May 12th, 2012

Wii U Menu
Nintendo has yet to showcase the Wii U menu and user interface, but that hasn’t stopped concept artists and gamers from mocking up their own menus and interfaces. We have collected a bunch of Wii U menu and UI designs, as made by the community. They range from the very well done and realistic, to the more wacky ones. Be sure to check out some Nintendo Wii U game concepts as well.

What direction do you think Nintendo will take the Wii U user interface in? Will it remain light like the current Wii and 3DS UI, or will the Wii U go into a more serious direction? Let us know in the comments!

Wii U menu screen

Wii U menu interface

Wii U home screen

Wii U user interface

Wii U UI

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  • Soastockton

    The 2 & 3 look great!!!….but mostly the main picture!!!!

  • alienfish

    Great ideas up until the last one. The second to last one is just a Windows 8 ripoff with Nintendo icons. I loved the whole interface with Pikmin 3 as the selected program.

    • SaucygirlA

      It’s not a rip-off of windows 8, do your research it is windows 8, last time i checked a software can’t rip itself off….

    • SaucygirlB

      i bout windows 8 when it was first released and it’s coming to the wiiu, but im not sure if its free or not, if not users can use their product codes on the gamepads browser, so thats nice that microsoft let nintendo alter it a bit i bet for the wiiu version they have a nintendo’s game option,like they have a xbox360 games option.

  • david6

    They let us chose a screen visual, they put news after news of meaningless stuff caring about our opinion. But we have no say on specs, we get no say on color or design, or if we even want a giant controller shoved down our throats. Things that matter. I just got done watching a 1989 movie called wizards on hbo(about s mario 3 first came out). Nintendo use to be cool. Im trying to hang on, but if changes dont come i dont want to fight anymore and it will be time for me to let go. I played nintendo since i was a little kid, but they no longer serve their purpose.

    • david6

      And dont bother me puppets, im sad.:(

      • david6

        Its ok to progress our controllers, but not hardware specs or box design, and stupid puppets, ooh i love everything, david6 is a troll. Well this troll has an army, it can be yours or can be an enemy.

        • nathant16

          Were still on your site david, so dont worry what puppets think. But sometimes we like other sites, game companys, pc stuff. I back you up but this is your campaign, just chill and wait till after e3. If Nintendo doesnt make it, then the investors eat em alive. But if they succeed, then you should be happy.

          • nathant16

            And if nintendo wins an award, were all gonna have a dummi party at my place, exclusive members only.

  • Meelow

    I loved the first one (main picture) and really liked the fourth one (Pikmin 3), I think the last one though is not good at all.

  • Ryu

    Wow :O I actually like the first one!

  • david6

    Well how bout this, i dont like any of the examples, need more tech support, get enouph of be amazed. Were on a 3d interface with multiple thread use rooted by a background mark for power and privacy on a coded inndex adress,(some members dont use mark) with individual handels. Try that on for size before you show me 20 year old menus.

    • david6

      Which is an evolved framewirk, i dont think it can be boxed and pattented(which i have no interest) but is an evolved framework. So like i said get enouph tech support, and all add design be amazed what can acomplish. Politics doesnt work with inovation.

      • david6

        Oh but we still dont know how to stop spam, we get more spam then anybody would know to do with. It has to be erased at least 3 times a day in fear of jamming server memory. Lol

        • nathant16

          Well its not that i would not interested in boxing it, its just most of it happened by accident or messin with stuff, we dont know how to, most of us even dont have a degree(and few in highschool). Its a mess of junk on a coded adress and site down half time (but its still better than normal menu) . And it cant be boxed. But i think after seeing game demos and neat stuff its hard to be impressed. But we are real fanboys, maybe not all nintendo. Whatever.

          • nathant16

            Oh the other problem is some sites treat us like spam or think they have an unsecure server threat.

          • nathant16

            And multiple thred means can see 2 or more sites at same time. It realy wasnt hard to do, we just had to break the binary

          • amatboy4010

            Well its fun anyways, im pretty much a member of ever tech and game forum.

