Nintendo will launch with two Wii U models, a Basic and Deluxe model, retailing at $299 and $349, respectively. The main difference between the two is the internal flash storage (8 GB vs 32 GB), and the inclusion of a copy of Nintendo Land for the Deluxe model. Those looking to purchase Nintendo Land are getting a much better deal by buying the Deluxe version, which includes the game, plus some accessories, and 4X as much flash storage for games, downloads, and more.

It is possible that Nintendo will expand the lineup in the foreseeable future with more Wii U models and Wii U bundles with accessories, games, and other incentives to increase sales. However, the console will launch with only these two Wii U models.

Current Wii U models

Wii U models
There are currently two Wii U models, which will be available at launch. The white model, called “Basic”, includes everything needed to get started, while the “Dekuxe” model adds some accessories and a copy of Nintendo Land. Here’s is the breakdown of the two models:

Basic Wii U model

Comes in white only and includes: console, Wii U GamePad controller, AC adapters for the console and controller, and an HDMI cable. This model features 8 GB internal storage.

Deluxe Wii U model

Comes in black only and includes everything the Basic has, plus adds a console stand, a GamePad stand and charging station, and a copy of the Nintendo Land game. This model features 32 GB internal flash storage.

There is some difference between the Wii U models, depending on what region the console is sold in. In Japan, the Deluxe edition won’t include a copy of the game, instead, players will get a two-year premium version of Nintendo Network. While in Europe, Ubisoft’s ZombiU will be included with the Deluxe model instead of Nintendo Land.

Possible future Wii U models

Nintendo could arguably offer several Wii U models in the future, depending on how much internal flash or hard drive storage there is. Another way to differentiate the models would depend on what kind of accessories are included. Nintendo is also likely to offer different colors of the Wii U in the future, just as they have done with the original Wii console. The simplest things to do would be offer a Wii U model in black or white, but all things suggest that only the white model will be available at launch. It is also quite possible that Nintendo will bundle one of their first party titles like Wii U Play, in order to showcase the features of the console.

Wii U models in other colors

There is a great possibility of Wii U models in other colors than the white version that’s been revealed. However, it is unknown when and if Nintendo will introduce such models. Nintendo has previously introduced models of consoles, like offering a black Wii model after the original white model had been on the market for a few years. While it’s doubtful that we’ll have Wii U models in different colors in the beginning of the console life cycle. Nevertheless, here are some mock-up photos of the Wii U in other colors, in this case, a purple, red, and silver version of the console.
Wii U models colors

  • Ryu

    I want the Black Wii U or the Blue Wii U, Nintendo please release these colors soon not just White.

    • Peter

      Nintendo has made it clear that Black should be available at launch unless they have manufacturing problems (which wont affect Canada or the US). This is not surprising seeing as british retailers are taking pre-orders for both colors already. The reason they get to pre-order is because the delay they will have so I guess thats a “gift” from nintendo, which isn’t anything in my opinion. The shitty thing is that nobody knows the price. People rumour it being more than $300 which seem unlikely. Yes it has a fancy touch screen and all, but look closely at the gamepad, its not made with expensive materials, but it is still strong and good quality. The gamepad looks like it will be cheap when it comes with the console (could be a 249.99 console) and maybe the controller by itself could be $80-100, Or if nintendo wants to make things ridiculous $150



    • 007 1/2

      It is a scientific fact that the eye is attracted to white space so the black will b less distracting. i will get black.

    • Ben

      Actually I think thats purple not blue.

  • david6

    I want red, but dont like design, it doesnt sell me.

    • david6

      Red the color of wine of grapes and blood of grapes.

  • Death

    The silver one is sexy

    • Wildman

      I agree.

      • Lixdy

        GO SILVER

        • GO SEXY SIVER ;)


          • LyingTuna

            As long as its not silver the hedgehog, yeah silver is sexy!

          • Ahchoo


  • Ian

    well models and colors don’t really matter to me I just want a console with good games and one that does not break! The wii u I think will do those two things really well. The design is kinda bland it looks kinda like an xbox but that’s just my opinion

    • Erdo

      in my opinion it actually looks more like a DVD player except rounded on the corners. But i agree that it is pretty bland.

  • dan1286


  • Norm the Conqueror

    Actually, the Wii DID have one other model, The Wii Family Edition. It wasn’t backwards compatible with Gamecube games.

  • BowsersEvilPlot

    Does anyone think that they could make a Zelda themed Wii U?
    (they did with the 3DS)

    • Arekesu

      If they do it wont be until the Wii U is getting a Zelda game.

    • Pokemon Master#1

      It will probably be gold with the triforce on the top.

  • Star_fox

    How about some other colours like yellow or green? Or even some colour combinations suited to specific games, like a mario case or a luigi case

    • Coldore

      You’re totally right, i just dont get it,
      why wont the make things like with a mario
      or Luigi theme, Just what i want to say:
      what would you want
      a simple boring white 3ds or one that makes your unique
      or one that always looks cool?!
      i dont rather if i need to pay 10 more dollars so…!

      • Coldore

        With 3ds i just mean Console or Handheld, sorry

      • Colton S.

