Dec 2nd, 2011 publishUpdated   Mar 31st, 2012, 10:36 am

Wii U specsNintendo is finally set to release a new, much more powerful console with HD graphics, and many are wondering what kind of technology we might find inside the console, and how it will compare with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. We’ve heard from developers who have access to the console that the Wii U is “50% more powerful” than the Xbox 360 and PS3. We now know that those estimates of 50% are based on the fact that the Wii U is around 50% more powerful on paper, according to information Wii U Daily obtained from a Japanese developer who is currently working on porting a PS3 game to the Wii U.

According to the source, the Wii U specs are:

  • Quad Core, 3 GHz PowerPC-based 45nm CPU, very similar to the Xbox 360 chip.
  • 768 MB of DRAM “embedded” with the CPU, and shared between CPU and GPU
  • Unknown, 40nm ATI-based GPU

The source also mentions that Nintendo has been testing two versions of the console, one with 768 MB of RAM, and one with 1 GB. The RAM is also made by IBM and is embedded with the processor on the same die/silicon, which results in more bandwidth.

These were the specs that Nintendo showed developers around March 2011, so it’s unknown how close to the final specs these are, considering there’s a year until the console is scheduled for release.

When it was unveiled earlier this year, Nintendo confirmed that the Wii U would support 1080p graphics and 3D is possible as well.

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  • GiveUpNintendo

    Just start making peripherals Crap-Tendo!! The WiiU will finally be 1080p…just a year or two before PS4 and XBoxNext will be 4kx2k…Ha ha ha ha.

    • IntelectualBeing

      Oh wow, you are not that smart. HDMI does not (not because they don’t want to, literally, it’s because of HDMI limitations) support resolutions over 1920×1080. So If you want 4kx2k you need a TV that upscales 1080p or a new graphics card and cord medium because not even DVI supports 4kx2k.

      • sdfsfd

        HDMI 1.4 supports up to 4096×2160, 1.3 supports 2560×1600. Hell, the first HDMI version supported 1920×1200.

        So really, stop talking out of your ass.

        • sizzly s

          you mad bro

      • bahbah

        Untrue HDMI 1.4 supports high resolutions including resolution of up to 4k

        • Nano_man

          But the fucking ps3 and 360 does not support those res AT ALL. So stop barking at each other people. Ruff Ruff!

          • lol

            lol he didn’t say the ps3 and xbox 360 did you idiot he said the ps4 and xbox “durango” are going to lol, and this switch to 4k is going to happen just after nintendo finally catches up to what has been standard for years now, and it still won’t even play dvds

      • Steve

        The fan part is that only Crossfire 6990s can pull out gaming at such resolution,and two Radeon 6990s cost 1200$

        • kain

          no they dont if you crank up tha aa then fps plumit

          • Smurfman256

            4kx2k is such a high resolution that you wouldn’t need AA.

        • deSSy2724

          Most 0h HIGH END PC cant run smoothly a game in 4K resolution….. are u people stupid? U can, yes… but u need atleast 2000 $+

          DONT BE STUPID!

      • Anon

        The typical HDMI on the market now only supports 1080p because that’s the only tv you can find at the bigger stores. HDMI 1.4 is already adding internet connectivity.
        Who is to say that HDMI 2.0 won’t add higher resolutions as TV’s begin to move that way? It would not be hard to do. 1080p isn’t a limit to the cable itself, it’s just all we need right now. You should think things through a little more before you start calling other people “not smart.”

      • Bowky

        Not only that, PS3 and 360 aren’t 1080p. Hell, some games like CoD MW3 are only 576p in order to attach 30FPS. Uncharted may be 720p, but it’s capped at 30FPS because the console can’t handle more.

        On the other hand, both Galaxy games 60FPS and the difference is light and heaven (at least for my eyes, varies for every person).

        So yeah, hi troll with trollish name, hows that bridge?

      • iLoggie

        Oh wow, you are not that smart either. HDMI DOES support 4Kx2K and has done since 2009

      • DJ

        The next Xbox and the PS4 won’t have enough memory to support those resolutions. So stop the Bullship.

