May 18th, 2014

Wii U is the most energy efficient next-gen consoleConsoles, like all other hardware with a bunch of chips and processors in them, consume electricity. Usually, the more powerful the hardware, the more juice it takes to run. And while game consoles, PCs, and computer hardware have been getting more and more energy efficient over the past years, they still consume a lot.

The The Natural Resources Defense Council, a non-profit environmental advocacy group, who call themselves “The Earth’s Best Defense”, did a study recently about the electricity consumption of video game consoles. And it’s not looking good. Unless you’re Nintendo.

The NRDC found that the new generation of consoles from Sony and Microsoft (PS4 and Xbox One), actually consume quite a bit more than their last-generation editions. The Xbox One is the most power hungry by far, which at peak, can consume almost 300 kWh/year. By comparison, the Wii U is at just 37 kWh/year.

In fact, the Wii U is not only the most power efficient next gen console by far, it’s also the only console that consumes less than its predecessor. The original Wii was measured at 40, while the Wii U is slightly lower, at 37 kWh/year.

The Xbox One is especially power hungry. It draws 15W continuously for its Kinect monstrosity to be on and wait for the user to say “Xbox On”, even during the night or when no one’s home. This represents $400 million in annual electricity bills in the US, according to NRDC’s estimates.

The numbers are estimates based on console usage and power draw. According to NRDC, video game consoles in America consume as much electricity in a year as the city of Houston. Which is not a small city by any measure. The electricity cost to run all of the consoles every year? $1 billion.

You can check out a graph below of how the Wii U stacks up against the competition. Of course, the Wii U isn’t nearly as powerful as the other consoles, and Nintendo specifically designed and under-clocked the hardware to fit the power envelope of the system.


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  • extrablade

    Of course is the weakest of all of them.

    • Billy_Perry

      Its even more efficient than the Wii, which it is considerably more powerful than. Its a massive achievement how efficient it is. Your argument is invalid.

      • companyoflosers

        Wii u is twice as powerful as the 360 and ps3 yet it uses close to half the amount of electricity. Imagine if the wii u went through an update that turned its efficiency off to allow for higher performance. The wii u really isnt looking so bad now is it? Nintendo could have easily thrown the wii u’s design out the window for a more powerful console design but unlike you, they know the most powerful console has NEVER been the most successful, EVER.

        • matthew garcia

          Super Nintendo was the most powerful 16 bit and won and ps4 seems to be running away with the lead and it’s the most powerful.

          • LordiMcKill

            Yet the PS2 was the weakest console of that generation still became one of the best selling consoles of all time. It’s a proven fact, sometimes the weakest will come out on top but not every time.

          • companyoflosers

            The snes being the most powerful of its GENERATION though is still debatable though. There were plenty other consoles that gen that while they were more than 16 bit, were more powerful and WAY less successful. Its still too early in this gen to say anything regarding whos going to win. This is supposed to be a 8 to 10 year run for microsoft and sony so things may not end up they way they are now near the end. Im neutral myself but it IS possible that with nintendo going for a lifespan half the length of its competition, they COULD pull ahead. Im doubtful but weirder things have happened. Xb1 also just announced its disconnection from kinect and how that may allow them to make the system more powerful since it can reassign those resource it previously had devoted, to other things in addition to allowing for a price reduction. Like i said, too early to make any calls.

          • lonewolf

            No it wasnt the most powerful was the neo-geo.

          • Donaald

            It may have been the most powerful of the 16-bit consoles but it wasn’t the most powerful of it’s time

          • 504HotBoy

            Neo-Geo was the most powerful console of the 4th Gen.

    • So you’re saying it’s weaker than the Wii/PS3/360? Look at Mario Kart 8.

      • extrablade

        i meant current Gen.

    • Chase U

      It’s not about “weakness”, it’s about eco-friendliness. The Wii U isn’t necessarily weaker, it just consumes a LOT less energy.

  • uPadWatcher

    The Wii U is the most eco-friendly video game console on the planet. Even Captain Planet approves it.

    • Guest
      • Clel

        Oops accidentally deleted the comment… Oh well I guess I’m a guest now! D:

        • sd

          That’s a weird flaw in the comment system.

      • Lusunup

        A man who hangs out with prepubescent kids, gives them “rings” to call for his needs, wears spedos, pale blue skin, skin tight clothing and green hair needs our approval? :/ Thats just wrong…

        • Roadkill409

          Widget the World Watcher, He’s purple and only 4 feet tall and from the from the Horsehead Nebula. And he approves this message.

          • KartSmash

            HOLY HELL someone else actually knows of Widget the World Watcher? Seriously never known anyone else who has heard of it besides my twin brother.

          • jjbredesen

            The purple little guy?

          • KartSmash

            Did you watch Mr.Bogus as well? I think that came on after Widget if I recall correctly, or before but can’t remember since that was like 20 years ago.

          • Roadkill409

            Mr Bogus did come out about a year after Widget. I did not remember the show until I saw the clip. There were some crazy shows in the early 90’s.

          • KartSmash

            Indeed there were lol I kinda miss it sometimes

          • KartSmash
        • Officer Raichu

          dont you DARE to make fun of captain planet hes as good as he man(which means HES GOOD)

      • nin-10-doughfan

        nintendo is really outstanding!,superb!,excellent!,flawless victory!ha ha ha! ^o^

  • Sdudyoy

    It’s cool that Nintendo managed to use less energy than there last console.

    • Yeah, pretty amazing actually considering the gap in what it’s capable of.

      • Sdudyoy

        And considering both the PS4 and XB1 both use over twice as much energy as there predecessor’s, Nintendo’s Wii U may not be as powerful as the other next gen consoles, but it’s still amazing how it uses less energy than the Wii considering how much stronger the Wii U is.

        • Chase U

          Obviously Nintendo isn’t worried about having a console that’s as powerful or more powerful than Micro/Sony. The focus is quality gaming as I’m sure most of us know. It is very cool like you said that they managed to make their 8th gen consume less and 7th gen.. pretty impressive

  • lonewolf

    If we say that the wii u is more energy efficient because its the weakest of them all that means its weaker than the wii and ps3 and the xbox 360. People no its just that there are great enguneers at Nintendo thats all and on top of that they think about the world.

  • jjbredesen

    And this is why Nintendo’s engineers are fantastic, and this is why i respect them.

    The architecture of Wii U is really fantastic, and is well made. Even if Wii U had the same specs as PS4/Xbone it would not consume as much. It is a lot more powerful than people say, 25% weaker than a PS4 (roughly) and still consumes way less.

    Truly great piece of engineering! Xbone on the other hand….

    • I’m not a fan of Xbox One. 360 was fine, but I’ll stick with my old Xbox. Having fun with Burnout3/Spider-Man2.

      • Nothing5555

        I loved m old Xbox. Never got around to acquiring a 360 since i still think its too expensive. The one thing I loved about the PS2, Gamecube, Xbox generation is most of the games on each system were different and did not have too many cross platforms (besides the sports games).

    • Clel

      People are still hating on the Xbox One? Okay…

      • jjbredesen

        Not hating on Xbox One, it is a good console, but it is designed in a bad way.

