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Wii U launch titles
The Wii U is about six months from release, and we already have many confirmed Wii U launch titles. When the console hits the store shelves later this year, one of the most important aspects will be the games that are available with it. The good news is that we already have many confirmed Wii U launch titles, some of them being big franchises that are coming to Nintendo’s new console. Here’s a breakdown of the current Wii U launch titles that have been confirmed.

Darksiders 2

Developer Voliton Games has confirmed that Darksiders 2 will be a Wii U launch title. Darksiders 2 is an action-adventure game where the player controls Death himself. Darksiders 2 will be first released on other consoles this Summer.

Killer Freaks From Outer Space

Killer Freaks From Outer Space is the first exclusive title for the Wii U from Ubisoft, and it’ll be part of Ubisoft’s Wii U launch lineup. The game was first showcased at E3 2011 with the unveiling of the Wii U, and is a first person shooter. For more, check out the Killer Freaks From Outer Space trailer.

Assassin’s Creed 3

Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed 3 will be released on most platforms in Fall 2012, and will be available for the Wii U as well. Recent details reveal that the Wii U controller will be used in various ways, such as details character bios, map and inventory screen, and will function as the “Animus” of Assassin’s Creed.

Ghost Recon Online

The latest Ghost Recon title, Ghost Recon Online, will put heavy empahsis on multiplayer, and was one of the first games to be showcased for the Wii U. Ghost Recon online had a special Wii U reveal trailer showing a team of players cooperating on a mission. This is anther Ubisoft title that will be available for Wii U launch.

Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham City has been received well by gamers, and the title is currently being ported to the Wii U by developer Rocksteady Studios. Batman: Arkham City continues where Batman: Arkham Asylum left off, this time, the battle has been moved into the streets. While the game is slated to be a launch title for the Wii U, the full Wii U features will be unveiled at E3 2012.

Aliens: Colonial Marines

Developed by Gearbox, Aliens: Colonial Marines will be released this Fall on all current gen consoles and on the Nintendo Wii U. The developer has stated that the Wii U version will likely be the best looking version of the game, and that they are very excited about the new controller.


DiRT is the only racing that that will be available for the Wii U launch. The Codemasters’ developed rally racer will be released on other consoles as well. DiRT for the Wii U will also feature co-op, where it’s rumored that one player will use the Wii U controller and play the rally navigator with a map, while the other player drives the rally car.

First party Nintendo Mii game

As part of the Wii U launch titles, Nintendo will be including a Mii-game that they have been using to showcase the features of the Wii U. The Mii game, which is still unnamed, has a series of mini-games that utilize the Wii U controller in various ways. It’s akin to the Wii Sports and Wii Play titles that Nintendo released for the Wii. The official name of the title is yet to be revealed, those details are expected at E3 2012.


Namco Bandai have revealed that they are working on a secret Tekken fighting game that will ready for the Wii U launch. The new Tekken game is expected to be fully revealed at E3 2012. In a recent interview with NintendoGamer, Namco mentioned that Tekken Wii U would run at 60 frames per second and have very low input lag.

Other possible Wii U launch titles

Nintendo has so far only confirmed one game as part of its Wii U launch lineup, but many suspect that the company will have at least one major first party game as well, like Super Mario or a new Zelda. When it comes to third party Wii U launch titles, we expect a lot of announcements at E3, especially the annual franchises from EA Sports that should make their way to the Wii U. Titles like Madden NFL 13, FIFA, and others.

As you can see, there are currently 9 confirmed Wii U launch titles, and it’s likely that we’ll see more games announced as we move closer to the Wii U launch this Fall. Of the 9 Wii U launch titles, only one game (Killer Freaks From Outer Space) is an original and exclusive title for the Wii U.

  • swic11

    Killer Freaks graphics look amazing from E3, but as of now, its sad to say that there are only 9 launch titles available. I know that there will be plenty more announced. But what are the chances of Mario or Zelda actually making an appearance as a launch title? Twilight Princess was only a launch title because they ported it over from the Gamecube. Well, hopefully something good is launched from Nintendo to sell those consoles besides that Mii game.

    • mkdhdh

      ghost recon assassins creed and darksiders 2 will sell very well on wiiu they are titles that will make the wiiU sell oh and aliens wil look amazing on wiiU gearbox said even better on wiiU (just slightly, probably just a bit smoother) then on other systems so there are a lot of 3rd parties who wil make it sell well

    • alienfish

      If the actual number of games at launch matter so much to you, then why not try a Vita? Oh, wait, then you would have to deal with a ton of shovelware. My point is that the quality of these launch titles is unprecedented for a new system. If they add any more it will be overkill and I doubt many people have the money for a new console and even five of the launch titles.