          • david6

            I am a member of every of pc, tech, game forum lol,.(i use diferent handels thoug) before i use to keep track of youtube, my myspace, facebook, and science magazines all the same time. But games are fun.:)

        • titan4

          Yah, but do you notice when you join bussiness news posts, they will register you, send spam, but when you actualy try and comment they wont let you? Whats up with that.

  • WiiUPlayWithMe:P

    Some of these are really nice, but I rather not get too used to these purely speculative title screens. It’ll probably end up being an advanced form of the Wii menu, with just a few new tricks. Like Nintendo said, it’s more about the gameplay than the graphics. As long as the menu works and I can get to what I want to get to, I’ll manage and so will everyone else who gets the system. If Nintendo is smart, I personally think they should make it customizable with downloadable options, maybe in mii plaza style or Wii classic or in a Nintendo game title style, that are released post-launch, but we’ll just have to wait to see

  • Ravyu

    LOL @ Windows 8

  • uPadWatcher

    I truly love the concepts… especially the menu whether it’s on HDTV or on the uPad. I hope Nintendo is paying close attention.

  • TheMaddMan

    I really love the second one!

  • nathant16

    It should at least be customizable, and online friens chat and gaming on interface.

    • nathant16

      Oh and friens page/picture sharing.

      • nathant16

        Yah, friens making would be cool on a game console. And could have option paid membership so can store info, and have cool interface, and also awrsome online gaming. Please please pleeeeeeaaasssseee!!!

        • david6

          Its called networking. Ps and i actually cried real tears when i saw this, thats how stupid i am. Please dont “wtf” me. Ive been w.t.f.ed so many times in the past few years. I even write books on subjects and cant get published because agents w.t.f. me, lol.

  • Project Cafe Mockup

    I did this mock up back in april 2011, this is before we knew it was called wiiu hence the project cafe stuff.

  • swic11

    I definitely like the first one the most, second one is kinda cool. But I would go with the first, its just simply badass looking. But I’m sure Nintendo will come up with something that better than the Wii interface. It was cool when it first came out but is became stale pretty quickly.

  • mkdhdh

    i hope the main picture on wiiu tablet and the thing with pikmin3 and your mii on tv (like xbox360 you have your avatar on screen on the menu or something and it looks cool. and make it so your mii’s can wear accesoires like a samus helmet mario overall a star fox headset those nintendo things. and maybe like if you buy a 3rd party game like assassins creed your mii editor gest dlc for free with the game and now your mii can wear an assassin robe that’d be cool

  • josh with the truth

    i have to admit that i think that the 2 one is the best it just looks good the 1 one is messy the 3 one is just bad but the 2 one is just good

  • dam i messed up i thought the main screan one was the first one the real first one looks cool sorry for the mess up

  • Your mom

    Makes sense in the third image for our online avatar to be our mii and it be customizable

  • Trustable Doctor

    The main one is the best looking, but the 4th one(Pikmin) is the most likely.

  • Eddy120876

    To me the best ones. The first one,The second and the third one. The windows 8 is a no go because you know the Xbox will look like windows 8 in the future and that awful android skin sucks for consoles.

  • david6

    Ok, i can see puppets dont get it, ever used Scrolledit on reddit? Just a taste. But it can be more with friend networking and online gaming rooms. Seriously, people dont get it. How can you be impressed with a 1992 menu? 20 years old. The future is interface. If game consoles did this, it would make facebook worse then atari and spellit!

  • F

    Except for the last one, these are really nice! Especially the Pikmin example!

  • dansk mad

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  • patrik

    i’m wounder whem it’s coming but good work to nintendo designing the wii u system

  • GAMER101


  • GAMER101


  • Mojo

    The first one is epic hate the mii verse one

  • MSLFan

    Luigi’s Mansion HD? Killer Freaks from Outer Space? Where did that come into play?

  • Reggienator

    Can’t anybody see that the second last one is Windows 8?

    THE Evil Microsoft’s new plan to take over the universe!