        First of it is manufactured so that it is more expensive than PS4 (even without Kinect) and is weaker, and still consumes more. It is bad engineering, compared to what Nintendo has pulled of, and Sony has not done a bad job either. And a lot of people have had problems with them. Way more than PS4 and Wii U.

        Sure it will have good games, but that is about it, and the clunky Win 8 style interface does it no justice.

        But it does have fantastic online.

        • Yousif Alromaithi

          I agree the Xbox uses most of it power on heating. It cools the system down even though it is stronger in specs. But the Wii U in the other hand consumes less power and never gets hot.

    • Brandon

      The wii u 25% weaker then the ps4, I doubt that. Its alot weaker then that, though it performs good. Meaning power isnt everything.

      • Robinpreet Sidhu

        Well who really cares about power when the games run good, Final.

        • Brandon

          Thats what im saying, power isnt everything. As long as the game looks good and plays well, then its perfect.

        • Jim Peterson

          “Well who really cares about power”

          Every one of us forced to buy a Nintendo console as a secondary console these days because we need another console for all the big multiplatform games not coming to it.

      • Filipe1020

        Funny, the PS4 is not even that powerful either (Watch dogs is not even 1080p on it and they still limit some games to 30FPS)

        • Brandon

          Of course ps4 isnt that powerful, but its is the most powerful console. The games are not really showing much of its power. Watch dogs does look super good despite it not being 1080p.

          • Have to disagree with you on that. Watch Dogs looks like its been lowered quite a lot since that 1st reveal. Literally every time I see more videos on it I dislike it even more. Originally I was like damn right this is awesome…now I couldn’t care less for it.

          • Brandon

            It was first revealed in 2012, the ps4 was not even announced yet, so it was most likely the pc version. Yet the game coming looks fantastic.

          • I’m aware of the PC version. Even that though has been down graded, I think the game got a bit to big for Ubifail so they had to lower it a bit. Still will probably be a fun game, but it wont live up to the hype in the end.

          • RyuNoHadouken

            the PC version still looks like the e3 demo…it has actually been given more visual polish…you need at least an r9 280x or gtx 770 to play it in all its splendor though

          • Zuxs13

            and dont for get a 600-1000watt power supply. lol

          • RyuNoHadouken

            you can get away with a 600w power supply from a reputable manufacturer…video card makers always over state the psu requirements on the box for all the shitty OEM psu’s out there thats put in pre-built computers.

          • Zuxs13

            true but that power supply even at 600W is more than 10x whats in the Wii U. Though most gaming PC’s will max out around 200 watts during game play, not the 600w of the power supply rating, But in order to get those PC graphics it will cost you ~$20 more in electricity cost to play for 40-60 hours. That would be for the machine only, it wouldn’t included TV/monitors, surround sound systems etc. So hopefully the Steam version is $20 cheaper then it will all even out.

          • RyuNoHadouken

            idk who’s your electricity provider, but you’re getting F’d with no vaseline! LOL

          • Zuxs13

            That’s based off the national average of $ .11143 per kWh. It would be even worse where i live since i pay around $ .17833 per kWh.

          • Wildman

            That first reveal was on PC hardware iirc.

          • Kevin Sepulveda

            Then care less….

        • Nothing5555

          Eh..but the PS4 is still more “powerful” than the WiiU. If anything it will be Watch Dogs on the PC which can run at 60FPS at 1080p+ settings (depending on how much you spend on components0.

        • Jim Peterson

          Not true. Infamous SS is easily one of the most visually impressive games Ive ever seen, FAR more than Watch Dogs and its 1080p with a framerate close to 60.
          And as a direct comparison to PC’s, Tomb Raider is a good one. Tomb Raider on ultra with TressFX turned on needs a beast of a PC to run. More than my PC could do and its a pretty good PC but I had to lower the settings a little and turn TressFX off. The PS4 version is essentially the PC version on Ultra with TressFX on but better, with more lighting effects and more dynamic environments. And its a smooth 1080p60fps. Thats all I need to be reassured about the consoles power.

          • RyuNoHadouken

            then you dont game on PC…i can name over 20n games that easily look better than Infamous…but i do love and own infamous second son though

      • He is a bit off. Roughly 50% weaker then the PS4. About 33% weaker then the Xbox One. Still isn’t much of a big deal to be honest.

        • Brandon

          Still seems like more judging by the specs, this only power. The wii u is still able to bring some good looking visuals, despite the power.

          • My point was that the Wii U CAN RUN ANY 3rd party exclusive despite the arrogance that these devs claim that it’s to weak lol. The Wii U, PS4, and Xbox One will eventually all be at 1080p and 60fps at their best, so it will be an even playing field, HOWEVER PS4 is better for “REALISTIC” games with it’s extra power. If Sony made a Spyro game at 1080p and 60fps and Nintendo made a Mario game at 1080p and 60fps they would both look amazing and you couldn’t say the PS4 RAPES THE WII U. lol

        • Nintendofreak

          but can they run modded minecraft of course not neither of the 3 can.. pc win all the way

      • Wildman

        I’d say it has somewhere around 67% the power as a PS4.

        • Brandon

          Judging by the specs I cant see that.

          • Wildman

            The specs will only say so much. They are just numbers that say how much RAM and how fast the CPU and GPU are. Actual performance figures are still unknown until devs start making games (and not ports) for the Wii U. I personally think the Wii U is underpowered in all. I still love playing it. It’s about the games mate.

          • Brandon

            As I said, the wii u may be alot weaker, but power isnt everything its about how you utilize that power. As for performance its not that much worst, but I still cant keep up on some games, unless they severely lower the graphics.

          • Wildman
    • 504HotBoy

      Another thing a lot of people don’t realize and will argue you down is that the PS4 & Xbox One are not that powerful as people make them out to be. They have more horsepower, no doubt, but mainly because of their more advanced OS. They need that extra horsepower because of it. Even so the systems were still made to be affordable. That’s why they aren’t that big a leap over 7th gen consoles in terms of graphics. People questioning why, these systems out the gate are having problems doing 1080p/60 fps games. Mainly only on games that aren’t that graphically intense, it’s easier to maintain that frame rate and resolution. the graphic difference from 8th gen to 7th gen seem more like Snes compared to Genesis, rather than Snes compared to Nes. Where as Snes games looked prettier than Genesis games, but Genesis games could still graphically hold their own, especially under the hands of the right developers. Snes compared to Nes was how big a difference the previous gens leaps were. Which aint the case with 8th gen.

      • GmailIsDown

        Peak Shader Throughput of the various consoles:
        Xbox 360: 0.24 TFLOPS
        Wii U: 0.352 TFLOPS
        Xbox One: 1.31 TFLOPS
        PS4: 1.84 TFLOPS
        you can go to anandtech and IGN to find out the original sources of these numbers. the numbers don’t lie. but again if you are religious, you defy logic and facts.

