Jun 13th, 2012

Wii U Iwata bananasThere has been a lot of debate about the Wii hardware, how powerful the console is, what kind of technology it has, etc. It’s widely accepted now that the console isn’t that much more powerful than current generation systems, but it is nevertheless more powerful, as a recent Batman Arkham City Wii U comparison showed.

According to Nintendo, there’s a good reason why the console isn’t a huge leap in performance compared to the Xbox 360 and PS3: cost. Nintendo has to “devote significant costs to the GamePad controller”, as Satoru Iwata puts it in a meeting with investors, which means in order to sell the console at a reasonable price, it needs to keep other costs down. This means the rest of the hardware, CPU, GPU, RAM and so on, have to be very cost efficient. This translates to system specs that aren’t a true next-gen leap as many expected. Iwata said:

“…we have to devote significant costs to the Wii U GamePad, if we were to apply the same level of enhancement that other console manufacturers shoot for to the processing power component, the Wii U would become extremely high in price, and it would not be affordable”

Iwata added that developers are far from tapping into the full potential of the Wii U hardware, because they’ve only just begun making games for the platform. Iwata compares this to the current consoles, where developers have had many years to fine tune games and optimize games, in order to take full potential of the hardware. And he’s right — there’s a huge difference between the current PS3 and Xbox 360 games compared to those that came out 5 years ago. The Wii U no doubt faces the same situation, where games will look better and better.

It was recently revealed that all of Nintendo’s first party Wii U launch games will ship in 720p. It’s unknown what resolution third party titles will support, but we expect at least a few to push it up to 1080p, especially 2D side scrollers like Rayman Legends and Scribblenauts.

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  • Hafid

    I think the WiiU Will go longer in Time and then we ll see What she CAN really do !!!
    But no problem for Nintendo, its So powerful for the games they are used to do … Mario, Zelda and others with That current graphic will be more spectacular than the other shitty games on PS3 and 360 !!!
    I mean the ideas !!! So on the next génération too !!!

  • i was going to buy it during the first launch day…but kinda disappointed though… i was hoping the graphic would at least be better than the the current console THAT WAS MADE 5 TO 6 YEARS AGO !!!

    • Leeroy

      Have you even been paying attention they just said it was more powerfull but not ridiculously more just significantly

      • asofjlasj

        is a little bit more powerful right leeroy like 5 percent more…hell yea nintendo im beginning to think nintendo think about innovation and money more than they think about specs and full filling hardcore gamer needs in games…ill buy the wii u then i will sell it on craigslist after the xbox 720 or ps4 comes out with better graphics.

  • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

    It had to be strong enough to support two other screens, run at 60 fps with a gamepad, and has potential for 1080p. That’s plenty of power. To say it’s not a next gen leap. Compared to the Wii, it definitely is, and even developers have said it’s a true next generation console. Maybe not the current HD systems to some kind of super HD system, but it doesn’t need that. As long as it can run with two gamepads and minimal to no lag, no problem. Even if fps drop to 30 with two gamepads, that’s still a higher frame rate than what’s seen in some current gen consoles. It’s going to the next level. Maybe not the top of the next level, but it’s moving to the next level. Don’t be ignorant and say it isn’t a next gen leap just because they’re trying to be cost efficient. They’re still using better, more modern tech. And we’ll all thank them for not having a $500 or $600 system at launch *cough*ps/xbox* We’re gonna be getting the best for what we’re paying for. And other next gen systems either don’t need to be way more powerful or just plain can’t afford it. Sony’s practically gone bankrupt over that past few years (though I’m sure they saved up plenty, but not enough for many, or possibly any more losses) and Microsoft has no incentive to take a huge leap. Even if they could do 2160p, does anyone have a tv that supports that? Those systems will be $400 to $500 most likely, so even if they are more powerful, they won’t be that significantly more powerful. There’s no reason for it. They don’t even really need to be much more powerful, since the Wii U is supporting multiple screens, that takes away from the main picture, so unless they make second screen controllers, they can look better with the same specs. It’s as simple as that. They won’t be much more powerful. They will be more powerful, but not enough to really matter. So next gen leaps… don’t expect something big, or you’re gonna be disappointed. Maybe up to the quality that crysis 1, maybe 2 hit on PCs (in case you haven’t seen the console and PC versions, look up a comparison on Youtube, you’ll know what I’m talking about). That’s plenty of a leap, but don’t expect anything more than that, or you’ll be disappointed. Maybe I’m wrong, but consoles are supposed to be the cheap way to game, so, don’t get your hopes up too high, or Sony and Microsoft’s E3 conferences next year will be bigger disappointments than Nintendo’s was this year. (And you know Nintendo did not organize that well at all. Order and focus were just plain not good and they didn’t have a big first party game. They needed one big one). Okay, agree with me, argue, I don’t care, just letting you in on my 2 cents. Just pisses me off when people say Wii U isn’t next gen. It’s starting beyond the current, so that’s all you should need to know to know it’s gonna be more than fine, considering how crappy entry games generally are, compared to the true capabilities of the system.

