Wii U Music
Wii U Music is an anticipated music and rhythm video game for the Wii U. It’s expected to be very similar to the previous version made for the Wii in 2008. Players will control a band of Mii characters on the screen as they arrange music scores and songs based on popular tracks. Players will have all sorts of instruments at their disposal, including guitars, pianos, harmonicas, drums, and many more. Gameplay will be possible both with the new Wii U tablet controller, and older accessories like the Wiimote and nunchuck. According to reports, the game will support 5 players at the same time, with one of the players controlling the tablet and leading the band. This gameplay method is similar to the one in Wii U Party, another title in development.

Wii U Music game modes

Wii U Music is also expected to include the popular “jam mode”, which is the main game mode. Here, players chose to play a set of instruments that are associated with the song, and play that instrument during the mode. While Wii U Music supports of up to 5 players at the same time, the game can also be played with fewer or even just one player. In that case, the other band members will be controlled by the AI. Another gameplay mode will be “Mii Maestro”, where players will conduct an orchestra with either the Wii U Tablet, or the Wiimote. Wii U Music was showcased in Nintendo trailers where the tablet controller was used as a piano, with the player pressing the virtual keys. The tablet can be used with a lot of instruments this way, including drums by tapping the screen with fingers or the Wii U stylus.

A possible launch date for Wii U Music is yet to be revealed. According to reports, Nintendo is currently developing the game with a 2013 release in mind. The company has already registered and trademarked the name for the game, which could mean a release would happen sooner than later.

  • Haza

    This Game can be a 6 player one…

  • The_fuzz_buzz

    Umm, if it SAYS it’s gonna be 5 player…..How would you know otherwise???