Jun 17th, 2014


Like many of our readers, I too suffer from a number of crippling psychological addictions. Chief among those is that I cannot live without the internet. What is normally a simple drain on my productivity posed somewhat of a problem for me a a few weeks ago, as my computer was experiencing issues, thus I had to leave it at the Geek Squad to have it repaired,  leaving me without internet for several days.

Now, while I could’ve gone and done something fulfilling or productive with my time, I decided instead that the best possible use of my time without my computer was to attempt surf the internet via the Wii U’s built in internet browser. So, in order to make up for my corresponding absence from Wii U Daily I’m going to be posting a short review of my the Wii U’s Internet Browser.


Let’s just get this out of the way: it’s not quite as satisfying surfing the internet via a traditional computer. No surprise there really. The program itself takes a several seconds to load, which is a lot compared to Firefox or Chrome which open near instantaneously. Likewise individual pages tended to take longer to load than they would have would on my computer, depending on how big the page was. This was only made worse if I tried to load several pages at once. Others tended not to display well, or sometimes not even at all, although reloading the page tended to help. This very site actually tends to display quite well, so should you ever feel the need to check out some Wii U news in the middle of a particularly intense Mario Kart session or something, it works well enough for that! Although only being able to type only one finger would make actually writing for the site somewhat difficult.

On the other hand being able to use the touch screen makes the interface far better than the Wii’s old browser, as it is now much easier to scroll and fill in text fields, because being able to type with a touchscreen is a heck of a lot better than having to use point controls. This also makes it leagues better than the PS3’s, Xbox 360’s and PS4’s clunky controller based interfaces, which make navigating a page a chore and typing absurdly inconvenient. On the other hand the Xbox One’s voice commands give it somewhat of an edge when it comes to searches (“Xbox, Bing: Ryse analysis“), although navigating pages is still a bit clunky. Of course none of them come close to a mouse and keyboard, but if for some reason that’s not available I’d say, of all the consoles, the Wii U probably has the best browser.


The browser of course supports HTML5, so you can play flash games (although why you would want to do that when you have a fully functioning Wii U in your hands is beyond me) or watch YouTube videos. In some ways it’s actually more convenient to watch YouTube videos on the browser than in the Wii U’s actual YouTube app, since the browser allows you to continue browsing on the touch screen while the video plays on the TV, plus this way you’ll be using the more familiar YouTube interface from the website rather than the strange one the app uses.

Honestly, Nintendo’s intent with the browser was likely to give players an easy way if they’re stuck in a game to quickly hop on GameFAQs or something and look up a guide, and for that purpose it works well enough. So while it has it’s flaws, it does its job and while I wouldn’t recommend it for extended surfing sessions, it’s not bad if you feel like taking a break from a game and looking something up real quick. But what do you guys think? Have you used the Wii U’s internet browser before, what were your impressions?

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  • Anonymous

    “Simply Amazing, the best console browser i ever used, with the gamepad as keyboard, it’s perfect! Very Recommended!” – Anon

    • jjbredesen

      I think its great, and it actually scored very well on the HTML side.

      You can actually use a keyboard on Wii U, its supported, but i have never tried it. Sure is the best console browser i have tried, and is way better than the 3DS one!

      -Fellow Anon

      • Officer Raichu

        its really fast for me i get to search my stuff up almost as fast as a computer

        • jjbredesen

          Yeah its not slow, but its not close to chrome, still not a bad browsing experience, and of course its still better than Internet Explorer.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            I never use any browser from a console. That’s what a PC is for. That and I have my PC near my PS4, PS3 and 360 anyways.

          • FarsanBaloo

            Look up the manual (home button / manuals) to learn how to use the gamepad very fast. To write it is easier than a smartphone thanks to the stylus. To navigate you will find that it uses all buttons on the gamepad. Only navigating is very fast and easy.

          • my respect.

            in my case i use computer at work but at home for browsing i use the wii u a lot of time until it needed for something really complicated.

          • jjbredesen

            Of couse the PC browsers are far superior to any Console browser, and i also only use my pc browser, but if you can’t use your PC, the Wii U browser is a good alternative for the casual stuff.