    • Poncho

      You’re the man, man


      you are 100% right

    • Gary Moscheles

      i was gonna say, i believe the Wii U is the true competition to the 360 and the PS3, despite it being a little late. and even though that was of the same generation, the Wii obviously wasn’t on par. this is what the Wii SHOULD have been

    • Gary Moscheles

      (cont’d) just saw the part at the end, and you are absolutely right again. Launch titles shouldn’t be how you judge a system.

      and i’m sure it was difficult for Nintendo to decide what to talk about, only having about an a 90 minute time slot. they were very, very ambitious with this system.

    • Pretzels

      Right as rain my man. Keep talking.

      • Pretzels

        I missed the big 1st party game too and that was one thing I was hoping for this E3 season. I’m actually kinda disappointed about that as of other people are I’m sure. Let’s just hope they pull something out of the bag soon.

    • Something Completely Different

      I won’t completely disagree with you, but resolution is a very small part of what can be improved upon graphically from this generation. Yes, there is definitely no need for 2160p, however more RAM for higher resolution textures, HDR lighting, LOD, radial blurring, realistic water, high quality shadows, and high quality reflections can do wonders with 1080p. Once you hit 720p resolution begins to matter less. It definitely helps, but everything I listed above is much more important. Try looking at Fallout 3 modded for the PC and see just how amazing 720p can look. I can run a game that looks 50 times better than anything on a console on my $600 computer at over 60 FPS. Next generation we should expect that from Sony and Microsoft. While the Wii U looks great in comparison to the PS3 and 360 right now, it’ll look like the Wii again in comparison to the PS4 and the next XBox. I’m not saying this to drag you down, but if you’ve actually played a game at that graphic level the immersion level is ridiculous. It really draws you into the game in a way that you can’t get from current consoles. The Wii U will not appeal to core gamers once they see that and again Nintendo will be exactly where it was this generation. So while I understand where you’re going, you’re completely wrong when you say that there’s no reason for better hardware. You just haven’t experience it yet. Trust me, when you see it you’ll be amazed.

  • AwayToHit

    Hopefully we can have AAA games at true 1080p running at 60 fps in the future 😀

    • iprino

      I believe they will be at 1080 and 60 fps. That will b after devs have more time to work with wii u. I think it will run Unreal Engine 4 when it is said and done.

      • Miks

        It won’t run UE4, but that does not mean that the PS4/720 will run UE4. UE4 is a really demanding engine, and I don’t think Sony/Microsoft would want to take THAT much losses from every unit sold.

        • Owen

          source? everywhere i’ve looked its been a given that the next sony and microsoft consoles will run UE4. The question was whether it could run on WiiU and a good number of sources (namely ign) have suspected that it probably will.

          • ahhhhh

            Right now the unreal engine only run on gtx 680 video cards…… The gtx 690 cost $1200 even in 2to3 years it will cost $500…

            You are,talking about a $800+ console… Where the engine will actually scale in a few years a real light isnt needed in every game .

