Nov 5th, 2012

Wii U demoNintendo has repeatedly said that the Wii U has to be experienced first hand to fully understand the concept of the new console. And to make sure as many people as possible get a chance to try out the Wii U before it launches, Nintendo will set up 5,000 Wii U kiosks around North America by November 18, when the console finally hits the store shelves.

The Wii U kiosks have already appeared at retail stores such as Best Buy and Target, and as we get closer to launch, over 5,000 of such stores, including Best Buy, Target, GameStop, and Walmart will offer gamers a chance to try out the new Nintendo console. The Kiosks will carry special game demos to showcase its new features, and playable games include New Super Mario Bros, ZombiU, Nintendo Land, and more.

Nintendo has even set up a special web page that will help gamers find a Wii U kiosk in the US. You can check it out here.

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  • Ledreppe

    No need for me to go to a kiosk, Nintendo you’ve already proven the Wii U concept to me and I’m already convinced the Wii U is for me!

    • Nko Sekirei

      wii u is gonna be a dominate gaming machine and all the trolls that were talking smack about the wii u will be running back underneath their bridges

      • AKA-Link77

        YAH! i played a Wii Uā„¢ demo at G-Stop to experiance it for REAL. Most of the stuff were vids but i got to play that Raym. game which was pretty cool. The controller is perfect too! Its so comfee’ ^_^ & Great for my big hands or anyone who has small hands! šŸ˜€ Its so light too! Every1 thot it be like 2 tons but i think those ppl have massively underestimated the G-Pad. šŸ™‚

    • edward montgomery

      Fuck america bring it to manchester. And if you dont like it then SPIT ON MY COCK!!!!

      • AKA-Link77

        wats a “Manchester” ?

        • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

          I think it might be one of those street performer guys with the box that plays music and the dancing monkey that collects the money. Actually, it’s a place, but had eddy up there asked a bit more nicely and threatened shoving his thing in everyone’s face then he may have gotten away with a number of likes and almost no dislikes. The whole world wants the Wii U, though, so I’m not surprised

    • eli

      wiiu is for everybody

    • Lusunup

      You are definitely right I already know its awesome i just have to convince ps360 fanboy bros of mine its awesome oh boy how awkward….

      • Tubba Blubba

        Can relate man, Most of my friends are ps3/360 fanboys and they claim they are too old to get a wiiu or that it’s not cool enough for them. Convincing them to get a wii u is gonna be a rough time…

        • Nintenlord

          is easy for me my friends are real gamers

        • MujuraNoKamen

          Ask what they think of Nintendo, the Wii U, ZombiU, AC3, Bayonetta 2 etc when they’re playing Sesame street, Wonderbook, on the PS4 and Microsoft’s Kinect 2 based console šŸ™‚

  • KFC

    What about the UK?

  • TheImaj

    Oh sweet mercy!! 303 hours left!!

    • Nintenlord

      Counting time makes it go slower dont do it

      • TheImaj

        Only if you count slow silly.

        17,321 minutes til launch!

  • Fireheart

    Ya it figures Roswell NM will probably never get on until after the launch of the system. Looks like I will have to wait to try it when my pre-order comes out. That sucks because now I have to wait 12 days for a chance to play it. Sounds weird that I ordered it without playing it, but Nintendo didn’t let me down with the Wii, so I know they won’t let me down with the Wii U.

    • Fireheart

      What why do I have negative votes? Is it because I said that Nintendo didn’t let me down with the Wii? Who cares I loved the Wii and it had great potential. It’s just too bad that Nintendo was one of the only company’s who realized it. There were a few 3rd party developers like High Voltage that realized how cool the Wii was and is, but not many which really sucked. At least I have my Wii U on pre-order because like the Wii I know I wont be disappointed with it. There I said it again the Wii never let me down who cares what you think.

      • Wii U #1


        • frank (3dsFC=5155-3120-0417)

          Yeah its firestar…

        • Fireheart

          No actually I use this name because it was my name in the small Pro Wrestling promotion I was in before getting injured. I was hoping to go throughout America wrestling the indy scene and maybe one day making it big. Unfortunatly for me I got injured and couldn’t go further than my local wresting promotion. I just loved the name and now use it for my user name on a lot of websites. Like this one and YouTube for my videos. It’s funny though I have been asked this question before on another website. Do you read them are they pretty good books?

