We have some Wii U media available in the form of images and videos showcasing the new console. The Wii U media images show the console, the controller and all of its buttons and triggers. The Wii U video shows how the new console and new Wii U controller work together, with some demonstrations from various Wii U games. For desktop backgrounds and wallpapers, please see our Wii U wallpapers page. For more detailed photos and images of the console, controller, and accessories, check out Wii U images.

Wii U Media: videos

These videos showcase the Wii U in action and what’s possible with the new controller and console. We’ll be adding more and more videos to the showcase as we get them.

Wii U images

These high-res images show the Wii U console and the controller from various angles. The controller images show specifically how it’s used, with the touchscreen and the Wii U stylus.
Wii U console
Wii U media
Wii U media controller
Wii U Controller
Wii U Controller
Wii U Controller
Wii U Controller

  • Michael Kagan

    The video is impressive but is the Wii U going to have enough to deliver against the likes of the Xbox both current and the new one coming rumored to be super powerful and easier than ever to program for as well the up and coming Playstation 4 which is said to be along the lines of the Xbox. I own an Xbox wright now a 360s which so far has been very enjoying to use. I had a Wii but for the few games I had on it there were just to many games on it that were really poor so I went to a Playstation and now I am back with my Xbox. I had a Game cube and it was a really great machine so I thought the Wii would be great but for all the good games on the Wii there are just to many bad games or stallwere as the call it. I for one hope very strongly that they fix this problem or real gamers like myself will not be playing the Wii U and stay with the Xbox or Playstation.

    • TheMaddMan

      The Xbox 720 hasn’t even been confirmed. Even the name is a guess.

    • name

      sony and microsoft will just try to copy nintendo and fail

    • SanPharaoh

      I’m late, it seems to the Two-Cents Party (about 4 months late at that), but whatev’s…here it goes…Microsoft is only even able to offer the Xbox on the open market because Nintendo sold them Rare. If the big N had chosen not to take MS’s money and keep Rare to themselves, then MS wouldn’t even be a factor today or at least not a significant one.

      I would love to own an Xbox, and I may even get one some day, but from what I’ve seen…I ain’t missin’ much. Halo seems neat, Gears looks great, and a few other exclusive titles look worthy of a purchase, but I will get me a Wii U first and see how the next generation of gaming feels before going back down memory lane.

    • Jarred

      I’m still surprised at how people categorize these consoles, the only thing you could effectively compare the Wii with in regards to the other two consoles were the graphics and nobody is denying the fact that the Wii lacked in that regard, but now with Wii U’s new capabilites is will be foolish to say that it will be lacking. Another aspect with games is that everybody blames Nintendo for the crappy games that are on the Wii. Taking into account all the games that Nintendo released themselves aka their first party games, nobody can say that those games sucked, you’re not a gamer if you can’t appreciate the greats such as Mario and Zelda, but the third party games are what stalled the Wii. You can’t blame Nintendo for a crappy game such as Sing it, or a fishng game that not even a fisherman will buy, or the lack of even trying to better games such as Madden, you just can’t. Those are the crappy games and the people you have to blame for those crappy games are third party publishers such as EA, NOT NINTENDO.

  • Ed

    I wonder if it will have apps?…

    • nintendofan

      yes they will

  • link

    i hope so because i traded my i pad for this

    • Roo Mexico

      woooow i sold my car… im kidding jut my ipod touch

  • Joseph Williamson

    I…made my mind up,right after seeing what the Wii U could do,at the last E3.
    I’m..getting one!!! No “if’s,”ands”, or “buts”!!!
    And, if —November 18th of this year, is the actual U.S. release;then, I’ll be right there to acquire ..one!

    • Your mom

      U used if.

      • shadowfan2z

        He also used and.

  • julian cruz

    THIS IS AWSOME… wii u is the best, im am having one 12:01 am november 18!!!

  • Norm the Conqueror

    @julian forget 12:01, I’m getting mine at midnight!

    • Your mom

      I’m waitin in line a day early, yeah that’s right core nintendo fan right here ladies!!!

      • Pokemon Master#1

        I’m in line already.

    • Ninty fan

      I already have mine MWUHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

  • Mango

    Defeats the purpose of the wii

  • Mattt

    They better not market the Wii U around this too much. I see how it can used gameplay-wise, but right now it’s looking like a gimmick.

  • supo hakate

    the controller looks beautiful, and the new innovative ways to play keep me excited. Right now I’m getting ready. I’m buying wii-motes, nunchucks, and classic controller pros, so i can be ready for the multiplayer. Also I want to enjoy my wii while I still can, and I can play my wii games on the wii u. I’m 14 and I’m getting a job and summer job( already guaranteed to have them) to buy a new TV. and surround sound.

    • shadowfan2z

      It sucks that you can’t play Gamecube games on Wii U. 🙁

  • Ben


  • Gamecube FOREVER

    Matt I don’t understand how this is a gimmick it seems to me like a great console I mean come on look at it this is what nintendo doe’s they make history they were the first to make 3-D graphics i’m pretty sure also Motion Gaming came from nintendo. Gaming really would not be the same if it werent for nintendo. Just so you know i’m not trolling you i just want to know why you think that.

    • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

      SEGA actually did the motion controls and a lot of other things that nintendo is now doing back when they made consoles. They just did it when it was really new, expensive, and technology wasn’t really advanced enough to use it to it’s fullest potential. Sucks for SEGA, but Nintendo got it to work, so good on N

    • shadowfan2z

      You do know that there’s a reply button right?

  • M16 gunner

    Wii u yeaaaaaah:)

  • gNat

    I plan on getting one the first week. none of the launch titles interest me though.

  • Haych

    i think the wii u is AWESOME! i just wish my fam would agree wev’e got a wii all ready so itll be hard to convince them

  • Dunbar

    I can’t wait for wii u

    I want assassin’s creed III, homefront 2, and battlefield 3

    Also my younger brother wants Lego city and skylanders

  • Joyous Killer

    This is gona Rock!!! Cant wait! Being a Nintendo Fanboy Paid off! All I ever buy is Nintendo and people made fun of me for having a Wii and playing AnimalCrossing, Other M, Skyward Sword (Ect.) But now, Its in your FACE TIME NINTENDO HATERS!!! Thank you SOOOOOOOOO much Nntendo!

  • zelda master

    zelda wii u i can’t wate to have it. i wish i hade the full name

  • Kem

    I’m new in nintendo. But when i see wii u i say WHAT THE F*** IS THAT!!! i need to buy one. One question if will be nintendo wii u skype or facebook??????????

  • Nintendofreak

    I would trade my ex 4 a wiiu…….