      • Master Daddy Sir

        It all depends on the easy of development, I for one am hoping they use Unreal 4 simply because of the in game editing and ease of creation…well that and UR4 looks so awsome.

  • Alienfish

    You know, I just got DK Country Returns for the Wii and it really looks amazing. I can’t wait to see what Retro Studios can do on this new platform.

    • spm

      you see, that is the thing with nintendo, they really know their machines, so they really do great things in it, thing that just don’t happen soon with xbox/ps, if a machine that have only 480p can have the graphics of metroid prime 3, mario galaxy 1 y 2, dk country returns, the art of skyward, then I said that they 720p in others are just highly wasted or overrated, as a gamer I just love the nintendo stuff and I can be very happy with what they do in the generation alone of course third party tittles will not hurt but that the reason I’m a niche of nintendo they probe themselves over and over again

  • Dustin

    If they are going to build their launch around the interface instead of the hardware; then they need to go ahead and sell this console as a product whose graphical hardware will be upgraded via an expansion in its third year.

    To be specific; for $100, Nintendo could release an add-on unlike any we have seen in previous generations– they could release a box with a second GPU with 1GB of dedicated RAM. They are estimated to be only spending about $40-50 on their current GPU; so they would be increasing the system’s power to 150% of its original output.

    • Ravyu

      Umm… that kind of defeats the purpose of having a console. Consoles run on a uniform hardware for better optimization.

      • Draco Breach

        However, it is not something Nintendo hasn’t done before. They left an expansion port in the N64 and released an expansion to double the RAM. The added RAM was required for a few games – Aidyn’s Chronicles and Rareware’s Donkey Kong come to mind. Though, it did cause the system to crash on others – Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber comes to mind.

        However, that was RAM. The GPU is another story. If developers have to produce games with multiple GPUs in mind on a console, it could potentially lower the quality. They might also only develop for one of the GPU models. It’s not really feasible.

        Another question is, of course, would the Wii U even have the power to supported the added GPU. I remember a few years back one developer tore open the Wii to actually see it’s GPU. They found that, in fact, it supported 1080p but only with a higher wattage PSU than Nintendo put into it.

        However, my very first point remains the most prominent. Crashes.

    • Alienfish

      Yeah… you need a PC.

    • Chris

      …And it’s been tried a million times before. Expansion packs never take off because developers need to decide to spend the extra $$ to take advantge of that extra horsepower for a very small number of people who by the expansion. Historically, the answer has always been, “not enough expansions sold through to the market to justify the extra cost”. it’s been tried on pretty much every console platform I can remember. And only a handful of games ever supported it. Even when they were bundled with must-have titles.

      • Dustin

        The difference here is that the system is purposefully less powerful to lower the cost at launch. After the next MS and Sony systems launch; the WiiU is going to look last-gen and three years in, Nintendo can avoid launching a whole new console in the fourth year by simply releasing a box that plugs into the bottom of the console (with its own power supply if needed) that gives developers a second GPU with a lot of RAM. The GPU they are already using in the WiiU is based on chips that are built to work with multiple GPUs.

        Microsoft is rummored to be building a system with two 6000 series GPUs.

        Would you rather buy a new $350 Nintendo console in the fourth year or spend a $100 to get two or three more years out of the WiiU? Would you rather buy a X3 or PS4 that third year or just spend $100 to update your WiiU?

    • ahhhhh

      This is actually possible by tweaking the os…

      You can do things like turn off second screens and the performance jumps alot. This is even true with PC gpus.

      You can also plug a large USB hd up to it and then move all save data to that…. Which would give them the whole flash ram to play with ram wise as thoughit was a giant scratch disk.

      This is really a very smart design.

  • Chris

    To be honest I’m more of a PC gamer so if I wanted to see amazing graphics I’d go onto my Gaming PC, but if they show Unreal Engine 4 running on the Wii U at atleast 30fps at 1080p/720p then I’ll be happy.

