Nov 15th, 2012

Nintendo of Japan has released the first image of the Wii U Mii creator, which looks a lot like the old creator found in the original Wii and in the current Nintendo 3DS. This isn’t a big surprise, as the old one was perfectly fine. As usual, players can use the Mii creator to customize their Mii character in a variety of ways, changing the shape of the face, changing the hair, eyes, and more. For the Wii U, players can use the built-in camera in the GamePad to take a picture of themselves, where after a Mii will automatically be generated.

Wii U Mii creator

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  • Master of Awesomeness

    I think they could have changed it a bit more. Although it’s not as dull, and thats great!

    • theBALLANCEDopinion

      You know what would be awesome? Iff every game you baught came with free outfits/collectible items for your Miis. So it could be actual clothing and then like for example like a master sword iff you got a Zelda game. It would officially rape Microsoft’s avatar. We already knew that Miis are way more customizable in their faces (where it counts really) but avatars have better clothing options. Iff Nintendo could use my free Mii outfits with purchase of game idea, there would be absolutely no argument as to Miis being better. Cool thing is that Nintendo can do system Updates to patch this up.

      • WiiUboy

        Yeah. That would be great!

        • TheWholeTruth

          Agree, it would be better.

          But given the Wii U is getting an HD update, the Miis should, you know, follow that trend..

      • Andrew Sheehan

        This is a great idea.. hopefully the Nintendosquad will read this and take note!

      • darkfox

        i see this being added via nfc

      • Chris

        That would actually cause some problems, despite sounding cool. In a game like Wii Sports Resort, where you wear different clothes depending on the sport you’re doing, would your customized outfit replace the in-game one? If my customized avatar had a sombrero on, would I still wear a helmet when I went cycling in the game?

    • Matthewmc685

      I always wanted an AniMii (Anime Miis) feature to give my Miis a different look with more customization to set Miis apart. Anime is a Japanese art style that most people in Weston places think of PokΓ©mon (even know that’s only basic manga) and fans of Naruto, Bleach and BoBoBo won’t need me to explain manga.

  • jacobbaba


  • Alienfish

    I think Mii’s were cool to begin with, but they’re just so limited. I think Nintendo could do something much better. Am I the only one who gets frustrated trying to make my Mii look like myself and my family members? It never turns out quite right.

    • Thepokemonmaster

      I actually thought the same, 3DS had more options, and wii u will have more :3

      • Kyle

        I forget that I have a Mii on the 3DS most of the time.

    • nintendofreak

      same here n i think dey should make d miis more human like u know fingers n hand not just a ball…u knw cuztumizable things like u can buy dem sueters n shit of d like dat would be cool

      • NameUcantHate

        that post gave me cancer

        • Cardcaptor Twi

          It probably gave everyone that.

    • olimar

      No, you’re not the only one.
      And yeah, I’d wish for more detailed options, like hats or something. But that’s too much nintendo I guess. :/

    • Nintedward

      Well for some people , it’s good to have a mii that doesn’t resemble themselves for obvious reasons.

      Mii on the other hand, Can’t seem to make a handsome enough mii.

      • WiiUWiiUWiiU

        I don’t know… your profile picture looks a bit boxy.

        • Nintedward

          How do you know πŸ˜› ? What’s your mii name ?.

          My mii is beautifull but not handsome enough which was my point.
          I’m struggleing to make the Brad pit X George clooney look that does me justice.

          • John Walter

            Your really cocky about your looks , I’ve noticed in past post. I bet you are an ugly looking person.

          • Nintedward

            You wouldn’t downvoat me if you saw me. Just saying…

          • fallenninetales

            It would be my luck trip over you somewhere besides nintendo news :/

    • MEJM

      Yup. Adding more options wouldn’t be bad. One thing I really hate about Miis is the nose. But with a little bending it’s possible to make some funny Miis! Just not very realistic ones.

