Nov 9th, 2012

Little by little, all the Wii U details are slowly leaking out. This time, the instruction manual to the console, controllers, and other hardware was posted by the guys over at Polygon. The manual shows a variety of how-to situations with the Wii U, including how to connect the Wii U console and controllers, and how to replace the battery in the GamePad (yes, it’s user replaceable!). You can find some of the manual pages below. Of course, it’ll never beat the feeling of pulling out the manual the first time you unbox the Wii U yourself.


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  • Man

    This might help me if i was 90!!!

    • Asiancake

      I’m gonna start playing right away

      • AKA-Link77

        yah i dont wanna spoil the fun by seeing the leaked pics but ill play first then read “the inclosed instruction booklet!”
        (guess where that phrase is from & u get 10 points!) 😀

        • Crapcake

          manuals are so fun to read…….. while on the toilet!!!!!

          • goginho

            I guess this time ’round, it’ll be the Gamepad keeping you company 😉

          • shroomforce

            I know, I always do that =Þ

        • Zeldatrek fc 3780-9021-0732

          Hotel Mario is my guess and how dare you for making me think that!

        • eboyblue3

          “I hope she brang lots of spaghetti!”
          ~Luigi, Hotel Mario for the Philips CDi

    • dr scoobie

      ign, who got thier hands on the wii u said the manual was on the actual console

      not a physical copy in the box.

      so if you cant turn on the wii u your screwed!.

      • Nintendonoob

        men dont need instructions

    • SideScreamer

      I’ll laugh for all those people who are dissing the manual, and then go to play the Wii U for the first time, and don’t know how to connect the GamePad to it.

  • Sharkz

    I agree! Bring on the WiiU! I can’t wait!

  • Treebeard

    i just refreshed and it was there!

  • nintendoododo

    Who cares,id rather see a xbox 360 instruction manual. At least i could read about a good system,not some gimmick system.

    • nintendoododo

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      Nuo ohjeet on aika turhii mulle joten en edes aio lukea niitä kun saan wii u:n. Aion vaan heti alottaa pelaamisen.

      • NintendoMan :D

        You said from now on, so that last one could have been you.

        • AKA-Link77

          Or u can just put yr own pic in the EMPTY avatar spot confirming that one of u guys is a troll! instead of that stupid phrase.
          Or maybe that guy’s yrself . . . .

          • Dronch

            DUN DUN DUUUUN!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Sharkz

        SHUT UP NOOB A$$! Nobody cares what you think or have to say. Seriously this kid needs to be banned.

        • Dronch

          are you talking about me…

      • Troll patrol.

        This definitely looks like you have been cloned sir. That asshole keeps speaking about the 360….

        I will call Clone.Scene.Investigation (CSI) right away.

      • nintendoododo (fake name, really Mariokartfann)

        Hi, I’m ninendoododo (pssssst! Not really, I’m Mariokartfann, hehehe)

        Nuo ohjeet on aika turhii mulle joten en edes aio lukea niitä kun saan wii u:n. Aion vaan heti alottaa pelaamisen.

        Ok, please note this is a JOKE, so don’t reply untill you take in this is A JOKE!!! Please!!
        Mariokartfann 😀 9 DAYS!!! CAN’T WAIT

        • Mariokartfann

          Whoever this imposter is, tell them that they are bad at stealing names, that wan’t me up there!! It was probably the same idiot who was faking nintendoododo… so … wait THEY STOLE MY OUTRO TOO!!! TROLL PATROL TAKE ‘EM AWAY NOW!!!!

      • ninjabake

        You guys are woefully immature.

        • Nintendonoob

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          • Mariokartfann

            I’m right here, that other post wasn’t me… so just shoot the imposter (the nintendoododo( fake name, really Mariokartfann) person)

    • MujuraNoKamen

      LMAO the next Xbox is going to all about Kinect, enjoy playing Microsoft Kinect sports 2 while those of who don’t hate on Nintendo’s ingenuity get ZombiU, Zelda, Metroid, Bayonetta 2 and Monster Hunter in addition to all the casual games Microsoft and Sony want like Wii fit and Wario Ware.

  • Nintedward

    Wait , people still read manuals ?