        • lol

          lol you must be a top developer for sony and microsoft if you can actually know that

      • deSSy2724

        Gringo, even PC doesnt supports this…. i mean… ofc it supports, but one problem, pay 1500-3000+ bucks and have fun. While Wii U price is expected to be 250-350 $ at start. So, u have braing…. use it finally!

        Last but not least, PC is much much more powerful, but the graphics arent “much much more better” compared to 6+ years old PS3/Xbox360……. so, a big EOD!

      • Arsonist Monkey

        Televisions don’t even support it yet!

    • Wunder Y?

      I love how people act like 720p isn’t good looking or something. If you really need more than what’s currently offered by console(360/PS3) graphics, then you’re just some loser of a troll sitting in your mom’s basement beating off to cpu spec sheets. Get a life and play games for fun. noobs


        well said:) these noobs are graphics whores who probably masterbate to video game woman (smh) games are games not a life!! thats y they arent real!! so im with you, mr wonder y 🙂

      • nuniruro

        While these games may look good, the framerate is becoming quite an issue. Watching a game in 18 or less FPS really hurts your eyes.

    • crackkat

      what do u mean finally 1080p? did u know ps3 and xbox360 dont actually play most games in HD? look it up, ur ps3/xbox360 play modern warfare 3 in 704p!! thats not even HD. wii u can run it in 1080p

      • lol

        and the wii ran 480 with the ps2 and xbox 1, the point is nintendo has been behind for a long time and here soon the wii u will be left behind again and the good 3rd party game makers will leave it just as they did the wii

        • Superfakerbros

          Not necessarily. You do realize that the PS2 and the Xbox supported HD resolutions, while the GameCube did not, and, guess what, not a single game ran in a native HD resolution. The PS4/720 might support 4K resolutions but don’t expect games to be running in a native 4K resolution.

    • -L-

      So you are saying that graphics are the most important thing in a videogame?

    • Verymetal

      Give up? Are you jealous that the winner or the console war is Nintendo? Just stating the facts, the Wii has sold more than Xbox 360 and PS3, that means they won. Also, Nintendo completely changed gaming with motion controls. Xbox jumped on the bandwagon, and so did PS3.

      • lol

        xbox doesn’t have motion controllers moron and if your talking motion in general ps2 had that way before wii came out but thanks for trying to be smart lol, and as for most consoles sold im glad i don’t have the same opinion as the majority now days i don’t agree with half the dumb shit that happens

        • Fuk microsoft n sony

          Its called kinect for xbox 360. U r the controller

        • jimmy

          hey you small minded banana, ever heard of the power glove which came out in 1989? the first motion sensing device in video game history. im sorry but Fony and Clonebox are cheap immitators of nintendo. GET WITH IT.

    • Uncle

      you’re retarded
      the wii u has a GPU that automatically supports Dx10.1
      its also been confirmed that the GPU is custom, and that it will improve the graphics (taken straight from AMD), meaning the wii u will most likely support DX11, which is a HUGE difference from modern consoles
      and by the time xbox720 and ps4 come out DX12 will come out, but every gaming console has to have out dated hardware, always have, always will
      so if you think the next xbox and ps4 will have better graphics than the wii u, you’re fucked

      • Wiiinsider

        “so if you think the next xbox and ps4 will have better graphics than the wii u, you’re fucked”
        The next xbox and ps4 WILL have BETTER GRAPHICS THAN the WII U

        • angel

          Did you come from the future? 😮

          • lol

            you can tell they’ll be more powerful by simply looking at the past 🙂

          • angel

            Simply looking at the past?, All Right:
            If i look at the Past, i see that the N64 and the Gamecube where more powerfull than PS1 and PS2 (and the Cube was on par with the Xbox), Wii and NDS are the 1st consoles of Nintendo that are less powerfull than their competitors, yeah, looking at the Past it’s awesome! 😀

        • deSSy2724

          Yes sir lol

          GC is more powerful than PS2, so? PS2 was the winner! Wii vs Xbox360/PS3 is much different story….. but, Wii was successfully!