        I’d like to see a blue color like the water in the bahamas. I really think that would be my deciding factor on waiting or getting it now. I already preordered it in white. I do really like that one too.

  • 1upwhere

    probably wii u will come with nintendo land

  • jamin

    Nintendo hasn’t said so, but i’m pretty positive that Nintendo Land will be a pack-in. They would be idiots not to. Also it’s pretty obvious that it will be a pack-in because they have described it as “the Wii Sports of Wii U,” so they kinda gave away their plan…

    • Coldore

      Yeah you’re right Nintendo land just demonstrates : asymmetric
      Gameplay perfectly, (purpose of Wii U) just as Wii sports did
      for the Wii with motion Controls. I think there’s 80% chance that
      it might happen, maybe with a higher price, I think its going to cost
      350 Euro’s/Dollars, so let’s say 360 – 370! but of course i hope
      its gonna cost 310 – 320!

      • BowsersEvilPlot

        Actually the Wii U is going to cost $299. The games will most likely cost $60 at the most.

        • CrazyBob

          I hope only 50$ at most per game and not 60$ but hey if it is 60$ per game I’m still getting Wii U

      • fileep

        it will be $350 for deluxe and $300 for normal

  • AndyC

    The best ones in order are 1) Silver (2) Black (3) White (4) Red

  • Case

    I want a black one I hope that is available at launch!!

  • Jarred

    I would love to see more colors than just black and white. It was kind of a downer when Nintendo had all these videos of greens Wiis, yellow controllers, etc, but we didn’t get them all we got was white, black, and red, with a light blue controller thrown in. Nintendo should try to release Wii Us in all the colors that they showcased the Wii in. I even have an idea that would be crazy; a transparent Wii U much like the classic transparent purple GameBoy Colors. Nothing really special, just a simple clear glass-looking scheme would suffice.

    • Coldore

      Yeah i know,
      The reason that nintendo is doing that is because
      some of the other develepors said nintendo was “Childish”
      but Nintendo is just INNOVATIVE!!
      and thats what cares,
      but because of that they were slowly becoming more boring
      in colors. But nintendo is also there for family gaming so i think some other
      colors wont be a problem,
      !!Red and Light Blue!! Go! Go! Go!

      • Coldore

        I think it isnt Childish

    • CrazyBob


      We need as many types as Wii U’s as possible so it fits different peoples needs I’m thinking there can be all of these






      Zelda–Gold with a triforce on top

      Mario–Red with mushrooms and mario characters all over

      Pikmin–Every side has a different Pikmin. the top has all the captains too

      Luigi’s Mansion–Black The top would have Luigi the bottom would have E.Gadd and all around there would be ghosts

      Fire Emblem-Not sure but Nintendo could find a design

      Metroid-Not sure but Nintendo could find a design

      Kirby-Not sure again but Nintendo could TOTALLY find a design

      Theres probably even more themes they could make but I can’t think of anymore

  • Lixdy

    Silver and Black Ones All The Way 🙂

  • ZeldaFan

    There should also be themed ones such as a mario or a zelda!

  • awsomeness

    when will this be out

  • Iknow

    ok i want black but we all know white will come first also people get white because it has 62% that it will come with a free HDMI cable!

    • CrazyBob

      No Black is better
      Plus Black actually will come on release date unless there is manufacturing problems but those problems will not affect USA and Canada
      White may come with a free HDMI cable but Black is still more worth it because white is 300$ where black is 350$ a game costs 50$ and black comes with a game unlike white black has 32 gigabytes where white has 8 black also might come with a HDMI cable as well black also comes with a charging station and the console and controller
      Hope this changes your mind on what the better deal is.

  • JAK013

    they should have them in neon colors

    • Coldore

      Cool Blue or Red or Green or.. just al Neon colors are Cool

  • 007 1/2

    That silver one looks awesome. I would love to see the silver gamepad.

  • Apple Pie

    Thay should have the Wii u in neon green or blue or tropicol colors but the colors thay have now are still cool. Thay shoud poud the console more colors.I think thay chould poud a Purple one that would be cool. Wii U that would be asome i mit get one. I hird a lot of good things abot the wii u i think the wii u is cool 😉 ……………………!!!

  • Domo57

    Blue w/ orange accents.

  • Christopher

    Red and Sliver mock-ups look great, I would love to see them as actual colours later on down the Wii U’s life cycle.

  • LyingTuna

    I want a Chintendo Vii U. If you don’t get it… Google it.


      but that’s the Chinese copy cat wini

  • SkateRyan

    I hope the chassis isn’t glossy. I’d rather have a mat sheen similar to what the 3DS chassis has.

  • omega96

    cant you just spray paint it yourself and choose what ever color you want with a shiny finish to it like the 3ds

  • TexMex134

    that would be awesome if they were to make ZombiU Themed consoles or any sorta themed console, they should look into it. XD

  • Wii u is good but how good

    It should have a blue ray player it would be more awesome
    But its good Enfough for me 😀

    • roedburn

      Bluray on game consoles is over rated. Wii U already has everything it needs.

