Dec 15th, 2012

Nintendo has released a bunch of Wii U instructional videos that show gamers how to do the basic stuff such as syncing the GamePad to the controller, how to transfer your Wii files and data to your Wii U, and how to sync the Wiimote to the Wii U. Check out the instructional videos below.

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  • Genesect4ssb4

    ok. but dont we already know this?

    • Ryan Vincenzetti

      most people do but still good to have it out there. anyone know what the symbols are for? maybe obvious reason but i cant think of much

    • yamiryuu_zero

      There are many consumers out there who are not on pair with the same info we, who always check out gaming news sites and blogs, have. They are mostly casual gamers, and there are also some hardcore gamers who don’t check those sites frequently, or just moved to Nintendo consoles.

  • Watch_Dog

    This is unrelated to the article, but:
    There’s a Tomb Raider [2012] Petition to bring that game to the Wii U, it
    started only a day after the Dark Souls II Petition. Though, as of now,
    it only has a little over 400 Signatures

    • xdlugia

      Why Tomb Raider? What about bringing some interesting games to the Wii U like Grand Theft Auto V and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance?

      • RoadyMike

        Why not Tomb Raider as well?The more the better I say.Plus I loved TR when I was younger

        • Jeffery02

          Your avatar has totally given me the idea that they should make another Brutal Legends game for the Wii U. Anyone else agree?

          • RoadyMike

            HELL YEA

          • RoadyMike

             Well here’s a thought
            Portal.1 and 2 in a 2 disk bundle for Wii U

          • Jeffery02

            Why 2? Both games could easily fit on just 1 disc. It should also come with all current dlc preloaded onto the disc! 😀

          • João Pedro


          • Clem

            God that would be amazing… if only. EA made it perfectly clear that they wouldn’t support a sequel to Brutal Legend, and it almost wrecked Double Fine financially. Fortunately for all of us Tim Schafer and co. are geniuses and came up with Amnesia Fortnight which allowed them to save the company without laying anyone off! But in spite of that, I don’t think Brutal Legend 2 is happening any time soon. A game of that scale would need the financial backing of a publisher, and I think that Double Fine is understandably wary of publishers now.

    • Your link has fail, but enjoy the ideia and searched for it. I hope it comes to WiiU /petitions/ square-enix-eidos-crystal-dynamics-port-tombraider-on-to-the-wii-u

    • RoadyMike

       I’m glad someone brought this up.I was surprised to hear that Tomb Raider was coming to the PS360 and PC,but no Wii U version(or rather not “at this time”) Maybe later next year after finishing the other versions or something

  • Jeffery02

    Sure the Wii -> Wii U transfer is simple, but it’s far from convenient. Anyone else here find themselves thinking that they wish the actually transfer happened that quickly?

  • I Can’t Think of a Name

    “…is easy!”
    “It’s that easy!”
    Easy for you to say.

  • t_neudorf

    How to sync controllers, really? How about how to stream video or play basic mp3’s?

  • Maybe to old for all of you or just not your style of game but I’d like to see like icewind dale 3 made for wii u.  It doesnt have to be like Rift or w/e todays top graphic rpg games just have awesome spell effects, insanely difficult ai, long and great story line and never ending would be best, lots of updates and expansions, wide character creation array.  Make it possible to cross platform to pc if they make a port for it too which they should, make it with all the fancy light shows tricks and stuff, and for the sake of wanting to see a new version of the game, they can take away the old fighting style, fans dont shun me please just i want to see a console version of a good rpg not just some kiddy monster hunter which seems little plain and targeted towards kids.  Please pray they make it better then diablo 3, it looks ok you know but just seems limited with skills and classes and theres not hordes of monsters to kill you.  If you cant just bring Rift to wii u or everquest 2 or even wow, yes Iam feigning for a good mmo on a console and not final fantasy 11 -_-

  • Trenton Quick

    So if I transfer data from my wii to my wii u, does that data include Mario Kart wii and stuff like that?

  • João Pedro