Jul 13th, 2012 publishUpdated   Jul 22nd, 2012, 9:10 pm

Wii U HardwareThe Wii U power debate seems to never end these days. There are some developers who clearly support the console and appear to be taking advantage of the hardware (like Ubisoft), while others aren’t so impressed. A few months ago, unnamed developers told us that the Wii U graphics power isn’t as good as the current gen consoles. Developers at at Namco on the other hand, said the exact opposite: the Wii U GPU has plenty of power while the CPU is underclocked.

Now Scribblenauts Unlimited developer 5th Cell joins the debate, with CEO Jeremiah Slaczka telling Videogamer that the Wii U is “definitely more powerful than Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3”. Not only that, he’s “frustrated” to see all the rumors and speculation about the Wii U and how people keep going back and forth on how powerful the console is. 5th Cell was one of the first developers to see the Wii U, Slaczka said, where Nintendo persuaded the developer to move its upcoming Scribblenauts Unlimited to the Wii U. It was originally developed for the Wii console.

It’s clear that while Nintendo is moving into the HD era with the Wii U, the company still isn’t competing on specs alone, but on gameplay. Recently, Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata said that next gen gaming will be about improving gaming experience, and not about making prettier graphics.

  • mac

    lol i hope im not the only one who sees this typo up there “Scriblbenauts”

    • Wii U Daily staff

      Fixed, thanks!

      • mac

        no problem 🙂

      • Steventelation

        Actually, it’s not fixed in the start of the second paragraph……

        • mac

          the one i was refering to was the one at the end of the second paragraph i didn’t see the one at the start

  • Neonridr

    I wish people would stop spouting off these false rumors that the Wii U is only equal or slightly more powerful than the 360 / PS3. So many developers have gone on record stating that the Wii U is definitely more powerful and here we have another one. While Namco said that the CPU clock is a little low, that doesn’t mean it’s not more powerful that older chips with higher clock speeds.

    • rafael

      Yeah, this only means that after 10 mins of gameplay, a full hour will have passed in the real world 🙂

      • jeenaud

        not really…

      • Alienfish

        That happens to me sometimes anyway… when I need sleep badly.

      • rafael

        I hope these ”thumbs down” arent due people thinking i was talking seariously, but rather for thinking that my nonsensical humor isnt very funny 😉

        • Alienfish

          I’ve noticed it’s really hard to make a joke on this site. All the likes go to fan crazed ‘Nintendo is god and nothing can stop them!’ comments.

    • Aka-Link77

      Yah and if U really think about it…thoz that R in-denial that the Wii U is more Powerful R simply scared of the Wii U so they try to discourage People, consumers, and fans that “its only on par” or “it not as powerful” or other stupid HATEments that say its less powerful!

      • nintendon’t

        Yeah, they’re losing money from all the pairs of pants they pee in. You show them whose boss Nintendo!!!

    • Macarony64

      actualy cpu has take a back seat in the gaming performance even on pc old games wen new needed new cpu and vid cards in this age you are rarely needing to change the cpu just ad new card and you are almost set

  • Nintendofreak

    Shit come on…….can u already decide…..everyone knows dat d ps3 hardware is like 6 years old no matter how much money nintendo tries to save with the specs the wiiu will be more powerful dan d ps3 n xbox360 for at least a 20%

    • Alienfish

      Absolutely everyone hated your comment. Can’t figure out why…

      • Madara

        The language is reminiscent of a gangster or “black” person. Outside of the race card, I don’t see a big problem. They have a good point, yet weak argument.

  • Captain Falcon

    5th Cell CEO is frustrated? Shit just got serious.

  • jamin

    uhh… now it says “Scibblenauts” :3

  • Death

    Obviously it’s more powerful…
    It’s next flipping gen.

  • 3dsguy

    I have heard enough rumours i just want to get my hands on it and get some gaming done

  • john

    funny how positive news is no response on the net were are the trolls?

  • David Brent

    Hard to orientate among all these rumours. I hope the rumours about a low clock and better cpu are false though, since thats the oposite direction to where the technology is moving right now. Processors will soon be able to handle all the graphics themselves.

    Most of all I hope they make it just a little more pricey than the expected 300 dollars, with the treat of more powerful hardware. I think it would show how serious they actually were about pleasing the “core gamers”.

    • David Brent

      better gpu*

  • The Beeshnu

    Jeremiah Slackza:
    5th Cell developer
    Nintendo Supporter

    • Draco Breach

      That statement, sir, is win.