    But really I’m just glad Nintendo is embracing HD gaming finally

  • Nintengoth

    As long as the WiiU can run UE4 and have that power at least it will be running with 720 and ps4, im glad Ninty are not going down sheer power route coz graphics are maxed out now, the next consoles that sony and microsoft release will be their last.
    still cant wait for the WiiU!

  • victor

    the main problem with that is that nintendo may rule the market just while sony/microsoft wont release their new system. its a bit like the release of wii: its new, its fun and everybody wants. but then comes up the new more powerful systems and sells starts to drop. i trully hope wiiu gona be a huge success, and im still whiling to buy it at day one, but i fear its gona be a videogame good for only 2 years. if they manage to still getting multiplataforms games within the next generation, exact as it is in the other system, then nintendo has got it right

  • JC

    I don’t care if is more or less powerful I WANT MY ZELDA!!!

  • Neonridr

    before everyone raises their arms in disgust and cries wolf, we need to understand what exactly we are dealing with. First off, the next generation of consoles are not going to wow us in a way that the Xbox 360 and PS3 wowed us when we finally entered the world of HD graphics. I have seen the UE4 demo and while it looks very impressive, it’s not a significant leap over games we are currently seeing. Games on current gen systems still look extremely sharp and developers are constantly finding ways to push the envelope on what looks good. For those of you who suddenly think that when the Nextbox or PS4 come along that we are suddenly going to be blown out of the water, brace yourself, you won’t. Sony can’t afford to gamble on another overpriced console, as they are in very dire circumstances. I see Microsoft releasing their next console maybe as early as the beginning of 2014, while I honestly don’t see Sony following suit until perhaps 2015. Nintendo might only be slightly above what we are seeing from Sony and Microsoft, but for the faithful Nintendo fans, that is MORE than enough.

    It’s only natural that the next systems that MS and Sony put out will be more powerful than the Wii U — again it’s hard to release something a few years down the road that is less powerful than what is out currently. However, it will not be the difference we saw between the Wii and the PS360. Gamers are going to be won over now by the storytelling side of games, and the size of the game worlds, and the ways to interact with the games. It won’t be about fancy graphics because all the systems now can do full HD.

    • Daemonrunner

      Exactly! We are starting to plateau with regards to graphics. Sure there will always be enhancements to lighting effects, draw distances, and particle effects, but this idea of leaps and bounds better is just peoples fantasies.

      Neither Sony nor Microsoft have confirmed anything with regards to their new systems and that leaves a ton of imaginary consoles to live in the minds of gamers. I do believe that both have stated that when they make their next system, they will be taking a more economic approach rather than go completely bleeding edge (I could be wrong on that, but I do remember some article stating that, somewhere).

      Even IF the Wii U version isn’t the most technological superior version of a multi-platform game in a few years, we are probably only going to see differences in minor graphical bells & whistles (but not on the same level as with PS3/Xbox 360 vs. Wii).

  • Daemonrunner

    While I don’t like to use PC spec when talking about consoles (because consoles can stretch hardware to whole different levels), it’s the only way to really put things in perspective.

    The Xbox 360 is based of the x1900 ATI GPU and the PS3 is based off the 7800 Nvidia GPU. This is some ancient technology by computing standards.

    The Wii U is based off the ATI/AMD R700 architecture (ATI/AMD 4800 series). While it may not be the most bleeding-edge technology, it is a way more updated and optimized architecture than it’s predecessors – and doesn’t cost a lot of money to make.

    In fact, if you put in in PC standards, this is a DX11 GPU versus DX9 of the competition. Heck even the CPU itself doesn’t need to be super expensive to be more powerful than the competition – mostly due to enhancements in CPU optimization technology over raw speed.

    If Intel is any example, a 2nd gen iCore5 managed to beat out a 1st gen iCore7…that’s not a huge leap in generation, yet thanks to new CPU tech, it comes out on top. When you look at YEARS in R&D in general, the Wii U’s CPU is probably pretty powerful against the competition – even if it isn’t the most bleeding edge of CPU’s.