      • MujuraNoKamen

        Finally someone else who likes the Wii, I think they made mistakes with the console but all in all it was pretty good, it may not have had all the multi-plats the 360 and PS3 had but Skyward Sword, Twilight Princess, Metroid Prime Trilogy, DKCR, Xenoblade Chronicles, Brawl etc hold their own against everything the competitors offered (especially the FPS re-hashes that for some reason get the most hype) Most people complain about Wii being too casual, and to a point I agree, it should have done more for the hardcore gamer but I’ve noticed that all the people who hate on the Wii for being “casual” and having “bad graphics” are idiots and graphics whores. Microsoft and Sony tried to replicate Wii’s motion controls and capture the hardcore crowd (hmm inspiring the whole video games industry really shows how bad an idea Wii was) so if Wii is casual for appealing to all gamers and offering several sports and party games, doesn’t that make MS and Sony casual for doing the same? And saying Wii had no hardcore games is completley false, games like Metroid and Zelda are some of the most hardcore titles around, they take time and skill to complete and are full of content, sure the competition offered equally hardcore titles like GTA and Skyrim but all the people who whined about Wii only played CoD and BF3 – yeah they’re so hardcore they play a couple of games form 1 genre and refuse to give anything else a try and fail to be able to use a different yet simplistic control style and we’re the casual gamers??? It really annoys me when people say hardcore is about graphics and violence (AKA “Maturity”) as well, to be honest most people would say outrageous levels of gore and swearing are immature! and lets take a violent game like Black ops, in which people limbs can get blown off, if you took away the blood spatter and amputation it’ll still be the exact same game and not a particularly hardcore one at that. As for graphics whores, what’s the point in committing yourselves only to good graphics, even today’s best looking games will look shoddy in a few years time, does that mean it’s a bad game? does that mean all teh fun we had with it counts for nothing? NO!!!! few games have graphics that aren’t damaged by time moving on and those games are the ones with great art-styles and imagination and who are the ones who favour these things over realism? oh yeah Nintendo – Some of their Wii games had brilliant stylized visuals most notably Skyward Sword which will surely be appreciated for it’s visuals for many years to come. let’s take one of these graphics whores oh sorry “gamers” and see if they can master a Zelda game or Metroid Prime 2: echoes, I doubt they could. who’s casual now BITCHEEEESSS šŸ™‚

        • Fireheart

          Thank you for pointing this fact out. I hate when dumb people tell me the only thing that makes a game “hardcore” is the fact that it has blood and gore. That’s not what a hardcore game is. A hardcore game is one that brings in a lot of challenge and depth to the gameplay. Hardcore doesn’t mean blood and cuts. The Wii has had many hardcore games like Metroid Prime 3, and Skyward Sword. It’s sad that many developers have become graphic whores as well, and the refused to develope for the Wii. At least some developers like High Voltage made some amazing game for the system. They were never perfect, but games like Conduit 2 and Tournament of Legends are really good. Ubisoft has made many great hardecore games for the Wii, but Nintendo has always made the greatest games on the Wii. These games can’t be beat by any shooter out there. screw all the so called “hardcore gamers who only play CoD games and say the Wii sucks. I liked CoD on the Wii and I love many of the games that came out for it, and to call the Wii a casual system is just stupid.

  • TheDavyStar

    United. Kingdom. Nowww.

  • Jarroo

    5000 less people who could have had a Wii U

    • Amherst

      True, but one can’t underestimate the power these things have as far as advertising. Didn’t really follow gaming news as heavily back in the day as I do now, and a store setup in Target is actually what first introduced me to the DS.

      Five thousand is a really tiny number in the long term, and I’m sure it’ll easily be offset by just how many people are convinced to buy the console from these.