          Facts are facts….. PS4 and Xbox 720/8 will probably will have better graphics, but the point is…. how much really better? PC vs xbox360/ps3…. we know, much stronger than 6 years old console HW. What about games? ehm, not really so much better…… again facts.

      • uhh, what?

        DirectX is Microsoft proprietary programming language to use with the Windows OS. There’s absolutely no reason that any Nintendo or Sony system ever, EVER would support DirectX as long as Microsoft is in the race.

        • Exynos

          Tru Tru.. but wii u supports equivilant to dx11 where as xbox and ps3 are equivilant to dx 9… DX9 BLOWS…

        • Adam

          DirectX is a collection of APIs, not a programming language. While the DirectX APIs are owned and used by Microsoft, the features that they define result in a need for hardware compliance; hence, specific DirectX features like tesselation require specific DirectX-compliant hardware, like DX11. Virtually all graphics hardware these days is made with a certain level of DirectX hardware compliance.

          So what he was referring to was the capability of the GPU to support a specific version of DirectX, not whether it would actually use it in the console.

    • Xamed

      By which time you will have the TV that will be capable of displaying that output. Lets get real with ourselves here. The Wii U looks excellent for today people. If you looking for 4k by 2k resolution I bet u can start saving your hard earned cash to buy a TV to play games on a console that developers will not make games to exploit its resolution just like the PS3 and Xbox. How many games on the Xbox even support 1080p? Yeah! Thought as much. Those who have that kind of luxury are PC gamers and even they are excited about the Wii you.

    • rawww

      1080p is a good enough. The framerate is more important

    • OffYourselfTroll

      Yeah, since graphics are all that matters when it comes to entertainment. Go die in a fire.

    • CedrictheDragon

      I believe the biggest jump Sony and Microsoft made last gen was from Standard to High Definition, the leap won’t be so high this time. Nintendo were short sighted not to include HD in the Wii, the reason I didn’t own one, but this console might prove worth having yet.

      • Oxycinna

        HD isn’t all that matters. I’ve played more Wii than PS3 and Xbox360 combined. It’s the games that make a system great.

    • SuperShyGuy

      Know the funniest thing about this statement?

      Lets say the impossible happens and the PS4 and 720 has the “4kx2k”
      When the Sony and XBOX fans buy them most of them will be saying who awesome the graphic are but still be play their games on a tv that is only able to display 1080p at it’s highest.

      That was the reason Nintendo decided not to go HD with the original Wii because at the time HD TVs were not in most homes. Sony and Microsoft managed to trick consumers into thinking just by getting the console they were playing in HD. Proof being the 360 didn’t even have a HDMi port.

  • John Cosmic

    I’m going to call bunk on at least part of this rumor. That much memory isn’t likely to actually fit on a cpu-size silicon die. Maybe on an MCM (multi chip module), but that’d be kinda pointless for this scenario.

    • Adam

      I agree, and an MCM would be completely contrary to the “on die” claim as well.

      Additionally, I don’t see how the GPU would have enough memory bandwidth if the memory was located solely on the CPU die, and I don’t see the point in sharing memory between the CPU and GPU unless you’ve got some AMD HSA-style magic going on, or you just feel like crippling your console’s graphical capabilities.

      In fact, I really question all of these details (other than the 3GHz 4-core IBM processor) based on the fact that the technical details don’t make much sense.

  • DarthDiggler

    Welcome to 2007 Nintendo! 🙂

    • Me

      PSvita uses touch! oh welcome to 2004 Sony!

      • Me-U

        3DS uses one analogue stick. Welcome to 1996.

        Joking aside, I really enjoyed your comment.

    • Apostrop

      Oh, a clueless Sony-fanboy. What a surprise. Just one fact for you: According to this rumour, the underclocked devkit had 768 MB edram. PS3 doesnt even edram. Considering this, the ram would be 768 times more powerful than PS3.

      • asdafas

        But… 0 x 768 isn’t 768… WII U will be infinite times more powerfull… just saying

        • TheMultiYoshi

          Lol true.

    • Midna

      For the sake of combating your stupidity I’ll ignore the eDRAM bit of this rumour which pretty much invalidates it.