    These days, even the most entry level video card from Nvidia/AMD (mixed with a fairly basic CPU) can play games at or above console quality. If you think about it, could a PC with the same specs as the Xbox 360 or PS3 run Batman Arkham City or L.A. Noire at 720p at 30 fps? I am going to say no.

    So, while the Wii U may not necessarily be the most bleeding edge of technology, by console standards it should actually be much more powerful than people think – it just takes time to get used to that architecture.

    If the Xbox 360 and PS3 are ANY indication of what consoles can do over time, then the Wii U has a pretty long shelf-life.

    TL;DR version: General enhancements in GPU/CPU technology already makes the Wii U more powerful than the competition without the high price tag. Since consoles stretch this technology to totally different levels, Wii U owners will be pleasantly surprised – and developers will be happy with the systems longevity.

    • Daemonrunner

      I stand corrected – the R700 architecture is only DirectX 10.1 capable. I thought it was the first in the DX11 series GPU’s

      I apologize for the confusion – my memory failed me.

      Not that it really matters much in console terms. AMD/ATI has utilized hardware accelerated tessellation for years (e.g. Truform enabled games on PC and the Xbox 360’s GPU).

  • Britton

    At first I was a little disappointed about the graphics and power of the WiiU. That was literally the only thing I have felt a little let down about. But when I step back and take a better look…. and after reading this article… I feel a LOT better about the graphics and power. I’d rather the WiiU be around $300 – $350 and that would just not be reasonable if they were to make the console as “powerful” as everyone was expecting. Fact is: Its powerful. I’d rather they sacrifice a little power for innovative gameplay. It has great graphics, good first party games, now a good 3rd party support, backward compatibility, its affordable, better online gaming… I mean the list goes on. In my opinion. Nintendo is not behind on the next gen console race… they are a step a head. Making the console affordable by making it more powerful than the current consoles sounds like a win/win to me. WiiU has more than answered the majority, if not all, of the concerns for most competent gamers. If you still do not feel at ease knowing there is MUCH more still coming concerning this console…. maybe you shouldnt count yourself among the competent gamers? 🙂

  • Chris

    Honestly, I’m absolutely jumping out of my skin to have Nintendo-quality AAA titles on a system with even MARGINALLY better graphics than current gen. At least its as good if not better than current! And the real kicker is having that tablet with ACTUAL CONTROLS on it that you can play while the wife is watching, “So You Think You Can Dance”. I mean… REALLY?! Can it get better than that? Sure, but this is good enough if it means they can keep it at a price that gets the units in as many homes as possible and, in turn, supports more AAA games from Nintendo and others.

    I really don’t get why people are so down on with the U… People who think this is Nintendo’s undoing are either too immature to see the value to the consumer or haven’t been around long enough to see generations of kids just like them say the same thing before every hardware release before this one. Everyone thinks their smarter than the guys who have been doing this for years. Even though Nintendo is the only console manufacturer to still be around from the “revival” in ’85

    I honestly can live with out way-better-than-current-gen graphics. And those who have seen Wii titles played in HD on various emulators can attest that JUST THE BUMP TO HD alone, makes those AAA Nintendo titles absolutely pop of the screen. I can’t wait!

  • Matt

    Ugh. I feel like it’s something new every day that bums me out about this system. Yea I know graphics aren’t the most important thing in the world, but here’s why this bugs me so much:

    a) I just don’t like how Nintendo has completely ignored hardware these two generations, I missed when the systems were at the very least competitive with other systems, and much more importantly

    b) If the console really isn’t that impressive graphically you WON’T be seeing the 3rd party multiplatform games that Sony and Microsoft will be getting, and it will be in the same boat that the Wii is in because people don’t want to go out of their way to develop a version that can fit on it.

    This is the potential problem with the system and weak hardware.

    • Britton

      1. You are one of the only people i’ve heard call it “weak” hardware. I will take everyone elses opinion about the hardware. It’s definitely not weak.

