Aug 24th, 2012

Nintendo revealed the Wii U social network, Miiverse, at E3 2012. Miiverse offers features such as status updates, chat, video chat, screenshot and video sharing, and more. Now Nintendo president Satoru Iwata reveals the intentions of Miiverse: to make it a real social network for video games, much like Facebook is for the rest of the world. Speaking to Kotaku, Iwata directly compared Miiverse with Facebook and its “social graph”, saying,

“I feel that we need to create a gaming platform as the place to create that ‘social graph’ for folks who are in gaming circles”

Wii U miiverseIwata added that it’s “very important” for single player games to have a social component. He said they are creating Miiverse for players who “are playing by themselves will not feel like they are playing by themselves”. Adding Miiverse and a social component to single player games — and Nintendo makes a lot of singleplayer-exclusive games — sounds like an excellent idea. A way to connect with other gamers while you don’t necessarily have to play with or against them. Iwata concluded by saying that Nintendo plans to make more announcements regarding Wii U’s online plans — including Miiverse — in the future. Miiverse will be part of the Nintendo Network and all features will be free to use.

Via Kotaku

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  • swic11

    I’ve actually read on numerous sites that Twitter is a better comparison for miiverse rather than facebook. Quick little messages. Either way, I hope there is a way to turn this “in game” feature off. It would suck if there are spoilers and Nintendo has said that there will be moderation for spoilers as well, but there is no way they can find everything

    • RichxGlov

      Isn’t there a feature before you post something on MiiVerse there would be tags?
      (I.E.) Tags: possible spoiler, spoiler

      My Blacklist: spoiler, spoilers

      Would be great if they added this.

      • AKA-Link77

        i guess u guys have a point with major spoilers but id still love to have it turned on and use my Wii U at its max potential. Other wise the feature(s) will just sit there being sad. : (

    • elbossmx

      I would also like for Nintendo to add a way to turn that feature off.
      There are a lot of little kids out there who love to spoil the endings of games just to show off. How many times have you found out the ending to a movie on facebook? It would be infinite worse with the Miiverse.
      I hope they let us choose whether or not tu use it.

      • Dat Guy

        If I understand correct, then you think anyone can post on your wall or whatever it’s called? I thought you had to add friends, I’m obviously not sure though.

        • Grodus

          No, Miiverseposts show up in games,for instsance, when you die in NSMBU. Thats what he means.

          • Dan

            He meant on fb..n yeah if ur complaining about somebody spoiling something on fb then just delete them..

    • TheBoldman67

      I 100% agree with you. What if I’m playing Metroid on Wii U, and pause to check my news feed and some random guy says “GUESS WHAT GUYS? SAMUS DIES IN THE END!” Maybe they should only put the Miiverse update thing in certain modes and main menu. or like you said, a turn off button. Same with the 3DS Miiverse.

      • rafael

        OH NOOOEEESSS!!!!
        You should have said SPOILER ALERT!

      • fedster

        i think they should gie the victim the option to block any messages that would have the word “metroid” or “samus” or “end’ in that case. or block any oher words for other cases if necessary and temporarily

      • Pachter Jr.ยดs a dick

        I just bought the game asshole, literally!

      • NEW GAME ORDER is U

        your point holds no water that info could be sent to you or found by you in any way shape or form

        you could log into facebook a guy says samus dies at the end , a newspaper,the internet web sites a phone call a text anyone at any time by any means of data info exchange could say HAY SAMUS DIES AT THE END ,i dont see how miiverse changes anything there

        i was expecting nintendos system to be like this any make sense i want private messaging also and video calling etc

  • Nintedward

    could be a revoloution !!! just imagine using the gamepad to use this feature when your tv is switched off !!! AWESOME !!!!

    • Nintendonoob

      adding to the Wii U Gamepad… What if you are playing a game and someone messages you… you look at it then you go and select voice reply then you say ” Good Idea… I will join in a bit” then click send. you would barley keep your eyes off the tv and it would be extremely convenient to me

      • Nintedward

        indeed. i may sound fanboy (which i am 65% nint 35% other) , but the wiiu has unlimited potential to do most things .
        its looking incredible . little features make all the difference.
        it is blatently next gen when you consider all the awesome features it has.