      40nm GPUs hail from 2009 at the earliest. POWER7 architecture is ridiculously advanced and very new. 768MB of RAM is hell of a lot for a game system, For it to be eDRAM is hilariously good.

      Your an idiot. Your agenda is being displayed right there in your avatar. Your parents are probably idiots to have brought up an idiot liek you. I bet your dog is an idiot as well.

  • someone

    meh… next Xbox and PS4 are just around the corner, and that Wii U controller without analog sticks is like a dildo stuck in the 80s xD

    • gusjackson

      Have you seen the controller….there is TWO analog sticks!

      • cftygv

        There is TWO analog CIRCLE PADS, not clickable like the dualshock 3 or xbox 360 controller and probably with more chances of it slipping off of your thumbs as far as we know. That is the BIGGEST issue i find about this controller.

        • Exynos

          HAHAHAHAHA NOT TRUE BIG BOIIII… NEW VERSION IS CONFIRMED THERE FOR WII U > EVERYTHING ELSE… Microsoft and Sony went as far as copying Nintendo (AGAIN)… Nintendo Innovates. Sony and Microsoft mainstream Nintendo’s real innovations

        • TheMultiYoshi

          That was the tentative version of the controller! At E3 2012 the final version was announced, which has CLICKABLE CONTROL STICKS.

    • CedrictheDragon

      It won’t be such a big leap in power for the PS4 this time.

  • Steve

    Wow some commenters seem to be too fast to comment or too ignorant about Tech.
    The only processors IBM does that are 4core and at 45nm are the ones of POWER7 architecture.
    POWER7 is the latest top of the art processors of IBM featuring hyper-threading as Intel’s Core i7s does,and this is just uncomparable to xbox360 who has a processor of Intel Celeron architecture.
    RAM wise the system is poor indeed.
    It would seem more reasonable to have 2GB of dedicated RAM and 1GB of VRAM.
    768mb of shared memory aren’t even enough to display 1080p resolution so probably this is false.
    As for the graphics card,40nm Ati (AMD) means it’s a 5XXX series chip.
    AMD went to the 40nm process with 5XXX series,so this could be anything from 5450 to 5870.

    Don’t hesistate to comment and bash please!

    • Greg

      IBM actually has 4, 6, 8 core variants of Power7. Thing that baffles my mind is how many SMT threads will the CPU have. Even in a 4 core chip. It technically can support up to 4 SMT threads per core. Thats around 16 threads or more. IBM Watson itself has all 8 core chips. If Wii U has 8 core + 32 threaded CPU chip. Then it truly will be on level with PS4, and Xbox 3 in terms of raw CPU power. I believe anyway.

      As for GPU while it could be in 5800 range. It could also be in the 6800 range as well. Could be high or low end though. Likely range from power of 4600 series all the way up to 6990. Likely a card that launched at least 1-2 year’s before console’s launch. So it could have been worked into the system in a flawless manner. My bet is on 5870 or greater card. Even if Mid range 6000 series.

    • daniel

      your also forgetting that the 6000 series AMD gpu’s are also 40 nm as well so the wii u can be using the 6000 series GPU as well not just the 5000 series

    • Exynos

      Still the Wii U has as much ram as the xbox and ps3 combined… But much of it is reserved for Nintendo

    • Adam

      “this is just uncomparable to xbox360 who has a processor of Intel Celeron architecture.”

      Wrong. The Xbox 360 has a triple-core IBM CPU that can process two threads per core.

      “RAM wise the system is poor indeed.”

      That’s probably because the RAM specs are wrong. There’s no way that they’re going to put 768MB of RAM on the die. It would be too large.

      “AMD went to the 40nm process with 5XXX series,so this could be anything from 5450 to 5870.”

      Also wrong. It’s entirely possible (and actually probable, based on previous rumors) that they could have asked AMD to customize and shrink a previous GPU to a smaller process, just as Microsoft and Sony shrank their own console hardware.

      Considering that it’s reportedly about twice as fact as the current consoles, I’d guess it’s something just below the 4850 in processing power, but customized for console use.

