Apr 4th, 2012

Wii U
Up until now we’ve heard many things about the Wii U and its hardware. We’ve heard estimates that the Wii U is about 50% more powerful than the current generation of consoles, and we’ve also seen some leaked Wii U specs. However, now there’s a new set of opinions of the Wii U hardware. Opinions that suggest the Wii U is less powerful than originally thought.

Speaking to GamesIndustry, and speaking anonymously, a developer working on the Wii U said that the console is less powerful than the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. According to the source, “the graphics are just not as powerful”. The developer made the argument that there weren’t enough shaders and that the Wii U “just can’t keep up”. However, the developer did say that some things were better, like a “modern design”. The source also mentioned the new Wii U controller, and said that you only have one of them, which is apparently a drawback. Nintendo has previously hinted at supporting multiple Wii U tablet controllers.

We’ve now heard from developers who think the Wii U is more powerful, and those who think it’s less powerful. This has always been the case with developers, depending on how they approach their work. That’s why some games are much better looking than others. We can’t know for sure what the Wii U is capable of until we see some games running on the system, and until we can compare the games against each other.

And since Nintendo was never known for touting its system specs, we don’t expect the company to brag about what CPU or how much RAM the new console has. What Nintendo focuses on is the innovation the Wii U brings to the market, like the new tablet controller and the games. We’ll know a lot more in a few months when Nintendo reveals everything at E3 2012.

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  • random WII U LOVER

    nintendo has never had the best graghics but the best games

    • angel

      Nintendo has never had the better graphics?, really?, dude, i remember you that the Gamecube was more powerfull than the PS2 and it was on-par with the 1st Xbox, the N64 was more powerfull than the PS1 (just a little bit, but it was more powerfull), the SNES was on-par with the sega Megadrive and the NES was on-par with the Master System.
      Wii and Nintendo DS are the 1st Nintendo consoles that are less powerfull than his competitors 😉

      BTW, this it’s a FAKE rumor, the actual president of Gearbox said some hours ago that the Wii U it’s going to be more powerfull than we all except, and the developers of the Alien Colonial Marines said that the version of the game for the Wii U it’s one of the better versions in terms of visuals.

      So, this rumor it’s FAKE FAKE FAKE.

      • alienfish

        I agree, it’s a fake. We haven’t yet heard of any ‘anonymous’ developers saying anything realistic about the console. What is consistent are big name developers saying it is more powerful, but not drastically more powerful. You have to admit that PS3 and 360 graphics are pretty decent. Refine those capabilities into native 1080p, increase the framerate from 30 to 60, add another screen and a few more polys and you have the WiiU. That’s what I’ve gather in the months since last year’s E3.

        • angel

          Sure, i know that, PS3 and Xbox 360 have awesome graphics, i’m just saying that this rumor it’s actually fake, the Wii U obviously’s going to be more powerfull than the actual HD console, maybe not too much, but Wii U’s technology it’s 5-6 years more advanced than the PS360 one, inevitably the it’s going to be more powerfull.

        • xiopic

          I’ve never understood the premise behind raising the frame rate so much. The eye processes the world around us at about 20 times a second, and studies show that there are no advantages to anything above 30 fps. Is it something to do with the physics?

          • LonDonE247

             the fact is as long as the game runs at  24fps, then the image on screen will move across smoothly, 30fps is perfect, but for the game to feel like grease, it has to be 60fps, its more to do with how it feels, when at 60fps the controller input response is at its quickest, an so the input lag in bare minimum, but at 30fps, you can feel the control’s are say,. drunk like, or a little heavy, 30fps locked is fine mind you, but this generation, most games could barely stay locked at 30fps, an would dip below, while true the human eye is more then happy at 30fps, as gamers 60fps is the sweet spot, the day we can get native 1080p graphics at 60fps on consoles, with vsync on, which stops the frames from tearing, that is when we will love it, an iam hoping wii U will be up for the job

      • Smurfman256

        correction: the N64 was at least TWICE the PS1. Plus the N64 had better texturing (it was the first console to support trilinear filtering, now a standard) despite it’s meager 4KB texture limit and could support primitive anit aliasing. Not to mention it had DOUBLE the RAM (BUS RAM which is rather clunky, but double nonetheless) and nearly TRIPLE the CPU clock speed.

        • angel

          Fuck Yea, thanks, i had the idea that the N64 was just a little bit more powerfull than the PS1, now i know that it’s twice powerfull than that console 😀

  • alex

    this is fake first if is true that the gpu is base on a r770 ati this is all ready 5 times more powerfull that the 360 or ps3, then is a fact cuse ibm all ready say that the cpu is a multi core base on power 7 wich dosent mean it is the power 7 but somthing close too it is 5 times stronger that the triple core on the 360 and more powerfull that the cell. then for run at native 1080p need a lot of ram more that 512 and cant be share with the cpu and the gpu the cpu need to have its on dedicate ram and the gpu the same or have over 1g of ram to be share. the come the fact of split the game to two diferent screens wich come back to my point of have a lot of ram so the frame dont drop and can do 1080p in one and 480 in the other one and it can do 3d not out of the box but via updates soooooo it cant be lees powerfull than this gen also epic say it will shock people and crytek say there cryteck engine is runing very well on wii u and the devolper of darksider 2 say that the wii u version is the same as 360 and ps3 that they will not do nothing to bust the grapich but they will focus on the new controller so if they will not do nothigh this mean that the estra power is there but they will no used and if is the same well that mean is not under power and for be the first gen of game in wii u they look like the last gen on 360 and ps3 if u see the game on 360 and ps3 in the first gen they dont look nothing like they look today

  • Indoctrination

    its just a rumour nothing else its all fake

  • Xxodya

    If u need better grapchics -plz take a walk out side,leave the basement!

  • Captain snugglebottom

    1st rumor is fake 2nd nintendo as always focused on gameplay and inovation unlike microsoft and sony (mainly sony) who focused on raw power

  • Gabe Hoffman

    What are the chances that these so called anonymous developers were paid by Sony and Microsoft to make up this shit?

  • TheImaj

    Boy, was this idiot wrong or what?