          • Arthur Jarret

            Well… turning my Wii U on -> quickstart menu -> Internet browser is actually A LOT quicker than turning my PC on -> Windows’ system-ruining update to be able to sell the new windows -> Chrome

          • jjbredesen

            True, that is faster but i never turn my PC of, always on standby 😛

          • Arthur Jarret

            What??? So wasteful! Don’t you care about the dolphins at all?

      • rp17

        With a wireless keyboard, it’s almost as good as a computer. I mean you have the keyboard (duh) and the touchscreen to simulate the mouse.

        • jjbredesen

          Yup i am sure it is, will try a keyboard soon, but it does not replace the PC.

        • FarsanBaloo

          I connected the keyboard once but then I have to let go of the gamepad. It is far easier to use the stylus. For me it is a hundred times faster than my typing on my smartphone (big fingers!)

      • FarsanBaloo

        Tried it – works well – but I have to put the gamepad down. Faster with the stylus anyway, if you do not write very long texts!

    • Zakariyya Al-Quran

      honestly i use it a lot and think its pretty helpful, the only thing i feel they should add is maybe java compatibility and be able to hold the gamepad sideways which helps me type faster, same for miiverse. Mainly i want everything they included in the trailer which honestly they left out a lot of features promised.


      this is the trailer, i know its old but it had some good ideas that were ever added

      • There were a LOT of good ideas in that trailer we never saw…

        • Superstick98

          Heh, that’s funny. You CANNOT put your Gamepad and front of the TV and do that awesome switch thing. Albeit may be a small detail, but I’d have appreciated it. 😛 And to be fair, Wind Waker HD kinda sorta did what was in that trailer…

          • what about the Wii Sports stuff? that specific drawing app? (doesnt look like AA) that gamepad wii zapper? Petting a dog THROUGH the gamepad (XD kidding)

          • triplegamer3K .

            playing that game with the dots and slightly tilting the gamepad because your an evil douche who can’t except defeat?

      • FarsanBaloo

        I know the reversi game exists in japan. I want it to the west.
        Also in that video they almost promised that Zelda U was going to look like the E3 tech demo!

    • Johnathan Rivera

      You are comparing it too much to using a Mouse and Keyboard. It is extremely convenient and doubled as a tablet for me back when I went a few months without my laptop. I’d be watching Netflix on my 360 and browsing the web on the game pad. Pages load plenty fast now that they’ve updated it idk, twice? I use it for YouTube, reading guides or general game info surfing (Wii U Daily, IGN, Gamesradar, Etc.) All the time. The ability to save favorites makes it extremely easy to get to your most visited sites. It’s far and away the best browser a video game system has ever had, short of a PC of course. When you don’t directly compare it to a keyboard and mouse it’s simply amazing.

      • nin-10-doughfan

        360 doesn’t have a game pad!

        • Johnathan Rivera

          Didn’t say it did. I said I’d be using Netflix on my 360. And at the same time I’m using the Wii U Gamepad.

          • nin-10-doughfan

            gotcha! sorry about that!

          • Johnathan Rivera

            No problem!

      • Arthur Jarret

        Or if you simply attach a USB keyboard which works since the 4.0 update.

    • Shota

      Yup wiiu and vita browsers are really great!!

    • Arthur Jarret

      It actually works better with a USB keyboard…
      Which is supported in ALL situations that offer a SW keyboard since the 4.0 update.

  • Mayoo

    My impressions were … well let’s just say using my cell phone in my pockets is faster.

    • bizzy gie

      Wii U’s browser is much better than a phone’s. While it’s 480p resolution, it does have a larger display (unless you own a Galaxy Mega and you don’t).

      There’s no annoying auto correct. The screen also doesn’t keep switching between portrait and landscape.

    • FarsanBaloo

      Go to Home button and then to “Manuals”. There are some tips on how to operate it faster without using the touchpad.
      Also if you are alone you can get it to display on your TV.

  • felony211662

    i like it!

  • anthony optimo

    I thought it was a better browser than the PS3 for sure.

  • Grendelmon

    SunSpider JS benchmark is pretty sad for the Wii U browser. My iPod has better results.