        PS4 is more than one Wii U faster than Xbox One. and PS4 and Xbox One are both 4~6 times faster than Wii U.

        edit: oops i replied to the wrong post

        • 504HotBoy

          You’re looking at numbers. But I’m looking at real world performance. Which I also said they need that extra horse power because of their more advanced operating systems. None of that can change the fact that graphically 8th gen is not a big leap over 7th gen. These games should be blowing PS3 & 360 games graphics out the water, but they’re not. I stressed this out million of times before. When Snes came out, it blew Nes graphics out the water, from day 1, graphics looked outdated, when Dreamcast came out, it blew PS graphics out water, from day 1, graphics looked out dated, when PS3 came out, it made Gamecube graphics looked out dated from day 1. That’s not the case with these 8th gen consoles. 7th gen games still look good and don’t look outdated. Something is wrong with that picture. Im not going to be a delusional fan or live in denial to make these out to be these super consoles when they’re not. I’m really disappointed with 8th gen.

          • GmailIsDown

            i replied to the wrong post but i was trying to illustrate that wii u should be the most energy efficient as it is 4~6 times slower than the next-gen consoles in terms of raw horsepower.

          • Liam

            it is 4~6 times slower than the next-gen consoles in terms of peak shader throughput, which is not equal to ‘raw horsepower’. Horsepower isn’t even a techincal term for computers, you’re thinking of engines.

            While high shader throughput is certainly good (it means the GPU can render more pixels per second) it is not the only important metric of power. Also, peak throughput may be an unrealistic representation of average throughput.

        • Peter Zachar

          You are right but people here will not accept it because they are fans and therefore are biased to some extent. Fanboism is really like religion. As you said if you are religious, you defy logic and facts. So here are facts: Wii U just can not be as powerful as PS4 because 3-core Espresso CPU (1.24GHz) is weaker than Jaguar 8-core (1.8GHz) and HD 6670-based Wii U GPU (running at 550MHz) is weaker than HD 7870 GPU in PS4 (running at 800MHz). PS4 has faster DDR5 memory compared to slower Wii Us DDR3… Anything else is just wishful thinking. This was written by someone who owns two Wii U-s and is not Nintendo hater.

        • ufg

          Surely intelligent nintendo fans don’t base entire console power comparisons on the theoretical number of possible floating point operations of the GPU? Surely. It’s not as if there aren’t other things like cache, GPGPU features, instruction sets, and the whole CPU to worry about.

      • RyuNoHadouken

        i didnt even read this after the first two sentences…you obviously have no idea what you’re talking about

        • 504HotBoy

          I do indeed know what im talking about. My whole point is that 8th gen not that big a leap over 7th gen. That’s my argument and I stand by it.

      • jjbredesen

        Well, in my opinion they are a little over glorified, and they could be sold cheaper.

        If Wii U was to have about the same horse power as Xbone, it would not need as much more power as you may think.

        1 Wii U CPU core= 2 Xbone cores, Xbox has 8 cores and Wii U has 3.

        So if you do the maths Wii U is as powerful has Xbone if it used 6 of its cores.

        The same goes for the Ram, can’t remember the exact specs, but Wii U’s transfer speed was around 500GB/S whilst Xbone was around 170, so again Wii U has closer to 6GB of Xbone ram.

        Adding that extra little would actualy not cost more than an extra $50, as Nintendo do a fantastic job when it comes to maturing there products cheap, but there could be some dark reasons behind that πŸ˜›

        • 504HotBoy

          Most likely you’re right. But the point I was making is that a lot of these over delusional fan boys are trying to make the 8th gen look like it’s this next evolution in gaming. When it’s not. Ok I have to admit I was caught in the hype as well. Went out and pre ordered a PS4. Got it and then reality hit. The graphics aren’t that big a leap over 7th gen consoles. I truly am disappointed with this gen man. I was expecting more graphically. I’m not going to even lie to you. In the end it doesn’t matter as much, but the leap could have been a bit more than what it is. Just have to wait for 9th gen to get those 4K res games with graphics that rival some of Hollywood big budget CG movies.

          • jjbredesen

            Well, it is always a bit like that in the beginning of a generation. Just look at any early 360 game, and then look at Halo 4.

            Late Gameboy color games, looked like early GBA games, and the same even goes for NES.

            Look at the first Mario, and then look at Mario 3.

            Then look at Mario World, and there will not be that much of a leap.

            Then look at early PS1 games then late ones, and then early PS2 games.

            Early Wii games, looked identical to gamecube games.

            Look at AC 1 and then look at AC Black flag’s graphics, Mass effect 1 and then look at Mass Effect 3, graphics.

            The beginning of a gen, never looks like much of a leap, when this gen is done the games out now will look like crap πŸ˜‰

            But the quality of games, are getting lower and lower :/

          • Rinslowe

            I personally liked the visual representation in Mass Effect 1 more than the other two. But yeah, there were a few technical improvements made later.

          • jjbredesen

            Yeah, i liked one better, but when looking at pure texture resolution, particle effects etc. 2 and 3 looked better. There where a lot of blurry textures in 1.

          • 504HotBoy

            That’s not really true. In previous gens. When a next gen console arrives you can instantly see the leap. You can’t tell me over the years you never notice the giant leap in graphics from day 1. When I first bought a Dreamcast, I notice the leap in graphics right away. Same as when I first bought a 360 and PS3 I notice the big leap in graphics as well as the HD quality right away. As well as generations before that. I didn’t notice a big leap with Wii U or PS4. As those are the current 8th gen consoles I own. That’s the thing people keep saying give it time. But in previous gens you notice the big difference from Day 1.

          • jjbredesen

            You notice it in this gen to, but it is getting harder and harder to tell, as it is getting more and more realistic, so it is hard to tel :/ and there is not as large of a leap as previous, but again who cares, it is all about the games, and how fun they are.

          • 504HotBoy

            You’re right in the end it’s all about the games. But I’m still a bit disappointed.

          • 504HotBoy

            I just re-read your post. You’re referring to 1st gen software when a system first launch and by its 5th year or more the games look better over time as developers are more familiar with hardware and able to squeeze every bit out the system and push it to its limits. That I know. But I’m talking about something totally different. I’m talking about going from one generation of hardware to the next and the significant leap in graphic quality. To the point as where you go back to play previous gen it make the games look out dated. That’s a day 1 thing. Not over time thing. Also wii was just a tad bit superior to game cube in graphics, so of course they looked the same. Nintendo didn’t bother to add any kind of serious graphic power when going from game cube to wii.

          • jjbredesen

            Yeah i agree, and you can barley tell the difference, but for me it does not matter, as long as the games are fun.

            But remember, most games that look the same now, are now running in 1080p and 60fps, before there was only 480p and that standard was there since NES. So there was no need to add that power aswell, but you still have a fair point.

          • Rinslowe

            Having been a keen PC gamer for many years, I kinda knew where the ceiling was this gen. From the moment I heard about the expected sale price of both Sony and MS’s consoles I had a relative idea on what we could expect.
            Personally for the price, I’m quite happy with the PS4. And I’m looking forward to how much they can squeeze out of it before the end of this generation.
            But PC is always going to be an accurate indicator of best performance, as the specs just keep distancing themselves from not just consoles but from generation of hardware scaled by only months. Not years. It all comes at a cost no doubt you’re well aware of how expensive a top of the line PC can set you back.
            But it stands to reason that if “dedicated” PC titles weren’t hitting high end CG visuals and performance a few years back, then this generation consoles definitely won’t be either.

    • sd

      My understanding of the console power is this:-

      PS4 is approx 5-6x more powerful than the PS3.
      PS4 is approx 20-30% more powerful than the xbox one.