      • swic11

        BUT, look at the 3DS when it launched, it was a terrible mess, launch titles are vital to system sales, and its not how much money that you have for the launch, its the variety of games that are available

        • alienfish

          Actually I would say it is the quality rather than quantity OR variety that determines how well a system sells. Variety helps, but not unless the games in their respective genres are all deep and polished experiences. If what you want is Zelda and Metroid then give it some time, they will show up eventually. The last thing anyone wants is for a rushed game from either of those two franchises.

          About the 3DS; I expected to be there and buy one on the first day, but I didn’t. The games weren’t that good. The quality wasn’t there and, for $250, it wasn’t worth it. Then came the preemptive price drop by retailers before the actual price drop. I pounced on that since I knew I would be getting 20 classic games along with the knowledge that there were some awesome titles coming. In the end, I only purchased a 3DS because 1) it became affordable and 2) there were games in development like Kid Icarus, Resident Evil, Paper Mario, Luigi’s Mansion 2, and Mario 3D Land. If it wasn’t for quality games coming to that system, I wouldn’t have gotten one. I don’t see a single game on the list above that isn’t going to be an insta-buy for a lot of people. Another thing I see above is a supreme lack of casual titles and you have no idea how that makes me and I’m sure tons of other people happy and excited for this new console.

          To end this little rant, I’m going to stress that less games at higher quality is better for everyone including the developers. We get better games, they get more sales and everyone ends up happy.

          • mkdhdh

            i’m with alienfish on that one. there are enough game+ variety and no one will have 700$ ready for the game. i will try to get 4 games so about 500$ but it’ll probably be 3 + accesories

    • crackkat

      for once, the third parties will help nintendo sell their console, not just the first party games. nintendo gamers rejoice, nintendo is finally getting good third party support :’) i think this launch will go in history as nintendo’s most successful system launch to date

  • swic11

    awesome box art too, I hope it looks something like that

    • mkdhdh

      damn i wanted to reply that :p

  • mkdhdh

    hey you forgot one. lego city stories is a launch title to (the free roam gta style lego game)

    and i’ll definatly buy AC3 the lego game ghost recon and the mii game oh and killer freaks if i didnt spend all my money :p but i think the mii game is included in the box like wii sports and that it is going to be a compilation of wiifit wii sports /resort and those battlemii and chasemii games+ the sniper one we saw in the trailer (not the full games of ‘m all but the best sports/ minigames / features compiled in one (they could call it wii essentials or something like that) but thats probably a bad idea if you think in terms of money :p

    • alienfish

      Pikmin 3 is another one they forgot. There will be two Nintendo titles at launch and one of them will be that new Mario title. The other one will be Pikmin.

      • mkdhdh

        was pikmin and mario at launch? we dont know yet i think? i tought it was both close to launch (at christmas)

        • mkdhdh

          oh and project cars and concept gran prix? i dont know about concept but i tought it was close at launch to

          • alienfish

            I think you’re right. It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but I still think it’s a good possibility. Even if it doesn’t come right at launch, I’ll have plenty to do until it does eventually release.

          • mkdhdh

            well i do to i’ll have lego city stories ghost recon assassins creed 3 (probably mario bros) and if it is wiiU COD to rape on and complete :p sorry school youll have to wait :p

  • swic11

    I’ll probably just pick up Nintendo’s 1st party launch game, other than that, I cant justify spending too much money.

    • mkdhdh

      i think there are going to be more then one. if there isnt one in the box itself wich i hope its battlemii and chasemii and sports (or for free DL with like a gift code in the box? idk) but i’ll save up about 500$ and then just buy wathever the hell i want in terms of games and accesories.

      • swic11

        I have the $300 for the system, but my problem is, is that I am getting married in October, so I wont be able to justify saving any more money for the Wii U. I will get the newest assassins creed for the Wii U for X-mas (I get that game every year for x-mas) but other than that I have to dedicate $65 for halo 4

        • mkdhdh

          hmm :p i’m 15 by then so i dont have to worry about marriage 😀 and i dont have xbox so also not about halo. and my birthday is july 4th so i’ll get alot of money by then i have about 150 already and i’ll get my mom to pay a lil bit to :p

        • Chris

          Why is everyone saying Christmas time?