  • BlunderoftheCentury



    • BananaPwnz

      HA! You wish! You”ll see, Wii u is gonna be HUGE!!!

  • A

    Has to be fake, simply because that much eDRAM is literally impossible.

    @ DD:

    Were this true, at least as far as the memory is concerned Nintendo would be sitting pretty somewhere in the 2020s, because 768MBs of eDRAM is ludicrous.

    • Ben

      No its not impossible, IBM fit 1GB of eDRAM on a single chip in 2010. its on their web site.

  • Megaman

    come on man, this can’t be true… Those specs are garbage… That’s the same jump as the Wii from PS2 which mean that Wii U games will look exactly the same as the current gen Xbox and PS3. Even the PS Vita has more ram than that! I thought the Wii U was going to be capable of running 1080p at 60frames but with those specs I don’t think so. =/

    The funny thing is that Nintendo is gonna sell that garbage at $350 I bet because they love to overprice their products just like Apple. I mean, they sold the Wii at $250 alright and that machine was barely more powerful than an Xbox 1. In fact, many Xbox games like Halo and Halo 2 looks much better than the entire Wii library.

    • Midna

      Are you implying that the current generation uses POWER7 equivalent architecture, 2 year old GPUs and a literally impossibly large amount of eDRAM?

      I don’t understand why people are saying this is bad. The fact is that this is so good that it literally can’t be true.

      • Marcelo

        U sir are a genius. People are not getting the true power of the Power7 CPU and if that thing about 768MB of eDRAM is really true, then I bet that Nintendo console is going to be smashing MS’s and Sony’s.

        • CedrictheDragon

          The Power7 is amazingly powerful

          • Adam

            POWER7 is overrated, especially as a console chip.

            But I’m sure Nintendo knows what they’re doing. As for the majority of these specs presented here, I don’t buy them.

    • M3rror

      I think it’s just people misunderstanding the specs. They’re looking at the numbers, and btw the PS Vita does not have more RAM than that. PS Vita only has 512MB of RAM and 128 VRAM. The Wii U has 768MB of eDRAM. There is a big difference in the two. Unless Nintendo has a time machine, they’re pulling some BS out of their butts. Also, these specs are really good. To the point of being wtf. It’s like when I saw the Vita specs and was like “Does a handheld really need this much power?” No it doesn’t. But the Wii U does. I’m not so tech savvy on HDMI or anything, but I know most of it is just lies of what it can really do. Also your more of an idiot claiming that $350 is overpriced. Wait till you see the so-called Xbox Loop or PS4. It won’t be any better rest assured (Not to mention you have to pay for Xbox LIVE). Oh but I’m sure you’ll buy the PS Vita even though the launch titles are crap and there are hardly if any good future titles announced. It’s the PSP VS DS all over again. Can’t wait till PSVita gets hacked, then I’ll get one. Also, again, you need to get your facts down. The Wii wasn’t meant for powerful graphics, it was meant for the revolutionizing motion controller. It originally cost 500$ to make a Wii at first but they were selling it for half that because they knew it will sell out, which it did. It’s all supply and demand. They had to sell a little amount of Wii’s at first because they were losing money. It wasn’t until later on when materials got cheaper when the price lowered. Same goes for the 3DS, however the price cut was a result from low buyers. I don’t understand why majority of the market hates Nintendo. They’re a great company. Just because they don’t focus on violent games or high powered consoles doesn’t mean they suck. I’m glad they don’t focus on those. They leave room for innovation, unlike Microsoft and Sony who just rip off from them and do a terrible job at it. If it wasn’t for the kid industry begging their parents for some high violent game it would be a different story. Everyone thinks “Oh nintendo is for kids” So what!? My Little Pony is for little girls but you still see adult “men” watching it. Just because your not in the demographics doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. Have fun with your useless graphics and crappy/unoriginal gameplay!

      • william

        The Wii ALWAYS sold for profit. I don’t know why you thought it cost 500 to make. They used old tech to keep the pricing down, because they knew it would appeal to everyone and they could make a nice chunk of change off of it. They played it smart and selling the system at a $250 loss on old tech would not be playing it smart.