    • Laud

      Sweet, a new manual, can’t wait to read.

    • Guhtere

      That reminds me of that episode of The Fairly Odd Parents.

      • ME TOO!

        “Manuals are for yellowbellies!”

    • Nintedward

      I don’t even use manuals for My IKEA flat pack furniture. But I guess that explains why everything leans and won’t open properly.

      You put the cuboard together , nearly finished.. dah dah dah… WTF!!!! The door is backwards!!!! WHY HAST THOU FORSAKEN ME!!!!!

      • JumpMan

        i read manuals ’cause i like to follow la rules. JKLOLZ i just like the warning pictures 😀 they makith me LOL!

        • Dronch

          excuse me sir but there is serious grammar and spelling flaws in your sentences.

          • NightºƒCore


          • Lazyboy88

            Does it really matter if a person spells some words wrong? As long as you understand what he’s trying to say..

    • MechaDestroyah

      I like to read manuals for some reason it makes me feel like I’m getting my moneys worth.

    • NightºƒCore

      I read manuals… When I’m bored driving in the car!

      • Nintendonoob

        ditto I hate the instructions but for some wierd reason it feels like when I buy something I just buy it for the manual. BUT THAT WONT BE THE CASE FOR THE WII U OF COURSE!

        • NightºƒCore

          I only read the game instruction manuals. I never read the console ones *insert bitch please meme here*

  • NintendoMan :D

    Do we really need to see the manual? Really? I think we can wait 8 days to see a MANUAL.

  • Challengerupc

    The manual’s for yellow-bellies!

  • Ledreppe

    I’ll just leave them in the plastic bag and never touch them.

  • Cvic

    Removable battery? Hmm… maybe they can offer a battery with better life down the road kinda like the 3DS

  • HyrulianUtopia

    I like reading the manual (well I just look at the pictures and go through it quickly) so this is kinda cool.

  • Elite

    So from what i see, is Nintendo going to push battery packs? or are you going to have to do some RMA or ordering on

  • BananaPwnz

    9 more days…

    • Nintendude

      The clock says 7:23:34:42 for me.

      • Dronch

        Hmmmm… that is quite odd. my countdown says 7:03:35:01

  • thejam216

    If everyone’s like me, they’re soaking up every possible bit of knowledge about the Wii U before it comes out. By the time it’s released, i’m not even gonna need a manual :P.

  • Dak

    If someone can explain the pointer lens as a button thing, that would be appreciated.
    I has a confused

    • Linskarmo

      Perhaps they mean you can block the signal by covering it. But it’s definitely not a button (at least in any games I’ve played.)

  • Linskarmo

    Interesting manual!

  • 360 FAN

    Hmmmm…it should be called ” WEAK U Instruction Manual”.


    R.I.P “NINTENDO 1889 (according to some ninfanboys) – 2013”

    • LP

      I tell you one thing right now, we don’t spend a second on an Xbox forum. Why would you come here when you claim to have something so awesome? Go follow Xbox whatever they call it. Time will tell man, relax, Wii sold almost as much as both Xbox and PS3, it got to be because of something. If you say Wii U will not deliver, it will CERTAINLY won’t stop me from getting one, and play the hell out of it. Please man, grow up, go to the Xbox forum and talk all day long about Wii U and how you don’t like it, or come here and be constructive, be smart, think for a change, you might even like how thinking feels. I am sure the Xbox is a good machine, same goes for the PS3, they’re just not for me. Think about that for a minute. Stop trolling, stop being a wise ass, it gets old really fast, seriously.

    • bristev

      Epic Games said several months ago that neither PS4 nor Xbox “720” could run UE4….later, they said that Wii U could handle very easily UE4 (even tough UE3 is more suitable for the console)… Which words are more valid and interesting? Yours? Of a fanboy who know nothing about hardware nor software? Or Epic Games words? Who are some of todays best software developers that push hardware to the limits? I guess this questions answers for themselves…

    • Guhtere

      Nintendo-1885(They were really started in 1885, making cards)-End of gaming it’s self.

    • Nko Sekirei

      stfu u mentally retarded 360 douchebag wii u is far more superior console wen it comes to specs againts ps3 and 360 u got no hard facts to back up ur statement and besideds wii u is at least 80 to 100 percent more powerful then the current gen consoles and wii u is a true next gen system

  • Help!