      Xbox One is approx 4-5 x more powerful than the PS3

      Wii U is approximately 1.5X more powerful than the PS3.

      Of course this is just my understanding and I am happy to be wrong.

      Oh and just for the record, before I get slammed for my comment, I own a Wii U and Xbox One.

      • jjbredesen

        Wii is the weakest, PS3 is about 45% more powerful, and Xbox 360 is about 55% more powerful than Wii and 10% more powerful than PS3.

        Wii U uses a different architecture than PS3/360, it uses a GPGPU and therefor the CPU and GPU work together so that the CPU does not need to be as powerful, therefor Wii U when looking at what it is capable of is about 2X as powerful as Xbox 360.

        Then comes Xbox One and when looking at raw specs it is only actually 30% more powerful than Wii U, and PS4 is around 40%.

        But as we don’t know the exact specs of Wii U my sources could be wrong, as they are normal hackers :/

    • TULFich

      It could be a 35%-40% weaker (remember has 5 less cores, but still those 3 cores have more power, 1 on 1, than the PS4Β΄s, and can run PC texture packs smooth), but who cares as long as it claims to be a true engeneering wonder and has great games on it.

      • jjbredesen

        1 Wii U core= 2 Xbone cores, so Wii U’s power is 6 of Xbones cores.

        So it is a lot more powerful than you think.

    • ETMew2348

      the reason why it is energy efficient is because most of the time its unplugged HUE HUE HUE

  • CEObrainz

    I know there are millions of variations, but a comparison with the average PC and gaming PC would be very cool to see as well.

    • Sdudyoy

      How do they take so much energy while in standby? I guess there doing alot while in standby, but that took me by surprise.

      • Justin Gray

        We know one thing the XBone might be doing with all that energy on standby: Spying on u!

        • LukeMM95

          I always feel like, somebody’s watching me….and I got no privacy.

      • I haven’t used a PS4 but I read it resumes more like a laptop rather than turning all the way off.

        • Sdudyoy

          Ahh, okay, I haven’t used it either, so I wouldn’t know.

          • I looked it up – apparently the feature was delayed on PS4, but Xbone has it already.

          • RyuNoHadouken

            PS4 has had it since day one…look at my comment above

        • RyuNoHadouken

          yes, it does

      • Xbox One has so much extra crap always running in the background, lets not forget it has 3 operating systems lol. One for games, one for the system, and one strictly for the Kinect. I wonder though, that should mean the kinectless Xbox Ones will be a bit better energy wise. As for the PS4, it has a few things going on in the back ground as well. Wii U is JUST A GAME CONSOLE. If its in Standby in the Wara Wara Plaza…its not doing anything else lol.

  • Mr Ninty

    this will be great for the markets like china and brazil. cheap console low cost

    • jjbredesen

      Well in Brazil the prices a ridiculously high! Very few that can afford one.

      • LordiMcKill

        Yeah we’re talking about a country that still had the Sega Mega Drive as its number 1 selling console until the early 2000s.

  • Hernan

    It’s reasonable to compare Wii U to the processor power of PS3 or X360 , and you can see that Wii U uses half the energy. Very efficient.

  • MutantMonkey14 .

    Impressive that the Wii U beats the Wii, however its obviously going to use less energy than XBone and PS4 – its like comparing a small family car with a turbo charged sports car!
    What about the gamepad though!?! It drinketh my energy quicketh πŸ™‚
    MS ought be ashamed, AGAIN!!

    • NintendoFan

      The charger for the Wii U gamepad uses something like 8W

      Source: My Wii U gamepad charger power brick

    • LordiMcKill

      I think it only viewed the consoles performance themselves, but it did state somewhere that the 37watts the Wii U pumps out is during gameplay time so yeah I suppose that does include the gamepad’s inclusion as well.

  • Michael

    Wii U is using a RISC CPU (PowerPC) and they are energy efficient. AMD CPU/APU has never been famous for being energy efficient. A CISC CPU, as they are, consumes a lot of power.

  • LordiMcKill

    Nintendo should definitely jump in on this, if they branded all future Wii U Console boxes with an energy efficiency sticker, that might definitely make some consumers think twice about which console to purchase.

    • Chase U

      that’s what I’m saying!!!

    • RyuNoHadouken

      not sure if serious or sarcastic….im gonna go with sarcastic…lol

  • Vk-

    Wow, those XONE are going to fry before the end of this gen…

    Grats to Wii U and Nintendo by actually improving the gen consumption over the last. This adds to longevity of the hardware and decrease the costs of your bill.
    A shame this is not a selling point at all.

    But i have to say, my N64 and GBcolor still work, now i see why.

    • lonewolf

      My nes would have been working just fine if I didnt gave it a fist. (I was 5 years old).

      • FutureFox

        You committed Nintendocide!

  • NintendoFan

    37KWh/year isn’t bad. Say if 1 Kwh is 15 cents (somewhere around there), the Wii U only costs $5.55 a year.

  • Krzysztof

    So it’d take around 6 Wii Us to match the power consumption of the XBOne. I guess if we had six times better performance in the Wii U, that would be by far the most powerful console of this generation.

    • Petri

      That would be the console I would want from this generation.
      Not these weak x86 consoles, that aren’t even as powerful as my PC build from 5 years ago.

  • Derek

    Another perk for owning the Wii u. Another reason why I would not buy the Xbox one as well.

  • Chase U

    Nintendo ought to promote this for all the earth-loving Nintendo fans out there.. I don’t know, just a thought.

  • Decker Shado

    Interesting thoughts.. Wii U is the most efficient? Yes – least powerful of this gen? Yes. However, it uses less power than 360/ps3 as well, by a large margin. Of course, then there are those who swear that the Wii U is less powerful than those consoles (oy, hate arguing with those types) – but still, Wii U uses less power than a Wii. Is anyone going to honestly try to argue that the Wii U is less powerful than a Wii?

    Next-Gen Nintendo – up the power considerably, yet somehow make it so efficient and use so little power, the console and the handheld are one in the same.

    Maybe call it the “Nintendo Fusion” just to fuck with people.

  • Daryl Jones

    Think this just shows once again how crappy Nintendo are at marketing the Wii U. If they advertised this well it could persuade a lot of parents to chose the Wii u over PS or xbox

    • lonewolf

      But it can backfire people may think its less powerful or they will just agree on that statement and they wont buy it.

      • Many people already think its less powerful (which it is, just not as weak as they think it is).

  • HavokPants

    boom nobody cares (but its good to know

  • Googamp32

    2014 continues the Wii U’s dominance!

    • What dominance? If you said 3DS I would agree with you.

      • Wilks

        3DS is certainly my main source of games.

  • Zuxs13

    This has been talked about it before many times especially last generation consoles (the numbers for ps3 and 360 are wrong they may out much higher and average closer to 100 w) . Computers for gaming are even worse than this. But the problem is at least in USA is gamers/consumers don’t give a crap that their console or of will cost them upwards of a few 100$ more a year in energy cost to play the same games ( well sometimes the same)

  • Donaald

    Message approved

  • FutureFox

    Xbox One: Power hungry. In more ways than….One (doh!).