  • Shankovich

    To me it looks like, more than anything, it’s mostly going to be unique in its own way. Having all games and mini communities for them standing like people in a plaza, giving a “world” feeling, isn’t like anything out right now. I won’t be surprised if Sony or Microsoft follow suite (more Sony since they don`t have a very ground system social-wise).

    • icanseeu

      PlayStation Home?

      • Shankovich

        Yes, which I like a bit more in a sense. Sorry, looks like I mixed up my ending there, I meant Microsoft would probably follow since Nintendo is copying Sony in a sense.

        • Uribemaster

          How is Nintendo copying Sony? I believe Sony is copying Nintendo.What about Sony All Stars and vita to ps3 crossplay?

          • Shankovich

            I think Sony is justified in making All-Stars. Their fans deserve a brawler too, and Sony has enough icons to do it.

      • Grodus

        He thinks that that sucks. (yes, i meant to say that that, people who for some reason are going to skim this over and say, “hay, yoo sed tat thet!!!”:/)

  • Nintyfan

    It can also be compared to that of text messages on phones. I can see everyone using Miiverse a lot.

    SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY NINTENDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Macarony64

    it would be cool to know that your fried die in a map you pass so easy or that your friend ended first of that he called varius moab now instead of he telling you and you dont beliving him ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Raul

    I wonder if this will be the final design that they will use?

  • Bosmur

    Man I hope they make a Metriod Prime online multiplayer that would be epic

  • I dont like facebook

    i prefer twitter

  • Christopher

    And its the type of facebook that DOESN’T have shit games on it… me like!

  • Smitty

    my arse is nippin like fook waitin for wiiu!!

    • JC

      Mine too fella ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Nintedward

      that was the most English comment of all time XD .
      ”my bloody Arse is nippin ” XD .
      i hate my country .

      • jat

        and your country is..? Mine is Panama and I love it! The only bad thing is that we never know when stuff is going to lauch here

        • Nintedward

          i am english . from manhester. how is panama dude ?

          • Nintedward


  • nintendoododo

    yeah yeah i am first. so what? I don’t need medal!!!

    • Grodus

      Dude, if your gonna say that and you dont post a real comment, it kinda defeats the purpose.

      • AKA-Link77

        i dont really suggest suicide but in your case. . . . .

    • jman4102

      i am seriously wondering if there is a way to kick nintendoodoo off wii u daily

    • Alienfish

      Hasn’t anyone learned by now that even if it looks like you are first, there are other comments being moderated before yours? Posting a comment like the one above on this site is simply a great way to make yourself look like an idiot.

    • RichxGlov

      Please, kill yourself.

    • Dat Guy


    • Smitty

      you need a slap not a medal!

    • Nintedward

      here is your medal . X@

      • Nintedward

        this was sarcastic . this mofo obviously does not get a medal .

      • Nintedward

        this was sarcastic . this mofo obviously does not get a medal .

    • rafael

      Wiiu dailly should block this comments…its getting annoying :/

      Anyway, this is not my decision to make.

  • kรผtral

    Great, cant wait

  • AwayToHit

    My nipples are ready…

    …wait what?

    • Grodus

      Mine too. Hey, wait a second!!!:D

  • Alienfish

    I’m actually all for the Miiverse. As long as they give us cross game voice chat as well it should be all good.

    • RichxGlov

      Since the Vita has Cross Game Voice Chat, I would be surprised if the Wii U didn’t have the feature.

    • swic11

      totally agree here. It would be sweet to run through a single player game with a friends in another location and be able to talk about what the hell is going on.

  • Shadriczo (-Troll Scanner Bot-)

    Comment Area Scan Complete…..

    “Good, the trolls haven’t invade this topic as the meantime..”

    This would be a good way to communicate with other gamers who want to make friends both on console and on facebook etc. if they’re looking for help.

