learn not to be so pessimistic.

          • Metal_Man_v2

            If I were a corporation, I would pay the developers that created a new Fantsay RGP IP for EA that many people found to be more fun than Skyrim. But alas, EA let Big Huge Games go out of business.

            EA is always about themselves first. EA could have made money by releasing the Mass Effect Trilogy for Wii U, but they chose not too. Grudges absolutely affect business. Poor relations makes for a poor business agreement, it’s as simple as that.

            As far as my outlook on life, I am not pessimistic, I am realistic. I choose to follow the evidence.

          • Laud

            Yes because that RPG is as valuable to EA as Battlefield, of course!

            I explained myself, we shall see who emerges victorious in this battle of predictions.

            -Laud vs Metal_Man_v2-

            May the best man win.


            For all you pessimistic users who think they’re realists:

            Is this a lollipop factory? Cuz you’re all a bunch of suckers!


          • Metal_Man_v2

            You could easily argue that an RPG series that rivals The Elder Scrolls is just as valuable as a FPS series that rivals CoD for EA.

            If you insist on thinking that I’m pessimistic because I practice healthy skepticism and put my faith in evidence rather than strangers who say “trust me”, than perhaps you’re just a tad naive?

          • Laud

            No, just no.

            Billion dollar franchises (COD, BF)

            Also, that RPG may have rivaled Elder Scrolls to you but it obviously didn’t sell enough to rival it in terms of sales.

            Maybe you should practice some optimism, it’s because of people like you that there’s so much doom news about this console.

            Anyway, this isn’t really getting us anywhere so I’m gonna drop this here.

            However, once I win the bet you and I are gonna have a discussion.

          • Nice choice of music lol, love this game.

          • Laud (Check upvotes 2039+)

            Laud vs this dick…. Fist of fury!

          • depends on how much effort would be needed for a port from ps4 or next xbox if its even feasible

          • Laud

            Dev costs are already too high and in an economy where companies are going bankrupt left and right it’s easy to see that ports are going to be a piece of cake. Especially if you want to maximize profit.

          • Silver Lugia

            Not really the wii u has a different os and using the gamepad in a wii u game makes it unique, not 100%, but why in theory would I buy it on the wii u and not on ps4 or xbox if it is not using the wii u’s potential. ONCE AGAIN IN THEORY. Games that are optimized for the wii u gamepad, in my opinion, makes it more enjoyable.

          • Laud (Check upvotes 2039+)

            I so high right now! lol! I don’t know wtf I’m talking about…

          • I trust you because you are a paid “awesome!” operative.

          • D.M.T

            Says the guy who’s getting paid to hate

          • NkoSekirei

            u forgot dude need for speed most wanted is publish by EA if it sells really well on the wii u which the developer said the wii u version is far superior then the other console versions of need for speed most wanted then maybe EA will have some sense by putting battlefield 4 on to that wii u if they want to make more money but i wish EA used steam instead of origin that would of been better but we all know how greedy EA can be

          • Metal_Man_v2

            Yeah, it should be a good game. But even if it does sell well, I don’t think that it would entice EA to drop origin for Battlefield 4 just to get it on the Wii U. Like you said, they are greedy, and they make tons of money renting servers to players for Battlefield 3, which is something they aren’t going to want to stop and let Nintendo handle the online.

          • NkoSekirei

            EA gotta realize no one likes origin cause it has so many flaws and issue and thats probably the reason why nintendo said no i mean really maybe once in a while EA should be listening to us instead of their wallets cause it was a bad move for them to stop using steam and come up with a poor online service called origin

          • Laud

            It wasn’t required for the players to rent servers because there are already many official servers that players can play in.

            Battlefield 4 is many times referred to as “COD KILLER” They’re going to release that game on ALL consoles because it’s no longer about bringing in money it’s about changing the appeal of FPS shooters and killing off the competition. They’re going to do their best to make BF the GO-TO shooter franchise and they can’t do that unless they release on every console and allow every gamer to play it like COD does.

            They are greedy, but they aren’t stupid.

          • NkoSekirei

            nintendo is doing a good job with the wii u online service and every update were getting is improving even it more making it the best online service to date especially wen it comes to miiverse were we can share our favorite stuff by drawing pictures on there

          • Metal_Man_v2

            I’m very happy with MiiVerse, I just wish that we could see our friend list withing MiiVerse, and post longer comments.

          • thats true if nfs sells really good it would help persuade EA to give it some thought

          • RicardJulianti

            Criterion has already said they will be shipping all future NFS titles at the same time as other consoles on Wii U.

            Wonder how EA feels about that one….

          • Im doubting they do and if they do it will just be a quick port because most of the attention will be on the next gen systems ps4 and next xbox which is good business straight forward

          • NkoSekirei

            i hardly doubt they be that powerful if they dont want to make the same mistakes like horrible over priced ps3 on its launch date and also wii u is next gen too even trolls have to get used to it cause the system power hasnt been fully tapped yet thats why well see that in coming games for the wii u and i have lots of respect to sony and microsoft gamers but dont want then to be shafted on over priced consoles


            Well said 🙂

          • Mac3TheAc3

            This is the first time i’ve seen you with more dislikes than likes.

          • thats true and I just gave you a thumbs up for makeing a good post but narrow minded people must have checked you down 😉

          • Laud (Check upvotes 2039+)

            Don’t trust me… I have no idea wtf I’m talking about… BrB Gotta take a hit off the bong… O.o

        • Richard Yates

          They would choose pc cuz its 64 players and isnt a washed down version like consoles get!!! ea/dice fukked over the pc bf players with no mod support though!!! It was a big fuck you to us considering bf2 was born from the bf1942 mod desert combat by a group of modders who formed an indie company which was swiftly brought by ea!
          I swear to god ea is like the blob out of a 50’s b movie!

      • david daniel wharton camacho

        i know! plus not every EA staff goes and say, fuck nintendo fans. its just their round table who decides their economical activity. again like i said before, if i where a EA staff. i love the wii u so far and i would love you guys (my nintendo brothers) to play my game!
        if my mayors decide not to publish it, im sorry! its not my fault!
        (no i dont work for it its an example)

      • Robknoxious1

        @Laudmeng:disqus I agree 100%. How is this guy’s speculation newsworthy? I can see someone on a forum starting a thread asking for opinions about this subject but to put it up like a legit article is ridiculous. Just because there is no real Wii U news today they post this foolishness? Lame.

        • NkoSekirei

          i rather here it from EA mouths instead of wiiudaily if battlefield 4 is coming or not to the wii u

          • Elem187

            We will find out when EA does their BF4 announcement…. No matter what EA thinks about Nintendo, would they really surrender the military dudebro shooter market on the Wii U to Activision?