  • anthony optimo

    Imagine if the next Nintendo handheld console was as powerful as the current Wii U, and the size of a 3DS XL?

  • Officer Raichu

    as a proud vgchartz comg daily thread user im proud to announce mk8 is kicking mk7’s but in preorders at the japanese vg store chain COMG
    and its really good that they are able to use less energy for the wii u than wii

  • steveb944

    Bottom line, we’re saving the environment by using a Wii U vs the competition. You’re welcome.

  • SolarShane13

    This is stupid. Of course it’s the “greenest”, it has the absolute weakest specs. If the Wii U had equal specs, it would be consuming the same amount of energy.

    XBOX / PS4: 8GB RAM, 8-Core Processor.
    Wii U: 2GB RAM, 3-Core Processor. (a pathetic 1GB available for games)

    Reminder: 1GB = 1024MB.

    • Stephen Dorn

      The thing is, it’s twice as powerful as the previous gen consoles, and only slightly less powerful than the other two current gen consoles (a little bit more, as if you know how to code efficiently it allows for much more optimization), and it still consumes less power than the console it hosts within itself as a virtual machine! Nintendo doesn’t just care about farming cash from ignorant people like the xb1 and the ps4 seem to be doing, they have a policy for better products, not twisted statistics.

      • Brandon

        The wii u is not twice as powerful as last gen I can tell you that much and definitly noy slightly weaker the ps4 and xbox one. Though its not twice as powerful, it performs much better. When it comes to “farming cash from ignorant people” nintendo is not much better then xbox or ps. Since 7th gen nintendo has been making weaker hardware to make faster and more money.

        • SolarShane13

          Also, if Nintendo isn’t “farming cash” then why are they making us purchase Virtual Console games we already own over again? All they’re doing is creating a Wii U wrapper for the ROMs.

          He (Stephen) just doesn’t want to admit that Nintendo is greedy and anti-consumerist. (Non-redownloadable games for instance, while everyone else allows you to re-download games.)

          The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection could have easily been saved by Nintendo using a fraction of those BILLIONS to purchase the company in question.

          • Brandon

            Fanboys are crazy, not just nintendo fanboys, but all fanboys. Mostly pc fanboys.

          • Petri

            I find console fanboys to be the most peculiar.
            They fight among each others and compare pixels of multiplatforms, but when a PC gamer notes, that the game looks better on PC, you get: “F*ck off, I don’t play pixels!!!1!”

          • Brandon

            Yeah console fanboys do argue with each other, but pc fanboys seem to despise console over graphics.

          • Petri

            Power seems to be so important to certain console fanboys, even though pretty much for the first time, every console launched were weaker than an entry level high end PC.
            Sure, some PC gamers think that consoles hold gaming back, though I don’t think it’s exactly true for various reasons, and they can still bring interesting games to any console or handheld and even for smartphones.
            Industry just weren’t ready for any kind of a big leap this generation.
            Reaching limits is inevitable, currently I think the limit was money.
            They just could not make real generation defining consoles this time around, and make them affordable and profitable.

            I’m a PC gamer with high end PC that can max pretty much any game currently, yet my most anticipated game currently for this gen is coming for the Wii U.

          • Brandon

            I like all gaming platforms, as long as they provide a great gaming experience. The only next gen console I have is the ps4, im getting the other two and a gaming pc later this year. What game for the wii u your anticipating, mine is bayonetta 2 and smash bros.

          • Petri

            Bayonetta 2, I was about to give up on console gaming, since PC offered pretty much the same as any platform, then they slapped this on to my face.
            I still play the first one, when ever I get a change to hook up my PS3, I really wish they ported the first one for Wii U, it is much more pleasant console than PS3, which runs loud and hot.

            I might get PS4, if it got a game that I would have to play.
            I have nothing against Xbox per se, I just don’t like Microsoft’s approach to gaming nor their policies.
            Though Bayonetta 2 might have got me to buy an xbone, even before all the 180’s they have done now.
            But now Nintendo is getting my money, since I do not buy console for one game, I will buy any exclusive, and even some multiplatforms, even if my PC could run the game better.

          • Vakua Dorn

            I’m sorry, It seems I spoke too harshly out of my belief that nintendo thinks about more than making money, which may not indeed be true, and out of annoyance at you stating that it would consume the same amount of power if it had the same specs, which simply is not true. Nintendo consoles are built with more thought put into them, which may just be a result of nintendo relying only on video games to survive, unlike Sony and Microsoft who have other areas of expertise. Nintendo consoles are known for not being mere pc wannabes, (I’m sorry, I like xbox and playstation, but that seems to be becoming the trend) but attempting to make their video games something to go alongside a pc rather than against it.

            I am not saying that anyone who owns an xb1 or ps4 is ignorant, I’m just saying that RAM isn’t everything in a computer or otherwise, and sometimes that leads people to condemn systems with the same capabilities just because of that lack of RAM. In my opinion, a good game doesn’t require a large cache of random access memory, that just means that the… well, this has become more of a sensitive and less relevant subject over time, so I’ll just end that there.

            On Nintendo being greedy and anti-consumerist, well…

            Also, you may not be able to download games on different consoles, nintendo has stated that they are working on that issue, but you can easily back up your files in data management and transfer them over, as long as you do this within the confines of the law.

            On the wii u and the wii using the same hardware, that isn’t quite true. the wii u uses a similar build, as the wii used a similar build to the gamecube, which allows it to run a modified version of the previous system. I do admit that nintendo was somewhat lazy in merely porting the wii engine to the wii u as an application, it would have been much more impressive if the wii u did as the wii with the gamecube and ran them integrated into the new menu. However, it is impressive that it uses less power to do so, the incorporation of the wii mini into this chart would shed more light onto this subject, reveal whether it is indeed very impressive.

            Concerning the virtual console, it is true that, since nintendo is preserving its copyrights to its franchises, the download of roms of previous games is illegal, so the virtual console creates an easy and legal way for people who do not own classic games to purchase them, and also lowers the demand and cost for the original hardware. (which is what I prefer, since I’d rather blow the dust out of a cartridge than open an app)

            Once again, I’d like to apologize to all ps4 and xb1 owners, its just that I was recently insulted for owning a wii u by two of those of you who own one of these (I’d own a ps4, but I don’t think I’d be able to afford either the hardware or the electrical bill, not to say its expensive, just that I’m short on cash) and it just angered me that they were acting like they knew more about technology than me, even though when I asked them they had no idea what RAM even was. So I apologize, I just prefer a PC and a Wii U to an XBox that runs on a modified PC OS and a Playstation (once again, just on shortage of cash and preference of games, I’m not a fan of First Person Shooters)

            sorry, everyone I unwittingly insulted.

      • SolarShane13

        “it even hosts a virtual machine!”. You mean a VM that uses the SAME hardware, and thus doesn’t require anymore power? You clearly don’t know what a virtual machine is.

        I’m buying a PS4/XB1 this year. Ooops, according to you I’ll join the camp of “ignorant people” that purchased your beloved companies competitors.

      • oontz

        So anyone who owns and enjoys an xb1 or ps4 is ignorant?

    • 10114jose

      PS4 has 6GBs RAM for games and, Xbox One has 5GBs of RAM for games. Just to let you know.