    • bizzy gie

      But has clunkier controls and a super tiny screen.

  • Nope.avi

    It’s the best console browser, but that’s not saying much..

  • palomino blue

    Works great in a pinch. Loads faster and is easier to use than my iphone 5 so I’d say it’s a welcome addition to the Wii U. I also find the youtube app for the Wii U to kind of gargle balls. I agree that it’s better to navigate to it with the browser so you can keep surfing while the video plays.

    • ETMew2348

      what youtube app doesn’t suck.

      • palomino blue

        good point.

    • Ben Daluz

      Do you mean keep surfing as in web browsing or browsing other videos on Youtube? On my version of the app, I can continue to browse other videos on the gamepad while I watch one on the TV

  • Casey

    The best Nintendo HD browser!!!!

  • CEObrainz

    The only site I want to be able to use with the Wii U is Crunchyroll, however they need to encode their videos differently for copyright reasons from what I’ve heard. The only other time I use it is when I Google something from the game I currently play…so it does have its uses…

  • Magnus Eriksson

    I disagree on this. First of all the obviuos stuff. Wii U does NOT support flash games at all, because its not possible to download the flash player. It does support HTML5, but many streaming sites does not yet support it. Second, this is 2014 and no multitasking. Thats kind of crappy. Third, facebook doesnt work too well as it all the time needs to reload, wich makes you lose stuff you have written. Changing between windows tend to reload the window you doesnt use. And that sucks if you type a post while reading an article. The Wii U browser was ok in 2012, today its not good at all.

    • ETMew2348

      eww facebook >:o

    • bizzy gie

      It’s a very good browser. I hate that it reloads pages and I’ve lost plenty of comments to it.

      However, it’s browser today is better than it was in 2012.

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Never had reloading issues in 2012. Thats a fairly new problem.

    • Noah Hood

      Why do you even get on this website?

      • D.M.T

        To troll because he has nothing better to do in life.

      • Magnus Eriksson

        So I shouldnt come here because I dont celebrate things I find shitty?

    • Rinslowe

      Something tells me you know this one better than most…

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Thats true. I dont find it crappy, its a hard word. Truth is I use it a lot on an averyday basis. I even use it as a tool for work as its very good for pdf-reading on the TV. Also good for YT and HTML5, but because I use it a lot Im well aware of its limits and flaws. For example the reloading issue which causes some annoying problems. Its not crap, but I do not agree that its perfect or the best.

        • Rinslowe

          It is arguably the best for console. That I can see. I totally agree with the reloading issues. It’s never going to be truly comparable to a PC. Not in my opinion anyway. But for what I get out of it, looking up additional information about the games mostly and a bit of lite surfing from time to time. It’s great. But the browser has never really wowed me as much as using the gamepad with the browser. For console, that’s the thing that makes everything that much more accessible. You know what I mean? Got a problem in game no need to reach for the tablet at my side or pick up a laptop lying around. Just press the home button, then hit internet explorer and you’re on your way. Alternatively Miiverse is a great place for that as well. With most people offering timely responses.

          Truth be told, my wife uses the browser more than I do. She likes surfing aggregate product sites and brand sites for clothes and what not on the projector where she can see the item more clearly. Lol. I suppose I should be glad. But it does kinda defeat the purpose of having a cave in the first place, haha…

    • Arthur Jarret

      I really dislike that switching windows-reload thingy.
      I do love HTML5 video streaming – been using couchtuner A LOT with Wii U to stream all my favorite series. It’s brilliant.

      Another thing I’m bothered with is that sometimes a pop-up appears saying it cannot load the page, do I want to reload? – I then choose “NO”… and it reloads >_<. Why bother asking me, then?

      • Magnus Eriksson

        I like to use it for YT and HTML5 too, but to be honest it got some unexcusable flaws.

        • Arthur Jarret

          Nothing is inexcusable, Nintendo can make excuses for everything.
          #Notmyproblem, #Pleaseunderstand, #Thesehashtagshavenopoint

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Lol, thats true.

  • linxz

    a browser that won’t let you post or like on youtube….? garbage.