        • Metal_Man_v2

          Nobody seemed to complain whenever Wii U daily speculates about Crash Bandicoot coming to the Wii U, or how a developer wants to make a Star Fox game, or what the next Zelda could could be about. Yet when an author speculates, using valid reasons, that a game might not be coming to the Wii U, it’s bad? The community here sure is hypocritical sometimes.

          • Laud

            That’s because those games aren’t known for being multiplat billion dollar franchises.

      • laud im sure you know as well as I do the ps4 and the next xbox will have more sales then the wii u due to their bigger fan base and franchise

        • Laud

          I don’t think so.

          The next Xbox won’t do any good, most of their ‘core’ gamers will either go to Sony or Nintendo and when the PS4 is over 400 dollars who knows what’ll happen.

      • Elem187

        I agree it makes no business sense not to bring it to the Wii U… If they do, they might gimp it and then wonder why no Wii U owner wanted to buy it.
        If EA doesn’t put BF4 on the Wii U, they are surrendering military shooter supremacy to Activision. We will see the next COD game on the Wii U just because Activision wants to dominate BF4 in sales. No matter what personal feelings were hurt at EA when Nintendo refused origin, would EA really let Activision own the shooter market on the Wii U?

    • Correct Billy, this is bullshit because EA treated unfairly to Nintendo! It’s time to force EA to have battlefield 4 and all of games to only on WII U now and I’m serious to EA!

    • NkoSekirei

      i agree this is really stupid first EA trys to bully nintendo to merge EA origin to nintendo network but ninntendo said no which it was the right decision so if their gonna be jack@$$es about not having their origin on the wii u i hope they go bankrupt soon cause every one knows that origin sucks period

    • bizzy gie
    • Nintedward

      This comment brings a tear to my eye *man cries* . Epic comment is epic.

    • sorry but the majority of nintendo fans arent mature or open minded, they prefer pokemon like games and my little ponies. But on a serious note fps market the biggest majority isnt on nintendo and plus they tried 2 games and they didnt sell well, and people think they should keep makeing games for a console that has low sales and lets face it its not looking the best. Fps shooters i believe do best on an xbox console in my opinion, then would go playstation then nintendo, but the people who buy nintendo products seem to talk trash about fps games too least what i see on this site. My minds else where so sorry if i dont make a good debate just other things to worrie about ty.

      • kevin

        I agree, if you see Call of Duty on Wiiu, there is only 2,00 – 3,000
        people online. at $59 dollar a pop. That is around $180k. That is
        not enough money to do a bad port much less do what COD did on the WIIU.
        The bases is too small right now, COD on WII had about 10k people
        online, 3 time more people played WII then WIIU.

        They need more
        people buying machines, but you need a reason to buy and there isn’t
        nothing to force people to buy in this economy.

      • Elem187

        Your right, Dudebro games with no thought process do sell better on X360. What does that say about X360 owners?
        Games with more thought, like Zelda, Monster Hunter, and ZombiU are much more suited for Nintendo owners.

      • Laud

        If you don’t make games for a console how do you expect it to do better? All console launches are poor because of this.

        To make money you gotta take a risk.

        This happens every launch though, all companies are used to a stable sales environment. Whether they take risk or not is up to them but eventually Nintendo exclusives will provide a needed boost to sales and that will bring more 3rd party support.

    • [CMD] DEATH

      I 100% agree with you! BO2 is awesome on it and if EA doesn’t want to bring it to the Wii U then whatever, the only EA game I want is NFS but Idk about that now.

    • sithWiiU

      You sound really stupid. First, you’re cussing so much, it makes it obvious your vocabulary level is low. Then you talk about stealing games via the internet, & then you go on with a general fallacy by saying Wii U has more open minded mature users. Well, if you’re part of that so called open minded mature commuinty, then obviously you’re wrong. You sound foolish & very very immature. Really sad to be honest. Also, you bought a Nintendo console expecting to purchase 3rd party games after the disatser that was Wii (game wise)? Okay, that’s a smart move. Nintendrone community is super mature!

      • Billy_Perry

        I’m using swear words frivolously because they best represent my frustration, and their social value as swear words helps to demonstrate this. Please refer to Stephen Fry on swear words on youtube for more information.
        I have several points to back up my claims, however, this would result in a lengthy essay, of which I’m sure many people would much rather I did not post, however I will if you wish me to.
        Otherwise, please do not judge one’s opinion of their use of language and how they come across on the internet, but instead on the validity of their claim.
        In other words, Fuck, off.

    • Richard Yates

      Agreed EA are the fekkin antichrist of gaming!!!! And to all those who give a shit about bf4 on wii u or any other next gen i reccomend you build a decent pc an play bf how its meant to be played an stop whining like lil poosies! ffs man, you people get my goat…….consoles didnt give birth to fps and they are in no way the best place to play them!! Consoles are supposed to offer summat different not jus watered down fps!!!!

    • Elem187

      Werd… I bought Blops2, ME3, ZombiU, AC3 to show my support for dudebro games.. I will pick up NFS MW as well on the Wii U just because Criterion put so much effort into it.

      But most of my time is going to be consumed with Monster Hunter, so I’m having trouble caring about BF4 if EA doesn’t want my money bad enough. I’ll just pirate it on PC where nextgen has been living these last 3-4 years.

    • Laud (Check upvotes 2039+)

      Of course it’s bull shit… WiiU suckz!

  • Ultranist

    64 players of GTFO

  • Cesar Barroso

    I was planning to buy Mass Effect 3 but I won’t. I will try to buy Need4Speed just because the devs put so much effort on that game that they deserve it.
    Good bye EA, i don’t see your titles as good, bus as mediocres.

  • Anthony K Aurelia

    Maybe…just maybe those games didn’t sell well…cause they weren’t great. BO2 WiiU version was the worst port…and ZombieU had horrible reviews. I bought ZombieU and wouldn’t BO2 on any system…got tired of COD after MW2…and wish i never bought Halo 4.

    • Pattonfiend67

      What’s funny about your statement is that BO2 looks better on the wii u AND has more controller options than both the ps3 and 360… look at the side-by-side-by-side comparisons. They speak for themselves…

      But your opinions are fact, of course… Right, Anthony?

      • Anthony K Aurelia

        It looks better at times…with frame rate drops…Not the systems fault…bad coding. It’s a fact that it is my opinion, yes. Why so hostile?

    • Pattonfiend67

      also, it is hard to believe you own any of these games or even a wii u, you cannot even spell zombiu correctly…

      • Nathaniel Lopez

        To be fair, zombie is the correct spelling of the word, I’m sure he was just hardwired to spell it correctly and then add the “u” at the end as I used to do. So, I don’t think that’s a fair assumption to make just because he forgot remove the “e” at the end of zombie.

      • Anthony K Aurelia

        Sorry I mis-spelled..never really paid attn, figured that was how it was spelled. I do own the WiiU assbag..bought it the day it came out along with “ZombiU”…OmegaRed421 on there and XBox live if you’d like to look me up.

