Sep 11th, 2012

Nintendo will host a live Wii U event on September 13 in New York, and while it’s been confirmed that there won’t be a live event in Europe, there are some good news for Europeans. Nintendo just announced that a Nintendo Direct Wii U preview show will air on September 13 at 3 PM (UK time). It will feature Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, who will preview and show off the Wii U for the audience. It’s also expected that we’ll get the European Wii U price and launch date during this time.

Nintendo Direct Wii UNintendo hasn’t forgotten about those living down under: a Nintendo Direct Wii U preview has been announced for Australia and New Zealand, and will air on September 13th at 24:00 (midnight) AEST. It will coincide with the UK and the New York events. So it appears that Nintendo has coordinated the whole thing for a complete Wii U news blowout. We expect the company to reveal the Wii U price, launch date, games lineup, and there’s even a chance that we might get a surprise or two. You will be able to watch the events on (even if you’re not in Europe or Australia).

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  • olimar

    I kinda expected this.

    • u mad bro

      yeah its a little obious but its good that Nintendo never forgot about all its fans

  • nintendoododo

    1s that so? But when is that direct coming in Finland time zone?

    • Sebastian

      Google DAMN IT!

  • Nintendo Power

    2 more days till the PRICE$$$$$$$$$$$$$$……….

    • TheBiggestNintendoFan

      *cha ching*

    • Golden Fox

      Finally..all these months were finally going to hear the price!

  • Bosmur

    Hey that’s cool, I never thought I would be able to watch it down here in New Zealand

    • Big N

      All good. I though we were forgotten with this event. Thanks Nintendo.

      • Just nintendo

        Two days later nintendo has a conference for best sellin game console in gen8

        • Just nintendo

          Selling no sellin:d

    • Groose

      New Zealand for the win

  • Bosmur

    Do you know what channel?

    • JumpMan

      um… the Internet.

      • Derek

        where on the internet? i’m super excited just can’t find where.

      • Bosmur

        OK, now I feel stupid

  • The incredible sandwich


  • Happy Mask man

    See you all there I hope… £249.99 uk please.

    • Nintedward

      I am so happy for the Nintendo direct Europe . hopefully the wiiu will launch similar day to USA. I am pretty sure it will 🙂 .

      • LazerK

        Whats with all the thumbs down you’re getting?Do you have a bad rep on here or something?

        • Dan

          Yeah but people need to hop off of nintedwards back. As long as he doesn’t do or say anything trollish, why the thumbs down?..

          • Nintedward

            Some people are butt hurt , some are not 🙂 . Let them thumb down , i find it amusing ……

  • TriMonsterSlay

    Its nice to come to a site where the editors/commentators are enthusiastic about Nintendo stuff. Its refreshing.

    Talk about sites like Nintendo Life are horrible for community interaction. For a fan site of Nintendo besides the editors which do a great job. There dont seem to be too many Nintendo fans on that site. It seems rather full of lifeless pessimistic Sony drones. No there’s nothing wrong with liking Sony. I happen to think they shell out great games from time to time, but talk about ridiculous. There’s more Nintendo hate on that site than on a Sony fan site like Playstation Life Style. Hell they’re even more positive about Nintendo in the comments on that site.

    Thank’s WiiUDaily for actually being a Nintendo fan site. Minus the Pachter article, and the occasional troll like Enigmatic. Its a great place to be a Nintendo fan!

    • Kyron

      Amen brother

    • Gabe Hoffman

      And I think some of their reviews are kinda biased and don’t make sense they gave Kirby and the Amazing Mirror on 3DS a 6.5!

  • Daníel Rósinkrans

    Good news everyone!

    Really looking forward to this event, but you got the name wrong. President himself wont be showing up, but instead the president of Europe, Satoru Shibata will be staging and reveal these excitements! 🙂

  • Macarony64

    Lol they have say the time 4 all the world escept new york

    • Alienfish

      It’ll be 10 a.m. EST if they’re doing them all simultaneously.

  • Hamzilla

    is there going to be a nintendo direct video in the u.s *new york” what time??