      • Slacker

        it might be true being that controller the system might need that mutch eDram just to run it all if so i still agree it is insane so lets wait tell E3 2012 and see

        • ajc8499

          I remember reading an article shortly after the Wii’s launch that Nintendo made about a $40 profit on each system they sold. This was completely unheard of at the time. Prior to this most companies sold their systems at a considerable loss at launch. They made their money initially off of licencing fees, in house games, and selling accessories (controllers, memory cards, etc). Over time as the cost of technology dropped manufactures would lose less and less with each console sold until eventually the cost of components was to a point where they could actually turn a profit on each unit sold. I am sure that Nintendo has a very similar philosophy this time around. I am sure they are less concerned with how much more powerful their system is than their competitors and more concerned with creating a system that they can immediately generate a profit for them given the current cost of technology.

    • jimmy

      you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  • theprodejeff

    Dear Nintendo, go for the 1gig memory size. Memory means more creativity for the dev´s, dev´s can do with less but more dev time will be spent on optimizing the code. I hope for the PS4 4GIG of ram, damn the games will be great then.

    • M3rror

      Won’t happen. PS3 only has 128MB of RAM. IF there is going to be a PS4, it’ll likely just have 1GB or less. But unlike Nintendo, it won’t be eDRAM. Keep in mind the reason PC’s have high amounts of RAM is because they are also running an OS and the memoy and CPU’s are structured differently than a consoles.

      • JeeBee

        PS3 has 512MB of RAM – 256MB for the CPU and 256MB for the GPU.

        Nintendo aren’t using eDRAM, certainly not 768 or 1GB of it. The fact that they have different configurations proves it. Nintendo are probably using STACKED DRAM. Three or four 256MB DRAMs stacked on top of the CPU, possibly using TSV (Through Silicon Vias) for massive bandwidth and low power use. We could be talking about 384/512-bit or 768/1024-bit memory bus. More likely is that it is just stacked without using TSV and it’s a 192/256-bit bus.

        If the CPU is a POWER7 variant then there may be some addition eDRAM as cache on the CPU. If it’s a quad-core variant, then maybe there is 16MB of eDRAM cache (as the octo-core Power7 has 32MB).

        As the memory is on the CPU, it is likely that there is a very high bandwidth interconnect between the CPU and GPU as well. This would probably mean an MCM (Multi-Chip Module). Alternatively, the GPU has its own graphics memory.

      • Okami

        Oh, no. PS3 has 256 MB main RAM and 256 MB video RAM.

    • killgore ripyourbutt

      the only reason gaming PCs need 4, to 8 gb of ram is because they have a bulky OS running in the background, 1gb of memory for any next gen console will be plenty. i dont believe it but if it really has that much eDram its going to out preform the 720, and from the specs of the 720 they are using an out dated, low end GPU. where as the Wii-u is speculated to have an R700 series card which is, while not brand new, or very powerful, still more powerful than the one rumored to be in the 720. as far as the cpu i have a hard time believing that its a multi-thread quad-core proc. its not like nintendo to put that new of tech into a console, the 360 had a modified celeron processor. the wii u will probably use a 2 or 3 core processor. to keep power consumption down.

      • Exynos

        1gb will be plenty… But ram is not that expensive and would make the console last longer. I would pay an extra $50 for 4gb ram instead of 1gb… DEVS want more ram and we should give them more ram. That is the most requested thing and is not expensive. If the next gen consoles don’t have at least 4gb I (among many devs) will be dissapointed


    jeez< just arrived at the site and wondering if its only 12yearolds who post? Reminds me of the sega/nintendo arguments all the prepubes would have.. did the death of sega as a cosole manufatorer really please all those people? Surely competition between various platforms is a good thing? I like having three diffrent platforms to choose from, besides a monopoly would likely lead to alowering of standards and a hiking of the price on the remaining system. Oh and it does say rumour, you ant relly dismis a system that hasnt come out yet based on that.

  • Smurfman256

    “These were the specs that Nintendo showed developers around March 2011,”

    umm, as in the “underclocked hardware” that devs were using?