    • Shadriczo (-Troll Scanner Bot-)

      )-Warning, Troll threats have been detected, proceed with caution.-(

      • Grodus

        Yeah, thats just Nintendoodoo.

    • Alienfish

      Ha! There could be a minigame where you defeat a known troll comment and have it removed from the message board! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Galaxy

    All they need to do is add tags like Twitter.

    For example, you write your message with probably a spoiler and you could add something like *spoiler* and it would go into a section where there are many messages that include the *spoiler* tag.

  • Nintendofreak

    Finally going to get some friends….did I say dat out loud

    • Grodus

      No, but you posted it on the internet.:I

  • Kamon

    Yes! This will be awesome because I only know about 2 people that are Nintendo lovers and want to buy the Wii U. The Wii U’s slogan “Together Better, Together Wii U” is really showing its face now. <3

  • D2K

    I hope that you are not forced to use Miiverse. I don’t want to see random bulletin’s and comments on my dashboard when starting up the system, nor do I even care about what other gamers are saying or doing. I just want to play the games.

  • Hi8us

    I wonder if nintendo thinks this will do what wii sports did for wii. Being that, people played wii sports in someone else’s house, loved it and that was the hook that got some people to buy wii. Maybe this will be the same because so many people are on facebook and twitter but this social network will only exist on Wii U. People might see it at someone else’s house and want to get a Wii U.

    • Grodus

      Nah, ps/xbox have that too, and thats what nintendo land is for.

  • Ben

    I hope they find a way you can “thrust” people so their messages show up imediatly on the screen instead of being moderated first (or just a quick filter but i guess they already insert a list of bad words into the OS). And if a certain amount of people thrust you you should get a little medal or token so other people know you are not a asshole or pedophile. And your messages wont go trough moderation anymore but when you get flagged once for a reason (swearing or drawing immature stuff) you lose it and cant get it back for a year or so.
    (also all your friends are trusted from the moment you add them and you have the option to post messages only visible for your friends)

    I hope they will do that, just to not annoy the people that want to use this with the best intentions and try to make this a pleasant experience.

    • Grodus

      Oh, and if you get you get flagged twice without it, you lose forever.So, you get one extra chance, and if you gain Nice Person status, you get a 3 strikes you out kinda thing.Als, if you get one flag without it, it adds a year tou your bill agin(or for the first time if you never got it).

  • Wii u

    Wii u could use this thing that google has where you write it down and it googles it for you by recognizing your words. They could put that in miiverse

  • PiionU

    It is just fascinating how kiddie all this shit is. Miiverse thats a kiddie name. The blue bulshi…I mean boxart is childish. Theg name and the logo of that thing are wellg I better don’t write that here. Face it MS and SONY just shit on Nintenbla. They are for babys, the cinsole is for babies and all of you also are babies. Nintendo shits in a box and you’d call it innovative because shit inside a box hasn’t existed yet.

    • Hi8us

      You’re problem is the same problem a lot of people have. Nintendo is for everyone so yes, it is for kids… it’s also for teens and adults. You can stay being immature if you want. Maybe one day you will grow up and get a Wii U.

    • TheUNation

      Hey PissonU… you’ve come to the wrong place to bash Nintendo like that. This is Nintendo territory and you’re invading it. The Wii U is the most unique, yet powerful, video game console. The blue and yellow in the box art matches non-specific action figure. Microsoft and Sony are for babies since they have Sesame Street on KINECT and Wonderbook on PS3 via PlayStation Move.

      Nintendo is the leader in innovating video games and changes the way we play games forever. Microsoft and Sony wants to be like Nintendo and copy the Big N’s innovation. And at the end, one game console doesn’t sell well in Japan while the other company have laid off 10,000 employees and indefinitely closed down their game development studio in Liverpool.

      Get N or GTFO!!!!!

    • rafael

      Really? How old are u? You sound like a 14 years old…wich is basicaly the mental age to wich the so called ‘mature’ games appeal the most.

