Nov 6th, 2012

Wii U logoIGN already has their hands on a Wii U console for review purposes, and they’re reporting that the console does not have many online features out of the box — those will be added via a day-one online update from Nintendo. Online features such as Miiverse, the eShop, and Nintendo TVii will have to be downloaded when the console first comes online.

This isn’t anything new, as many games ship with day-one software updates since games tend to go into manufacturing a month before release. Nintendo has been manufacturing Wii U consoles for weeks now, and during that time, they’ve no doubt made updates and improvements to the features and software that powers the console. So before you dive into your very first Wii U game experience, it looks like you’ll have to do a little software update first.


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  • Nintendude

    Doesn’t matter too much to me. I can wait a few minutes for it to update.

    • NintendoMan :D

      At least 10 minutes considering it’s Miiverse, the eShop,and Nintendo TVii, which are all pretty big apps in terms of GB and MB. I’ll probably be basking in the glory of the boxes in that time. 😀

      • Major Beauner

        Me too mate!! I don’t care how long it takes!! I will be too busy in awe of finally having the Wii U in my arms!!! 😀

        • AKA-Link77

          Yah! i dont mind a small update here or there as long as theyre exciting & not pointless. 😀

        • Noteak

          what if it takes hours, I could die!

        • NavyBlueYoshi

          I have waited for about a year (e3 2011), 10mins is NOTHING.

          • VectorAKA

            My only fear is what happened with my Wii day one…on Christmas…wouldn’t update and found out the Wii’s network card was faulty…Nintendo of course sent me a new one right away while I played the old one. Just a fear…

    • Maestro

      Im sure I can wait, I kinda want to get started ASAP so I can pick a short original gamer tag. You only get one chance when a console comes out to get a good one. Thank god my interests fast and I’m on the east coast but who knows if Walmart will let me get it at midnight..

      • mojojojo888

        My Toys R’ Us will be letting me in at midnight, so I will be racing home to play…so I should have selection of just about any name I can think of, seeing as I’m on the east coast…

    • edward montgomery

      That means no space for anything else god this console will suck hard!!!!

    • HyperSonicN1

      I have to wait until the 30th anyway, an update won’t kill me

    • dr scoobie

      i dont have broadband(sob)
      so i cant download the online features!.

      this whole time i was excited about miiverse
      but i forgot i didnt have broadband.

      will still buy just for pikmin 3

      • Dan7el(Wiiu day one purchase)

        Get a data plan on a smart phone and tether it or of coarse get a modem and router

  • Propper big popper

    Hopefully the updates are fast. And hopefully nothing like ps3 updates and a tad faster than xbox 360 updates. I am going to be very anxious when i get my hands on the gamepad for my first true hd experience from nintendo! Ah, the time can’t go by fast enough. 11 days to go!!!

  • Howdy

    I can’t wait, 11 days to go, man… I’ve been waiting for months (I didn’t get hyped for the console until E3 this year) and it seems like forever and I’m so glad it’s right around the corner.

    As for the software update, I couldn’t care less, It’ll take like 10 minutes or 30 minutes or less or more, who cares, I’ll read the manual for it while I wait.

    • FadedKamui

      It’s funny that we’re supposed to read the full manual contents before we even connect the system. 😛

      Who does that nowadays? I’m excited to use it as bathroom reading material. haha.

    • HyrulianUtopia

      Me too, I actually love reading the manual when I first get a console.

      • AKA-Link77

        Lol ikr!
        Call me a nerd for reading em’ but ever since i read those 3DS booklets ive found myself converting those vunerble pics into jokes.
        Like the one where the guys finger is caught behind the hing of the 3DS:
        “Please dont feed your 3DS, human fingers.”

        • dr scoobie

          my favourite warning was
          warning! sitting on the 3ds may cause damage.

          to think this whole time i thought it was a chair!

    • dr scoobie

      for me its 23 days to go.
      and even then there wont be any available.

    • eli

      me too!

  • Asiancake

    I will be hanging out online add me in the future everyone!