  • I always liked it. Of course when surfing on an iPad, it’s a better overall experience, but for consoles this is the best thing you can get. I prefer that browser over the WiiUI’s Youtube App and I’m really using it very often. It’s something that, unlike the Wii’s Opera Browser (which actually wasn’t that bad for that time) really gets used. I have some favourites and especially when having lunch or taking a break from working (and too lazy to look for the iPad ;D )the browser really does a decent job.

  • MarkyWiiU

    It’s faster then my computer even if I’m using Google Chrome on it! I stopped using my computer because of it.I’m currently using the Wii U’s browser. And Zorpix, I feel sorry for you for having problems with the browser because I never got a problem using it!

    • Just a heads up, I didn’t write this. My good buddy Colin did! 🙂 Gotta give credit where credit’s due, as he did a great job!

      • Thanks Zorpix!

      • MarkyWiiU

        Oops… I’m stupid

  • Chase U

    It’s actually faster than my computer since my Dell is pretty old and has already been refurbished.. I haven’t used the Web Browser much, but when I have, it’s worked perfectly fine. The GamePad does add a bonus when it comes to surfing the web because of the touchscreen of course and keyboard.

  • Ducked

    I only use Wii U browser for walkthroughs

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      That’s probably the only reason I’d use a browser for any console. It does have its perks.

  • Thedude

    Shitty system. PS4 is better

    • If you think that, why are you on Wii U Daily?

      • jjbredesen

        He has been trolling since E3 just check the Hyrule Warriors triforce clock article and you will see what i mean, and great review 😉

    • WT Herrod Jr.

      The Dude does not abide…

    • Josie the Sketcher

      Say that in front of Sony Entertainment president, Shuhei Yoshida, and he’ll think you’re a total embarrassment.

    • Officer Raichu

      fail move on nothing to see here

  • Mr Ninty

    its the best browser i have ever had. my pc starts-up very slowly so using the gamepad is faster. the sites are loading very fast only when you have multiple windows open it might go slow.

    during the digital event i played the show on my tv while commenting on several news sites

  • MerryBlind .

    Well comparing it to PCs isn’t really fair. OBVIOUSLY the PC will come out on top.

    However, coming from a PS3, the Wii U’s Browser is infinitely better in every way compared to the PS3’s. It’s much faster, it has far less compatibility issues, and the interface just works that much better.

    Now I assume the X1’s and PS4’s are just as fast as the Wii U’s, however the touch screen of the Wii U’s GamePad and the better multi-tasking given it has 2 screens to work with, still makes it miles ahead of other consoles’.

    I am actually pleasantly surprised at how good it is.

    • Wighead

      I don’t know for xone, but the ps4 browser is a lot faster. The problem with the ps4 browser is not its speed but the interface and the fact that you browser with a controller, the worst device to browse ever made by man. In the end, since you have to type to browse, all the ps4 speed is not enough to compensate the time lost and the ”no fun” writing with a controller. So the wiiu wins the console browser contest easily.

      • MerryBlind .

        Yeah the Wii U’s GamePad really does work wonders with any kind of interface. The touch screen is perfect for typing and making selection and whatnot, and you still have the buttons and joysticks for things are better with these, like shortcuts and stuff.

  • Willie Crespo

    Ehhhhhh… The video function works SOMETIMES on SOME websites.

    • bizzy gie

      Most importantly YouTube.

  • bizzy gie

    The Wii U GamePad has been my only Internet browsing interface for a year and a half.

    I can’t do everything on it. Videos are limited. Wait times are slower than a computer’s. Commenting on YouTube is a pain. However, it works very well. The keyboard is the best of any console and my speed typing on it is nearly up to the speed of a keyboard. Browsing on the GamePad only is a perfect setup.

    I honestly don’t even think about it anymore as a console browser. It’s just a browser.

    I’m on it right now and might very well have more time clocked on this browser than any other Wii U owner in the world, embarrassingly enough.
    It was the same story with 3DS. I have 600 hours clocked on my 3DS’ browser.

    • jlsniper

      I think I have you beat. I know on my 3ds my current playtime for the Internet browser on there is 1657:45. So I think I have spent the most time of anyone on the 3ds browser and I know I have more than you on the Wii U browser. lol

      • bizzy gie

        I stopped using the 3DS browser long ago. I have a lot of hours for it but not that much.

