Sep 13th, 2012

Nintendo just announced some big Wii U news for the Japanese market. The console will launch on December 8, 2012 in Japan in two different Wii U models, priced from around 22,000 Yen to around 30,000 Yen. The Wii U will come in two SKUs: one with 8 GB internal flash storage, and one with 32 GB flash storage. The “Premium” 32 GB will also include some accessories such as GamePad stands. Both SKUs will include all necessary cables, including HDMI. The Premium 32 GB version will also include a 10% discount for all downloadable software and games, as part of the new Nintendo Network Premium (more on that in a little bit).

Wii U pricing in Japan

Premium, 32 GB model: 31,500 Yen, or $405 USD
Regular, 8 GB model: 22,000 Yen, or $335 USD
Wii U GamePad price: 13,500 Yen, or $170 USD
Wii U Pro controller: 5000 Yen, or $65 USD

Wii U price

Now, these prices won’t necessarily translate directly into USD, as it’s almost certain that prices in North America will be cheaper than in Japan. Both New Super Mario Bros U and Nintendo Land will be available at launch. Nintendo thereby confirmed that Nintendo Land won’t be bundled with the Wii U and will be sold separately. No news about Pikmin 3, though.

Nintendo also revealed some accessories as well, including stands different for the GamePad controller. Some of these will be included with the Premium 32 GB Wii U model.

Wii U accessories

Nintendo Network Premium

Nintendo also took the opportunity to announce the Nintendo Network Premium version, which will include 10% discount on software. Those purchasing the 32 GB Premium model will get 2 years worth of Nintendo Network Premium, as far as we can tell. It’s unknown whether Nintendo Network Premium can be purchased separately, or if its only part of the Premium bundle. Tomorrow, Nintendo will likely elaborate on much of this during the main Wii U event in New York.

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  • pman

    345 am as I sit outside game stop, I find this wii u update, Only 6 more hours till they open.

    • Michael

      Gamestop won’t have it until they’ve announced a North America release date and price.

    • Nintedward

      lol . Camping for a pre order , if that isn’t dedication , I do not know what is .

  • relo999

    Damn thats expensive

    • Nintedwa-tron

      Just want to let you know , the wii launched in japan at the equivalent of about $320 whilst about $250 in USA. This is because Japan is very Expensive and Awesome country!! .

      Don’t worry young padawan , an accurate guess will be this

      Basic model = $250-$280
      Advanced model $300-$350 .
      Gamepad = $100-$120 .

      In Australia the wiiu will work out at about $600 USD .
      Exchange rates are different in the world.

      Everything will be A ok in USA .

    • Shankovich

      Remember how much the 360 and PS3 cost at launch?

  • dubYA

    Premium Bundle all the way!

  • Fresnokila

    I am hoping for an earlier launch date for the US…if not those games like Mass Effect 3 will surely seem old

  • Michael

    I might be alone on this one, but wouldn’t most people just buy the 8Gb model and get an SD card if they really needed more memory?

    • Sikora

      I’ve got like 6, 5GB SD cards just lying around. Good idea. Esspecially because SD cards are MUCH cheaper now.

    • theaquacharger

      I plan to buy the White Wii U if I can get Nintendo Premium without the black model and a 1 TB external HDD.

      • JumpMan

        me too dude, and save like, what? 50 dollars? +1 Wii U game for me!

  • Piemelworst

    Just a bit more then 300 euro’s. That’s a nice price for the 32 Gb.

    Wondering what surprises they will anounce this afternoon because I dont think that this is all, otherwise ther is no reason to do it over again in the USA.

  • Gameflow

    How do you come to that Dollar pricing? 31500 Yen are about 314 Dollars as far as I know. Of course that wont be a 1:1 conversion, but I dont expect the premium version to cost around 400 dollars. That would be too much

    • theaquacharger

      No 1 dollar is 77.7400 yen.

  • Nitro

    And there go the September release date rumors…

    • Nitro

      Oh darn I meant November. Sorry.

    • Nintedward

      IKR!!! LOL! .
      I am very happy with all this news . Japan’s prices are way higher than america and a little above EU . SO nobody worry !!! it will be $250 for basic and $300 for 32 or something like that!

      25GB discs amd Impressive RAM is great news !!! As long as the CPU is ok like the 360’s and it has an awesome GPU . We are looking at a machine that will be able to outmatch the current gen easily ……

      Any storage concerns ?? just buy a load of cheap SD cards and a cheap USB HDD , solved.

      great news!!!!!