  • Homigritz

    They also do this so that the reviewers don’t get to blab about the features ahead of time.

  • DragonChi

    GASP!! an update?! that will force me to wait a few measly minutes to use my system? HOW DARE THEY!!

    Seriously though, this is small grapes compared to how much Awesome this system will envelope me in.

  • Laud

    I want everyone to here to add me, there needs to be a way for us to add each other once the console comes out, someone put a forum post or something.

    We’ve stuck it out together, we’re practically a family. LOL.

    • Sharkz

      Yes. I will need friends to be notified when I am bitten by a zombie to help put me out of my misery!

      • Bloodyidge

        No kidding right! Ppl go ahead and as me! Getting zombiu and I’m going to need soon ppl to hunt down my zombie! And I want to hunt down other ppl’s zombie! 😀

    • NameUcantHate

      Yes. And family always sticks together.

    • edward montgomery

      God i would hate to meet you lot online your the worst of all the console fanboys. You lot are one of the main reasons i canceled my pre order

      • Sharkz

        That’s good you canceled your pre order. You aren’t wanted anyway. K? Thanks!

    • Hibill18

      Hopefully you can add one more to your happy family! I know I’m new here, but I’ve been excited for the Wii U since E3 2011!

  • NoPUNintendo

    This is sort of a bummer for me. I won’t have internet starting November 10th. I’m worried I’ll encounter some glitches. Let’s hope my neighbors will allow me to break into their house and use their internet to download patches.


      What did you expect? All consoles use online…

    • cesar

      Who said patches?? it is a software including Miiverse, voicechat, the eshop and tvii, things that you cannot use without internet connection. I don’t think you need to be connected to the internet to play games, or download patches. Third party games will suffer like EA games that you need to be online (that sucks), but Nintendo, Ubisoft and others can be played from the box.Don’t worry, you will be fine.

  • HyrulianUtopia

    Only 11 days left.

    The Nintendomination began 1889 (I mean come on, people think it hasn’t even started yet).

    • eli

      me its 13 🙁 nooooo(im going into the city on the 20th)hopfully the’ll have it still!

  • lakersfan

    No way I’ll be able to wait for a software update the first day I get it. I’ll play Nintendoland all day and update it that night when I get to bed. If I go to bed. Lol

    • Noteak

      Same here.

    • eli

      sooooo true

  • KFC

    Ah, No Biggie.

  • Axe

    That’s all fine and dandy, but can the Wii U connect to the internet wirelessly like the Wii? Or will I have to drape a 30 ft cable around my house like the 360?

    • NintendoMan :D

      Wait, the 360 isn’t wireless? ^ ^
      0 0

      • Sharkz

        Im sure that it will still be wireless like the wii. It will probably even be compatible with Nintendo WiFi as well. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The fewer cables the better. Nintendo had that right so hopefully they won’t change it.

        • Bloodyidge

          I’m sure I’ve heard and read that it has all the way up to wireless n capabilities…….awesome!

      • dr scoobie

        depends which one i think.
        but if they do expect microsoft to charge you
        an apple product.

        i was going to say an arm and a leg but apple
        products are more expensive than body parts
        so over-exaggerating is more effective if i mention apple.

    • corbin74

      Nope, the system includes wifi, so no cables necessary! 🙂

  • Nintedward

    Everything needs day 1 updates. I bought a new toaster the other day and it took 3 hours to update.

    • Nintendude

      Did the update allow it to cook eggs too?

      • Sharkz

        I know exactly what you mean. My toaster wouldn’t toast a bagel until I installed the latest update.

        • cBagel

          Bagels should never be toasted, such torture. Just slap on some cream cheese and your good.

      • Hangman

        Wireless toasting!!!!!

        • Nintedward

          If you have the ”lets toast” app on your iphone , you can wirelessly make toast whenever you want.

      • Crapcake

        can you connect a toaster to the internet for online toast lol

        • Crapcake

          mmm… freshly downloaded toast!!! holy crap its 200GB!!!
          its too big!!!