  • Gary Moscheles

    oh god i lol’d when i saw the headline. the word “definitely” really did it for me.

  • joe

    The whole “power thing” is crazy. Go play Phantasy Star 1 on the Sega Master System. 3.58Mhz of raw 8 bit power baby! Your jaw will drop when you see the dungeons. Couldn’t do that on NES, but I digress….it isn’t always about power. Although I guess the Wii was a dog when compared to ps3 and 360, This time around it will be different.

  • TheBoldman67

    You guys said developers at at namco.

  • Shankovich

    Nintendofreak, type in normal English and you will not get so many dislikes, seriously -_-. I live in the hood, I understand, but it’s really annoying…

    Anyways, to see that there’s such high polarity on this issue clearly shows that some devs clearly are spoiled by the current gen and seriously need to get their act together.

  • Enigmatic

    I have no doubts that it is more powerful than the current gen 360 and PS3. It would be pretty ridiculous if it wasn’t.

    Nintendo’s favorite comeback for its’ less graphically impressive games is always “game play experience”. Which they lack. Motion control is mostly a gimmick, and this tablet seems to be for the most part one too. Sure, it will work well for a lot of things like playing your games on it when the TV is occupied, but for the most part the pro controller will be more practical and should be quite a bit more suited for more… traditional gaming.

    An extra $50 to spend though. That’s not cool.

    • rafael

      I dont think motion control is a gimmick when its employed in clever ways. Have you ever played Silent Hill for Wii, or Zelda: Skyward Sword? I never wanna play these franchises without motion controls anymore…I have played games with classical controler for many years. In the snes era i would dream about being able to control Links sword or interact with the enviroment like if i was using my own hands.

      Now that this things are possible, some people dont apreciate, but they are the ones who are missing many great experiences.

      • Draco Breach

        Don’t forget quick access to inventory and maps without pausing with the new GamePad. This alone makes the controller worth it. Not to mention all the neat immersive features I’ve dreamed up, some seen live at various events.

        I still love the scope feature for first person shooters. I might actually start playing those again. That is just wicked more realistic and immersive for me. Oh, also anybody who has actually handled a real gun. Oh yeah, and I thought Metroid Prime: Trilogy was good. Imagine those with a GamePad scope.

        *looking at you Nintendo and Retro*

        Control sticks? Really? That’s so N64/NGC generation.

        • Marmor

          I can’t wait to use the GamePad as a motion sensor in Aliens: Colonial Marines.

  • DerikGotro64

    Instead of being: “hey nintendo got an awesome new system, hey microsoft got this new cool smartglass and hey sony is comin out with cool games” they are all “NINTENDO FAILED US, microsoft is crappin out and sony is stale!!” My fact is proven true that people just don’t want to be pleased.

    I’m beginning to think that people are hatin on the wii u because they don’t want nintendo firing the first shot for the next gen.
    Since when did comin out with an innovative console become such blasphomy?! (Not to mention comin from the best in the world.)

    On a true positive note: the future is is lookin great with the nintendo U and I can’t wait till it comes out.

    • Draco Breach

      Hey, I want to be pleased :p

      I can’t wait for the Wii U to come out. The GamePad brings some much needed features to the gaming market.

      Let’s just hope both/either Microsoft and/or Sony can stay alive to breath much needed competition into the market. Neither can afford a $5/600 debacle, and they can’t afford to skip new interfaces either.

      Microsoft needs to add a visceral element to Kinect to make it, uh, well, succeed. SmartGlass needs to be less gimmick and more control to stop me from keeling over in laughter.

      Sony just needs to stop being Sony. They need to make a system that’s easy to program for as opposed to the mess they call Cell. They also need either a faster format than BRD or vastly improved read speeds on BRD lasers.

      • DerikGotro64

        If you ask me, I’ve been gettin the vibe that the next xbox has a better chance than the next playstation in firing the second shot at next gen.

        • Draco Breach

          Sony’s comments really make it seem like they are waiting for a substantial leap before joining the fray. I also don’t think they can afford to sit and wait for the ninth generation. They’ve gotta get out there by 2014~15 or they may miss the opportunity.