    • Zuxs13

      Just so you know how much ram and how many cores something has is not what causes the power drain. Its the clock speed and efficiency of the chip sets, and the ability for it to do the tasks with as little amount of resources as possible. the PowePC in the wii U is much more efficient the the x86 chips in the other two. So even if it had 8Gb of Ram and 8 cores it would still be more efficient.

  • keithmaxx

    In the long run, the consumer does not realize that there are actually long-term savings with the WiiU, power-wise. That $400 PS3? I bet that’ll cost $500 in its first year once you factor in power. The $300 WiiU? Perhaps only $330, if not less.

    • Zuxs13

      depends on how many hours a day, these numbers in the article are based on 2 hrs of use a day. so about $20 a year difference between the Wii U and XB1. If your a gamer and play 4-6 hrs + then it will make a huge difference

  • LevenThumps

    I doubt this is the kind of news that can help sell systems, but it’s still terrific news for Nintendo none the less.

  • Brandon

    I’ve been reading some of the comments, and some people bring up a point. The wii u is the weakest out of the three new gen consoles, hence why it uses less power. The reason it takes up less power then last gen is because its using new hardware, having an apu helps consume less power also. The xbox one and ps4 are much more powerful then the wii u and last gen, even though it has newer hardware it has alot more processing cores to power. The wii has as much cores as the xbox 360, and nintendo just made there console more eco-friendly.

  • Sam

    Are we even a little surprised?

    • SolarShane13


      Weak specs = less power usage.

      • D.M.T

        It’s not weak dude

        • SolarShane13

          Yep because 2GB RAM and a 3 core processor is stronger than 8GB RAM and a 8 core processor. Right……….

          Quit living in your dream world and wake up. The Wii U is the weakest console this gen.

          • You realize the PS4 can use up to 4GB of the 8 for its games the other 4 is for the operating system. No game out there in the world uses 8GB of Ram. That’s retarded. My point is while Wii U games use 1GB which for a console is quite a lot, using 2GB of Ram for PS4 games cause lets face it the amount of PS4 games that will use more then 2GB is going to be almost non existent. So whoop dee doo, 1GB more. It will be used on all the generic realistic games the PS4 gets. Order 1886, Uncharted 4, so forth.

          • oontz

            Nope. You sir are incorrect. Only 2gb of ps4 ram are locked for the os.

          • Whoops, shouldn’t have said that. My mistake, Sony hasn’t revealed the plans for that update yet. Sorry but in the near future the PS4 will need more of its Ram for its OS.

          • Jay-Russell

            And you quit living in a world where you attack without reason. You didn’t specify whether or not the ‘weak specs’ meant in the latest generation, or the previous generation. So by saying ‘weak specs’, D.M.T is completely correct in saying that it isn’t weak. The PS3 is on the chart, and the Wii U is more powerful than that. Yes, as you said, weakest console this gen, but as D.M.T said, it’s far from weak.

          • SolarShane13

            How the fuck did I “attack” without reason? My OPINIONS, which clearly you can’t identify as opinions, are totally wrong and without merit and thus you take it upon you to attack anyone who does’t agree or have the same views as you.

          • Jay-Russell

            Don’t try to play the opinions card, you didn’t say “Personally I think the Wii U is weak.”

            No need for your input, because it’s not helpful. The Wii U isn’t weak, end of. That’s not an opinion, that’s a fact. And it’s tiring when people who haven’t been educated on that get all high and mighty.

          • D.M.T

            I never said Wii U is stronger than PS4 you retard. Wii U is the weakest this gen but it’s NOT weak. Do you understand the difference? It’s the weakest but it’s NOT weak in general. Learn the difference between being the weakest and being weak and stop talking like a Sony drone. You sound like someone who plays specs instead of games which is hilarious because PC will always be stronger than consoles lol.

          • SolarShane13

            “I never said Wii U is stronger than PS4 you retard.” – Where did I say that you said that? Oh, nowhere. Also, those specs belong to BOTH consoles, not just PS4. Calling someone a retard? Seriously?

            “Wii U is the weakest this gen but it’s NOT weak. Do you understand the difference?” – Where the goddamn hell did I say that the Wii U was weak? Calling the specs weak is entirely different than calling the console itself weak. The games themselves are what make Nintendo’s hardware strong.

            “stop talking like a Sony drone” – OMFG, fucking stop with the name calling! So what if I’m talking about specs? I don’t see the issue. Oh, wait………. Nintendo fanboys cannot stand spec-talk and bash anyone who starts talking about specs.

            “You sound like someone who plays specs instead of games which is hilarious because PC will always be stronger than consoles lol.” – Seriously? All because I mention specs I get called a retard (fucking rude!), a Sony drone, and now a spec player? I wish Disqus had a option to block people.

          • Sleepyhun

            Yep because 2GB RAM and a 3 core processor is stronger than 8GB RAM and a 8 core processor. Right……….

            Stop this. Simply retarded. Are you saying my i5 is weaker than all 8core amds? Because it breakes most of them in half and rapes their remains.
            There is more to cpu-s than the amount of cores, and clocks. But you people will never care becouse you are programmed to believe that higher numbers mean better, just like you are screwed over with 4k. Why isnt it called 1400p or something? (i dont know how much it is) Why name it completely different from the current norm? Because for the idiot it sounds as its 4 times more than 1080p.

        • Remember me? MWAHAHA. Looks like this time we can agree on something.

      • ThisGuy18

        Yeah but look at the numbers. The power for the wiiu is somewhere in the middle of ps3 and the other next gen consoles, yet it uses only a fraction of the energy the ps3 used. It does have weaker specs yes, but the energy used is wayyy less

      • Sam

        IT’S NOT WEAK!!! It’s just not as powerful as the other two consoles. The Wii wasn’t even close to Xbox 360 or PS3 in terms of graphics, but it way outsold those two.

  • Nintendo’s engineers are arguably the best in the world at making an efficient console. They spend so much time and effort into make it not RROD on you or blow up or have any major flaws. They could have made the Wii U with alien technology from 10,000 years in the future, they would still have made it efficient.

  • Michael Hancock


    • Zuxs13

      So. That’s a difference of $20+ a year in energy cost depending on how many hours a day you play. Heavy users could save $300-500 over the consoles life cycle. That’s so.

  • Zuxs13

    Just as a comparison than john left out: launch ps3 used 183w vs PS4 143. Xbox 360 was much higher too. But they dropped by%50 over the past 6–7 years.

  • Petri

    Makes me feel kinda better for my high power consuming PC.

  • FlashFan207

    This is actually pretty cool because my Wii U is on for very long periods of time every day. Between a bunch of Wii U games the family is playing, Wii faves that are currently being rediscovered until MK8 is released, and of course Netflix, our Wii U is the most used and most frequently powered on piece of technology in our house.

  • TULFich

    Now imagine the Wii U with those 5 extra cores and GPU running with a power consumption of 90 KWh/year (aprox)?

  • Rinslowe

    The future of efficient technologies is a nice topic. Bravo on Nintendo for thinking responsibly. Wii U is clearly using much less power. Critics will say it does so because it is less powerful. This is only partly true. That flawed opinion does not account for what we can see in reality. The near uniform consistency under load and the near nonexistent draw @ standby. Perhaps the biggest improvement comparing Wii’s humble specs to Wii U and the fact the latter is able to draw even less overall.