    • Smurfman256

      AAAAANNNNNNDDDDD…..The Northern Island GPUs ALSO run on a 40nm process….

      • Smurfman256

        not to mention that the whole “768MB of eDRAM” may have been a missread “768 Mb (megaBIT instead of megaBYTE) eDRAM” which would be 96MB or eDRAM which seems like a more feasable amount.

    • Slacker

      if its more powerful than that then it will blow any thing out of the water . because if you look it up you would no it is very powerful all redy 50% is speckulatshion only the graphics chip is 40nm witch is 5xxx chip the power7 with eDram is very powerful showes you don’t no what you are talking about so look it up be for you start talking we don’t need any better graphics than that unless you want to talk about a price out of every bodys range

  • A

    so Wii U will be $250 at launch! PERFECTO…people will buy Nintendo’s console for their HD exclusives this time…Sony and MS will again battle for the BEST hardware ! damn…its a sensible move in Bad ECONOMY…KUDOS to NINTY..

  • wiiboy101

    96MB = 768mb …..768mb=96MB SO LOGIC PREDICTS WIIU’s system on chip has a gpu/cpu shared level 3 catch of some kind not ram


  • teufel

    These specs are false. There is no way a home console will have 768 MBs of eDRAM. The 360 only had 10 MBs of eDRAM. It would be slightly more believable if it was just RAM that was shared between the CPU and GPU, but that still leaves out what the GPU is bringing to the table.

    It is a shame that this source made it out like this with the mentioning of the embedded DRAM being at 768 MBs without the actual person reporting it raising an eye brow at this insane number.

  • william

    That would cause major issues for the developer.

  • so cool i want to have it

  • chase

    it says DRAM not eDRAM!

    Wii U spec are weak in my opinion , but will be able to play 1080P games at 30FPS. I know because my pc specs are very similar(I just got more ram).

    • Smurfman256

      they did say “embedded with the CPU”. The “e” in eDRAM means embedded. And 768MB is a LUDICROUSLY high amount. The current beief is that eiter A) it’s fake or B) it’s megaBITS instead of megaBYTES. That would put the eDRAM at 96MB or 128MB which is very feasable.

    • Daniel

      But you run a shit windows your ur pc, video game consoles dont have BSOD cause they’re meant exclusively to play.

  • miles099

    You people and you’re big words, talkin’ ’bout’ “eDRAMs” and “HDMI”, and don’t forget “Power Core Proccessor Triple Somersaulting Boost Pack (now with extra Super Hydraulic Instantaneous Transporter, otherwise known as SH–)
    ANYWAYS, yeah. I’ve no idea what you guys are talking about. All I know is that Sony and Microsoft fanboys were trolled (blech, I sound ignorant using trolled) when Nintendo announced the Wii U while the PS Move and Kinect were still fresh.

  • race

    Please add analog triggers for race games.

    • gusjackson

      It has triggers. Left and right.

  • Michael

    Some people here seem to be very simplistic. They read 768MB and they think “Nintendo is dead”. Obviously these people have no idea about RAM, because this amount of embedded DRAM would make the Wii U a seriously implausible “console”. HAHAHA.

  • Cold

    @ WiiU Daily,

    why dont you ask your source to get a clarification on this rumor.
    Is it 768 MB of DRAM or 768 MB of eDRAM?

  • suzi

    DRAM embedded = eDRAM the hints right there !!!!!!

    768mb not MB if theres any truth to them 96MB EDRAM funny enough ibm edram @ 96mb would take up around the same die space as 32mb sram as found in a cpu catch

    96 to 128MB of edram fast high bandwidth ibm ram is 100% doable !!!!

    • Wiiinsider

      They said embedded but that doesn’t mean that it is eDRAM.