      2. Nintendo Wii sold more consoles than both the PS3 and 360. They know how to get more consoles into more homes. Like it or not, price is HUGE when considering the business standpoint of the system. If you can sell a lot more consoles at a smaller profit… you will make more money than selling a lot fewer consoles at a higher price. More power = Higher cost ≠ Better gaming

      3. From the gamer standpoint… you NEED innovation. How boring would gaming be if you just played the same games the same way with slightly better graphics every time?

      • Matt

        1) When I say weak, I mean weak for 8th generation gaming. Don’t live in a fantasy world, if the console is just barely above hardware from last generation, that’s not a good sign. I think most people would be willing to shell out an extra $50 for a decent bump in graphics, and Nintendo should consider selling it at a slight loss like the 3DS to get things moving.

        2) That may be true, but Nintendo seems to be deluded themselves into thinking this is going to sell in the same way the Wii did, to the same people. The casual gaming market is virtually gone, they aren’t buying this like they did the Wii. They need to turn their focus more towards regular gamers than parents if they want to sell this thing. Otherwise smaller profits won’t mean jack shit.

        3) Who the hell said I don’t agree with innovation? You’re missing the important point: if the graphics can’t be in the same ballpark as the next Microsoft/Sony consoles, then they aren’t getting the multiplatform games because developers would have to go out of their way to develop for it. Innovation doesn’t matter shit if you have no games to play for it.

        • Chup-a-chu

          Selling the system at a loss is a losing proposition imho. Write downs are the reason why N is in such a precarious situation that it is in today with such a dismal quarter.

          And I agree with your 3rd point. If the Wii U is out muscled by the competition, then developers will not want to develop for the Wii U…assuming that they even wanted to develop for the Wii U in the first place considering that they seemed really biased against N.

        • Britton

          I never said you disagreed with innovation… you failed to mention it that is all. When you fail to mention it then it implies it’s not as important to you as graphics and power. I also do not think that you are smarter at marketing or creating a gaming console than Nintendo. I believe they know what they are doing. It’s part of business anyway… you learn from mistakes. Microsoft and Sony both have their fair share of mistakes. I really think the WiiU will be a successful system. The thing is… with X-box 360 and Playstation 3 you can buy one or the other and get all the games you need for HD 3rd party titles. Nintendo has enough exclusives to appeal to a larger audience that will buy their system solely for those titles, and now they have added HD 3rd party titles. Nintendo has a couple years of a head start to get the WiiU into peoples hands before MS and Sony come out with a next gen console. Plus, there is no guarantee WHEN the next systems will come out and what kind of power they will include. To be honest… I am not really worried about any of them as I believe it will be an on-going console battle for many years to come.

  • Dan7el(WiiU day one purchase)

    Since when has The Big N needed crazy power or graphics to make the best games….never.

  • Kirby

    I would be happy if they made it a new game and watch, I don’t care, it’s nintendo

  • alex

    Dejavu…nintendo is killing me why i will buy a ps3 1.5 just cuse the gamepad? Then no re6 or max pain or gt5 qns no maeio 3d or zwlda or metroid yet? I wil buy one but not.untill 2013 this christmas i will buy a ps3 ans a cita nintendo i waa qith you aince 1985 but agai for rhe 3rs time you make the wrong decision i wil prefer a 5 time ps3 powwr nintwnso qithba peo xontroller omly thaa ps3 1.5 with an expensive controller

    • Britton

      Do you realize none of that made sense? You really need to spell check and proof read your comments before you submit them. 1 or 2 errors is understandable. . .