  • Oscar

    That silver one is nice

  • Nintendude


  • Ben

    Blue or black. But i wouldn’t mind getting the white one. Just not the red and silver one.

  • Wii U Lover

    Siver and black look awesome. But think about green and Gold. That’s right Gold. But the WII U SHALL LIVE FOREVER. 🙂

  • 007 1/2

    i want blue, silver and black. if there was a gold one i would definitely get that.

  • I’ll buy that for a dollar!

    Silver is very sexy

  • PenguinGames

    I love the red one, I wish it was real! But in the real world, black please. 😀

  • Coldore

    I like the Red or Blue one but really want a light or Sky Blue
    that just gives me a nintendo feeling

  • Zak Eblade

    The silver color looks badass. But can they please at least have a color combinations, like black on any color (you know, black goes with everything as people said.)






  • todo

    the wii u is awoume




    my mom said i am not aloud to get a wii u when it comes out

    cry cry cry cry cry cry cry

    • EPICGAMER111


    • Looks like you aren’t that epic of a gamer after all!


    Wii U is going to be SO EPIC I can’t wait a whole 1 YEAR. I just wish I could get 1 when it comes out. But at least I’ll get one. Just like the normal Wii I only had it for 1 year, 5 months, 2 weeks, and 4 days exactly.
    But I still wish I could get it now so I don’t have to wait to have the fun of it. I hope I get a black console, because my sister wants to get a red console.
    So can you please like the comment that I posted 1 day ago at 8:24. THAT WOULD MAKE ME SO HAPPY.
    So could you please like that 🙂
    I have looked up so much info on the Wii U, so i pretty much know everything about it. The only thing that i don’t know is all the names of the games.
    I just hope I will get one.






    You have to admit, the silver looks like a VCR

  • Master of Football 1

    wii u is not cool if they have football

    • EPICGAMER111


    • Wii U rocks

      You are absolutley wrong!!!




    dis like Master of Football

  • Ki11erTeddybear

    Personally I like the purple one but then purple is my favorite color as for design I love the simple design because simple design means easier to make skins for it to personalize it and really make it mine

  • Lengenscheit

    I love the purple.

  • MH3U

    The purple reminds me of the Gamecube I love it.

  • TAWOG carrie

    OK! Yahoo!

  • big b

    the wii u is going to be so fun

  • devon

    the wii u is going to be released in black and white and im gonna get the black one and you should all watch the wii u e3 trailer and all the game trailers

  • Wii-u is awsome

    The wii-u is awsome i have been saveing for years. The deluxe version will be $350, the normal one will be $300

  • wii u deluxe

    In UK they have Wii U standard= £230 then Wii U premium with nintendo land= £275 and another Wii U premium with zombie U and pro controller = £300

  • Tobias

    Basic is 470$, Premium is 559$, premium with zomb.. Is 602$. Thats the price here in sweden. I am so angry about this. Same console but almost doubble price

    • wow, sucks to be you. Its $300 basic here, and $350ish for Deluxe. Srry dude

      • wow sucks to be you. here in britain it is £300 for PREMIUM pack.

  • aaron

    For now I would like to buy the black one, but I’m hoping Nintendo will release a Bayonetta2 WII U model.

  • patricks wee woo

    umm dekuxe no its deluxe

  • Raymond

    The red Wii U could be perfect for a Mario bundle!

  • Anomanous Kyle

    I just pray that the new Zelda title rumored for the wiiu stays away from the linear gameplay style of SS. Skyward sword was so straightforward, that after I beat it, it had almost no replayibility. Honestly, I don’t think I’m ever going to play hero mode. I couldn’t care less about the arrstyle, for me it’s always been the gameplay, but please Nintendo, bring back the exploration and freedom we all love.

    • charles

      they will make a zelda wii u game in 2014

    • CrazyBob

      Thats how I felt
      I thought it would be like wind waker just in the sky. But there was one problem. There wasn’t enough places. For me the world was too small and you couldn’t really EXPLORE they always told you what to do

      “Link, go to that pillar of light”

      Gee thanks game I didn’t know that when I opened a green pillar of light through the clouds I was supposed to go through it!

  • Anomanous Kyle

    I just pray that the new Zelda title rumored for the wiiu stays away from the linear gameplay style of SS. Skyward sword was so straightforward, that after I beat it, it had almost no replayibility. Honestly, I don’t think I’m ever going to play hero mode. I couldn’t care less about the arrstyle, for me it’s always been the gameplay, but please Nintendo, bring back the exploration and freedom we all enjoy.

  • charles

    I cant wait to get this awsome system

  • charles

    I heard that you can play old wii games on the wii u

  • Christa

    Does anyone know if there will EVER be a zelda edition wii u? I’m praying for a shiny gold model….

    • I KNOW. I don’t plan to buy a WiiU untill the next Zelda release in 2014-2015ish. And im also PRAYING for a gold WiiU or a Zelda WiiU edition. 

  • Erick Sitter

    I would love a baby blue wii u(that matches the Us blue color)

  • Comjean

    Does the wii u basic come in black?

  • Rodiercz

    in czech republic there is also zombi u edition which contains zombiu and pro controller..