      • frank (3dsFC=5155-3120-0417)

        yeah that’s how I first played the wii, wii u, and 3ds (where I learned the REAL truth about glasses-free 3d) so yeah 5,000 people are out of a system, but at least 20 people will see one system (you figure at least 20 people within 10 miles of the store) and instantly know about the wii u, so in a way, nintendo is probably getting 100,000 people to want the wii u, and since commercials are just starting up, these stands are CRUCIAL for nintendo to attract a casual audience and for those who couldn’t go to an event.

  • Gourmand

    What about a page that works for canada too t.t

  • Colton S.

    I looked it up and it turns out I have two of them near me at Best Buy and Gamestop.


    What about Canadaaa ;_;

  • Gamer

    Nintendo Season never really left. 3DS shall have a real Challenger, the Wii U.

    • revolution5268

      meanwhile at Vitanic land….

  • swic11

    I went to my local BestBuy and put the gamepad into my hands, which feels amazing. I then scrolled through the demos and then walked away. The first game I play is gonna be on My U.

    • Nintedward

      I played it for 3 hours str8 at an event XD!!!

      Spoiler- It Fu%king rock’s.

      • Nintedward

        I have a question for you guys from the US of A. Do you guys celebrate Bonfire Night ??? Or is it just a British thing due to Guy falks being British?

        I have set off sooooooo many fireworks in the past couple of days šŸ˜€

        • Ikari-pt

          Know your History, Bonfire is majorli in England but spread in all Commonwealth of Nations

          And im Portuguese, but then again, i learn more world wide history and im preaty sure no one else know portuguese history besides Brasil and some former colonys.

          Any way, and for some WiiU contend on my post, almost 99% of portugal dosent imagine that Nintedo is about to launch a new console, any way, i already preorder mine.

        • NintendoMan :D

          @Nintedward No, we don’t have that, but we do have the 4th of July where we light off fireworks so I guess there kinda the same. Why?

          • Nintedward

            Yes , I guess they are :). We let off a LOT of fireworks though on Bonfire night. I live High up in an apartment and looking out of my window I can just see Fireworks for miles and miles XD it’s epic.

    • Lewis

      I’m with u on that. I’ll pick mine up on the 30th and I’ll spend the weekend playing as many games as possible. Can’t wait!!!

      • nintendofreak

        went to my best buy nothing there

    • [000]

      I actually wish I hadn’t gone and tried it out, because now I’m finding it even harder to wait.

  • LEGOkid

    Im gonna check it out ASAP…. Wich is right now.

  • Volcano

    wow a nice idea and they will even do it in just 13 days. nice

  • nambit

    Finally we get the demo units here in Canada! I tried one out yesterday and the gamepad feels HUGE but comfy. The screen is really neat on it. Only thing is the pad is coiled so close to TV screen that you’re literally 2 feet away from the TV. I played a bit of the RayMan demo which was cool, but really didn’t do the pad justice. I wanted to try ZombiU!

    • Damiao

      Where in Canada??

      • nambit

        Best Buy. I’m in the Toronto area. 2 different locations. I really like that controller but the initial “OMG it’s wide” gets you, then it goes away.

    • JumpMan

      did you play the Murphy parts? i had started playing it and was like “God, this is just Mario (in a non-bad way)” but then Murphy pops up and it’s all *twists Gamepad* *slices stuff* and “Gueeeeeeee!!!!”

  • Naterman

    I went to bestbuy on Saturday and got to try out the gamepad and Rayman legends and it was soooooo amazing. Only 13 more days

  • Volcano

    what did i just say 13 days wow the next gen gaming is comin so soon wheeee!!!

  • SaucygirlA

    Best console,WiiU out powered current and past comsoles,and it’s going to out power future consoles, unless nintendo makes a brand new console, they’re making the future of gaming,i can see it now,”Nintendo makes a console that you can literally put your mind into,making you a virtual character”.

    • D2K

      I don’t know about that. The power differences between the Wii U, 720 and PS4 will be infinitesimal because Sony cannot afford to make a console much more powerful than the PS3 and Microsoft doesn’t need to because the 360 is still doing well and the 720 will be more about Kinect 2 than horsepower.

      That being said, I wouldn’t expect Microsoft and Sony to low-ball and have a system ‘weaker’ than the Wii U to your point of the Wii U “out powering” future consoles. I expect both systems to have just a smidgeon more memory and processing power, but ti would be noticable.