  • trainerblk

    Oh poor ceo we fans feel you its common sense for wii u to be more powerful trust me the fans been trying to drill it to the fanboys & haters head for months on in but im happy. Wii u geting so much praise that it should be geting wii United are U

  • SanPharaoh

    So I went into my local GameStop the other day after work, and asked the clerk about a few Wii titles I was interested in, and he laughed at me and said: “The Wii is a dead system…”, he then continued to slander the N in ways I’d never heard before. I’ll spare the det’s, but it was very biased and I will soon reveal why.

    I stood and listened patiently waiting for him to finish so that I could offer my opinion, but he just kept on talking.

    Finally he shut-up and I asked: “Is it possible that you didn’t sell any Wii’s “at all” this week because everyone is waiting for the Wii U? And perhaps I’m buying Wii titles because they will all be 100% backward compatible on the Wii U, and isn’t true that the Wii U is going to be more powerful than the existing PS3, and XBOX360 consoles?”

    His response, now a little less condescending: “Well the PS3 has a 10 – 12 year life span and it’s only in it’s 6th year so there’s still a good bit of life left in it, and dev’s are just now starting to really tap into the full power of the PS3, and the Wii U still is NOT going to be a true next gen console…and won’t even have half of the processing power of the PS3”

    Again I stood patiently waiting for him to finish when he started to reveal something that I found very very interesting.

    He started telling me how Sony Rep’s had been wooing all GameStop employees all across the US and giving them various incentives to sell New PS3 bundles over any other consoles. Then it became clear…Sony has GameStop in their pocket so that means Game Informer Magazine is most likely a Sony mill as well.

    Now all those conflicting articles and low game ratings for great games like Radiant Dawn are starting make a lot more sense. (Not all articles were biased, but at a certain point I really got sick of reading: this game has good graphics – “for the Wii”)

    I’m so glad that now these fanboys can’t use graphics as a crutch any more and the merit of the game will be based on it’s play-ability, innovation, and overall fun-factor…how it used to be…the way it’s supposed to be.

    All in All I want to make sure that he is the person who sells me my Wii U at launch. So I can watch him eat those words. I don’t hate Sony, but stooping to this level does nothing positive for your character as a company and wooing people to bash Nintendo is just weak.

    To be fair he also took shots at Microsoft (though I don’t own an XBOX, and I don’t really want one, and I didn’t even bring XBOX up), but still. If you want to reward people for selling more of your consoles at least make sure they do it ethically.

    The next time you happen to find yourself in a GS, ask about a PS3 and look at how their eyes light up. You’ll see.

    • Gamer

      @ SanPharaoh could I copy and paste your post into my Microsoft word file. So that I can use it on forumns to show people what some move and ps vita creators are capable of? Better still continue pasting this post every time here and on YouTube videos so Sony drones get turned back to video game fans; and the younger ones experience true gaming and how to have fun again.

      • SanPharaoh

        Absolutely. Games should unite us. Not divide us. IMO.

    • Draco Breach

      Game Informer has always been anti-Nintendo. On average, you can expect to add 1.0 to the score of any Nintendo game to get what their rating would be if the same game were on the PS3 or 360.

      Just as an example. Rayman Raving Rabids originally was only available on the Wii. Game Informer gave it a 7.6 claiming it was incredibly fun. When it came out on the 360, they gave it an 8.6 claiming it was nowhere near as fun but oh so much prettier.

      In order to justify their claims, the scores should have been reversed. Rayman Raving Rabids was more fun on the Wii. The Game Informer staff even said so!

    • Daemonrunner

      You should have told him that it was his job to simply give information on the games you asked for, not criticize your interests.

      • SanPharaoh

        True, but I tend to save putting people in their place until after I gain a doubtless insight into their motives or intentions…in this case, the guy was getting kickbacks from Sony to move more units. And I feel I did this by making my purchase and letting my actions do my talking.

        At the end I still bought my games for my Wii. So all in all I’d say listening to his tirade was worth my patience in exchange for a deeper insight into these companies.

        I didn’t put even 10% of what the douche bag said either. He even started mocking customers for buying used games which is where GameStop makes all their money and the reason I was there in the first place. Maybe he was just having a bad day. Oh well.

  • trainerblk

    I understand you bro same stuff happen to me gamestop is really smog like i remember i pre order skyward sword with my fan whos don’t even like zelda but still love nintendo in some type away so i ask will they have a midnight launch & she laugh & was like come on guys are you serious its zelda…. i couldn’t even say i was like what u mean its zelda she said well its. Not like its cod a real game my friend came out of nowhere & said don’t you ever conpair a classic to that pice of sh*t ya call a game that reharsh year after year they was shock i was like d*mn ricky your body is ready

    • gNat

      I like zelda and call of duty.

