Jun 25th, 2011 publishUpdated   Apr 2nd, 2012, 2:38 am

Wii U hardware
While Nintendo still hasn’t disclosed the internal hardware of the Wii U, it doesn’t stop many from specualting on just what might power the new console. Most put their money on some form of IBM CPU + AMD graphics, which is the most realistic bet, since both the Wii and GameCube were powered by IBM CPUs and AMD/ATI graphics chips.

Many developers and publishers already have working Wii U dev kits in their possession, meaning they’re more likely to know what’s on the inside. And according to game industry analyst Arvind Bhatia from Sterne Agee, who spoke to a number of developers, the Wii U hardware is 50% more powerful than the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

If that’s the case, the Wii U is looking to have some potent hardware, and games will certainly be able to outshine those on competing consoles. Of course, we’ll know for sure when Nintendo reveals the full specs of the console — if they do reveal it at all. If we recall correctly, Nintendo never disclosed the hardware used in the Wii, although it was easy to find out.

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  • Captain N

    Wasn’t this rumoured with the old dev kits…..now that there are newer dev kits I’m sure the system is a lot more powerful than just 50 percent. And considering they still have about a year of playtime, the specs can possibly get even better in a years time.

  • are u kidding me ?

    wii U can never EVER win it !
    Cuz ther wont be BLURAY SUPPORT!

    PS3 = BF3 = FTW!

    • angel

      So and?, the Wii U CD’s are going to have the capability of an Blu-Ray disc (30 GB the normal CD, and around the 35-38 GB the double-cape discs).

      • gr8_monst3r

        indeed! 🙂

    • Why are you hating on a site, specificly for the Wii-U?
      Blu-Ray sux anyways, Wii-U discs are 30+ gigs and will be way better anyways.
      Plus, by the time the Wii-U comes out, Blu-Ray will be the thing of the past, and Ultra-Violet will be out :>

      oh an bf3 sux

  • Iceli3

    EA sayed it will be 50% powerfull then PS3 or XboX360 and theyr gonan make bf3 for it too so STFU you cant just admit that Nintendo can make good stuff :3

  • random WII U LOVER

    who cares about the fricken graphics its gameplay that matters duh

    • Your mom

      True game play does matter but, the graphics make it look more realistic. So in a Zelda Game it looks like Gannon is about to punch you in the face.

    • Carolina

      Actually, its just me, but i think FPS’s would actually be good, even WITH the tbealt.You’d be able to swivel around with the tbealt, aiming and shooting. It would be like playing with a normal hand-held controller like Xbox or such, only you’d have to aim manually using your body, sorta like Face Raider for the 3DS. I don’t know, I just see a lot of potential in this system, and I hope Nintendo utilizes it.

  • THE U is definitely powerful and totally awesome!!!! cant wait for the E3 and NOVEMBER 18th!!!!!

  • james braseton

    hi there what only 25 gb why wont the next game colsoles use halographic disk of 52 tb thats right a 52 terabyte disc

    • dude

      because the load times would be stupid long

  • jake d

    wow, love the old “which console is better” fights,
    Truth is, Nintendo has never made powerful systems, the wii u will be no exception. Get real. Plus the name sounds like a take off of an apple product. I=U

  • flexscan1

    nintendo more power than HAhahahahahahahahahaahahaah no no stop please my cheeks are hurting

  • flexscan1

    on the serious side nintendo were the first to try and get fat kids off their arse and get exercise even if it was in there bedroom. every adult that i know that has had a Wii had them for maybe a year then off to the nearest second hand market they all went.graphics are almost the most important part of a game the first time you put the new game in you PS3 its the picture that matters i mean why go and buy a £1600 3D tv and then watch something that looks like it was made for 1970’s game consoles no point why bother if the graphics are not upto it i wont touch it like any real gamer i want the best i can get for my tech thats why i have both PS3 and Xbox 360 each has its plus side and down side but i would not even think of getting a nintendo again i have had every console ever released and pc since the first ZX80 was released but i will never go nintendo again unless they catch up with the other two on the market which i dont think is going to happen in my life time

    • TheMaddMan

      Hey! Wii U fanboys only!

  • Yan

    its not always about the graphics… i have almost every console and my fav 1 is gamecube, best games (3 resident evil games best on the series, 2 zelda games + the old zelda 64 games, pikmin, metal gear solid 1 remake, mario,eternal darkness etc.)…. I still play nba jam on SNES with my friends, a game that is almost 20 years old! i have i psp but i still take out my old gameboy color to play wario land! so i trust Nintendo and will definitely buy Wii U!

  • Martin Robinson

    only 50% more powerful than current gen…
    wii U rumored to have a quad core power7 processor clocked at 3ghz
    how its compare to ps3 cell and 360 xenon

    ps3 cell have
    1 ppe real processor
    7spe fpu only processor (like those core in gpu)

    xenon have 3 ppe

    ppe spec:
    2 thread
    in-order execution
    4 instruction per cycle

    power 7 spec:
    4 thread per core
    out of order execution
    12 instruction per cycle


    even striped down version of power 7 is overall 3 time more powerful than ppe at same clock.

    cell have 7 spe that boost 8x floating point performance.
    100gflops vs 180gflops for power7.
    but stay behind with control flow, memory management and integer performance with only one core.

    my two cent