      Now I DO expect that Wii U to “outperform” the 720 and PS4 simply because Nintendo know how to get the absolute best out of hardware better than any company in the industry. That is why first-party Wii games look as good as 360 and PS3 games of their kind when simply upscaled to 1080p resolution.

      I would expect a next-gen Mario to look better than and next-gen Jak and Daxter. I would expect a next-gen Zelda to look better than a next-gen Fable, etc.



    I still cant believe its so close to release. I reserved my Deluxe the morning of September 18th. Time sure flies!

  • Mariokartfann

    I already understand the WiiU even though I never touched the console at all!!
    Anyways, what is a Kiosks?? Is is a… I don’t even know what to make out of that!!



    • Collected

      Why the caps then? Your point could be valid or it could be something they feel unsure about displaying/advertising now; meaning a developing network over the launch months (I personally hope not). Or it could even be the “usually nintendo” secrecy stuff.

    • Nintendude

      You expect the demos to have online multiplayer in CoD or something?

  • Ryu No Hadouken

    yall are crazy…Rayman Legends is a must play title!!!!

  • Josh

    Yesterday or maybe two days ago, I went to my local BestBuy and there wasn’t any Wii U demos there. Maybe I should try next week. Damn it.

  • Nintendofan4life

    Its okay… I was surprised that the controller is 14 inches long! I felt like I was holding my penis!

    • Amherst

      Maybe if you move the decimal to the left a couple digits.

      • Nintendofan4life

        How about if I move it inside your mouth? I knew you’ll like that.

  • meh

    I’ve been to my local Best Buy probably about 5 times in the past 2 weeks since they got the station. The only playable demo is Rayman, which didn’t really wow me. I like the controller so far, but it was tethered in such a way that I couldn’t accurately tell how much it weighed, and the ABXY buttons being directly under the right analog stick (rather than diagonally down like on most controllers) seems like it will make switching between the stick and buttons slightly awkward.

    It’s a little sad, too, because most people that walk by either seem too intimidated by the massive controller to try it, or they get bored very quickly when they can’t figure out how to start an actual demo game (since Rayman is at the end and everything else is grayed out).

    Also, I had a pretty poor experience with Rayman. At one point in the demo level it switches me to using the touch screen to clear a path, with Rayman moving on his own. This would be fine, but a little kid walked up and picked up the Wii Remote, which gave him control of Rayman without him even knowing it. When Rayman kept dying, I switched controllers with him, but then I couldn’t proceed because he didn’t know how to move obstacles for me. So adding a second player gave away control of my character, then ruined the game. Fun.


    I went to my local Gamestop and there it was. It shows 19 game videos (if it is Teen or G games that is) or screen-shots of the game (if it is a R rated game).

    The only Demo game I could play at mine was “Raymond Legends”…


    I am SO SOLD on that game now. It is so pretty to look at, funny character design and animations, all out fun to play. I have watched the vids of the Demos of this game and the “Castle Rocks” Demo…BUT…to actually play it and feel how you actually move to that music is just to much man. It took a couple of mistakes the 1st time though but then I did it again and landed a perfect on it. Playing that game for 2 mins (even though I played it for 30 mins) sold me on that game. Pre-ordered it today.

    The touch screen is so smooth and responsive like they have said. I was a little like which screen to look at NOT because it is difficult to do so but I just didn’t want to miss out on anything.

    The Game-pad is bigger than I thought, but light as heck and very comfortable in my hands and I have adult hands. Also, it feels solid and durable (NOT made cheaply) but I would say watch out for the screen, and keep little kids away from it. I can see some having it on the ground and you accidentally step on it and break it. The WiiU is like eh 5 inches longer than the Wii but about the same size around, maybe WiiU is a inch bigger.

    I can’t wait to finally have mine at home, I will have game-reviews of all the games I am getting on my youtube channel soon after launch. If the way “Raymond Legends” looks and plays is just the start of the games coming to the U…OMG Nintendo fans we have nothing and I mean nothing to worry about. Thank you Nintendo and Nintendo 4 Life!!!

