Nov 20th, 2012

Nintendo has released a video of the Wii U world launch at the Nintendo World Store in New York. There were a lot of people there, as was Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime, and his “body was ready”, as expected. And of course, the first person to get a Wii U was Travis “Triforce” Johnson, the Nintendo fanatic who is usually first in line to get a Nintendo console. He was the first person to get in line for the Wii U back in late October.

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    • LazerK

      That part really made me lol
      …probably more than it should

  • Tobbe

    Wish i could pick some up there.
    Here in Sweden we might have to wait until 10 dec cos Nintendo missed to pack/ship to Swedish importer Bergsala. Bergsala will ship to the stores that bought/book Wii U, and than to us players. But now some delay occured.
    Only a few will get Wii U in time. How can Nintendo Japan miss to ship/pack this to us. Most Shops in Sweden say 7 or 10 dec if u watch online. Bad, bad news. I might Fly to London and get mine if my local Gamestop wont deliver in time. I pre-order mine 1 month ago. Will be back with info for Swedish gamers. I have emailed Bergsala to confirm

    • Math

      What are you talking about? I live in Sweden too and they have said that it’s coming November 30th

      • Tobbe

        Like i told. Only a few will get it in time. Go ask at gamestop and u will see. Look for example prisjakt, very few places say 121130. Trust me, my cousine is headboss in one gamestop store. I told him i like to change from basic to zombiu pack. Than he told me we wont get and until 10 dec, exept a very few. He didnt even knew if i whould get the basic. Just fact m8

        • alexander

          i live in sweden too and i ordered my wii u premium pack from it ships at the 30 november, but when i ordered it it cost around 3495 kr now they raised the price at 3790 kr so thats a bit greedy i think.

      • BLACK OPS 2?

        really well here already came out in the 13th but I’m getting it in christmas

        • BLACK OPS 2?

          i meant 18th LOL

    • Allan

      First shipment probably got less units than expected, My preorder didn’t make the 30th nov launch and i preorder quite early 22/9 at .

      Got email telling me they didn’t get enough units for the launch.

      • Tobbe

        yes something like that. Was something that they forgot/missed to pack them up so all we whould get em or what gamestop told me.
        Gamestop also told me Bergsala has f:;ked something up to. Hope Bergsala will answer to my email

        • Tobbe

          Just got some good news from Gamestop. All who will order within this week will get there consoles. Bergsala got a new shipping today

          • Math

            There you go, it worked out!

  • Andrew Sheehan

    Funny hearing him say “My body was ready..” HAHAHAHA

  • NameUcantHate


    • More like gamer

      Ps:I live in Doha/Qatar and they said it will come tomorrow

  • Keath

    GAh i wish i could have been there so awesome! still waiting on my wii u to be shipped to my house…. 🙁

    • BLACK OPS 2?

      i stoll your Wii U hah it was out your door so I’m like wow don’t mime if i do LOL jk

  • Nintendude

    So that’s what Travis “Triforce” Johnson looks like!

  • wiiufanatics

    wow! that line…

    • Jesus

      That’s way too much people, no even MH on Japan has a line as Huge as that!

  • Duaplex

    I hope they gave it to him for free, such dedication deserves it! It would also be a nice touch.

  • Mario MC

    I have been enjoying mine since release day and have to say, I thought the system was gonna be good but………. I DIDN’T KNOW IT WOULD BE THIS GOOD!!! They really did an amazing job this time around!

    • Marioravesto3d

      What is it you enjoy of the wii u ! can you go in to more details please ? Now miiverse is up and running over there in the states have heard lot of positive news saying how good it is.

  • blah

    has any of u had a problem with ur wiiu freezing from time to time i have what the heck is wrong

    • Madmagican

      Depends, what do you mean by “freezing from time to time?”

  • ThisGuy

    I saw travis waiting infront of the nintendo store last week….it was cold as hell and I wanted to wait too

  • I hate everybody who has a Wii U! Where’s my god damn Wii U?! … :'(

  • ncv144

    I have to live in the caribbean, cant get it online, my local game shop doesn’t know when they will stock it but atleast my brother is going to houston and possibly getting one for me 😀

  • Konar

    others company really need somebody like Reggie, at first I didnt like him, but how he behaved in the last year was great…

  • NintendoFan4life

    Lol I saw that dweeb Tridork! I called him a nerd and he just crawled… hehe.

    • patricks wee woo


  • Infinite_Rubix_Cube

    His first name is actually Isaiah…..

  • Bill Cosby

    I thought his name is Isaiah “Triforce” Johnson.

  • JumpMan

    gosh, Jessie Cantrel is great. definitely better than most show hosts… plus she likes video games, and isn’t dingy! <3

  • WarioForever

    Wow, there was a really cool night there, I wish I was there…

  • Q

    That Travis guy is honestly a loser. I don’t even call people that, but he really is.

  • ziggy

    what a ******* waiting camping out infront of the store pre order nxt time duhh