  • Onkeljan

    I wonder what exactly is the deal with ea AND Nintendo ? Could it be that the Wii U origin rumor a while ago was true ? Or is it someone else ? Isnt it the job of game journalists to do some digging about these kind of things ?

    • Sidney Majurie

      That kind of journalism is dead sadly. We’re now in the era of sensationalizing and troll bait headlines for clicks and views. And the quickest buck can be made by trolling Nintendo and it’s fanbase…

    • Cadrion

      I’d hate to see that pos software pollute the Wii U. EA just has the finacial stance to bully like they are. With BF3, they couldn’t get some things straight with putting it on Steam because Valve has their Business model…that’s when Origin was born.

    • Metal_Man_v2

      To be fair, I don’t think the people that write articles on Wii U daily are paid reporters. It’s like a fansite that relays news to other fans.

      • AAAkabob

        Their advertisers still want to see a lot of hits, so his point is still valid. Just look at the Patcher news, no one cares to hear about it, but it still gets hit just to see what the dumbass says

        • Metal_Man_v2

          Advertisers care about how popular websites are. There is no correlation between how in-depth an article is and how popular the website is. Potential adverts look at facebook likes and twitter followers. I also don’t see any other articles on this subject where the author actually conducted an investigation and called up EA. News circulates around, the same information can be found on other websites.

      • Onkeljan

        Yea but my comment was more directed towards some of the big ones.

        • Metal_Man_v2

          Then comment on those websites so those reporters see it.

  • mchelski

    I’m not a really fps gamer, and nowadays it is almost an insult for some people who consider themselves hardcore, anyway, I would play a FPS with something else besides it’s gameplay, I thought zombie u was great, but battlefield is not my thing. Said that, I believe the more the merrier, so I would love to see EA games on wii u.

  • Not surprising that Activision was displeased with BO2 sales on Wii U. When you don’t provide the complete COD experience on a console, of course your fans won’t buy it.

    EA is butchering their chances of games selling well on Wii U, regardless of relations between them and Nintendo. They announce ME Trilogy after having ME3 on Wii U, which is an incomplete experience, as well as having incomplete versions of their games released such as FIFA. Plus their newer titles, such as Crysis 3 and Dead Space 3, skipped the Wii U entirely. We may not know the complete story, but from what we have so far, EA isn’t doing so hot for Wii U.

    That being said, developer support is important. You may not like EA’s business practices or their games, but they do have some of the biggest franchises in the video game world. I know would of loved the opportunity to have played Crysis 3 on the Wii U because there aren’t many good shooter titles on the Wii U right now. I wouldn’t be too worried right now about EA games coming or not coming to the Wii U until after E3, especially come holiday season when the consoles from Sony and Microsoft are likely to drop.

  • Petri

    Would buy it, just to play it with Wii U folks, prefer pc for this type of games.

    But might start skipping EA games for their sandbox behavior.

  • Mr. Nick

    C’mon EA, I thought you guys Challenged Everything.

    • Gearchin

      Ea’s new slogan should be, “IT’S not in ANY of our GAMES, but we do have micro-transactions for it”

      • NkoSekirei

        EA also stands for Eat @$$es

    • Gamefreak361

      They did. They challenged Nintendo’s intelligence and failed big time. No one wants to use Origin.

  • edwincarp

    This is why publishers shouldn’t have so much power over the industry.

    • Gearchin

      I wholeheartedly agree, Ea,Activision,2k,ubisoft have way too much say in the industry. Was better when it ps2,gc,xbox, games were almost all multiplatform, sucks we live in the era of the “me first, do it my way attitude”.

      • Hey, if their games did not move systems, they would have no leverage. If Nintendo made games besides kiddy games, they could make their own version.

        • Gearchin

          a person like you should know full well, Nintendo doesnt just make games for “kiddies”, they make their games for EVERYONE. Alas, im just talking to a brick wall anyway, since you seem to think that is all they do.

          • Nope, they make their games with Families in mind, It was bullshit when they said this system was for everyone, I have little doubt that they HOPED it would be for everyone, but that’s certainly not Fact. For fuck sakes, there next Big game is LEGO CITY UNDERCOVER….. a family oriented take on Grand theft auto. Pikmin might be ok but it’s certainly not for EVERYONE, you’re not going to see people who like FPS or third person action games forget they own a system where those are playable and abundant and buy a wii U for pikmin or wonderful 101. What else? Bayonetta and Monster Hunter? can someone say Niche? Face it, Nintendo has first party games, and people are getting wise to the fact that that’s all they rely on, people aren’t going to buy a system that basically had free reign over 2013 and botched it with barely any release when there flagship games aren’t coming out this year. Wind waker was a good move but, has anyone heard of an emulator? you can get that shit for free. I think alot of people who aren’t as vocal as most nintendo fans currently have a Wii U paper weight, I know I do.

            2k is an AMAZING developer, it’s not their fault if they’ve positioned themselves in a way where they’re now able to call the shots, who the fuck would develope for a system with such a tiny install base? you can’t blame them! that’s business man! It’s Nintendso for doing such a piss poor job at promoting/Gaining third party interest. Dont blame developers, they’re doing they’re job properly, Hence their positioning.

          • Gamefreak361

            Trolling is all he knows.

        • Sneferie

          Yeah, I bet yet another gritty, military FPS in a market already over-saturated with them, made by Nintendo, would just sell millions.

        • NkoSekirei

          shut up dude wii u isnt just for kiddies its for every type of gamer so dont be an @$$

  • Art Zook

    chalk me up in the won’t support EA if they won’t support the U crowd. I’ll funnel my money into other companies, like Ubisoft – who have been immensely supportive, despite the Rayman Origins mess. Also, ZombiU has sold around 370K copies, averaging out to around 1 in every 7 U owners having a copy. Considering the consoles horrible sales for the past month or two, and the initial critical funeral pyre for the game, I think those numbers are pretty decent.

    I don’t know what Activision was thinking if they were leaning on BO2 being a big seller on the U, though. Not enough consoles were sold, and I’m betting most people bought it for the PS3/360.

  • Zack Normandin



    • You mean like how EA said they’d support the Wii U. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if hey skipped it again

    • Metal_Man_v2

      I read the article, and I saw nothing that confirmed that Battlefield 4 is coming to the Wii U. Examiner isn’t credible, and uses headlines like that to suck people onto their site.

      • NkoSekirei

        i just found out that on march 26 EA is gonna reveal which consoles battlefield 4 will be on so lets hope EA makes a right decision by putting battlefield 4 on the wii u if not they can burn in hell if they screw us

        • Metal_Man_v2

          For the sake of Wii U owners who do want BF4, fingers crossed for you guys. But honestly, I’d be surprised if it does.

    • RonaldRayguns

      Your and idiot it is totaly not coming to the Wii U. God I hate your face so fucking much.