        And I know absolutely that you don’t have me on Wii U.

        • paddle008

          How do you comment on YouTube?

        • jlsniper

          I currently have over 200:00 hours a month clocked in… over a total of 18 months… I can’t currently calculate it… but it’s alot. lol Wish it gave absolute totals for a year and all time like the 3DS did.

    • linxz

      how do you post /comment on youtube? i always get the “you’ve been logged out” msg (or something like that). i can’t post or comment/like anything on it!

      • bizzy gie

        Use the D-pad. When the logout prompt shows up, don’t click ‘ok’. Use the D-pad to put the blue outline over the comment box. Press A. Write your comment then use the D-pad again and move the blue outline over ‘post’.

        • paddle008

          Oops, nevermind that’s clever.

    • FarsanBaloo

      Also been using it for more than a year. Because of its ease of use I can use it around my family in the living room. I have turned from a long time lurker on VGchartz to a more active poster as I do not have to be on a laptop or a PC. It is easier to hold and operate than an iPad.
      Tip: go the the help file (Home button / Manuals) for some help in controlling it.

  • Jason

    Is anyone else having a problem with youtube on the Wii U browser? I’m logged in, but it keeps telling me I’m not logged in. I keep logging out and logging back in, but it still says I’m logged out. My computer died, so I have to use my phone and Wii U for internet.

    • bizzy gie

      It shows this when you go to the comments section and tap to comment or see replies or read more of a comment.

      There’s no fix to this. It will say you’ve logged out but you haven’t really. Don’t click “ok”. Tap the box and hold it. You can drag it around and move it out of the way. It may take a few tries.

      You can’t reply to other comments, but you can post comments, read more of already written comments, and view the replies. However, you will have to navigate with the directional pad and select using ‘A’.

      If you see no blue outline, tap the screen twice or thrice you’ll be able to navigate with the D-pad and A button.

      • linxz

        what a PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • paddle008

        This happened after YouTube switched to Google+, Google broke it and never fixed it, before that Youtube worked perfectly.

  • Roadkill409

    I use the web browser all the time (every day). It works well on most websites, but I do find it funny that sometimes it does not always work the best on Nintendo’s website.
    But I think it works better for most tasks than my phone or tablet.

    • FarsanBaloo

      I have complained on Nintendo support that they had flash videos there for a long time. I think they are all gone now!

      • Roadkill409

        I think you are right.
        Some months ago I showed some friends how the Gamepad worked for the internet. So I thought what better website to go to besides Nintendo’s. Well, lets just say that they were not sold when I could not get Nintendo’s own website to play video very well.
        But I think you are right, I think the videos work now. But really, come on, you would think their own website would be the very first thing they have working!!

  • Justin Thomas McGowan

    I love the Wii U browser! I use it for You Tube and deleted the app. Love it for adult surfing as well as Club Nintendo!!!!

    • oontz

      you watch porn on your gamepad?

      • Arthur Jarret

        Who doesn’t?

        • oontz


          • Arthur Jarret

            Just watch out that when you handle a white-color gamepad, it didn’t use to be black

      • FarsanBaloo

        The browser has no memory when you shut it off! Only cookies to worry about. 😉

  • Screamin Mime

    I would be nice if we could play Steam through it.

  • Potemkin

    Meh…It’s okay.

    I mainly use the PC or my phone for that purpose, but compared to the others, the Wii U web browser is better.

    PS3’s and X360’s are garbage.

  • tlopuse

    The Wii U is the perfect console to watch youtube and streaming videos using Netflix. Never had a problem. Ps3 is to slow for surfing in the internet or watching videos in YouTube. Maybe Nintendo doesn’t have the most powerful console in the store, but for using the internet or videos in YouTube the Wii U is the best.

    • Spaniard0069

      Seriously? Netflix on my Wii U is garbage. Painfully slow to cycle through movies and tv shows. Sure once you select a show/movie it plays perfectly fine but the app itself is garbage. Not as bad a Hulu on the Wii U. That app causes my console to freeze everytime forcing me to shut it down (then the Wii U tells me that I shouldn’t do that). Amazon Prime is the best working app on the Wii U and Youtube is a close second.

