Apr 22nd, 2012

Wii U launch lineupSo far the Wii U launch lineup looks pretty solid, but according to GameTrailers’ editor in chief Shane Setterfield, there’s more in store for the Wii U. During a recent video podcast on GameTrailers, Sutterfield commented on the Wii U and its launch titles, saying:

“I will say one thing that I can say without getting in any trouble is that the launch lineup for the Wii U is going to surprise some people. It’s going to be pretty damn good.”

Sutterfield reportedly has access to sources at developers and publishers who have yet to announce their Wii U plans. So far 9 titles have been confirmed for release during the Wii U launch window, and Nintendo is expected to add Pikmin 3 to that list at E3.

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  • alienfish

    Holy crap. I’m going to spontaneously combust out of pure excitement before E3 actually comes.

  • Soastockton

    I just jizzed my self

  • mkdhdh

    holy crap! it are more than 9 let’s sum them up shall we?

    -ghost recon online

    -killer freaks from outer space

    -assassins creed 3

    -LEGO CITY STORIES (put it in caps because you forgot it in the previous article)

    -aliens: colonial marines

    -dirt (i think its that new dirt showdown but we’ll have to wait and see)

    -darksiders 2

    -batman arkham city

    -a still untitled 1rst party mii game (probably with chasemii battlemii and the other’s we’ve seen in the demo vid)

    -wiiU sports??? anyone think of this one we saw it in a vid and it was a launch for wii also so i think this as simple logic because it is great to get to know the possibilities with the tablet by playing sports just like it was great to get to know motion control when playing sports


    -project cars was rumored to be in the launch window

    and as conclusion i think i forgot some but we’ll have more info at E3 as always.

    mkdhdh out! 🙂

    • alienfish

      Why does everyone always forget Pikmin 3 as a possible/probable WiiU launch title? PIKMIN3 GOD DA**IT!!!

      • mkdhdh

        hahahaha :p well we dont know if it is launch title we know its coming ;p it just like mario bros but consodering they were developing it for wii and just “porting” it to wiiU its probably in the launch window. but i didn’t forget ;p
        i just didnt put it in because we dont know for sure just yet

      • eveybody all forgets about one of nintendo best games super smash bros pikmin and smashbros are all ways in the shadows of of zelda and mario

        • mkdhdh

          supersmash is my fav game of all time along with most of my friends. i think they should make more games like 2 per gen in stead if 1 and a good online and a lot of features and maybe this time DLC??

          • JumpMan

            DLC is of the devil.

  • Nathan

    I am hoping for a new Mario, Zelda, Metroid, F-Zero, Starfox or Mario Kart hehe!

  • alex

    i dont know what to think anymore i was realy pump up for the wii u but i dont know now after one of the devolpers who praise the wii u saying that there engine was runig perfect and smooth in wii u now is sayin that there best game wiil have a realy low % to have a wii u version and am talking about crytek and crisis 3 why?????? cuse maybe is tru that the wii u cant match the ps3 and the xbos or just cuse they dont want to work harder to make use of the new controller and they just dicide to make it on the others two since they have all ready the engine up and runnig? or they are afraid that the wii u will not sell as well as they want? maybe the wii u will be another game cube? with a lot of power under the hood but no 3rd parties support…any way i want a wii u but untill e3 i will not majke my self hype cuse if is the sames as a ps3 and dont have the 3rd parties support i will stay with my wii, xbox and 3ds then

    • crackkat

      its definitely not the hardware that’s not strong enough, its a different reason. EA and vigil have already confirmed its a true next gen system. there is a different reason the game might not come

    • Venom Jamaica

      The Destructoid guys are morons, because “NOT a fat chance” (emphasis mine) means that it’s very likely to be on the Wii U. It’s a double negative statement, which is a positive statement.

      It will come to WII U but they can’t talk about it yet. Just wait till e3 then we will hear all the developers and publishers saying all kinds of games that are coming to the wii u.

      GET N OR GET THE F>>> OUT!!!!!!

      • mkdhdh

        every one here is a moron. grammarwise they dont see the double negative. and the grammar? dont get me started on some of these comments. i know my grammar isn’t amazing i mean i’m belgian i don’t speak english. bud taaipin laik dis is a lil retarded.

        • alex

          if you say this cuse my grammar…..me puedes chupar las pelotas ….my grammar is not perfect cuse 1st i born in nyc but live my life in Puerto Rico wich make me puertorican and proud of it, plus english is my second languge and 2nd cuse i was writing in a hurry from my cell… and the point is talk about what we think about the wii u not how is our grammar

  • strate 4 dah b4lls

    shit dawg i hop thet halo 4 comes to the We You

    • Venom Jamaica

      That’s like impossible. That game will only come on the Xbox cause of that game is only for microsoft

      • mkdhdh

        hahaha :p i srsly lol’d at strate4…’s comment :p lol who’s that stupid. halo is a MICROSOFT franchise.

        oh and @strate 4 dah b4lls your name is kinda gay -_-

  • david6

    Thats nice, but ps4 and xbox will have all titles. Its just a matter of hardware specs and design.

  • Allovertheworld

    Nintendo 2012 Always full of surprises! New Wind Waker Wii-U or Zelda online multiplayer game?Star Fox?Yoshi/Kirby game? Wario-ware?Donkey Kong country/64 like game?A new character ip? New Earthbound game?
    I can’t to see E3!
    Wii-U vs Dreamcast2? :3 Eternal darkness sequel?Ψ(`▽´)Ψ

  • Tehtriggerman

    3rd person Metroid Sand box game. You know its coming. (Damn its overdue)

  • dishonor

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