  • Cadrion

    You guys have to remember that EA is all about $. That’s all they care about…doesn’t have aything to do with liking/hating Nintendo. From an honest standpoint on the profit side, it may be that the Wii U won’t sell as many copies. Before you cut my balls off, I am a big Nintendo backer, so don’t think I’m trolling. I think the pc is in the same boat as the Wii U…getting the constant stream of really bad ports…but the games that are meant for the pc are really good. Personally I really ohpe Nintendo has played their cards right and the system picks up and goes. They just need some damn backing from all these publishers that are likely to be taking money from MS and Sony to delay and not produce games for the Wii U. That’s just my take.

    • TrueWiiMaster

      If Crysis 3 was already up and running on the Wii U, and it has been confirmed that it was, EA could have released it on the eshop, which would have cost them very little.

  • routerbad

    *sigh* When did Activision themselves actually comment on BLOPSII sales? What you are referring to is a rumor started by an IOS dev with an ego trip because he was being interviewed by gaming press. There are plenty of people who would love to see more FPS games on the WIi U. COD, however, is not the FPS everyone really wants. COD is getting very long in the tooth, as is Battlefield (though I personally do want that game on Wii U). Remember that Nintendo has a long history of successful FPS’s on their consoles, starting with Wolfenstein and Doom, and ushered in the modern era of shooters with Goldeneye and Perfect Dark on consoles. Timesplitters on GCN, etc. The point is, it has nothing to do with Nintendo fans, and everything to do about EA knowing that without the Nintendo deal, they are ever closer to falling down the same pit that consumed THQ. The writing is on the wall, and while the developers they swallow make some decent games, it is clear that EA prevents any real innovation for fear of falling into obscurity as a publisher. Hopefully the SimCity mess will wake some people up.

  • Only a few are true gamers

    No ea buys from me ever again

  • Mr. Nidoking

    Why would anyone want an unimaginative “realistic” shooter anyway? There’s only two shooters I’m really interested in, Destiny (which hopefully will be brought to Wii U), and Star Wars Battlefront 3 if Lucasarts ever gets around to making it.

  • D.M.T

    Fuck EA.

  • mac

    Wii U RIP 2014

    • Bravyoura

      2013 at this rate.

      • NkoSekirei

        nope we got tons of awsome games coming out this year like monster hunter ultimate,lego city undercover,bayonetta 2,need for speed most wanted,pikmin3,legend of zelda wind waker in HD,monoliths new game/could be xenoblade 2,retros secret game possibly metroid prime 4 or star fox,the wonderful 101,and many more to come this fall and even next year with super smash bros and new hd zelda in the works

  • I wanna spit on EA

    • NkoSekirei

      i rather kick EA in the nuts while wearing a clown hair wig and with someone recording it that be hilarious

    • Gamefreak361

      Take a number and wait in line.

  • Andrew

    Nintendo should force EA to develop for the WiiU if it still wants to develop games for the 3DS. Nintendo has a lot of punching power so EA shouldn’t forget that lol

    • Revolution5268

      No that would cause EA to stop supporting the wii u, this is not the 90s where nintendo was monopoly in the industry and where it was nintendo to none.

  • Metal_Man_v2

    Doesn’t Battlefield’s online mode run through EA’s origin? Of course it’s not coming to Wii U, because Nintendo doesn’t want to let EA control any part of their online system, which is smart. I don’t know how battlefield severs are on Xbox, but they suck pretty hard on PS3.

    • NkoSekirei

      its bull$hit wat EA is trying to do watch EA try that on ps4 and 720 and i know sony and microsoft arnt that stupid to let EA control their online network

      • Revolution5268

        oh trust me, EA will not do that on those system but on nintendo they do, its another excuse to hate on nintendo.

    • Gamefreak361

      I know all about that. My brother had lag practically every online session he had on Battlefield 3

  • TrueWiiMaster

    Just another reason to hate EA, as if there weren’t enough already. They seem to be defending their “Worst Company in America” award.

    On another note, “ZombiU didn’t sell that well either, but some of that can be attributed to slow system sales”. That’s pretty wrong. ZombiU is the third best selling Wii U game, after Nintendo Land, which was of course a pack-in, and Mario. Well over 10% of all Wii U buyers also bought ZombiU. That’s a pretty great percentage, and is in fact higher than the attach rate of any Uncharted game. BO2’s rate was closer to 6% or so, so yeah, it wasn’t so good for the franchise known for high sales. The point is, you can’t expect any game to sell millions when there aren’t even 3 million consoles out there.

    Oh, and “slow system sales”? Really? The Wii U’s launch numbers are better than the 360 or PS3’s. For the last decade, they only pale next to the Wii’s.

    • buckxn

      plus BLOPS2 was out on ps3 and 360 before the WiiU was released. I know a lot of people with WiiUs who already had it on another system so skipped the WiiU version. no real surprise there. i got the ps3 version at launch then the WiiU version later, and i must say, i enjoy the WiiU experience much better. do these gaming publishers really think people only own one console? come on activision, you should be smarter than to think it would be a great seller. same to all the other companies who ported older games to the WiiU then complain they didnt sell. Its because we already had them!

  • With EA’s Simcity debacle and all their past failures they should be kissing Nintendo’s ass along with other consoles and most of all the gamers themselves. EA thinks they are too big to fail and people will line up for their products and I think it is high time we prove them wrong. I am a very big Need For Speed fan but I am about to give even those games up to send a message to EA that they suck and the gamers rule.

    • NkoSekirei

      i agree man im seeing EA becoming more fking greedy then activision.Though activision need to come up with new ideas fo future cods and use a brand new game engine and just retire the old one

      • Gamefreak361

        Or just retire completely.

  • CaptEdster

    Whoever the hell at EA decided that BF4 shouldn’t come to the WiiU needs to do everyone a favor and resign…

    • Gearchin

      not just BF4, but Crysis 3, Sim city(would have been awesome),ME trilogy, Full experience sports games, so many others too. Sad the industry is in shambles over what console peopel should develop and not develop for. The industry is not about risks/reward anymore, it’s more about the bottom line now.

  • sonicfan1373

    I cringe a bit every time I buy an EA game. Don’t get me wrong, they have excellent developers and creative minds under them. However, the executives behind the publishing side of the company are highly ignorant and greedy.

    I remember when this company decided not to publish games on the Dreamcast because they wanted Sega to ensure that they would be the only publishers of sports games on the system. I also remember them buying out smaller companies and IPs, firing all their employees, and not using their IPs, but still retaining them so that the IPs do not threaten their own games. Many indies and external publishers have also complained that EA wanted more control then appropriate for games published by external devs on the Origin store. This is also the company that wants to raise game prices next-gen even though costs will be the same as they are now.

    Based on rumours, EA were going to bring games to the Wii U because they wanted Nintendo to use the Origin store/network system, I think Nintendo made the right decision not use the network infrastructure of this monopoly-seeking and destructive company. Plus if Nintendo did use their Origin Network, that would have alienated other indies and publishers.