      • C.S. Bailey

        It depends on how you use your Netflix and Wii U together. I don’t really care for the format they used for the Wii U app either, but I also rarely need to use it. 9 times out of 10, I was watching something on a laptop or tablet, want to go back inside and play a game when I’m done, turn on the Wii U/Netflix and the most recently viewed film is on top.
        That one other time I’m on my patio and want something playing in the background as I read Wii U Daily and such.

      • tlopuse

        Everything is your Internet speed. If your Internet speed is suck, Netflix will be suck too. If your Internet speed is fast enough, Netflix runs beautiful. Don’t blame in the system, blame in your internet connection. Sorry my friend.

      • Wighead

        I don’t have the problems you seem to have. No lag, no freeze, no slow to cycle, so it must be your internet connection or your router that causes these problems (probably your router if you have no problem with your computer.

    • Mayoo

      Chromecast costs 35$ and works perfectly.

  • lonewolf88

    when ever I watch a show on a website or youtube I use my wii U so I can watch it on my tv I love the wii Us internet browser it also works well for monster hunter

  • The Bling Man

    It’s the best console based browser ever.

    Simple as.

    • Virus6

      That’s the kicker. It’s clearly never going to beat a PC browser. But as far as consoles? Hands down the best.

      • FarsanBaloo

        When I am in the living rooom using my laptop connected to my TV (used for youtube fun with the family, downloded films, Netflix, browsing when I am alone) I still have to use a wireless keyboard with integrated touchpad ( Logitech has a good one that is not too expensive).
        The gamepad is smaller and I can browse for more content while the family enjoys the funny cat video that run simultanious! It took me less than a minute to look up the spelling of “simultaneous” and copy – paste it here.

  • jhell

    it great to me

  • That guy who hates Spike

    I’ve probably used the Wii U Browser more than I’ve used my computer, or all of my Wii U games combined

  • I’m using it more then my PC at the moment. Directly from the couch to look something up quick, watch youtube and visit this site, since I got my WiiU about 4 months ago, I noticed I use the internet browser a lot, and for this site all the time, using pc less often as of late. But also often browsing via my smartphone on the Wi-Fi network. Still as of late WiiU is my no1 browser. Mostly because I’m to lazy to walk to my computer room though… Now during the worldcup I use the gamepad also as second screen. I love this browser.

  • Santiago

    i read this article with the wiiu browser 🙂

  • Jon

    the only problem I have is it doesn’t work well with a lot of programs such as Java and steaming videos can be a huge pain. Other than that, it’s great.

  • I’d rather wait for my laptop to boot than use the Wii U browser. It’s works, but is far from satisfactory. Always feels sluggish loading pages and is slow to start up. I’m happy enough with the interface though.

  • Archiq09

    I watch Twitch on my wiiu by internet … same to pc but chat not work 😛

  • lonewolf

    A thing I noticed about this article which for some obvious reason doesnt have any sense to me.

    The subtitle: “So, after months and years of testing, we answer the big question: does the Wii U’s internet browser stand up to the competition?”

    Right in the first paragraph: “…my productivity posed somewhat of a problem for me a a few weeks ago, as my computer was experiencing issues,…”

    Not really a big deal maybe for the rest of you but it still doesnt have any sense.

    • Rinslowe

      Some things never do…

    • Time travel is a silly thing

  • Spaniard0069

    You took your PC to the Geek Squad? Please tell me that it was under warranty and you didn’t allow them to rape your wallet.

  • LevenThumps

    The only real internet application I use for my WiiU for is Youtube. I prefer my computer most of the time.

  • Rinslowe

    The Wii U browser in itself is just OK. But it is a perfect companion to games and media. When you’re interested in knowing more about something. Between that and Miiverse it’s hard not to feel connected with Wii U. What makes the experience though is the gamepad.
    I wouldn’t go as far as to say it out-performs a dedicated tablet for the same purpose. But it is convenient. And it is better than the competition for what it offers in that area.
    It pulls the browser together with the system, service and games quite well.

