Dec 8th, 2012

The Wii U console has launched in Japan, and just like in North America and Europe, people were lined up all across the country to get the new Nintendo console. Japanese technology and video game trade magazine Famitsu got some photos of the launch across Japan, you can check them out below. The Wii U retails at $350 for the Basic set, and just over $400 for the Deluxe set — quite a bit more than in other territories. As for the Wii U Launch coverage, this pretty much concludes it. The console has officially launched in all territories, and we’re eagerly awaiting for the first official sales numbers.

Wii U launch in Japan


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  • Fah Rah Rah Rah Rah

    • TheUNation

      A Christmas Story much?  LOL

  • Jake Lood

    I want dat monster hunter bundle WHY DOES EVERYONE LOVE JAPAN!

    • Gabe Hoffman

      Nintendo loves to spoil its Japanese fans appearently

      • sam davis

        well for one, nintendo is a japanese company and 2, japan is big on rpg’s as america and europe isn’t so much.

        • Nintendofreak

          and dey are japanese

  • Nintedward-3DS-WiiU

    Congratulations Japan 🙂 

  • Junior Donalds

    Good to see Japan finally gets their fix!  By the way, what’s with the new Disqus stuff?  It’s messing me up here!

  • Master RD

    As I said to those in Europe, welcome to the party Japan! I’m very envious of your 3ds, and Wii U Monster Hunter titles…

  • ConCity Soldier

    Japan will sell out Wii U’s quickly.  Count it!

  • I wonder how many will be sold there in it’s first week, I bet a lot because of monster hunter 3 ultimate 😀

    • SoulSilverZero

      I just pre-ordered my copy of MH3U

  • El_CaRaS1

    Finally our japan brothers get to enjoy it!

  • Linskarmo

    I hope a lot of Japanese people buy the Wii U too!

  • memk

    Now just waiting on christmas noobs.

    • sam davis

      so because people couldn’t afford to get one until near christmas time makes them noobs? ok. stupid logic is stupid

      • Rob Lucci

        Oh calm your tits, it’s just a saying.

      • memk

        Its saying the kids that will open it on Christmas to play CoD will be new to the game and the people who played it already/more will have fun beating the new people.

  • Michael Jurado

    Hey everyone you thought you held a high score lol you ain’t see nothing yet … The unbeatable Japanese high scores are here lol

  • why the heck did it release in nintendo’s home territory LAST?

    • Ryan Smith

      They wanted it in the US for the Black Friday and Christmas bonus shopping.

  • Razo_E

    I thought they had the Wii U already.?

  • WarioForever

     “…and just over $400 for the Deluxe set — quite a bit more than in other territories…” – quite a bit!? At my country it costs 500$. UNFAIR!!!

    • Dave_Val

      In my country the console sold in $550 the Deluxe set   T_T

  • It has not launched in all everywhere. What about Africa, South America or Russia?

  • beerkin

    If  ‘Merica, and all other countries abandon Nintendo, which will never happen, Nintendo will always have a market in Japan.

  • Whatever happened to the Japanese getting the systems first?  I guess since they no longer make the best games they have to wait?