  • David

    It’s not like it matters. I wouldn’t get any Battlefield title on a conSLOW. I will get the game for my high-end PC. EA and their shitty product, ORIGIN, will never get what they want.

    • Gamefreak361

      As much as PC has advantages, it also has flaws. PC requirements can be a bitch especially if you don’t have one thing that it needs that your pc can’t do. People buy consoles cause they’re convient, and PC’s can cost quite a bit and not everyone has the money to waste 800 to 1000 bucks for a good gaming PC. Besides, some games you just can’t get for PC, which is where the consoles come to play. Quick to judge from the sounds of it.

    • Cadrion

      To say a console is slow is pretty silly. I’m a heavy PC gamer and hate to admit the consoles have a major support edge. Sure, PC has access to huge power, but it never eally gets taken advantage of- I mean come one, the Unreal 3 engine is STILL being used in the console arena. The pc mostly gets the poor ports these days or the awesome games that were intended for the pc. However, Origin is a giant piece of shit. I hate having it on my pc….Steam all the way.

  • Guhtere

    It is official, EA hates Nintendo. Nintendo, next time EA tries to make a game on a Nintendo console, don’t let them. Who’s with me for an EA boycott?

  • dylanbob121

    1.they dont give us DLC for mass effect
    2.they screw up their chances with crysis 3 on wii u battle field
    I have lost all of my respect for this company.Need for speed most wanted will be the last EA game I buy.jerks.

    • dylanbob121

      You know,nevermind!I would rather save up for pikmin 3 than NFSMW

  • dylanbob121

    I was going to get this…but now I lost all hope

  • Cadrion

    I wonder how the developers feel when things like this happen….in effect it seems like it directly modifies how much moeny they make. There is the well published story of Rayman Legends… Wouldn’t it seem that if EA contiues down this greedy path they’ll chase their developers away? Personally I hope they get their head out of their ass and remember who set the stage for consoles in general and pay a little respect. As much as I don’t like EA, they are a big company that can reach out pretty far…hmm…but at the same time if they ONLY want cookie cutter FPS only, I wonder how much I need them. Nintendo should start a publish company 🙂 Imagine all the new tyes of games out there. Funny how no one really pays attention to awesome ideas like Steam for PC.

  • the little n and its fanbase are a joke. much more developers will begin to reject the wii u. RIP wii u

    • NkoSekirei

      ur a joke troll just like a couple of ur pals above u who post some stupid ridiculous comments about the wii u

    • Gamefreak361

      Someone knows very little about the gaming market.

  • zeldafreak404

    I’m not much of a FPS guy , but I own Battlefield 3 and BLOPS 2 on my xbox. Nintendo needs these 3rd party games be it games you like or not. I know Nintendo makes amazing 1st party titles, but they need that backbone (3rd party). This is messed up if Battlefield 4 does not get released on wii u. I mean come on EA , Ubisoft is porting Watchdogs follow their example. Also I’m suspicious that EA might have offered Microsoft that origin deal and might have some perks this gen.

  • Michael Jurado

    I honestly could careless about battlefield 4 or modern warfare 4, I would much rather have a FPS with depth into the character like say borderlands 2 🙂 that’s a first person shooter I like. Dare I say it? call of duty and battle field just feel so mindless.

  • Superstick98

    Is there a particular reason as to why It isn’t coming to Wii U? If it’s coming to the other next gen systems why not Wii U? EA is pulling some dumb crap. I’m going to stop buying games from them. They don’t deserve my money or my respect. I will plan to get need for speed most wanted but after that my wallet=free of EA forever.

  • This isn’t surprising at all, even if it is an educated guess on the author’s part. But to be honest, who gives a shit if EA doesn’t port over its ‘hardcore’ titles like BF4, or Madden52, or Mass Effect 5000? Once Nintendo starts getting serious 1st party titles (like a new Zelda) into the wild, gets the VC marketplace going, and expands on existing Wii U functionality (TVii DVR control), console sales WILL pick up. EA is the one showing its ass and bleeding customers here; just look at the horrible SimCity launch/DRM and the customer backlash for proof. It’s EA’s loss in the end, not Nintendo or the consumer.

  • Johny

    i would certanly buy BF4 on wii u … but by now we all know EA is a joke and acts like a 12 year stubborn kid. EA are just egocentric douchbags…so i dont really give a crap…and many people dont either… we wont be of any shortage of great games because of it..
    but the fact that games like BF4 and crysis 3 arent coming to wii u WILL feed quite some trolls and nintendo/wii u haters.

  • Mark

    EA is failing us consumers with the games that have no reason to be called good. The FPS market is already saturated with mediocre games and Battlefield 4 will be another pitiful example. I wish it were like old days when all games were diverse and original.

    • Gamefreak361

      That’s left in the hands of indie developers now.

  • Orange Lada

    EA wants Origin on the Wii U, hence the issue. As a consumer I boycott EA products that require Origin sign-in.

    If Wii U gains sales traction (it looks, despite what Pachter said, there are 100,000+ units moved in February), and given its current lead and lower price in next generation (and failure of PS4 to be backward compatible), that EA may regret this.

    • The slow sales are a mixture of the economy and the game library on the Wii U. Nintendo has dropped the ball on game releases during the launch period which is not helping them and some people are waiting for E3 and what Nintendo has to announce about their first party games that many many people enjoy.

      I do not want to rush any game releases as I know some have been held back for some polishing but they need some killer titles. They have a few but nothing I would consider a must have. I only have Nintendo Land and SMB U and both those games are great but we need some Smash Bros. Zelda, and announcements on other killer Nintendo Brand titles. 3rd party support is important too but if it means dealing with a bully of a company like EA then they can take a hike. This is why they were voted the worst company of 2012. They bully the console companies, they bully their developers, and most of all bully and rob money of their gamers.

  • DragonSilths

    Wouldnt be surprised. But I’m done with FPS games for the entire 8th gen, besides Destiny, and Halo 5 and 6.

  • ejownz6

    The Wii is dead. Already we see Mass Effect 3 and Black Ops 2 DLC not being made available for the console.

    • Eli Valentin Villanueva

      Just to be sure, you said wii u right?

    • ps4rules

      I agree, the Wii is dead. However there’s still the Wii U. Fucktard.

    • Gamefreak361

      The Nintendo is doomed comment types really do get old fast.

  • Barters

    It was only a month ago that Battlefield 4 was rumored to be coming to the Wii U. Also, given Nintendos history of NDAs one can’t read too much into anything. For instance E3 would be interesting with 2 new consoles, but also Nintendo dropping Smash Bros, a glimpse at the new real Zelda, Wind Waker, Pikmin, 3D Mario and a host of 3rd party titles like Crysis 3, Battlefield 4, tomb raider etc.