      • Kirbymon123

        XD Nintendward and Dude you guys are the funniest people on this site!

      • Nintedward

        Unfortunately not good sir. It just allowed for ”Equal browning” …..

        • Crapcake

          at nintedward: who are you talking to and if you’re talking to me what’s wrong with mycomment BTW im not hating

          • Nintedward

            I was replying to Nintendude- there was nothing wrong with your comment good sir.

            You can see who I am replying to by how the comment is lined up.

    • eli

      i read through the comments laughing my head off
      *there an achrenim for that?

    • Iceman404

      Jailbreak your toaster and you can get free and quick updates like I do.

  • Rafael

    It’s almost here guys. Just a few more says!!! Can’t wait 😀

    • dr scoobie

      notice that the s and d buttons are close
      and notice that you said “just a few more says!!!”

  • Sir Kaz Hirai

    Good for you WIIpers.

    Stoopid,weak console.The fall of Nintendo is at hand…

    CAPCOM : ” Next generation does not start with Weak …er,uh… I mean Wii U”.

    • Kirbymon123

      Looks like youre trying EXTRA hard to get a thumbs down.

    • Nintedward

      Randy pitchford , Gearbox – ”The wiiu is a next gen console so of course it is very powerfull”

      • Noteak

        Why did the troll police man stop posting

        • AKA-Link77

          i think hes more on duty at “My Nintendo” that place has too many troller coasters.

        • Troll patrol.

          He didn’t!!!

    • Nintendo Power (Wii U FTW)

      Great, another Troll. Request Ban

      • PKUltima

        I second this motion.

        • eli


    • PKUltima

      I’m gonna laugh when your Xbox 720 breaks on day one!

      • Nintenlord

        Blue ring of death???

  • NaX

    I can’t believe i still have not touch the wii U gamepad, and i guess cuz were i live there are not on display i have to drive some miles I guess ill pop my cherry with the Wii U on 11.18.12 :O

    • Kirbymon123

      You’re a… *breathes heavily* giiiirrrl?

    • NOAT

      On the bright side, you can use the gamepad in the kitchen!

  • link 5

    I wish I worked at ignore they get to review everything first

  • Linskarmo

    Grrr… I have limited internet. I hope the new, better satellite they just put up is available here when I get the Wii U. Unless the download isn’t too big, which I highly doubt. But the Wii U’s awesomeness will make up for this inconvenience. 🙂

  • NesToWiiU

    Like anyone cares about the stuff online especially on day one.

  • CubeClubKiddy

    went to best buy before i saw Wreck-It Ralph… pretty epic day considering i have never touched a Wii-U… but now i can confirm that, just with graphics alone, i’m sold! on top of that, they have WAY too many possibilities with the gamepad! OMG!!! i have it preordered, but still! this thing is going to be amazing!

  • Jon

    I hope the download size isn’t too big.

  • Joesatmoes

    Wait- will this “update” take up any space from the 32gb? i dont know shit about this kinda stuff, so plz tell me

    • nice

      no, it won´t take any discspace. you can save all for your brain

  • DarkStarsDX

    omfg i CAINT WAIT!!!!!

  • nice

    i don´t like this “we ship before ready” mentality… this is what game industries makes the worst industry ever. take blizzard: i would rather wait a year than to play all those unfinished games like AC 3 and pay that lot of money.

  • Goten

    You are all soo lucky. Waiting eleven day i still have to wait 23 days because i live in stupid europe.

  • Graham

    I can imagine they intentionally left it so you had to update, incase anyone gets the system early (some places will send as soon as they receive them, so a few lucky people will get it a day early). But can’t use online features until everyone else gets them. The update will probably be small, just like an unlock code thing.

  • Arsonist Monkey

    Patience really is a virtue!

  • Lazyboy88

    I think i’m in love with the WiiU xD 23 days left, but it’s gonna be worth it.. don’t care abut an update on day one, cause i will be hugging the WiiU in the meantime..