  • Grunfindel

    I’ve gone to Target, Gamestop and Best Buy. They all have the Demo units and ALL of them DO NOT have playable demos. MOVIES ONLY! LAME! Some of the movies are not even movies, just screenshots. C’mon Nintendo, what’s up with that?

    • revolution5268

      mine has demos. idk about U.

  • Art

    Had one at the local Target, but the screen on the gamepad didn’t work right. It seemed to freeze up while still sending commands to the wii u itself, because the demos on the screen kept changing. The gamepad was comfortable, and the demos looked alright, but the station just wouldn’t cooperate.

  • Ninfintendo

    In here Finland..woods..where is no cable net ..have to use net 4G net stick….Is Boy who wants to Hold wii u gamepad even few seconds šŸ™‚ to see if it feels great on hands šŸ™‚ ..nearest city half hour car trip away :DDD

  • Colton S.

    I’ll get mine, and play it the entire Thanksgiving Break!

  • Elite

    All the stores in the big areas here in Texas all seem to have them. I would like to see stores get those SMBU demos in though.

    • Sharkz

      What part of Tx are you in. Im in west Tx and NOBODY has the WiiU to demo. I think the closest one is 2-3 hours away. Sucks for me! Guess I gotta wait till the 18th to grab my pre order.

  • nintendoododo

    meh i tested wii u and it’s kinda pasaka

    • Redmuerte

      I do not think Pasaka means what you think it means…

    • TheUNation

      Don’t make me call the Grammar Police on you, loser!!!!!

    • Nintedward

      Do us all a favour then. Buy a Vita and Celotape it to a pS3 and have fun.

    • Unity

      You didn’t like it? It’s probably for the best. Nobody on this website wanted you to have you in the community anyway. Have fun on your Nokia!

      • nintendoododo

        but wii u is PARAS!

        • Nintedward

          No Paras is Paras. How are you confusing a pokemon with the wiiu ?


          • nintendoododo

            how dare you call finnish word shitty pokemon? Paras means best in english.

          • Nko Sekirei

            LMFAO it seems he left his brain in bikini bottom

          • Nintedward

            You just Emparased yourself.

        • Nintendude

          No, the Wii U is Patrick.

          • Sharkz

            Sandy Cheeks: “Don’t you have somewhere else to be stupid?”

            nintendoododo: -Looks at painted on wristwatch- “Not for another 15 minutes.”

        • ssb4 3dsFC 3007 8585 6950

          nintendodoo get out of here in terms of pokemon, the wiiu is a friggin mewtwo or arceus in terms of awesomeness. The gamepad btw, is so pretty!

          • nintendoododo

            fuck you! Just look at google translate if you don’t believe me fucking stupid americans. pokemon sucks shit.

          • Crapcake

            or a kyurem from black and white 2

          • revolution5268

            @nintendodoo why can’t you speak English like the rest of us?

          • ssb4 3dsFC3007 8585 6950

            I ACTUALLY ENJOY POKEMON ! Im offended. sob,so-


        • Sharkz

          Keep typing stuff nintendoododo. Your idiot is showing! D;=

    • Nko Sekirei

      stop being a jack@$$ dude on every article

    • Lewis

      Every post u make gets downgraded to oblivion. I think u need to take the hint and do one loser!

  • Zeldatrek fc 3780-9021-0732

    What the? O__O On the Nintendo site my local GameStop isn’t on there, but I know they have one.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    I hope they do this in UK stores too.

  • Wii U #1

    Whos EXCITED??? Wow…. just last time i remember seeing the number “60” where the days left for the Wii U to launch. Now its less than 10 (i think)!! time really does fly when you have patience *a lesson i learned* and i hope that all of you get to have fun on your new Wii U’s this year. And for those who cant
    … dont worry! therell be time for everything. I loved seeing all the commentary on this website , espexially Nintendward xD… …but we’ve got to grow up, and handle childish people like “sonyfanboylover” and others by simply ignoring. Also, kingtendo has done nothing wrong but express himself with enthusiasm and you all downvote because his expression “Fear the Fearless’ or watever. I think he is a rolemodel because he doesnt give in to this pressure. GOOD JOB! omg i cant wait until i recieve my wii u. I literally cried one night because i was so happy *im a gamer for life* who else cant wait for the day Life has given a miracle … the Wii U?