    Would be a very good comeback to the new consoles stealing the show.

  • Now you know it’s over.

    • Great sarcasm there 🙂

      • Eli Valentin Villanueva

        Wait…Wii u is dead because the sales of call of dutty and battlefield are low… i´m surprised really RIP for a console just based on this? And also the main theme here was ea and nintendo relationship….really someone read the topic or just come here for the comments?

    • If we don’t favor fps games? I’d say good riddance to them given what EA’s business practices have been like for the past 5 years.

    • Gamefreak361

      Your trolling days? Let’s hope so.

  • wober2

    I kind of think nintendo’s openess to 3rd party online solutions like uplay could mean that ea could have always online DRM on a wiiu console. I have not heard nintendo on not allowing it…

  • Refrayin

    I don’t really care, as FPS games in general don’t appeal to me. Especially not the yearly ones. That said though, I think it’s ridiculous how EA has acted after Nintendo said no to Origin.

  • GermGerm

    I played battlefield 3 for my first time last week and thought it was way cooler than black ops 2. I would love if this came to Wii U. I would definitely consider owning it.

  • Maxime Haché

    Who the fuck said there would be a modern warfare 4! MW was a trilogy, the story ends in MW3 and if they continue it they better have good stuff in it!

  • grandlx2

    No Wii U version? That’s ok. I’ll pirate it on the pc.

    Now who’s losing? lol

  • Daniel Smith

    Nintendo have F**ked it again with the generational hardware gap between the ps4/720 and WiiU. It pains me to say this but they deserve all they get (lack of 3rd partys support), perhaps if they survive this generation as a hardware company we might see a console with an amount of power relevant to the time period it is released in!!

    • Cerus98

      Specs mean nothing. Remember the Wii? Kicked the PS3 and 360 square in the nuts. EA needs to go away. Nobody wants to buy games from a company with their PR tack record.

      • sithWiiU

        Wii only sold more, & that’s because a lot of casual families bought it. That’s truth too. In terms of games though, Wii was a barren wasteland months at a time. Justin Beiber sells a hell lot more than Radiohead, does that mean Radiohead is lesser than JB? Sales mean nothing to us, it only matters to companies. Whatever you may think, make no mistake that Sony, MS, AND Nintendo don’t give a rats butt about you or I. Nintendo loves that casuals bought up their Wii, while hard core Ninty fans prayed for more games.

    • It’s not about the hardware gap. While hardware is important it is actually lower on the scale when it comes to console gaming. The key is to get a system at the right price because if you want to go nuts with hardware you go PC or you go home.

      • Daniel Smith

        The hardware is fine for a Nintendo fan, but they have omitted what are now industry standards such as trophies/cross game chat/zero or low load times for entering menus in the systems os/download speeds/the ability to add integral HDDs…. Nintendo made this console with the aims of “winning third party support & clawing back the “hardcore” gamer, and they have failed in that respect!

    • RicardJulianti

      This has nothing to do with console power. EA tried a power grab on Nintendo with the online. They wanted the online stuff to run through Origin….interface and netcode. This would allow EA to provide crappy support to competitor titles and make them play worse online than they should.

      Nintendo said no, now EA is pissy. Last June EA said that the Wii U was the first next generation platform to be released and they were really excited to be working on it…..then in January they said it wasn’t next gen and they will be focusing their efforts elsewhere. It’s not like they wouldn’t have had PS4/720 dev kits back then, so SOMETHING had to have happened.

      Also, the disparity between the consoles won’t nearly be as drastic. Think PS2/GCN/Xbox = WiiU/720/PS4. 720p with frill effects toned down vs 1080p with the frills.

      5-7 years we will see another Nintendo console anyway

  • $41809923

    please bring this game to the wii u i would buy this game
    ea needs to get a life

    • sithWiiU

      EA needs a life? Haha! You realize they probably make loads more than you, right?

      • Levi Johansen

        making money is having life… I agree 😉

  • Watch this video, and you will understand why EA and other companies are doing things like this.

  • AlienFanatic

    Nintendo and Rare made one of the all-time greatest FPS games in Goldeneye. It’s high time that Nintendo partners with a key studio and creates another bar-setting FPS for its console.

    • And I still have my N64 and hook it up from time to time to play GoldenEye with my brothers and friends. This was honestly the last FPS I enjoyed.

  • Bob the Man

    If there is no Battlefield 4 on the Wii U that would be utter Bull!!! I mean EA doesn’t seem to grasp the big picture. They do not care about their fans on Nintendo. I guess EA doesn’t Like money? Make Battlefield 4 on the Wii U PLEASE!!!

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    Is this really a loss? I mean really.

    Given the track record of the last several games EA has released–Mass Effect 3, MOH:Warfighter, Crysis 3, SimCity–the game is bound to be either disappointing or another soul crushing debacle.

    • sithWiiU

      ME3 is amazing. What crack are you on? Lay off it bro.

  • uPadWatcher

    EA should rot in bankruptcy hell.

  • Kirzan

    Look, sure, EA sucks blablabla, let’s move on to facts:

    Wii U has little owners, considering the current competition. What it comes down to, is the multiplayer. Now take a much smaller community and rule out everyone buying it for campaign (yes, they exist). You have a smaller small community. It’s not a “Smart Business Decision” to release a game popular for it’s MP on Wii U right now.

    And please don’t say “BLOPS 2 did just fine”… There’s like 200 games tops during week-end prime time. And it’s all TDM.

    • What would be a smart business decision would be to make it so online players can cross platform and open the world of online gaming to all. Why this has not happened yet is beyond me..

      • sithWiiU

        That’ll be awesome!

      • Kirzan

        It would require competition to actually work together. Ever seen Lucky Number Slevin? Add in a third building, and you got Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. That’s how I see it. Just a bunch of execs high up in skyscrapers looking at each other; planning the next exclusivity deal.

    • RicardJulianti

      It’d be a smart business decision to release a game simultaneously on all consoles before judging how well the games will sell.

      Very few people are going to buy a game that they can get on their other console, with DLC, for full price on the Wii U.

      I’m not necessarily disagreeing with you, but late copy/paste ports should never be rewarded.

      • Kirzan

        Assuming the guys porting it WILL make DLC for Wii U! We still haven’t seen it for the current Wii U “ports of great games”. EA doesn’t give a shit and Treyarch’s like “Yeah, yeah… soon… sorta-ish.”.

        I also don’t think Nintendo fans are truly into competitive gameplay. At least not at Battlefield’s level. Nintendo games with thriving communities are usually big co-op games like Monster Hunter. Dragon Quest X is apparently incredibly huge overseas.

        Honestly, since I have a PC and have been playing FPS games on PC, I really don’t mind it at all. If I had to choose between an awesome exclusive RPG co-op experience and a shoddy BF4 port on Wii U, I’d go for the RPG. Well, nevermind, Monolith’s next game lol. GETTING SIDE TRACKED HERE!