    • Britton

      I agree 100%. I am kinda disappointed they didnt add more options (or so it seems). I hate to say it but the 360’s avatar creator dominates the Mii creator.

      Also, it may just be me, but anytime I take a picture of my face on the 3DS and it creates the Mii for me… it turns out terrible.

      • bill

        No it doesn’t, the 360 doesn’t have spacing, size, or angling of the facial features that the Wii has. It depends on what kind of person you are trying to make.

    • Marq

      I was always hoping for the update where they added more looks and features, but that never came.

  • Dan


  • Jetty

    3ds transfer?

    • Kahhhhyle

      Wii transfer? We already know we can save miis to a wii remote so why not right?

    • Nintedward

      Yes , you can transfer your mii from 3DS or Wii to Wiiu if that’s what you were asking.

      I think the reason they kept it the same is so we can have mii’s that are the same on 3ds and wiiu πŸ™‚

  • Ryu No Hadouken

    Good. If it aint broke dont fix it! Too many people are familiar with this UI to change it. Great job Nintendo!!!!

  • mikey

    good to know the camera picture uploads straight from the gamepad rather than uploading pictures and all.

  • podge79

    Itsa mii…. Mario!!!

  • Leeroy

    No outfits:(

    • Nitro

      What if you got hats for finishing accomplishments? Similar to what they have on the 3ds game find mii.

      • Hero Of Time

        Yeah, all they show is the eyebrows, so the other details MUST have something!

  • Smokey cheese

    A cartoon version of the players face that’s pretty cool .I like the Wii miis I just remember thinking I wish they were more customisable.I remember when Rare were going to utilise a similar feature in the N64 game Perfect Dark but it was abandoned due to worrys of the psychological effect it could have the players shooting realistic looking versions of there friends in split screen death not totally sure if I have that correct I will check that.

    • Smokey cheese

      10th Feb2000, rare released a statement that they removed the feature from the game for moral light of the recent high school shootings in the United States. Gamers could with the game boy camera take pictures of their friends and linking up the device with the N64 and using the face mapping software on the cart then transpose the image onto a character model and use it in death matches.

    • Michael

      Lol, I remember when people worried about psychological effects of video games.

    • Leeroy


      • Cardcaptor Twi

        A dath battle? At least it’s not a death battle.

  • Man

    It looks more detailed on the wii u than the will lets hope we can dress them up in street clothes or costumes

  • Swic11

    Ok, I’m sure I will get a few dislikes, but I think that Nintendo needs to upgrade their mii’s and the mii system ASAP, it wouldn’t take much effor to make them look better. I was afraid of the same mii system being used on the U, and now it’s confirmed. Kinda blows.

  • eli

    oh….well this is sad….not enough screen shots πŸ™‚

  • Superstick

    Nintendo absolutely warms my heart I swear. They have put HD on the WII U and still let you be able to create awesome cartoony like people instead of real bony like people. I play the game because It is a fantasy world where anything can happen. If I want to see a REALISTIC face I can just look in the mirror for gods sake. And Microsoft… Avatars? REALLY? Nintendo invented miis and they will be the best at making them. Nintendo FTW!!! BTW looks cool.

    • swic11

      I pick xbox360’s avatar system of Mii’s any day. I love Nintendo to death, but they need to upgrade their mii creator

      • Britton

        I agree as I said above. πŸ™‚

  • The Detonator

    can you put different clothes??? i want more customization!

    • mikey

      Doesn’t look like it , there’s no sign for clothes at the bar at the top of the wii u screen. kinda sucks was hoping for more depth to the customization of mii characters, something that makes you different from others.

    • Nintedward

      This is my problem! After playing Mario Tennis Open for 3DS , mii’s will never quite be the same without over a 150 different clothing items to custimize him with.

      Mario Tennis Open was a ”good” game , but the clothing and racket customization for the mii was outstanding and begs the question , why isnt there some sort of shop where we can dress our mii’s ?

      Wiiu playcoins at the clothes shop ? why not ?