          It will be out somewhere in September, October or November meaning it won’t be out in December but during the Christmas SHOPPING season

          • mkdhdh

            uummm dude cant you read?? he was talking about GETTING assassins creed3 not it coming out. and its not going to be out in september that would be wayyy to early. and it can be december because the beginning of december is still xmas shopping season so. well and its still possible to get wiiU at xmas because it will be out then so you dont HAVE TO BUY IT AT LAUNCH

  • Mecha Streisand

    So what is Killer Freaks From Outer Space? Is it a rail shooter or do you have control over your character? Is it a FMV game with CGI added into it? I don’t understand, but I definitely like the way it looks!

    • SkarZ0_o

      it’s a first person shooter, from the guys who made ravin rabbids. the aliens look a bit like rabbids you should go to gametrailers or youtube and look up the E3 2011 presentation from ubisoft.

    • Wildman
      • mkdhdh

        it’s a great game the graphics are A-MA-ZING (i put the -‘s in the wrong place :p) and the split screen definatly looks nice i hope it has online to and that you can like team up to defeat 1 or 2 guys that use the tablet so that the max players is more then 2 but like 3 or 4 and the story mode looks good to it’s definatly on my list but i have games i’d rather buy than that one because my friends wont play that game so i’d be online against people that i dont know or i’d be playing by myself but i’ll buy ghost recon and assassins creed and a 1st party game and lego city stories and if i have money left? then i wll have to make a hard choice aliens or killer freaks reallly hard choice

        • Mecha Streisand

          The graphics are not amazing, they’re sub par at best. Surprisingly low quality (game appears similar to Hard Reset. Look at Hard Reset). Graphics aren’t everything though, I’m all about the controls, and after watching the E3 gameplay, I have to say my interest in the Wii U has dwindled. There is no way I would ever want to play like the guy on stage does. I don’t want to spin around in my living room playing on a 7″ screen instead of the tv the console is hooked up to. Is THAT what the Wii U Pad is going to be used for? IT’S CRAZY. IMO they should’ve just refined the motion controls more and used up all the power of the Wii U for the games instead of taking a chunk of throughput and using it to stream the game to the Wii U Pad. What are they thinking?

          • mkdhdh

            you can play other ways to and you dont have to turn that much because of the aceloremeter (i dont know how its written) but that game was just alpha stage like ghost recon didnt look as good as it does now. but i’ll play it with classic anyways

          • Wildman

            The graphics shown were from the pre/ alpha build of the game. They look pretty good for what the development stage was.
            Everything is going to be vastly different when it’s shown off at E3 2012.

          • mkdhdh

            if you saw the trailer that trayler’s graphics were mindblowing and i thnink (because at E3 it was pre-alpha) that the graphics will be great but for that stage they wer great i agree with wildman

  • Darksiders 2 is Vigil Games, not Volition Games. Anyways, I hope Pikmin 3 is a launch title. Also LEGO City Stories looks awesome.

    • Sknygy

      Poncho beat me to it! Vigil is the developer.

      As for confirmed launch titles, we won’t know for sure until E3 at the earliest. Nintendo waited a while longer to confirm Wii launch titles last gen. Several developers have said their title will be ready, but Nintendo could always step in to ensure theres a decent stream of titles.

      • mkdhdh

        nintendo actualy had like 5 or so titles announced for launch themselves (wow bad grammar :p) those were: assassins creed 3 and ghost recon online and killer freaks (at the nintendo/ubisoft roundtable) lego city stories at the showcase itself and then darksiders 2 because it comes out before the wiiU (so thats logic) but the others were titles in development and not comfirmed by nintendo if its launch or close to it. but dev’s themselves said that it will be ready but you can never be sure about it because look at darksiders 2 it is pushed to august. so you can never know unless its comfirmed by nintendo itself and even then something might go wrong

  • Anon

    Darksiders II is developed by Vigil games, not Voliton or whatever the hell you put. Seriously, at least get it right to give the credit to those who deserve it.

  • JoelCool7

    Umm DiRT is not likely going to be the only racing title for WiiU. Nintendo has an in house first party racing game in the works supposedly with the old PGR team. Project Cars is also expected during the launch window.

    That is at least three racing titles currently in the works for WiiU’s launch window. Other then that yes those are the confirmed titles. If you add rumored titles based on leaks and developer statements we now have about 50-75 titles currently believed to be in development.