        • RicardJulianti

          That’s what I’m saying. People would rather buy a cheaper game that has DLC support than pay full price for a game that only has the first DLC pack included.

          EA is actively trying to cannibalize Wii U sales it seems. Why would someone buy ME3 with 0 DLC support when they could buy the trilogy for the same price and buy DLC if they wanted. I hate EA so much.

          I think Nintendo’s biggest competitive games are Smash Bros and Mario Kart. Smash is still used in tournaments…people get insanely good at that game. Many would argue that Smash is on a whole different level than Battlefield in terms of competitive play. I am honestly a bit surprised at how dedicated the hardcore Mario Kart fans are too. They learn how to power slide around the whole friggen track and one mess up can cost them the race given the competition.

          Nintendo just has a different type of competitive gamer. Smash takes far more skill than Battlefield ever will. It’s too bad we don’t have a direct analog for BF on Nintendo systems. I can’t come up with any that require a team to work together against other teams…..

  • Sick Article Bro!

    Pure speculation to grab clicks! You’re writing (or own) a site dedicated to the Wii U, If you were going to write a bullshit article like this why not write one with the headline “Wii U … The best system ever or will ever be?”?

    You could go on to speculate how all other systems that will ever exist will lose all their 3rd party support but The Nintendo Wii U will last for 40 years!

    Just follow the same format as this article by Putting a question mark at the end of the head line. Then use phrases such as “It looks like” and “It seems that”

    For all you know Battlefield 4 could end up a wii U exclusive.

    • Rinslowe

      There’s probably some truth to that, but there’s also likely some truth to Wii U not getting BF4 based on EA’s stella track record as lords of evil in gaming…. 😉 Then making thisw article a relevant bit of news either way.
      Of course Nintendo and EA could suddenly make nice tomorrow and all these speculations could be put to rest.

  • Rinslowe

    Unfortunate, but something I can live with ultimately. Wii U still stands as the only console to play those first party games I want more than all others…
    Not to say it isn’t a complete debacle that EA and Nintendo aren’t playing nice though.
    Give me the Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, X and Zelda in next 24 months and I’m a happy Wii U owner…

  • Johnny Nagle

    Fuck EA! The new 3D Mario, Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros will outsell any EA game! And you know what? EA can’t complain, because Nintendo gave them the chance and they didn’t take it. Fuck um!

  • leo

    ..there needs to be a drive- by by EA hq so they will stop being pricks.

  • I’d fucking love Battlefield 4 on the Wii U. I still play Battlefield 3 for my PS3. I really hope EA removes the stick up their ass and starts releasing some titles for the Wii U.

    • sithWiiU

      Why? It’s already been proven that most current Wii U owners are simply hard core Nintendo fans. So all the people that bought Wii U, they’re mainly die hards. EA isn’t losing money, & most 3rd parties see that too. If anything, they’ll make a loss by putting their games on the wii U.

      • RicardJulianti

        Most Wii U owners probably own at least one other system, so why should they pay full price for a game with no DLC support that they can get on the cheap for their other console? Possibly pay full price for the game AND all of the DLC.

        Old janky ports don’t deserve to be rewarded. It would be a different story if the devs actually took the time to optimize the port a bit rather than copy/pasting. When we have a simultaneous release of a 3rd party game, we’ll see what happens.

  • atl hawks

    EA has got to be the MOST DUMBEST, ARROGANT, OBLIVIOUS, IGNORANT, IRRATIONAL, DELUSIONAL, CLUELESS, OVERALL WORST COMPANY EVER IN THE HISTORY OF VIDEO GAMES. Even Activision is not this frustrating, when will EA get it in their minds that Origin sucks and that nobody is stupid enough(maybe Microsoft) to make it their exclusive online infrastructure(if the rumors are true). Madden sucked since they got that license, live sucks compare to 2k, Online pass sucks, Need for Speed don’t even knows its identity anymore, no split-screen in SSX sucks, the street series has been abandoned, the DLC is awful(even by Capcom’s level), and most importantly the Wii-U ports(besides NFS) are either striped down or or just copied from other versions without using the U’s power.How the hell are you going to talk good about Nintendo and completely stab them in the back like that. Not only is it unprofessional, But when the U starts too bloom with 1st party games and 3rd party games from LOYAL companies like Ubisoft(hey we got watch dogs, splinter cell, and AC4) you’ll be sorry JERKS.

    • sithWiiU

      I doubt they’ll care.

  • So now we have the double whammy of “slow system sales” combined with low software attach rates? New console blues or something else? Lets hope Lego Undercover pushes some units or else third parties are going to use the WII u as a dumping ground like how the Wii was

  • RicardJulianti

    EA sucks, that much is certain. With the way they are handling their games (SimCity, Microtransactions, Day1 DLC etc), I really don’t give a rip that their games won’t be on Wii U. They could go out of business for all I care…they have nothing that excites me anymore.

    I do wonder how they feel about Criterion saying that all future NFS games will ship on Wii U the same time as other consoles.

    P.S. Kinsley, that rumor about Activision not being satisfied with BlOps2 sales was a fallacy. The blogger who had a “source” isn’t even a real person. His twitter and wordpress had 2 different people in the profile pictures and the blog site has been deleted. It was just a fanboy trying to cause trouble.

  • disqus_ZwAKKg4G01

    Really, I am so angry the aren’t enough first person shooter games and wii u keeps missing out on them. We didn’t get farcry 3 or crisis 3 and now this.

  • Levi Johansen

    what’s so hardcore about FPS? 2D platform games outsell that genre by a milestone!

    I’d buy Battlefield 4 on Wii U of course. Off-TV playing, multiplayer WITHOUT splitscreen and plenty of controllers to choose from, something for everybody: Gamepad, Wii U pro controller, Classic Controller Pro and Wiimote w/ nunchuck.

    I’m gonna buy Blops2 also, when I get my paycheck…

    But I stand by my first statement, there is nothing hardcore about FPS and that genre is gonna sell less and less, adventure-games and open-world games is where it is gonna be at for the next 10 years – exploring the depths of the BluRay-Discs storage capasity.

    skyrim, GTA4, watch-dog, Assassins Creed and others are examples of this.

  • Johnny Star

    One more reason Wii U will be Nintendo’s last console. Nintendo does not have the sales numbers to be on the bad side of EA, as much as I am not a fan of EA as they are money hogs, Nintendo needs all the developers backing them if they are to survive the battle of the next gen consoles when the big boys release. Oh well, it’ll be nice seeing Mario on Sony and Microsoft consoles.

    • RicardJulianti

      Ha. The Wii U could horrendously fail and they would still have enough money to last until 2042.

      Pretty much every single Nintendo franchise sells better than any EA game, they don’t need them like Sega did. Nintendo also has plenty of support from other developers. IF they were to back out of the console race (in 30+ years) they wouldn’t sell their properties. Mario, Zelda and the rest would fade into the background.