      • JumpMan

        maybe the clothes are in the beginning and you choose wether you wan’t to make a Mii or customize it!? (wishful thinking)

      • Zeldatrek fc 3780-9021-0732

        Nintedward on Nov. 30th: ” I’ve been walking for hours with my brand new gamepad and I’ve still haven’t earned any playcoins. πŸ™ But at least I’ve smacked a couple of zombies with it.

  • LyingTuna

    The Mii maker is one of my favorite things on Wii and 3DS. My only issue is that I’d like the ability to get different outfits and props for them, like 360 avatars. My Xbox avatar is Dr. Eggman. I want my Mii to have a Dr Robotnik costume as well. That’s all I have to say on the subject. I am loving the ign reviews of Wii U games. They seem to love ’em. Also, I have a flu. I really, really hope it passes before sunday…


    This is disppointing I would REALLY feel like Next Gen if they would at least do as good an Upgrade as (what I like to call “Fake Miis”) aka xBox 360 Avatars

    Its already bad with how much storage we actually get to use, some of the games ported or missing certain features (a thing Nintendo Fans have had to put up with since Gamecube, or the fact that there is no achievement program that is system wide (these things arent make it or break it I just don’t want to give the haters more Ammo)

    Like come on Nintendo I have been playing you since Day 1 & I have Pre Ordered My WiiU for this Sunday remember this system is “U” in reference to the HardCore like everyone on this website

    November 18th still can’t wait πŸ™‚

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Looks great, I hope they put in some new features we can add to our Miis. But on the other hand, doesn’t anyone else out there think they could have made it a bit more detailed like the XBox Avatars? I don’t mean they should make the Miis look more realistic, they’re supposed to be cartoony and that works great. What I mean is wouldn’t it have been better to be able to give your Miis different clothes and accessories etc (Like XBox Avatars) though it wasn’t really a useful feature on 360 it was nice to have that extra element of personalization and the large selection of options available on 360 made it feel so much more detailed than the Mii Channel. I still maintain that Miis should keep the simple aesthetic they had when they were used in games (They didn’t have legs, they just hopped around – that was cute and funny – and also they just were painted 1 colour rather than having clothing like on XBox, this was particularly fitting in Wii Sports as it acted like a team colour) But having more varied designs was a nice feature in partys and such. All in all I’m not too bothered that Miis are as simple as ever but I just don’t think it would have hurt to offer the same options Microsoft offered. Say what you like but 360 offers more choice and for a lot of people, that makes all the difference. Oh well I’ll still have a lot of fun with these little guys.

  • NintendoMan :D

    It needs to have more options for customizing overall. The Mii I made on my 3DS doesn’t look quite like me.

  • Dan

    Damn just won bacarrat at the casino just on time!! yey my bday is at 16 too!!! What a bday present 4 me!!!!

  • TheDavyStar


    • VezNetwork

      We don’t need a constant reminder. -.-

  • RonaldCoLtd

    Mii Like.

  • Sylux

    I know for sure I too get dislikes for speaking my mind on this, but it’s kinda a shame the mii’s look almost identical to the mii’s which where invented 6 years ago πŸ™ I’ve never been to fond on the mii’s, but I knew they would come haunting me again. Downvote if you want/need, it’s only my personal opinion. I’m just not fond of the mii’s. But I’ll accept it that again I’m forced to make a look-alike mii to play the games πŸ™

    It won’t hold me back from getting a wii-U asap though I still love Nintendo and their franchise, their games and everything, just not the mii’s.

  • Ledreppe

    Can you ‘import’ the Mii’s on your Wii to the Wii U through the WiiMote Mii storage function. That would be neat.

    • Dan

      I guess all the data transfer would do that,, otherwise its no big deal …

  • asdf asdf asdf

    Well it looks exact copy of wii version. LAme


    No camera facial capture features from the controller? Thats a let down. 😐

  • Finnishnintendofan

    That hd fits for miis.