    • SavingUpForTheWiiU

      We’re the kids? At least we actually know how to spell “console”.
      If anything your the kid.

    • Adam Fox

      Theg = the
      wellg = well
      “I better don’t” = “I better not”
      “cinsole” = console
      “Nintendo in a box” = Michael Pachter reference to Nintendo writing their name on a box and fans buy it….

      If you are going to insult someone, at least learn to spell and use correct grammar. If it wasn’t for Nintendo, you wouldn’t have a PlayStation or Xbox! After the video game crash of 1983, the market was afraid to deal with video games anymore. Nintendo used New York City as a test market for the NES in 1985 and it did well, that’s why it was released nation-wide and that’s why we have PlayStation and Xbox now! In fact, there probably wouldn’t even be a PlayStation if it wasn’t for Nintendo since the PlayStation system was supposed to be a CD-ROM add-on for the Super Nintendo…Nintendo out-lasted Sega and Atari in the console market. Now Sega and Atari are making games for other consoles that at one time, they would be competing against. Nintendo also has Zelda, Metroid, Starfox, Mario, Kirby, Pikmin, Pokemon…i’m sure I left off a couple HUGE name titles. Microsoft has….*Scoff*….Halo…as well as Forza MotorSports (I like Forza..Halo sucks)…Sony has Drake (Uncharted) and Kratos (God of War)….the way things are going now….its nothing but a bunch of meme FPS games competing with the already god-awful Call of Duty series that needs to just hurry up and die off….Oh, which, by the way…Call of Duty probably wouldn’t have gotten ANYWHERE without the success of GoldenEye…on Nintendo64….

    • Solboogie

      I dont agree with your comment but you screen name is hilarious lol haha! Relax games are just that, GAMES!

    • vge

      Your clearly a child. No grown man gets on the internet complaining about how “kiddie” something is. And seeing how this Gen has saw most teenage boys becoming fragheads claiming everything else is gay, it makes sense to see your maturity isn’t quite there yet.

  • TheUNation

    When The Regginator says “…it’s Nintendo. It does everything!”, he meant it. And Iwata-san have truly innovated the way we look and play video games. Fundamentally, having Miiverse as a social network is truly a tottaly U-nique experience. “…status updates, chat, video chat, screenshot and video sharing, etc.” Everything are all at a touch of a single finger or stylus. And I’ve mentioned previously at a different Nintendo blog, adding Miiverse as a social network for gaming and entertainment is truly a great learning experience.

    But that’s not all. If I recall two months ago, NoA President and COO Fils-Aime have mentioned that not only the Miiverse will be connected to the Wii U… but also gonna connect the Miiverse to PCs and smartphones.

    Now you’re playing with power– Social Power!

  • Kev

    Of course Miiverse is optional. If I’m playing a Zelda game for the first time then yeah I might turn it off, but for the most part I’ll keep it on because I think it’s a cool feature.

  • Adam Fox

    Hopefully they will keep that stupid company Zynga away from Miiverse…..Zynga is the worst thing to ever be allowed on FaceBook and I refuse to play ANYTHING with their name on it…….(along with any other FaceBook games…..)…..I always tell those folks on FaceBook to buy a video game system like Wii, Xbox360 or PS3 to play games…..or even a tablet or phone…but FaceBook is annoying as hell b/c it SPAMS other peoples wall with their achievements(for being a loser) on all their friends walls

  • retardedguy

    hey everyone isn’t the wii u basically an ultra super powerful home console version of the ds with a heck of a lot more features

    • retardedguy

      i cant believe i’m so dumb

  • Marine Aquatic

    To me, Miiverse is Nintendo’s Facebook. I look forward to connecting with the millions of Nintendo fans all over the world. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • NoPUNintendo

    Facebook for Gamers. I really love that idea. It’s a bit of a bummer there’s not one site like that. I mean, sure you got the Wii sites, the Ps3 sites, the 360 sites. But not one site for gamers to hang out at. (one that is quite popular anyways)

  • Dan

    Nintendo FTW!!!!!