    • Nintenlord

      I agree whit 1 half disagree whit the other so to make it even ill give the middle finger šŸ˜›

    • Sharkz

      I like the looooooonnnnnng post you typed about being the bigger person and growing up and then you say you “literally cried” about a gaming console. Do yourself a favor and don’t belittle the people on here by saying kingtendo is a rolemodel because he doesn’t give into pressure. It makes it sound like everyone else is saying good things about the WiiU because they are scared about what people will say about their posts. People all say what they think on here. Someone gets down voted because they constantly degrade the WiiU and are obviously trolling on this site.

      • Wii U #1

        *Just keep your mouth shut Wii U#1….. dont respond to idiotic statements that were uncalled for* “deep breath” ahh ok.

  • DiMM

    I wish they had more demos than just Rayman right now :l. Rayman was cool, but I think they should have other games too which show off the controller much more.

    I was super happy with the controllers feel too. I didn’t want to get my hopes up when I was reading it was comfortable and light, so when I first grabbed the controller, I was literally mind-blown by how comfortable & light it really is.

  • Shad79

    I played quite a bit the Gamepad the other day, and I must say… that controller is pretty damn comfortable. And another thing, that screen is very crisp and vibrant… is surprises me that it isn’t HD! ^_^

  • Chris

    Why not UK? šŸ™

    • Kevin White

      I don’t know — I would guess you guys will get it in about two weeks, since it’s launching twelve days later in the UK and came here two days ago. Don’t despair!

  • Name

    I think nintendo did a shitty job showing off the wii u the should have rolled this stuff pu during summer tease the wii u zelda and metriod way more even if there not finshed they can use that to generate hype finally there commercial’s should have been out weeks ago. But i still think the wii u is awesome

    • Name

      here comes hate and grammer nazi’s

  • LP

    Meh I tested Nintendoodiot and he’s kinda pasaka.

  • Nintendude

    I really want to try it, but my local Gamestop doesn’t have one and the nearest Best Buy is decently far away.

  • NintendoMan :D

    And I got to try it out at my GameStop. I was surprised at how big it was and how light it was. I can’t wait untill the 18th. Like if you have had the chance to try the Wii U.

  • LP

    I am 33, and Santa is bringing the Wii U for Christmas for my 4 year old, and you-know-who else. However I am receiving it on Nov. 19, so I am gonna cheat on the little guy everyday and hide it again until a couple of days before Christmas. Go figure, the wife thought I was gonna wait…

  • lakersfan

    This is good. Now I can play Wii U even though I probably won’t be getting mine until Christmas or a little after. My town has a Target, Best Buy, GameStop, and Wal-Mart so I’m set! I’ve played Rayman Legends at Best Buy but the nun chuck wasn’t connected to the wiimote properly so I couldn’t try out the multiplayer. Wii U is beast!

  • Dan

    Just got done trying it out here in north Jersey. I was blown away!!! I can’t wait!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!

  • Firebro

    I tried it out at gamestop. I just couldn’t resist guys. 1 and a half years i have been knowing about this i just had to try. It was one of the best 15 minutes in my gaming life. Can’t wait for this beast to come out! =D

  • eli


  • frank (3dsFC=5155-3120-0417)

    My gamestop got a demo kiosk, and while almost every game I wanted had a video, the only demo playable at the time was rayman. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good game to be the first for me to play on the console, but I would have prefered nintendo land or nsmbu. Rayman is fun, just not my favorite. But it incorporated the gamepad very well, and I got a glimpse into assymetric gameplay. I just want to know when the other 18 games will get demos…

  • somebody


  • Laud

    Actually, I saw one and decided to post a video of it.

    I got kicked out though because it was closing time…. I only managed to hold the controller for a while…

    Here’s the link:

    • marioravesto3d

      That pad looked easy to use and looked great.

    • Thegiursea

      Wow! Amazing quality!

      • Laud

        Haha, sorry about the quality. I saw the kiosk out of nowhere so I pulled out my shitty Iphone and tried to get some footage but i had no one to hold it for me.

