Dec 20th, 2012

Wii U fans were recently overjoyed when hearing Nintendo had immediate plans to improve the console’s loading times in various situations. New consoles are bound to suffer from some early performance issues, and loading times have been one of the primary complaints of early adopters. Thankfully that can all be solved with a firmware update… right?

Most likely, yes, but unfortunately Nintendo’s promise to fix the problem was nothing more than a misunderstanding. The announcement came in the context of Dragon Quest X, words were lost in translation, but the loading times mentioned refer only to those in Dragon Quest X and not for the console itself.

The above video is apparently the original piece in question, and Nintendo PR people later admitted to Engadget that the translation was incorrect.

But don’t get all sad and frustrated, just because this particular video doesn’t equate to Nintendo working on a solution doesn’t mean Nintendo isn’t working on a solution. While nearly every blog out there is on a tear and scare mission to suddenly claim Nintendo will never improve load times, we prefer to take a wait and see approach.

Think about it: on Christmas Day, millions of new Wii U consoles will enter circulation. Would you want to fuss with a system update to improve those load times and risk further problems at a very delicate time? Or instead, let consumers get their consoles set up, the most recent updates installed, and then address the problem once everyone is on similar OS versions so less variables and problems arise?

We’ll let you be the judge, but I think the question itself lends you our opinion.

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  • ipaxton

    I don’t have too many problems with load time or crashes or what not. Sounds like Nintendo is waiting til after christmas which is probaly a good idea.

  • Gerald Cunningham

    Since most Wii U users have a external HD anyway Nintendo needs to take advantage of that and use the HD to buffer the game data and decrease load times.  It’s been done before on other consoles so I KNOW it can be done.  NINTENDO.  HELLO.

    • robjackson81

      I’d be curious to see what % of Wii U owners actually have an external hard drive. I would bet the majority DON’T… majority of Wii U Daily readers? Probably, but not the typical random mother buying her kids Wii U for XMAS. Which is about to be a lot of people.

      • Fred

        I would also be curious to see that percentage, but I can tell you right now that I am a Wii U owner that has an external hard drive hooked up to my Wii U (I had to in order to download NBA 2k13) I had previously downloaded NSMBU and just assumed that I’d have enough storage to do at least one more game, but when I tried it said that I didn’t have enough storage left because NBA 2k13 is 24GB then later it said 20GB either way THAT’S HUGE!

    • Petri

      If you would be using your hard drive, on usb 2.0 port, to both, play the game, and buffer data on it, it would not increase overall performance much.
      They should have rolled with usb 3.0, so for example ssd drives could be utilized effectively.
      Perhaps the best way to utilize hard drive, would be the option to install some of the data on hard drive from discs.
      Anyone who has played early Bayonetta on ps3, knows how much loading times can be improved by simple install.

  • Guest

    Yes, i would want to fuss with a system update to improve the loading times, because i think there won’t be any further problem at all. I trust Nintendo. The fact that more people will get a Wii U won’t fix them.

  • Destiny64

    nintendo   sparati

  • Fistbiscuit2000

    Its not the end of the world

  • audie bowler

    rrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaallllllllllliiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttyyyyyyyyy check that patch has already bin done

    and my load times for apps are no more than 3/4 seconds the slow ones are youtube and netflix witch has zero nothing natha to do with nintendo

    after the big os update turn of the wiiu un plug it let it completly reset turn on presto faster sorry correction WAY faster app loading FACT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and load times implys the games and discs lol no way there super fast any slowness is ported and not polished loading from x360 developer laziness 


      yeah, no, moving in and out of the main menu takes way way way way too long.

  • audie bowler

    miiverse fas-t web browser fast- wiiu games fast – youtube slow there fault netflix slow there fault i dont see a issue here itsa 3rd party issue update those apps and wiiu os will be updated constantly anyways like COMMONSENSE

  • RyuNoHadouken

    Menu load times are horrible for a new console…but im a patient man.

    • ipaxton

       10 seconds really that slow?

      • Sidney Majurie

        Exactly. I did a comparison between my Wii U and my PS3, and app and menu load times were virtually identical, give or take 2 seconds.