    • LordiMcKill

      There’s a real live event that’s happening in New York but if I’m right by this: the Ozzie’s are getting the Nintendo Direct at midnight their time and we are getting it at 3pm here in the UK the that means the New York event starts at 10am in the morning given the 5 hour time zone difference.

      That’s just my speculation but 10am sounds like a good time to start.

    • Nintedward

      Nintendo is doing a huge event in Times square which is basically EVERYTHING Nintendo direct can do and a whole lot more .

      • Alienfish

        Actually you can do more with Nintendo Direct because it’s not live. Satoru Shibata could be stomping goombas, eating hammers, and roasting hot dogs with his laser vision all on the planet Mars in a Nintendo Direct. Putting on a live show just has more of an impact because you know it’s actually happening and it is also possible to be there for it.

        • Nintedward

          I see your point and raise you Reggie’s body, ready on stage .

  • Zach

    UK is two hours ahead Finland so it will air 17.00.

  • stazkun

    Hope they show this on the 3ds like they did with e3

  • ZMW

    Awsome. Thanks for the info

  • Christopher

    Fingers crossed they give us a release date.

    All you people in Australia, I hope you guys get it at the same time we here in Europe do.

  • pdxmojo81

    So where and how can i watch the New York event? I have looked literally ALL OVER the internet and I cannot find if they are going to be broadcasting the event or not.


    will you show this on 3ds???????????

  • snestendo

    the next few days are going to be a flood of news

  • Edward Smith

    If the dates and times given are local they don’t occur simultaneously. Assuming that the UK time is local and they are simultaneous, that makes the Australian show midnight tonight (16 hours from now) and the New York event 10am on the 12th New York time.

  • Math

    But i’m in school that time D:

  • Edward Smith

    I may have got that wrong a bit there.

  • maxlazy10

    I can’t wait!!!

  • ToonLink

    wiiudaily is a Good site except for John Kinsley lying about Capcoms statement without admitting it that he lied and was wrong…………

  • TheUNation

    All we need now is the confirmation of a Nintend Direct live event in North America… especially most people who can’t come out in droves and watch the event at GameStop.

  • somebody

    i live in america, what do i do????????????????

  • SteampunkJedi

    Only two days until we might actually know some hard facts about the Wii U!!!

  • The_Beeshnu

    Australia FTW
    I knew you wouldn’t forget us!

  • nod786

    Now then a day away… and the hardest choice to go for black or white … that’s if they are both available on launch 🙂

  • Pachter the god-like analyst

    Hey guys.

    Sorry for all the bullshit i was throwing at Nintendo the last couple of months. But i had the manage my personal problems in some wqy. Do you know how is when your ball are bigger then your dick? It’s frustrating for me. My wife and kids are laughing me out. I eat breakfast on the toilet cause i cant lookmy family in the eyes anymore. I hope you understand this. Secretely i am a huge WiiFit fan. Iean comon. You gotta love this balance board. Uhh it feels good inside to tell the truth. I’m terrible sorry. In love, your analyst.

  • Zero

    Hey, i’ve been hearing people very stressed about this event. Read the last part of the article! If you miss it or something, you’ll be able to watch a Nintendo Direct video (at with all the updates and stuff!

  • TheUNation

    THIS JUST IN– Nintendo of America have confirmed they’re gonna stream the live Wii U press briefing on Facebook.

  • Nintentionally

    Wouldn’t it be great if the announcement was pretty much to say “Wii U out Friday. No preorders, just an all out brawl, get to the shops NOW!!!”?

    Answer: No, I have no money.

    I have a feeling that this will literally be E3 2012 with a price and date but no surprises. I guess that is better than nothing and these NDAs should be lifted soon so we’ll actually hear the truth about the system rather than anonymous (fake) devs or trolls pulling facts out of their magic ‘fact’ hat to get attention.

    I think the proof in the wii u pudding will be when MS and Sony release tablet controllers for their next gen systems thus proving that it is a good idea. The big worry is nintendo don’t seem to know what is their strongest factor with the wii u or rather they seem to not want to share with us what it is. They banged on about getting the hardcore back but have so far have concentrated on asymmetric multiplayer which all seems very casual friendly but not as simplistic as the wii was. Wii Sports HD with motion plus should definitely have been a launch game.