  • ssb4 3dsFC3007 8585 6950

    BIG DEAL A 1 DAY LONG UPDATE! so what Ive been waiting since 2010, i knew they were gonna do something drastically new. GO NINTENDO!


    They dont want hackers to get familiar with the hardware firmware. updates updates updates!

    • Tobbe

      Lol no problem. Been modding 4.3e for the last 1 1/2 y now. Updates will not be any problem. Working on a demostation right now. Cant post pics or videos yet coz of “lets say, mighty Nintendo

  • Jakob Joergensen

    Gamereactor liked the experience of Wii U.
    An EU online magazine.
    Norwegian and English

    Some google Translate – some me:

  • Jakob Joergensen

    Gamereactor liked the experience of Wii U.
    An EU online magazine.
    Norwegian and English

    “Hvordan skal man egentlig oppsummere denne dagen med Wii U og lanseringsspillene? Igjen må jeg svare at jeg hverken er skuffet eller overveldet. Jeg liker Nintendo forsøk på å skreddersy et tilbud for flere målgrupper. Hele ideen med Gamepad føles akkurat like god eller dårlig som spillene tillater. New Super Mario Bros. U er underholdende, men det mangler noe for å gjøre spillet til noe enestående. Kanskje blir ikke 2012 Wii Us beste år, men 2013 og videre fremover kan bli en utrolig interessant tid.

    Some google Translate – some me:
    “How will one sum up this day with Wii U and release games? Must say that the answer is either disappointed or ecstatic. I like Nintendos attempt to make one-console-fits-all. Whole idea with Gamepad feels as good or bad as the games has used it’s capabilities. New Super Mario Bros U is entertaining, but it misses something to do it unique. Think 2012 won’t be the Wii Us best year, but 2013 and coming future promises to become incredible interesting!”

  • ParadoxSK

    I decided to make this my Nintendo ID. Hope to see you and add you all online on the 18th. Definitely a reason to call out the week before thanksgiving.

  • AM

    Makes sense: In order to get the online features you have to connect to internet and get them. I think it is good way to encourage people to quickly get their systems connected to the internet.

  • nintendoododo

    how could nintendo gift such awesome console to ign(orant). Only reviewer I hate so much. They can’t review and they are clumsy and stupid.

  • Bambam

    Hey Brain’ What are we gonna do tonight?
    “The same thing we do everynight….Bask in the glory of the Wii U.

  • Dr. Device

    Ign is actually doing a wiiu unboxing today!

    Try to resist the urge to eyegasm all over the place, if you decide to watch it.

  • fatman12

    haha take that wii u and nentdo u have to have day 1 patches u all suck haha sucks to be u u all have to download day one patches while we the smart ppl who use xbox360 dont haha and we are gonna have a tablet soon called xbox tablet u all suck and u will all fail for this 10 year old console with ps1 graphics. freaking noobs ur all noobs!

    • Havoc87

      Shut up meg!

    • Nintendo22

      Eh, I give your trolling abilities a 2/10.

    • Kav

      This really looks like some sony fan trying to make un of the xbox fans, but then again, xbox fans are 10 year olds kids so it could be a legit xbox fan.

  • Kav

    I find that very useful, if you dont have internet (or dont want to use some of the apps) then you wont download them and you will have more disc space, if you have good internet and want to use all the apps then you just download the apps in a few minutes.

    Just imagine a guy who bought the white version because he just want to play games and doesnt give a sh!t about the internet apps(or half the apps doesnt work properly in his country) and his disc is half full already because all of the apps, that would sucks.

  • Mchelski

    damn, I live in Brazil and it will only come in 2013, I’m so sad about it

  • Iamthetaco

    At least we don’t need a $100 router.

  • Angus Young

    I love updates for some reason, so this is a treat for me.

  • ParadoxSK

    I waited this long, what is the point to complain over 10-20 more minutes. I’ll just oogle over my ZombiU, Black Ops II, Mario U and ACIII box art while I wait.