  • Maverick-Hunter

    On my 3ds my mii has a Mario hat and a pikmin hat … I jus hope the wii u let’s us customize our miis like the 3ds if not better

  • Hibill18

    I’m fine with this. I loved the original Mii creator. I just hope the add more options to customize your Mii!

  • JoesatMoes

    Although I like the Wii Mii studio, I think they could have at least put in clothes or something- maybe with one new clothing item per game(kinda like in XBL, but not just limited editions of games).

  • jeremy

    wish it was like the other systems avatars (ps hoome and 360s) iy would be cool to have clothing and stuff as a reward and unlockables through the Miiverse. it’s like it was made for that but i guess not πŸ™

  • muralbat

    For the amount that Mii’s are used by most people on all apps I think this system is perfectly fine, I think the HD upgrade will make it nicer to use as a character in a game with the better definition and all that jazz. The Avatar system on the xbox became bloated and a cash cow and I respect Nintendo for not doing that at least even if the system is a little bare bones

  • Pokemonlp10

    Looks great, I still wish there was clothes though. Perhaps they can add it in an update.

  • Michael Jackson

    At least they’re higher-poly, but come on…THREE iterations of the Mii creator with barely any improvements? The Xbox’s avatar system, while an obvious ripoff, blows Nintendo’s out of the water.

    No one would blame them for modernizing a feature they put into the mainstream.

  • Rage quit

    Knew it soon or later they are gonna make wiiu sports and wiiu sports resort

  • King rat

    “this isn’t a big surprise”

    “we’re not surprised by this”

    I’m getting sick of the people writing these articles not being surprised by anything. Are they all insiders of Nintendo and know exactly what is going on? I think not. Acting like a bunch of bloody know alls.

  • TheUNation

    Although it’s still original, adding the camera feature to automatically change the look of your Mii character adds a dash of innovation.

  • VezNetwork

    Gah! It’s ok but a little bit more customization would have been better.

  • max lazy 10

    Camera feature? That sounds cool! I hope they catch my good side

  • link 5

    I wish that they can make special Mike nintendo maskot t shirts like Mario ar zelda tees

    • link 5

      Sorry Kent mii

      • link 5

        Urrrrrr ment ment

  • Dronch


  • jadnice

    Plain and very dull Mii… Come on Nintendo this is 2012 and the launch of your first HD console. Give us customization and a more modernized Mii. This over the top kiddy looking stuff needs to end.

    • Fuzunga

      You have obviously never seen PlayStation Home avatars.

  • Johnny

    I like the green color scheme of the menu; It’s a lot more interesting than the Wii’s plain white background. I wonder if you’ll be able to change the theme color; I’d like a blue-purple color like the Gamecube.

  • kyuubikid213

    I’m with everyone that wants shirts and hats along with the Mii customization.
    We did it on the 3DS in StreetPass Mii Plaza, let’s just integrate that with everything.

  • WarioForever

    Am I the only one who hates Mii?
    I mean, they’re OK in Nintendo Land and Wii Sports,
    but they DON’T belong in NSMBU! What do they have
    with Mario? Absolutely nothing! There are many
    reasons why I hate them, but I’ll tell later…
    So, who’s with me???

    • Linskarmo

      They’re not perfect, but I think they’re good enough. What would you suggest to replace them?

      • WarioForever

        Well in games like Ninteno Land, Wii play, I said they are ok, but they are horible in NSMBU, I suggest Wario Bros, they are way better, don’t you agree?

  • bentendo

    Mii have just one more reason to get Wii U

  • Linskarmo

    Looks good to me. If they have plenty more features (eyes, hair, noses) to choose from, I’ll be perfectly fine with it.
    I hate using the camera for the 3DS. It horridly exaggerates the bad features.

  • William C. Birmingnipple

    I just hope there’s more detail put into everything and a lot more options, especially some clothing options.

  • Are these features customizable: hair color, shoe color, weight, facial hair? Any that aren’t?