  • companyoflosers

    it supports a few things all the other consoles dont except a video video pl;ayer types which makes some things a bit inconvieniant. say i have a tv in my room whithin watching distance of my bed and i choose to try and find an online site for streaming a show i like that isnt on any of the provided streaming apps. problem is alot of streaming sites use video players that the wii u cant utilize. i suppose it may be difficult to fix that seeing as the wii u isnt a computer but its worth noting. if you are satisfied sticking with youtube, netflix and hulu and dont do a great deal of streaming from other sites, you are set.

  • disqus_QNIAqtNpHo

    I use it everyday BTW can any1 please recommend a PC that will
    Run terraria like console thx

  • Sdudyoy

    The Wii U web browser is the best of any console, but I will always do my browsing on my computer, although I do enjoy watching Youtube videos on a giant screen.

  • Pendechino

    Surfing in full hd on hdmi out would be great

    • FarsanBaloo

      It is very good, and you only have to look at the gamepad when you write something – if you learn how the buttons work. Manual under the clock on the browser start page.

    • MerryBlind .

      Well actually, at home I have my PC plugged in to my TV. However, I love the fact that, since the Wii U is a console, I can use it in non-HD, SD. When I go to my chalet for example, we don’t have an HDTV, but I can still hook it up to our old CRT Tube TV with Wii composite cables and go surf the web on it on an old TV. I can’t do that on my PC, unless I get some funky, expensive, adapters I believe.

  • Arthur Jarret

    “The browser of course supports HTML5, so you can play flash games”

    WTF? This is one of the silliest things I’ve read today. (Granted, my day just started)
    Flash =/= HTML5.0!

    It plays HTML5.0 games, Flash games work with a seperate plug-in (by adobe) which the Wii U does NOT support.

    HTML5 is GREAT for streaming video, though. Couchtuner.eu works FANTASTIC on my Wii U – it is quite speedy for video streams (better than firefox, at least) allowing me to stream most series in HD without a problem – which is quite important for me as I’ve got the Wii U hooked up to an HD beamer.

    • FarsanBaloo

      Tried PlayBoxie HTML5 games – was not very good!
      The 7th link hides the 6th – just go back on step on that tab.

  • matt

    Its amazing and the best fastest browser out there easy as long as u have virginmedia home hub or bt home hub its lightning quick its my main browser.

  • Michael Hancock

    I read PDF books on it. The scroll/zoom works perfect. I can scroll with the stylus or the joystick. You can even watch naughty movies on it!

    • FarsanBaloo

      It is nice that they have included the PDF-app!

  • David Trail

    The Wii U has the best browser out of the trhee hands down.

  • Rodger_Ramjet

    Totally agree. The gamepad touchscreen is amazing. It makes typing, searching and general navigation a breeze even for your gaming needs. Old clunky gaming controller devices are not made for internet browsing. That’s another tick and one up WiiU can boast

    • David Trail

      The one thing I hate on PS4 and Xbox One is the last gen way of typing stuff out. It takes so long and feels so unintuitive.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Off topic again but has anyone heard Capcom is up for sale?
    There ought to be an article here soon so who thinks Nintendo should get in there?

    • Arthur Jarret

      I didn’t hear – thanks for the info.

      Odd though, as they did very good past gen with Street fighter.
      The actual story is a bit more nuanced, I read – as they took down their take-over defence and are not putting the company up for sale directly.

      Did you also use the Tip us! button on the top right?

      Anyway: Capcom has had problems localizing their games for ages – just like Atlus… so it would seem like a great fit for Sega.

      P.S. – Link for more info: http://www.gamerheadlines.com/2014/06/capcom-shareholders-have-opened-the-company-up-to-a-possible-takeover/

    • FutureFox

      I heard about it. The thing is some speculators think it’d be better for NIntendo (any of the big 3 really) to just wait for Capcom to go bust and snatch up the ips at a significantly cheaper cost. If Nintendo follows that plan they’d likely get Megaman, Resident Evil and Monster Hunter.