      But it’s not happening anyway so the point is moot.

  • bradtastic2

    Everyone spam ea on their twitter and email. This is a crock of shit. Crysis 3 and mass effect trilogy should be wii u titles- me3 wii u is way better than 360.

    • sithWiiU

      How is ME3 U better than the 360 version? Stop being a blind fanboy. Also, why should EA release ME 1 – 3 on Wii U? The third hardly sold well, logic implies 1 and 2 would have sold poorly as well (and these estimates were BEFORE EA announced the ME trilogy). It’s simply economics, which a lot of people seem to either not understand, or simply chose to ignore it.

  • Revolution5268

    “Activision said they weren’t pleased with the sales of Black Ops 2 on the Wii U.”
    i wonder why? (no dlc)

    • RicardJulianti

      That was a rumor. The blogger who had the source isn’t even a real person…their blog didn’t have the same person in the profile picture as the associated twitter and the blog site has since been shut down.

      Just a fanboy trying to start shit

    • sithWiiU

      DLC would not have helped it. I rarely buy DLC unless I really love the games. DLC I have purchased in the past year is ME3 and Halo 4.

      • Revolution5268

        it would because people don’t want to buy the wii u due to been an inferior product, no elite, dlc and youtube support, why buy it.

  • Chris Hamilton

    EA is the worst thing to happen to the video game industry, they use DRM and invented the online pass BS, they also close their sports franchise game servers after just 2 years forcing the users to constantly buy the same game over and over if they want to play online. I hope EA continues to lose money and is forced out of the business

  • kevin

    If you look at Call of Duty on Wiiu, there is only 2,00 – 3,000
    people online. Which means about at $59 dollar a pop. That is around $180k. Of course that is online at one time, you probably could double or triple that for total sales. That is
    not enough money to do a bad port much less do what COD did on the WIIU.
    The bases is too small right now, COD on WII had about 10k people
    online, 3 time more people played WII then WIIU.

    They need more
    people buying machines, but you need a reason to buy and there isn’t
    nothing to force people to buy in this economy.

    So far WIIU is just a bunch of old games redone including Mario Bros (nothing new there). Most Xbox and PS3 people have played all these games already, there is nothing new for WIIU just a bunch of re-hatched games.

    • RicardJulianti

      Total retail sales for BlOps2 is ~170k, meaning $1.02m in sales. The game is also available digitally which we never get the numbers for.

      It really bothers me how developers are just porting old games over and saying “See!?! Our 3rd party games don’t sell on Wii U!” Hopefully it is just an issue of resources and time management.

      Criterion didn’t get full kits until launch DAY, so most developers probably didn’t feel like they could port it over well enough in time for a simultaneous launch and knew that releasing late was just silly so why bother.

      Once the next wave of games start to get announced, I think things will change (maybe not from EA but still.) I know they are both Ubisoft games, but there is Watch_Dogs and ACIV coming later this year and Iwata wants to share what 3rd parties are working on, so it’s not like they have 0 support either

      Games sell systems, systems sell games. Circle of life.

  • ItzameyaToad

    To the people saying Wii U is dead where is your logic coming from? Slow console sales for a console released 3-4 months ago? A company (EA) that has thrown fits when it doesn’t get its way since the Sega Dreamcast may or may not fully support the Wii U? FPS shooters doing bad on a console that at the moment has a larger Japanese install group that see’s no real appeal of western FPS games?

    The logic I have just listed above is a majority of the moronic logic I see when it comes to whether or not the Wii U will be successful or fail all of which are things every console has had to deal with at some point. Oh and don’t get me started on the graphics argument! The fact that its predicted that the Wii U when pushed to its full power will be much more powerful than the xbox 360 and Ps3 (2 to 3 times more powerful from what I have heard) still does not satisfy people who prefer to bash a company because it doesn’t wish to have an expensive console and does not want to clone itself to be like PS4 and Xbox which will probably have small things that separate them from being flat out clones of one another. So please stop with the moronic statements on the failure of a console without good reasons to back up your statements.

  • roots

    fuck EA nintendo rules still if EA dosnt want to give them there games wii will play what UBISOFT give us fuck EA and there BATTLESHIT

    • sithWiiU

      Calm down dude, it’s only video games.

  • I have to say i am a huge FPS player and the reason i bought the Wii U was because of COD Black Ops 2. I love being able to play from the pad or have a friend over and not have to share my screen. I also have it for ps3 and it looks better on the Wii U!

    • sithWiiU

      It does not look better, that’s just you trying to justify spending 300 bucks on the Wii U, and also, the resason why you purchased a NINTEDNO product was for BLOPS2? Either you’re lying, or you’re not a smart consumer.
      That’s like saying, ” I bought a 360 for the platformers.”

  • That crap theres a lot of hardcore fps gamers on wii u

    • sithWiiU

      No there is not, and if there were, they all most likely own a PS360. I mean, seriosuly, after the Wii, who buys a Wii U expecting shooters to come to it?

  • Guest

    This has probably something to do with EA wanting to put Origin on the Wii U like Ubisoft’s Uplay, but Nintendo doesn’t agree with EA’s business models, so EA is raging.

  • Extra Vinegary

    This has probably something to do with EA wanting to put Origin on the Wii U like Ubisoft’s Uplay, but Nintendo doesn’t agree with EA’s business models, so EA is raging.


    Im not all that bothered about BF4 coming to Wii U, though, it would be a shame to not see what Dice could do with it.

  • Sozcumber

    EA are dick heads! Why why! I would love another FPS on Wii U. I had BF3 on Origin but PC gaming annoys me, keyboard sucks imo for gaming, I would love to play it with the nice gamepad in my hands or having a dabble with the Wii-mote. My money will go elsewhere now!

  • marmega

    There’s no money to be made here. The Wii u will be second rate compared to ps4 and Xbox 720. And it barely edges what’s on the market. There’s no chance for success for the wii, there will be a couple of good Nintendo titles not much else.

  • dont stupid who Write BF4 will not comming on wii u, BF3 not on wii u beacuse, wii u release date is very late, so it doenst realease on nintendo wii u if it release very faster than BF3 release data, BF3 will availble on wii u, BF4 will comming on wii u…

    • sithWiiU

      Omg, stay in school. Stop playing video games dude, read a book.

  • Jon

    ok, Zombi U was not a great game at all, it just seemed…. meh which is probably why the sales flopped for it. It just didn’t seem that appetizing to me and a lot of other people I know, The demo was enough for me. As for Black ops, I did enjoy the game and many others that I know did, it seemed to be one of the other better games So for EA saying this for their games…. doesn’t affect me that much really. I find games that EA release are good and have great hype for a while however they slowly get boring over time.

  • Well, Battlefield 4 should be in Wii U for the first time since there are no Battlefield games in Nintendo platforms before…….