    Quite a next gen approach indeed.


    the full report

    • Zuxs13

      It’s definitely an interesting read. It seems counter productive in the fact that consoles in the 90’s used 1/10th the power of consoles today and yet the chips, disc drives, rams, etc are all more efficient. compared to then.

      What is also sad is the fact that none of them can find a way to make the systems use little energy while streaming netflix or when playing a movie. An apple tv or roku will use less than 2 watts while the rest use around 80% of their power. Its poorly inefficient.

      • Rinslowe

        I don’t think it’s counter productive at all, considering what consoles were doing in the 90’s and what they are doing now, technically.
        The power of the components certainly does factor into it despite the vast gulf in fabrication processes. They’re still doing a lot more today.

        I also wouldn’t strictly agree that due to say a set top box powered by what is essentially a scaled down single core mobile chip to a dedicated platform like the three latest consoles is an entirely fair comparison.
        But in and of itself the power draw for Apple TV3r2 is impressive all the same.


        • Zuxs13

          Yeah but if a little thumb stick or apple tv can do all the same things as a console as far as streaming and even some games but do it with only 2 watts or less that’s a huge difference.
          Look at how much difference there is in power consumption in DVD mode for the consoles vs a dedicated player. The blu Ray players use less than 10 watts while the other two are using close to 50! Its an inefficient design. There is no reason for the CPU and OS etc to be running while the disc drive is running, they don’t do anything different in that mode, the whole reason it draws so much power in those modes is because the system is always in some state of “standby” waiting for some stupid hand gesture or a control code.
          There is no reason why they can not use a small ARM chip or something in the devices to run the menu systems or streaming apps. We dont need an x*^ 8 core processor to run a UI or stream a video, especially today.
          The future of consoles will need to embrace this, it they want to still be a “one stop shop”. It would be great to see a console that runs as low as an Apple TV or maybe a Tivo when using the UI and stuff but could boost its port for “high performance mode” like a lap top does when you want to game to browse the internet etc.

          • Rinslowe

            “Yeah but if a little thumb stick or apple tv can do all the same things as a console as far as streaming and even some games but do it with only 2 watts or less that’s a huge difference.”

            This is not the correct to approach the topic. What the chipsets were designed to do is a major part of the equation. Again a direct reason the Wii U was able to achieve a lower draw to begin with over the competition but that is still not the entire picture. The latest Apple TV is using a scaled down mobile A5 single core 1Ghz soc designed only for that purpose. It has no ram, no cache….
            It’s an apples to oranges comparison through and through.
            I don’t strictly disagree that

          • Zuxs13

            I think it’s safe to say Nintendo wont go head to head with sony and microsoft any more. I am also leaning towards we wont see any “super powerful” consoles any more unless they can offer some form of “tiered” console power, similar to how a PC works one is a cheap console that will platy any game, the other is more powerful and will play all the same games but at better graphics settings.

            I just think the “core” gamer crowd, at least in the west and japan have significantly shrunk and it will be harder for that traditional style of console to compete with phones and tablets that get updated every 6 months.

  • Relick

    That was kinda the point…

  • ZeldaFan83

    Most energy efficient and the weakest. Sounds about right.

    • ben

      When Nintendo designed the Wii U one of the key design problems they considered were noise and energy efficiency. Power is pointless if it is not doing anything. At the moment the PS4 and xbox one use twice the power of their predecessors, are the games twice as good?

      • ZeldaFan83

        Power has almost nothing to do with how good games are. The Wii U is much weaker in Raw Operating Power which makes it very difficult to have a better OS and quick load times. The current OS is a HD version of the 3DS OS. The lack of power and a better processor do affect games but they mostly hold the system back from being truly next gen with what it could be possible to do. You should be able to multi task on the system like playing a game, then pausing it and switch over to YouTube look up some videos if your stuck or what not then jump into a Wii U video chat then back into the game. You can’t do things like that on the Wii U. We’re in a time where things move quickly and we can and require multi tasking multiple things at once. You can’t upload videos to Miiverse freely. You can save replay videos in NES Remix but should be able to upload a 5 minute gameplay video of your choosing but can’t. MK8 will allow uploading of videos but once again it will be limited to viewing those videos from within the game and not in Miiverse itself. Nintendo’s problem has always been unable to create a device for the modern world, their always behind the times. Their games are great and all but how long will that keep them afloat. They are finally realizing that they need to change and adapt to the constant changing world of what consumers want. You can’t keep making the same selfish choices for yourself thinking that everyone else will want that too. The Wii was successful but at the same time it was a secondary console for most gamers. A lot of gamers when asked what console they have usually said PS3 or Xbox 360, oh and I have a Wii too but don’t really play it. My mom likes Wii Sports and Wii Fit. It was a popular console among casual gamers. Nintendo tried to fix this by offering better graphical power but fell short once again. Maybe they’ll get it right next time…

        • Freegamer

          Opening the browser to look something up or watch an Youtube guide and then returning to the game works on the Wii U. I did it, shamefully, a few times. (^_^)”

          • ben

            Yep, pausing the game and looking up stuff about the game on the internet is very easy. In fact, when you press home and then internet it automatically searches for the game you are playing, while the game is still running. Zeldafan83 obviously has never used a wii u.

          • ZeldaFan83

            Yeah I’ve done that as well but your still limited to a few apps: Internet Browser, Miiverse, eShop, etc. and that’s all you can do without returning to the Wii U Menu.

        • ben

          Maybe you should buy a wii U so you know what you are talking about? Because the wii u does most of the stuff you say it doesnt.

          • ZeldaFan83

            Haha I have owned a Wii U since the day it was released and I own every decent to great game that has been released. So I know what I’m talking about and the Wii U does not do the things that I spoke of.

          • ben

            Press home. See the internet icon? Press it. Now you can search for you tube while you are paused in the game.
            So you are wrong.
            “. You should be able to multi task on the system like playing a game, then pausing it and switch over to YouTube look up some videos if your stuck.”
            The fact you didnt know you could do this makes me seriously doubt you do have a wii u.

            You can also post a message on Miiverse. You cant make a video call while you are in a game. But who knows they may update that one day.

          • ZeldaFan83

            It’s limited to those 5 or 6 apps you can launch from the home menu: Nintendo eShop, Miiverse, Internet Browser, Download Management, Nintendo TVii and Friends List. I was speaking about launching the YouTube app not the website from the Internet Browser and the reason is because I stopped going to YouTube within the Internet Browser because they modified the site when viewed from the browser to be less user friendly and limit functionality so that you would be forced to use the YouTube app but they might have reversed that by now not really sure but yes you can go into YouTube from the browser. Besides those 6 choices you can’t do much else. I can’t pause the game and go into the settings menu or change some Parental controls or go into Mii Maker or even check my daily log, etc. Don’t misunderstand I love my Wii U and play it daily but it’s just unfortunate that it can’t do the things that would be AWESOME and I was hoping they could take advantage of.

          • ben

            I understand you might want to do those things.. But I fail to see the point. If all the apps appeared when you pressed home it would a be a very messy design. I cant see why you would want to make a mii or view your daily stats while the game is paused. Seems like your just nit picking.