      • MujuraNoKamen

        That would work but if they wait till then, there’s the risk of other parties wanting a piece of the pie. Whatever they do I want Nintendo to secure franchises like Phoenix Wright, Monster Hunter (it’s been really successful on Nintendo platforms) and they could resurrect Megaman. They could also turn Resident Evil around 🙂 – I wonder if retro could work their magic on it lol

    • Allvalve

      I don’t think Nintendo should buy them outright.
      Better to buy a large enough stake to guarantee exclusive titles, but leave Capcom holding enough stock they still operate independently.
      Somewhere between 2nd and 3rd party status.

  • Nintenjoe82

    My favourite feature is the curtains “X” button. If you hold it down you get a drum roll and can surprise your friends with whatever you’ve just looked up on the internet!

  • Rob Bean

    It’s great. Our family uses it to read Scriptures together & to watch Youtube. Its a million times better than grabbing a cable to hook up a laptop. I love that you can hit the home button to start the browser then hit it again to return to your game. Yeah, its not what you want for surfing, but its ideal for the few ways I use it.

  • singi

    i sometimes used it to watch porn. LOL 🙂

  • Jared Garcia

    I post my pics from the games onto facebook. it’s a nice feature that gives the best picture quality of what im playing

  • Gudleifson

    I use it all the time! it works great for streaming legal and illegal shows and movies on the fly! 😀

    ps: it’s much better to surf youtube on the tv than on a computer monitor…

    • MerryBlind .

      My PC is on the same TV as my Wii U 😉 But I still use the Wii U’s browser if I’m currently on the Wii U, mainly for videogames stuff though lol like NintendoClub, walkthroughs, news, etc.

  • ENDOT123

    I use it more than my PC..

  • Logan Waltz

    “The browser of course supports HTML5, so you can play flash games.” Really? HTML is supported and that somehow makes Adobe Flash files run? Really? Okay, then.

  • triplegamer3K .

    11/10 stars,because you can skip YouTube adds. 😀
    (it feels amazing.)

    • MerryBlind .

      Wow didn’t know that, although I use the Youtube App and IIRC there isn’t any ads on that one. Though I don’t have ads on my PC either 😉

      • triplegamer3K .

        The browser is better and more usable then the app. 😛

    • ShadyKnights

      I love that feeling! Like Nintendo allows me to give The Man, the hand so I can watch my vids.

      • triplegamer3K .

        Right on!
        Although i do feel bad for robbing youtubers of ad revenue…Then is see an ad that’s 4 minutes and suddenly,i don’t feel that bad.

  • Silver Man

    I’ve never had a problem with it. I can use it while I watch TV and aside from sites that require flash (very smart move Ninty, flash stinks) it works without a hitch.

  • Kiefer Wickham

    It is easily the best internet browser of any console but I do have one problem with it, when I try to watch videos on YouTube unless its a Nintendo video it won’t let me watch it… Weird right. Watching videos on just about any other site works flawlessly though.

  • Evan Laundrie

    “my computer was experiencing issues, thus I had to leave it at the Geek Squad”

    Legitimacy of author is now in the toilet; who in their right mind takes their PC to the Geek Squad?

    “The browser of course supports HTML5, so you can play flash games (although why you would want to do that when you have a fully functioning Wii U in your hands is beyond me)”

    This comment is full of fail; first off, HTML5 support means you can play HTML5 games, not Flash games. Flash is a completely separate protocol and it is NOT supported.

    This is less ‘review’ and more ‘opinion’ as the author’s bias shines through on many points. What the author perceives as ‘flaws’ are really just his opinion;
    I frequently load many pages at once in the browser without issue and a
    minimal wait time. The browser loads plenty quick, especially with the introduction of the Quick Start Menu. Perhaps he needs to upgrade his ISP? He also says
    some pages don’t look OK as if that’s the fault of the browser; no browser displays every page perfectly. The Wii U Browser is amazing for a games console and I do the vast majority of my surfing on it; my poor PC became quite neglected when the Wii U entered the living room. I just added a wireless USB keyboard to the mix and it’s even better; solves for his ‘writing’ comment that he didn’t even bother to research. It’s articles like this that make me sad WiiUDaily is one of the few sites my work firewall doesn’t block….