    Personally I am upset Arkham City is coming to WiiU. It is a waste of shelf space, the game was great but it will be a year old by WiiU’s launch. If I were to even consider a purchase all DLC would be needed but I’d also expect a minimum of five hours new content.

    Porting any 2011 title is simply a cash grab, high quality games built for the WiiU from the ground up they deserve to sell. Old ports anything earlier then six months to WiiU’s launch is just a waste of customers time. If the product is not new built for the WiiU their is no excuse. As THQ said it only took a couple weeks to port a PS3 game, so if the game comes for WiiU it needs to be a crap load better with tons more content then the PS3 version.

    • mkdhdh

      i”m with ya on that one i wasnt that in to arkham asylum because it wasn’t open it was inside but now outside i havnt played city yet ind i would love to use the gyrometer to throw batarangs and aim with the wiiu controller screen

      but if it doesnt have on disk dlc and something new it’s a waste of time and youre right about the racing thing

  • dillo

    Isn’t Darksiders 2 being developed by Vigil Games?

  • George

    Hopefully more first party games get announced nearer the launch.

    • mkdhdh

      there will be some 1st parties announced at E3 but probably none of them at launch

  • Helofish

    you forgot battlefield 3.. Frankly im looking forward to playing the 3rd and 4th DLC for BF3 on A Next gen console . I got a new top end gfx card for battlefield 3 for the beta-release-backtokarkand But didn’t get a new cpu and used one from my wow days so I was abit sad.. Now Ive got bf3 running on my laptop with a 2core cpu and a good (for laptop) gpu I can play the next DLC which is 16 player maps only at probably 45+ fps which is great. but the question of what hardware I will use for the subsequent dlc that will likely have 64 player maps remains… And I really don’t want to get a high end CPU for PC for desktop.

    I don’t think ill be getting any new PC hardware maybe ever again.. and this is based all around BF3 .. quite fitting I think..

    IF I was to get a powerfull computer again I think I would get a MacBook air and connect a high end GPU to it via a viddoc… The age of the PC for me is probably over… (beside Next gen MMOs of course but who knows.. maybe they will play well on non PC/MAChmmmm dust etc)..

    My first laptop may be my last.

    I started gaming after getting into it it with Saga master system and and old hand me down C64.. then in 1995 I got into directX stuff with windows 95 and then switched to playstation in 1998 when gpu of pc lagged behind I think it was a matrox.. then when the Playstation 2 was announced I moved to prep school where my brother had been for a year before and had attended lan partys we got our first XP system in 2001 come a number of magical Warcraft3 Lans playing KezzarSRPG and taking turns I went out and ordered my own parts with help of my dad and built my first PC of my own. That case would last me all the way to the halls of nax40 in wow 6 years later and would be filled with one or 2 cpus and a hand full of GPUS traded and lent from friends.. I painted it red and uv green on the inside .. they where great years.. and then when uni started much like whith highschool my brother lead again getting a xbox360 it helped me quit wow along with a mod for GTASA on the pc that let 200player sandbox action.. i mucked around with that while i was uninspired by the quality of my university education and had some truly rewarding coop movments with my brother as i released regardless of where i was going in life i still had a connection to some thing in this world. I then got lent a old PSP from my best friend who got me into PC gaming and i hacked away at that and had a good time on a low budjet. after that i ended up with quite a powerfull gaming laptop (my dream pc perchase! i got a CLEVO like the ones VOodooPC used to use and it was a dream it had a 8800 GT level gpu and i played many of the multiplatform games of the era along with World of Warcraft expansions on that but i could never quite get back into wow as much as i was into it on my old lan box. time went on and things was okey. i started to feel dull the there was less and less than interested me and every thing became nostalgic but i would always give new stuff a shot. Come 2010 i was like hey.. man.. call of duty was cool at that lan party in 2008 but man………. so i got into Asian games in a bigger way and got a Wii for Monster Hunter Tri.. .. then in 2011 i was met with things like dark souls <3 and now im pretty in love with actions games!.. but come battlefield 3 things changed abit. battlefield had been a big thing for me i had been in clans and stuff and actualy have every battlefield game on the EA system registered to a account Vet10!… bf3 was sweet and i played it to death.. hell i think i might have met a long lost soul mate thru it.. but yer .. it just wasn't the same.. i was running bf3 on a Macpro with a 6970 in it… it ran really well.. but.. it was nto "my rig" … so i lost interest and started to focus more on the road.. and just ended up playing a lot of racing games… im left in such a funny spot. i dknow what to do next really what to play with what to do.. maybe im loosing it but things really do change hey…. i don't have the Macpro or the 6970 any more sold that to my mate that got me into laning in a big way.. 😀 but.. yer.. man.. im left on this laptop that's not getting any faster.. thinking well im going to play Diablo3 in afue hours.. maybe try and earn some cash from the Real AH later in the year and im like mannnnnn.. this could be it… This could be the end of the PC era for me.. i could ride this laptop out for another 3 years catching the end of the Diablo and StarCraft expansions.. and then after that… im going to have to go some where els for my gaming… it would make 20 years .. that seems like a fair era.. for me.. i got other places i go now i guess… my iphone died so i got a PlaystationVITA and am going to use the 3G on it to receave sms and Skype to send sms and call n stuff.. but man.. PC/MAC… i might really miss you..