  • Jacob

    North America – 5000 kiosks
    Scandinavia – 3 kiosks…

    Lucky me and my Swedish abstinence…

  • Kaasor

    It’s strange to know that Wii U will come out in Europe on 30th November. It’s so close I’m starting to be impatient more and more =D I’ve working two months instead of having free time when I had holidays to be able to buy Wii U and it’s gonna soon pay off! Can’t wait so much that I’m gonna blow up like a volcano =D But such a waste of consoles for these things instead of being available on the release date because of limited Wii U consoles. But maybe I’m wrong, surelly someone will correct me šŸ˜‰

  • Kevin White

    Finally tried the Gamestop demo (12 minutes of Rayman plus videos / pics of others). The gamepad is decent. I liked the display. My girlfriend and I enjoyed Rayman (which was great since she’s mostly anti-videogame) until I tapped the screen to release somebody and I couldn’t move anymore, and then she fell in the water and couldn’t get out.

    To tell the truth I was starting to get a little agitated at the way all the bad news was trickling out (this game only runs in this resolution, this game has framerate problems, this game isn’t coming for Wii U, you can’t do this with the Gamepad, this feature won’t be enabled at a system level, the online presence is still a mystery, etc.). I was considering whether I really wanted to buy it now or cancel the pre-order or flip it and buy it later.

    My girlfriend’s reaction to the Rayman demo was encouraging. There are generally only four game genres/types she has said she will ever be interested in: 1) Wii motion / fitness games (we’ve never owned a Wii), 2) 2D Mario, 3) a hockey game, and 4) selected classic arcade games like Pac-Man, Q-Bert, and a few others. The fact that she was willing and able to pick up Rayman and play (with the mote / nunchuk) and enjoyed it is a really good sign.

  • Rama

    Played it today, feels amazing! Rayman Legends was the only demo available, super fun! My excitement level syrocketed. Can’t wait!

  • Madmagican

    Five thousand kiosks… I wonder when I’m gonna see one in my town, Lynchburg, VA? No matter, I already know that the Wii U is amazing… it would be nice to have one though, that way I can fully stress why I need this console in my house to my parents since I only have roughly $100

  • HyrulianUtopia

    Well I’ll see you at one of those kiosks.

    *Slams door, starts the car*

  • link 5

    oh nintendo i love u




  • Kahhhhyle

    Got power back today! So I can play on launch day whooooooooo.

  • Lamsaturn

    Before the 3DS came out, I used the kiosk locator to try and find myself one.
    The map told me that it was in the middle of a river.

    • 343 H4K0R

      Mine was in the White House -_- Obama y u do dis

  • Arsonist Monkey

    It Begins…

  • HawkEye

    Paras means best in english? I thought best means best in english!?

  • Jetty

    Almost there…

  • Marth

    They set up kiosks at Gamestops in Puerto Rico this week, got the chance to try it out!

  • Linskarmo

    I already desperately want one, but I would still love to play it before Christmas. I could show my parents how awesome it is to make sure they get one. šŸ˜€

  • zakalish

    My gamestop got a kiosk two weeks ago. It only features videos and a rayman demo… And trust me rayman is enough… If only m rated games could display video in gsmestops… But i get it.

  • LolWatTurtles

    While everyone here already has known for a long time I think the Wii U looks amazing and that I would love to get one. I’m getting kinda worried for the online. I mean, the Wii U comes out in 13 days and we haven’t seen a single thing of Nintendo Network yet, besides that one ZombiU trailer at E3 2012 and that really didn’t show that much.

    • marioravesto3d

      Saving best till last !


    Although I read this site daily, Im not touching or viewing the system on display until I own it. I do not want to diminish the event for the first time.

  • Daddy Oh

    K so I was worried this was not going to be in Canada but I was at one today at EBgames. I was excited to see this thing but was a bit causious about it at the same time. No worries as it is amazing. Played the Rayman demo. It was really really fun. Im no Fan boy I have all the systems and they all are great. This however is fresh and different and from what I experianced it works.

  • SuperWiiEntertainmentSystem

    One set up in my town at Target, I went earlier only to find out that there’s no demos only videos…. like WTF