  • Kirby

    I did not understand a word of that…

  • erick petrovic

    Erick Ve Fa
    I think that the WiiU its a very interesting console, and the idea of a second screen is really cool ( though i dont know if it is that practical when playing…) and i have no doubt that Nintendo will make loads of money with it, but something that is not clear to me is why the history is repeating again, meaning that Wii was very innovative and apparently only for Nintendo games, while other 3rd publishers didnt really care about the Wii because it was so underpowered compared to PS3 and Xbox 360. I am a Nintendo fan since the NES days and it is really sad to see my Wii in the closet just gathering dust because there were not enough games to make me play it again, i mean, Zelda and Mario are great games, amazing actually, but it cannot be just that, aint it? I bought me a PS3 since i can play games like Uncharted, Battlefield, Metal gear and so on….. What happend with you Nintendo? Again a console is coming this holiday season and its very exciting, but when you dont really impress in E3, you dont talk about the console itself ( just about the controller, which caused loads of missunderstandings…), and that the reason the WiiU wont be that “powerfull” is because the price would go higher…. I mean, i would rather pay $500 for a real “next gen console” that can compete against the coming PS4 and 720 than to buy again a pumped up version of the Wii!, lets face it, at the end, 3rd party developers will turn around their backs once again to Nintendo because the WiiU wont offer them the hardware to run their games as on the next gen consoles from Microsoft and Sony, and we will have again only Nintendo games that will be worth playing, and we all know that Nintendo doesnt care about power, but it cannot be just a Nintendo console running 8 bit games all the time! Is really sad to see Nintendo stepping back once again, perhaps will eventually buy WiiU when Zelda comes out, but in the main time, I will pray that Nintendo hears their fans, those core fans since their begginings, and give us something that can blow us away, like the Nintendo 64, i literally “shit” my pants when i saw Mario 64 the first time!, i havent had that felling again, at least not on a Nintendo console, and its very sad to say so….
    I am sure that Nintendo will do great, as they always do, just hope they dont forget we are not anymore in the 8 and 16 bit era….

    • SanPharaoh

      Nintendo was not the first to create a home gaming console, but they were the most successful. They have always lead the way with innovation, and I see the Wii U continuing that tradition.

      It almost seems like an HD DS that can be as big as my TV, and grow with it as I upgrade to a “bigger big screen”, which to me is a very good thing. I love my DS and have often wished I could play it on my TV and now the Wii U is giving me that power in spades times 1000.

      It bothers me when people speak ill of Nintendo. If it weren’t for them and their success video gaming would probably not be as prevalent as it is today. It’s almost like listening to a new rock band speak ill of The Beatles, or Pink Floyd when they should be paying homage.

      And as far as “hard core” gamers abandoning Nintendo for either PS3 or XBOX360…that’s simply not true. I like to think I’m pretty hard core, and I play my Wii faithfully. Were their times when I was tempted to purchase one the other systems just to play one or two games (i.e. Gears of War, God of War, Final Fantasy etc.)? Yes. But the truth is, I ain’t got money like that and so the Wii U is the answer to my prayers.

      It’s backward compatible with ALL of my current Wii titles. Soon all of the hit Game Cube titles will be available for download from the Nintendo Network…it’s rumored to be $300-$350 at launch. And after seeing Assassins Creed 3, and Batman Arkham City I can only imagine the possibilities. Just think: Smash Bros., Zelda, Metroid, DK…Killer Instinct…It will be capable of doing everything we, as true gamers have been wishing for, at a price we can afford…at launch…not six years later.

      People compare the Wii to the XBOX 360 and the PS3 when they shouldn’t be. The Wii was more on par with the PS2 and original XBOX. And if you look at those multiplats side by side the Wii is clearly superior.

      I’m not hating on the NextBox, or the PS4, but I don’t see them advancing to the level that these younger gamers are hoping. I’m sure they will be more powerful than the Wii U, but not enough to make developers abandon the Wii U altogether like they did to the current Wii. If anything those consoles will probably just copy the Wii U and continue to follow in Nintendo’s foot steps like they’ve always done.

      Sure there will come a day when we will be able to play games with graphics that look better than Avatar (the movie) with just as much depth and story at a price that is reasonable, and Nintendo will be there to bring it to us.

      But for now they are giving us the Wii U. And to that Nintendo, I say THANK YOU.

      I just wish it was out already. I seriously can’t wait…Like Cartman in that one episode of South Park.

  • asofjlasj

    im beginning to think nintendo think about innovation and money more than they think about specs and full filling hardcore gamer needs in games…ill buy the wii u then i will sell it on craigslist after the xbox 720 or ps4 comes out with better graphics.