    I guess the other sad side is i was always considered a creative person i think if i let go of the PC i would let go of my opotunity to create some thing… like.. i studied design.. i was good at art.. i tried to get into games.. i was weak i guess.. i didn't make it i didn't get any where but i guess ill have a fun 20 years and lets pray that i make my millions in Diablo3 haha.. or fall in love with a dreamy muso from my past..

    man haha this is so sad but i know exactly whats going down for me.. change sucks.. i held so tightly to this source of entertainment but i know my time is coming up. Happy 17 years of gaming on keys and mouse and hope mylast 3 are great…. i hope im not holding my self back..
    i want to love some thing

    • mkdhdh

      thats a long rant :p but battlefield 3 on wiiU wont be “battlefield” (as EA said);p it isnt comfimed

    • Chris

      Battlefield 3 is NOT a launch title however a spin-off game for the Wii U has been confirmed but EA are being tight lipped about it, probably we’ll be seeing gameplay footage shown at E3 this year

      • mkdhdh

        i dont think its going to be a spin off but by it not being battlefield they meant another franchise. like medal of honor thats coming i think. but i would love to see a battlefield game because i like taking a jet jumping out and sniping people while falling :p

  • DarthDiggler

    VITA had better launch titles.

    • mkdhdh

      well. no it didnt. it didnt have that many it had uncharted wich was good then modnation but it wasnt at launch itself where i live it was liek 2 or 3 weeks later so still launch window. and then a wipeout game wich i personaly think that it sucks for a wipeout i played better ones and were there more GOOD games for it because i mean the experience games i saw one in stores at lauch from MJ i think or was i mistaking. i dont know i’m saving up for wiiU so i can buy a lot of these launch titles and give a decent review on them to my friends so i can suggest them some games like always. and i recommend for everyone if there is a cod on wiiU DONT BUY DIRECTLY make space for some other games like ghost recon wich looks amazing and AC3 you never know you might become a fan. and killer freaks give that a try so we can se another wiiU exclusive killer freaks 2in a few years ;p lol i’m giving advice to unknown people. and i’m thinking of starting a YT channel or actualy do a YT channel with a friend where we review (i’d do reviews and news) and the other guy gameplays. it would be pretty cool. ok i’ll stop talking

      • mkdhdh

        oh i forgot to type : i didnt buy a vita because i’m saving up for wiiU but i did check out the titles in the store because most of them were playable so i tried ‘m and modnation is good and uncharted AMAZING :p and there wernet any other games that gave me a WOW FEELING.

  • Theo

    Why buy a Wii U when I can buy a Ps4 or Xbox 720?

    Other than Mario games…Yawn!

    Although Luigi’s Mansion 3 FTW?!

    • mkdhdh

      HAHAHAHAHAHA you srsly think that ps4 is still going to come and if it does that its going to be good? and thats it you’ll have to wait like another year or so for ps4 and for 720 even longer (and 720 is a stupid name :p) and it isn’t yawn the new innovative way of controll srsly dod you know anything?

  • Soastockton

    If the online is as good as Xbox live & PSN then I’ll get it….needs COD AND BATTLE FEILD THOE!!!

    • mkdhdh

      it is going to be better ok no i dont know that. but we’ll have like a friend system that you can friend an account in stead of having to ad game by game. like psn and xbox live. and it DOESNT NEED COD AND ok battlefield i’d like to but we will get the next one. not this one. idk who but someone at EA said that battlefield for wiiU wont be battlefield. so we might get a battlefield title thats exclusive or we might get another shooter game like medal of honor? and dont think that i’m hating on cod i’m just raging at it. right now cod is the center of the wii community and it shouldnt be because we get shit all over us for it. we should be playing mariokart and supersmash online games that are great and exclusive not a game that just makes us rage anyway.