    Okay, I’ve been afraid of this thought ever since Wii U was announced, someone please reply. On Nintendo’s websites and all their manuals they always say, “Wii Remote Controller Plus”, but can I use a regular Wiimote not just the plus?


    • Jray

      yep you can use normal wiimotes, but i would upgrade to the plus remotes because a lot more games are going to be using them now, a bunch of nintendo land minigames use the too, but i’m pretty sure your safe for now so i wouldn’t worry 😛

  • Nate

    sucks I have to get a Wii U on Christmas 🙁

    • 和夫

      I have to get it in january

  • Superstick

    I use to read the crap outta my wii manual back when I first fot my red wii. Lol. Thanks for this info wii u daily. But im probably gonna be reading my game instructions books more.

  • Jonny

    Wow but i don’t think i need that manual,I can do it myself; =my Wii u is coming im so happy,to bad i have to wait a while because I order online,on walmart

  • LyingTuna

    I like the warning pictures in Nintendo manuals. The 3ds ones in particular were amazing!

  • Nintendofan4life

    All I see is gimmick gimmick GIMMICK! Come on Nintendo! Quit failing! I’m sorry if but this is the truth.

    • Nintendude

      You spelled innovation and winning wrong.

      • Nintendofan4life

        Sorry if you feel offended fankid but this console is 100% gimmicky! What is so special about it? Its a touchscreen??? I can touch myself anytime, anyday! So good day to you Nintendo kid.

        • Iceman404

          Or you could just be an ironically named idiot.

      • Dronch

        and quit(should be keep)

    • bristev

      Kinect is gimmick, PS Move is a vibrator-like gimmick, the back touchpad of Vita is gimmick, the “copied-from-gamecube’s” 360 controller is gimmick, Sony All Stars Battle Royale is a gimmickly, crappy copy of Super Smash Bros., Halo’s ripped off from Metroid existence is gimmick, Twisted Metal is gimmick…. I just wanna see your face when it turns out that either MS or Sony copy the gamepad controller on their next console and you call it “innovative, a new gaming experience” or some sort of other crap like that…oh yes, back in the 90’s, the analog stick on the N64 was also a gimmick…

  • Rage quit

    Ah sweet instruction manuals step 1 blah blah blah step 2 blahblahblah step 3 oh I can’t wait until it comes out it is making me shake and anxious aught argh I feel like i am about to burst aw I want that wiiu know

  • Rage quit

    8 more days

  • Gray

    Any word yet on whether or not there’s an achievement/accomplishment system in place on this puppy? That’s the one piece of U News I’ve been waiting for that hasn’t been definitively addressed.

    • Hibill18

      Actually, I’m pretty sure Nintendo has confirmed that there will definitely be an award system, but I can’t remember the official name.

    • LyingTuna

      I am 80% sure that there is… I believe it goes by the name of accomplishments… It was reported on here a while ago, though it may be false… I doubt it is false, though. Either way, I don’t personally care, as i am not an achievement whore.

  • NintendoGMR95

    @Grey: Yes there will be a Wii U Achievements System only it’s called “Wii U Accomplishments” where you earn certain “Points & Rewards for completing certain tasks in games; sorta like xbox live Achievements” & “PS3’s Trophy System” it will also be intagrated into the MiiVerse, so i hope this helped you. 🙂

    “Man the manual looks pretty sweet can’t wait to read the manual when my Wii U arrives in the mail.

    • Dronch

      will it fit in the mailbox?jk

  • NintenDon

    Do any of you people have girlfriends/boyfriends?

  • bb

    It will be 3 days for walmart because they have to get it before comes out

    • Dronch

      yeah, walmart gets wii u games on the 13th of november. gonna buy fifa 13!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dronch

      yeah, walmart gets wii u games on the 13th of november. gonna buy fifa 13!

  • immallama

    Woop! 😀 Even Wii U instructions are exciting!

  • Superstick

    Yes Nintendo YES!! Release more precious information!!!

  • Andrew

    45 days till Wii U for me. 🙁

  • verymetal

    Is this my 20th post yest?