          • ZeldaFan83

            I’m not nit picking by any means. The apps wouldn’t have to appear on the Home menu, they could make it so that when you do press Home you go to the actual Home screen like on the 3DS and you can launch apps or other things without having to close your current session, I believe its known as “Multi-tasking”. These are things that simply can’t be done on Wii U. Take it or leave it, that’s just how it is. You can argue or defend the console all you want but eventually you have to accept facts, that you can’t do these things that you want too on a less powerful console that isn’t capable of achieving this. I wish it was…I truly do.

            My 5 yr old niece and 6 yr old nephew came over a few months back and wanted to play some Wii U and Mario so I let them and they were in the middle of playing New Super Mario Bros. U and wanted to play as a Mii but they weren’t registered on Mii Maker so I had to close the game and go into Mii Maker and they made their characters and close that and launch the game again. It would be much easier to just be able to pause your game launch Mii Maker while your game is still suspended, make your changes and jump back into the game but that’s not possible on Wii U.

          • ben

            Wait…. Wait…. you can do those things on a 3DS.. but the wii U is not powerful enough? I don’t own a 3DS but if what you are saying is true then it is just a matter of design, or nintendo just havent finished the developing the home page options. It has nothing to do with the power of the Wii U, if the 3DS can do it.

          • ZeldaFan83

            No you can’t exactly do that on a 3DS. When you press the home button on the 3DS a menu like on the Wii U doesn’t popup instead it takes you back to the home screen which looks almost exactly like the home screen when you power on your Wii U. When your on this screen on the 3DS and you want to jump into say the settings or another app like Netflix it requires you to shutdown any other open apps or games. The Wii U is powerful that it should be able to accomplish this but Nintendo would not want that. They create their products and software for them not for us. Lately I’ve noticed that Sony and Microsoft make a lot of changes because that’s want gamers want from their investment and they listen to their customers while Nintendo not so much. Their philosophy has always been to create what they want it to be and not what gamers or customers would like. This has done well for them sometimes and sometimes it hasn’t done well. I would like to see Nintendo use some resources to actually listening to gamer feedback of how their console can improve and release updates more frequently instead of announcing updates and releasing those updates a year later. It’s time Nintendo got with the fucking program already and actually showed that they care for their customers.

            You seem like a nice guy Ben but I’ve been playing Nintendo games for 25yrs and have owned every Nintendo console since the NES and Game and Watch. I’m used to how they do things. With every new console release I get excited that okay Nintendo has finally stepped up their game and this is gonna be the console that they actually get right and every time I’m disappointed. I’m always gonna love their games and I will always play them but I just hope that one day they will make their console as good as they make their games.

            Good day, sir.

  • sd

    I remember reading about the energy efficiency of the Wii U when it first came out. Its certainly a good thing, although with regards to consoles I buy them to play games not to save the planet (I have solar panels to help with energy efficiency). So yes its a good thing, but its not really all that important when it comes to gaming.

    • ben

      I think the power efficiency is more than about electric bills. Low power usage also means it is a lot cooler. Meaning it is less likely to overheat.

      • sd

        I agree with that. But I already know that when I buy a nintendo console that its not going to overheat and that it will last. Nintendo generally make consoles to last.

        • FutureFox

          NES, still kicking it.

  • sd

    When reviewing games should an energy efficiency score be added. So a game that uses the full power of the hardware, and therefore more energy, don’t get the bonus energy points added to the score.

  • Jim Peterson

    Hardly surprising. My laptop needs a much small power supply than my gaming PC.

  • Jonathan Dogey

    Energy efficiency….a business once again assuming most of us believe in this global warming BS. This doesn’t matter to anyone

    • Zuxs13

      This has nothing to do with GW, it has to do with cash out of your pocket. The XB1 will cost a gamer between $100 and $300+ more over 5 years a playing than the Wii U. So not sure how that wont matter to anyone

      • Jonathan Dogey

        Over five years! Hahaha….you just proved what nobody cares about.

        • Zuxs13

          Really how so? Typical console life cycle is 5-6 years. So you could careless that buying an Xbox 1 and using it for 5 years will cost you more in energy cost than buying a wii I and games and play it?
          You just proved how ignorant you are

          • Jonathan Dogey

            Speaking liberally of $300 of savings over 5 years…’re talking about a savings of 20c a day. Tell me if you notice or feel those massive savings. If you care about a couple dimes a day, more power to ya. These news stories are just Wii U’s desperation to make the news somehow.

          • Zuxs13

            Ahh ignorance is bliss, i guess.

  • palomino blue

    We could have expected the Wii U to be more efficient than PS360 since it is only slightly more powerful with several years in between development of its tech. But to see that it’s more efficient than the Wii is pretty impressive. I’d be curious to see how the previous gen compares, since connecting to the internet for updates and DLC really wasn’t a thing yet.

    • Zuxs13

      here’s what you are looking for

  • Miguel Angel Barrueta HernΓ‘nde

    wiiu consumes less energy than the wii? damn Nintendo! you guys are awesome!

  • Shaise

    The Wii uses more than the Wii U? Weird.

    • Zuxs13

      Wii U is built on 45nM chips vs the 90nm chips in the Wii. So its more power efficient. Plus the ram and disc drive are more power efficient,

  • Zuxs13

    Maybe john should have included a link the whole report this would have answered a lot of questions.

  • spyridus

    Well Duh! Of course it’s the most energy efficient console…nobody turns it on cuz there’s nothing good to play on it!

  • WiiUltra

    Good info John, keep it up.

  • triplegamer3K .

    Is this counting the gamepad plugged into the wall?
    Because that is were mine is most of the time.

  • The Clockwork Being

    Nintendo should advertise this like crazy. Every positive point counts!!

  • Mario

    I give Nintendo a green thumb! πŸ™‚

  • Jeffery02

    I have been telling people this for a while. Even after the PS3 got 2 major revisions and both times having the energy consumption reduced, the Wii U supplies more capabilities at LITERALLY a fraction of the energy consumption. Advanced means more than more “power”. Sometimes it can mean less power too. Sometimes when computer hardware gets upgraded, it just means that it can perform with the same specs at a fraction of the energy cost.

  • Sorry, but are they seriously comparing the Wii U to the likes of a PS4 and Xbox One in terms of energy usage? Of course, it uses less energy–it’s not on par with the others in terms of hardware performance.

    For them to act like this makes for some sort of news is daft. What did they expect? The Wii U doesn’t conjure even half of the power necessary for running a PS4 or Xbox One is just silly. Greater horsepower means greater energy usage. Lesser horsepower is going to mean lesser energy usage. For most of technology, this is generally true.

    We can be fans of the Wii U, but we don’t have to settle for silly comparisons that make us look even more naive than folks already assume about us. Wii U is next-generation in iteration only. It shouldn’t be compared to PS4 and Xbox One in terms of horsepower.

    • C4

      Only thing I see is the waste when you load things while in extended stand-by. PS4 takes a lot of energy while doing some things in extended stand-by (is it just downloading stuff I dunno). Lots of people leave their console in stand-by all of the time, far as I remember the Wii got criticized for its extended stand-by mode as well.