      • Venom Jamaica

        I sooo 100000 percent agree with you.

        Get N or get OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • mkdhdh

          N stands for nintendo right? :p lol

  • Indoctrination

    nice box art work

  • James

    I want a new Metroid Prime!! 🙁

    • Wildman

      and again… yes.

      We need more Metroid!

      • mkdhdh

        METROID!!! :p the only thing i kinda disliked about metroid prime on wii is that you could only use pointing and no ccp or GCC it would’ve been way better. and i want to see where the story goes actualy because there was this open ending or am i mistaking? i’s been long since i played corruption and the story is deep inside my brain i dont remember in other words :p

  • Nathan

    As I have said on another post, i would love to see a new Mario, Zelda, Metroid, F-Zero, Starfox, Mario Kart and whenever it does come out a new Super Smash Bros.
    I really want a new Metroid game as im a massive Metroid fan!!!

  • Joaquim

    I imagine how good is Batman Arkham City! I´ll get one certanly, play Batman on the new controller must be AWSOME.
    Thanks to Nintendo to put that game at the lunch line-up games!
    Probably I will buy the new Zelda and Mario, the Mii game must come with the console! ^_^

    • mkdhdh

      i’m hoping for that mii game with the console (or free download in the app store thingy) and i tought at first that arkham city was going to be old and boring but i played arkham asylum again a few days ago (that game’s on mac so i didnt get my hands on arkham city) and i was epic!!! hardest game and best story ever!!!!!!!!!! i did rage because i died couple of times and arkham will definatly play good. and i think we will get free DLC on disk (GOTY edition) and maybe some wiiU exclusive DLC? idk but it would be amazing. it’s on my long shot list (i’ll buy when i have money left over from the other games i want to buy first)

  • boogie

    I can’t wait I’m getting a wii u day one. I’ve been saving since last year I’m getting A.C 3, killer freaks, batman A.C, Darksiders, Ninja Gaiden 3, that is if they cost about $59.99 as Im guessing

  • Basir Miah

    when it comes out in toatally gonna get it my mom already said yes. im gonna get the white wii mote white nunchuk and mario or zelda if those two games come out if they are cheap im gonna get both of them.

  • Your mom

    Give me Arkham city, HD Zelda and the console and I’ll be busy for a few weeks. LOL >:P

  • Joaquim

    Its possible that I can play with my 3DS like a controller. Hope that´s possible…3DS + new controller! It sounds good.
    Can´t wait to have one in hands. Awsome home console Nintendo!

  • Gamecube FOREVER

    Wow that is SWEET all of those third party games on the wii u! Nintendo has not done that a lot which makes it really interesting that there actually going to do that Tekken sounds cool but Darksiders 2 is the one i’m gonna get first! However what about tendo’s games I cannot imagine how awesome metroid would be with two screens. Or zelda it would have a really cool inventory and possibly some other things WII U FOREVER

  • johnny

    It is sad to see nintendo loosing its way. All I see is a line up that would be on the like of a sony counsel. Nothing but sinful games that are inappropriate. It is awful how we act thinking that because we are geting older that the types of games and movies we should be watching should match our age and and not the heart. I remember when I was 13 I thought I should only watch 13 and up movies and games, then when I turned 18 oh now I should only watch rated r movies and play mature games filled with sin (because the all are). Oh and then when I turned 21 oh now I can watch the nakedness of women what EVIL and it destroyed my spirit and mentality. Well how many others has this happend to? I am sure many. First and most we all need the Lord God Jesus Christ he is the only one that can save us from all this evil.

    • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

      People who want those games would just get other systems to play them on then. This is Nintendo saying, we’ll have the third party support so many of you asked for. This doesn’t mean that Mario is gonna be a gun slinging murderer or anything like that. First party won’t really be affected much, if at all by this. You can still have pure Nintendo

  • blurb11165

    They should totally make minecraft for the wii u! I mean, they had it for the original DS. It would be pretty cool to see that on a Wii as well.

  • duy

    so cool

  • gNat

    I’ll get the Wii U at launch, but i probably wont get any of those games. I cant get M rated games and the Mii games generally are bad. I might get Metroid,Zelda, And Madden 13 when they come out. Until then ill play my Wii games an use the new Wii U features.