      • trrainerblk

        For all farness i fond of cod aswell it was more a point my friend was trying to state more then anything

        • SanPharaoh

          I think CoD is a game that allows people to do what Golden Eye used to do, but on a massive online level. It’s not a bad game, but after a while it becomes very bland…imo of course.

          I would choose any Zelda, even the one side scroller, over any CoD any day of the week. I was about to buy CoD MW3 for my son for the Wii, which is what caused his little tirade. Needless to say I didn’t buy it. Not because he was a prick, but because I decided to The Conduit 1 and 2 instead.

          • trainerblk

            You got that right by the way im hoping for condult on wii u & 3ds i heard rumors about it on the 3ds but none on wii u if it would hit wii u that will basically be are fps for nintendo console

  • 3dsguy

    Hardcore gamers will pay the price for hardcore consoles nintendo make sure wii u has the power we need to last the next 5 years i have waited 4 years for this as my wii only kept me going for 2 years then had to go ps3.I dont want to have to do that again so i want wii u to give me no reason to buy another console i dont like ps or micro but the wii forced me to buy 1 because lack of power and third party but dont get me wrong the wii was amazing but the novelty worn off the controls as every game i always have to flick the remote around. I have got rid of ps3 and now surviving on my 3ds which is amazing getting xl 2 weeks.

    • Gamer

      It’s the first eighth generation to be released, by march after everyone world wide is buying the Wii U like it was sugar, ” hard core” casual gamers shall be by passing all the nonsense to be on sale for the ps3 and the xbox720. Cause the Wii U and PC versions will be in 1080P baby 1080P of the bat, not a foul ball in left field. So let’s rejoice and game on because Nintendo is giving us Mario and assassins creed on the same console at the same grand time.


    Not fussed on power specs etc as long as its good fun who cares really?

  • Gamer

    Reggie Fils’ ame in 2006 said Nintendo was not releasing an HD console back then because only 15% of house holds had HD televisions. He said when American homes reached a bench mark of 83% HD televisions in homes Nintendo would then bring to the market a brand new experience to gamers and families. It’s 2012 eighty to 87% of homes now have HD televisions; you guessed it Nintendo have delivered the Wii U. In short if you don’t have an HD tv like myself and millions of Sony and Microsoft fans that are about to become Nintendo fans again. Start saving up for black Friday HD tv sales. Also save up for the Wii U cause come Christian-mas you should be prepared for joy like it was Christmas in 1985 and 1992 respectively. Haters are buying the Wii U, even delusional Microsoft and Sony CEOs are buying the Wii U.

  • brandon

    It’s obvious that Wii will b more powerful then current gen. u would have to work at making a weaker one. however it is next gen so quite comparing it to older gen plz its so annoyinging. and since xbox8 and ps4 stats and Wii u (officially anyways) are no where to b found next subject plz.

  • ck1x

    I have to keep an open eye next time I stop in to my local GameStop! I’ve never noticed the Sony biased attitude, but then again when I’m set on buying something I usually don’t look for the opinion of the available employee much…

    • SanPharaoh

      I was asking about a Pre-Owned CoD Modern Warfare on the Wii, and that’s when the avalanche of garbage began to spew forth from his mouth.

      He was like: “If you want to play CoD, the best game in the world, then you should be playing it on the PS3…”

      And the rest of the convo is described in the previous comment. This wasn’t the first time I witnessed biases toward the Wii in GameStop, or any where, but when he admitted being courted by Sony, I thought I might share this info with others.

  • Rhys Jackson

    They Must Be Camera Otherwise The Nintendo DSi(ive got) Will Be More Powerful Then

  • queenfan

    Here’s the POWER7 wiki. I doubt IBM will make a cut down when they can just mass produce a validated model already.

    Also, an ATi 4800 would have crushed all other consoles. If they moved to a 6700 recently, that’s fairly modern. Even a 6600 would do.

    I’m not to worried about the graphics here.

  • John

    I don’t see why people make such a big deal about thiis. They constantly fight about which console is best and more powerful. I think the wii u is going to be very successful and awesome but I still think the ps3 and Xbox 360 are great consoles also. I will get the wii u the first day it comes out.

  • link5

    Of course it is I mean it runs on 1080p compared to the ps3 it blows it out the water also it is 8th gen so it would be powerful

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