    • Wayne Beck

      Your statement has no basis in logic or fact. All new consoles suffer from slower loading times.

      Would love to see it sped up though. 

  • the only thing i care about is to make the range of the wii u gamepad better cause i can’t play anywhere in my house except the room i have my wii u console.

    if nintendo won’t fix this any third party accessories would also be welcome for this. any news on that anyone??????

  • Sidney Majurie

    I did a comparison between my Wii U and my PS3, and app and
    menu load times were virtually identical, give or take 2 seconds. Don’t know what all the whining is about. Apparently Nintendo is held to a different standard than Microsoft and Sony…

    • BellsGhost

      Lying Nintendrone.  PS3 faster.

      • Silent

        Get back to kissing my butt

  • Look, I’m sure all of us have different opinions as to what “slow” actually is with regards to application load times. (Example: Those who have computers with 2 SSDs (Raid 0), and those who have computers with a 7200rpm Hard Disk Drive -may- have completely different viewpoints on what an average application load time should be.) That being said, I try to only focus on the statistical facts when it comes to these types of things.

    I have experienced longer than normal (in my opinion) load times when switching between “Non-Third Party” Menu apps such as; “Settings”. You can find my statistics over the course of a few attempts listed below:

    “Settings” (Entering) #1: 17.4 seconds
    “Settings” (Exiting) #1: 20.6 seconds

    “Settings” (Entering) #2: 18.3 seconds
    “Settings” (Exiting) #2: 20.1 seconds

    “Settings” (Entering) #3: 19.6 seconds
    “Settings” (Exiting) #3: 19.4 seconds

    Those who would like to see video of a similar test being performed, I invite you to watch Megumi’s video demonstration of the WiiU “Settings” load time. The url can be found below:

    Again, not all WiiU users will consider the above results as being “slow” or “flawed”, and that’s perfectly fine. Everyone is certainly entitled to their own opinion and I won’t judge anyone for having an opinion counter to mine. However, I do have a question for those who have determined the WiiU’s application load times to be good enough for them.

    If Nintendo could reduce WiiU’s application load times by 50%, 75% or even 95%….wouldn’t that still be a welcome improvement to everyone?   

    • bman61

      Any improvement would be welcome.  Not so worried about startup times as those are app/game dependent.  I’m seeing the same ~20 seconds exiting something and getting back to the main screen.  I don’t recall the same reboot times for my xbox or even the original wii (i.e. exit game, complete reboot to start screen).  In comparison the Wii U seems to really drag on.  Perception might be due to trying out many different things quickly because it’s new instead of playing a game for 30 minutes.

      • That could very well be the case. Even if the general consensus turns out to be that initial (console release) load times were “decent”, the further reduction of said load times would still be seen as good thing. I’ve never heard anyone complain that an application loaded-up TOO optimally.

        I’m sure Nintendo will eventually optimize their OS and reduce overall load times. Until then, the WiiU is still a great system with a lot of potential. Time for another play-through of ZombiU! 🙂 

  • TacticalTimbo

    Well if it was my console business, I’d want the fix out before xmas day, that way everyone will only have one update to get through and not two in relatively quick succession.

    For people such as myself, it’s gonna mean a third update either way, as we’ve already done two.

  • audie bowler

    theres people here with gimped wiius then miiverse is near instant for me no word of a lie all the apps are vastly faster than before the only slow ones i have now are youtube and netflix netflix being the worst

    web browser is near instant as is miiverse as is everything nintendo settings slightly longer the onlt ones that are slow are 3rd party it will all get better and better as the os is brand new and the apps are weak netflix and youtube need serious updating

    game loads are very fast again this comes down to developer cpmmonsense or lack of the wiiu disc loads as fast as x360 and ps3 combined easy and has huge ram and gpu catch cpu catch wii/gamecube like loading will be doable PRIORITY DISC FORMAT AND FAST DATA LOAD typical nintendo….

    my wiiu was very slow after update its night and day but only after a power down take power lead out back and then restart if i simply turned off and back on the load times didnt improve like any system a reboot