      • Macarony64

        I have 2 16 gig micro sd that i use 4 my phone and 3ds (whit adapter of course? So getting the low priced 1 is the best 4 me

  • Gameflow fault. its 314 euro 🙂

  • Thomas

    Hopefully this translates to:
    $ 250 for basic
    $ 300 for premium
    $ 350 for premium + one game

    • Nintendo4ever

      it may look like we i get the bundles! hopefully if that rumor isn’t true then this:
      Regular: $300
      Premium: $350 (i will get this model if its this price or lower).

  • Collected


  • pach

    My 250usd price tag is going to be real.

  • Bravyoura

    Wow thats wildly overpriced. Really hoping the delayed launch means a world wide launch otherwise hear in the UK it could b 6 months before it launches.

    • Nintedward

      Nintendo of Europe have officialy confirmed that the wiiu will launch in Europe this holiday season. basically in december……….

    • eyesac

      How is it overpriced? Please explain. I’m curious on how you decided that its value is lower than what they think it is.

  • jcb411abuser

    that launch is a bit late? having 300euro just laying around come 2weeks before christmas?? i’m not so sure :-S

  • jcb411abuser

    the gamepad price is ridiculous :O

  • just NINTENDO

    yeahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will buy basic model because i,m pooooooooooooor LOL

  • Super Sonic128

    10% discount for download games for the premium Wii U bundle sounds awesome, I need it lol.

  • NavyBlueYoshi

    Oh god,guess the u controller pro really will be 50$

    • JumpMan

      same thing they did with extra WiiMotes right? eh. i wont get pro controller anyway, 1. i’m poor. 2. i wanna use the GamePad all da timeeee!!!

  • Paul

    sounds interesting

    if the expensive version comes with preminem online stuff for 2 years it might be better get that one but depends on if they get addons to games like ghost recon online, zombieu and call of duty black ops 2

  • LyingTuna

    I have a study hall at 10:47… I’ll be back…

  • t_vo

    Don’t forget that wii sports was “not” bundled with the wii in Japan either. So until we hear the N.A. announcement, don’t assumed Nintendoland won’t be bundled in here.

  • GoodNintentions

    Nintendo seem to have taken some of what Michael Pachter has said on board. I’m sure it’s nothing to do with him but the Pachmeister will like the price and can’t complain about the specs any more.

    Now we’ve had our ups and downs with this guy but I reckon he will stop trolling Nintendo for a few months and start trolling Sony and MS because their next iterations are either going to be incredibly expensive or they’re going to be very risky loss leaders for their first few years.

    I think with Nintendo’s re-emergence in the home console space last gen, publishers will take notice and we might actually see 3 competing systems all worth owning. I still think Nintendo will miss out due to the idiocy of publishers thinking that ‘Nintendo fanboys only buy Nintendo games’ and therefore they must only make dancing and singing games for nintendo consoles.

  • Joesatmoes

    damit, so u will hav to pay for online? and it sucks that nintendoland will not b bundled. it bettr be a free to play game or realy cheap.

    • Paul

      no what this article says is if you buy games digital through the nintendo store you will get 10% of

      lets say madden 2013 is £50 on the store you get it for £40 instead

  • Lusunup

    Okay since its coming out december 8 for Japan (the skus modules) Does that mean that the US will get it in Dec also? so much for europe will get it later this year than us. 😀 Yeah equal rights! but way to long

  • Kahhhhyle

    Nd I can’t I hope you can get the premium in white… I I hated it when Microsoft made you get black for the elite white looks waaaaaaaay better imo.. And I can’t believe 32 gigs is it… Should have def invesrsd in a 64 gig internal memory… 32 won’t last long

  • Gonna buy Wii U Now

    Fine, I promised not to buy it without a hard drive. But if they have more flash storage (at least) I guess I’ll buy it. It looks like fun anyway.

  • helmut

    You better not drop the gamepad, people, dont let your little brother used it,
    damn, nintend is the boom.

  • Magiphart

    It sounds like they’re losing their originality. I mean different versions of the same system, special membership that can expire. This doesn’t sound good at all… To top it off it doesn’t even have a launch game. I guess I’ll be without any Wii U games for a while, I’m not going to make the mistake and just buy one or I might end up with something as bad as Pilotwings.