  • Robert

    Wii U really specs
    CPU: IBM Power Architecture-based multi-core 45 nm microprocessor based on the POWER7 architecture found in the Watson supercomputer.[3][60]
    GPU: Custom-designed AMD Radeon HD[5] similar to the R770 chip.[6]

    Internal flash memory, expandable via SD memory cards and USB hard disk drives[61]
    Slot-loading optical disc drive compatible with 12 cm “proprietary high-density optical discs” (25 GB capacity)[62][63] and 12 cm Wii optical discs
    Ports and peripheral capabilities:
    SD memory card slot (supports SDHC cards)
    USB 2.0 ports (2 at front of console, 2 at rear)
    Sensor Bar power port
    “AV Multi Out” port
    HDMI 1.4 out port[56]

    Built-in 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope
    Speakers and Microphone
    Front-facing camera
    IR Sensor strip
    6.2 inch (15.7 cm) 854×480 FWVGA 16:9 resistive touchscreen
    Two Circle Pads and one D-pad
    Select, Start, Home and Power buttons
    A/B/X/Y face buttons, L/R bumper buttons and ZL/ZR trigger buttons
    Controller sync button
    Note: The Wii U is also compatible with the Wii Remote, Wii Nunchuck, Wii Classic Controller, and the Wii Balance Board.[64]

    1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p or 480i, standard 4:3 and 16:9 anamorphic widescreen
    “AV Multi Out” port supporting composite video, YPBPR component video, S-Video (NTSC consoles only), RGB SCART (PAL consoles only) and D-Terminal (Japan only)
    HDMI 1.4 out port supporting stereoscopic 3D images.[56]

    “AV Multi Out” port. Six-channel PCM linear output through HDMI

    Prefering they use new AMD APU(accelerated proccessing unit )

  • I2

    Isn t the Xbox 360 based on a TRI core 3.2 ghz procesor?

    Yet its still very huge processing power even for 2011 and there is not really a need for more. What is more important is the new grafic chip and as far as I know Nintendos grafic chip is two generations ahead of Xbox 360.

    • Wiiinsider

      *sigh*… No Its not


    Wii U powerpc 32bit system on chip with custom ati/amd gpu based on 4850/90 gpu core

    3 or 4 powerpc 486fp type cpus AKA BROADWAY 2’s 5 instructions per clock and 2x power of broadway cpu in weii per clock likely 1.6ghz clock speed 4x core would give around 16 to 20 x the processing power of wii cpu if not more….

    additional arm work cpu based on say arm 11 or dual core arm 11

    dedicated media sound chip

    and a big block of edram around 96MB all system on chip

    then a main m,emory say 512mb fast ram and 256mb gddr3 ram


    commonsense = NIN-TEN-DO

  • joel

    First of all for wii to finally step it into hd is good enough as its. Because wii is more about the gameplay funnes than GRAPHICSS. Second of all for 1080p gaming you dont need more 2gb ram system ram and 2 gb gpu ram. The proccesor is important but what really matters is the gpu. I had a gaming computer with 4.1gz quad core i7 with 6 gb ram and old ass 8400gs 8 core 512mb ddr2 and i had like 15 fps on 600p gamming upgraded to 2000 core hd 7970 an i had above 30 fps on 2600x1600p gaming like cod and metro 2033.
    Point is wii has mario and metroid and zelda xbox has halo which is done so thetes no point any more and ps3 has fun controls while including games like drake AND IT HAS BLU RAY

  • Knight121198

    This is sooo my christmas present to myself for the end of this year!

  • wiiboy

    what if it is 786MB of edram and what they have done is give a huge block of edram a 512 bit bus and a high clock speed it would be like edram and non edram combined and act as fast ram like 1t-sram in wii and gamecube

    soc system on chip would be 3/4 powerpc cores a ati gpu a sound chip and some other guff

    then say 786MB OF EDRAM VIA A CUSTOM 512BIT BUS and say 120 plus GB of bandwidth and say 256 mb gddr3 over a 128 bit bus acting as secondary ram and say 24/28gb bandwidth

  • MadAzN

    Lol you guys are so funny comparing the 6-7 years old consoles to the 2012 console. I mean that fact alone is obvious that the WiiU is already inferior to both xbox 360 and Ps3… Now that WiiU is more powerful than these 6-7 years old consoles, what happen when Microsoft and Sony release their new console in 2012-2013? WiiU will be down down down.
    Smart move for Nintendo for releasing them now so that they can get some money before Sony and Microsoft release their new next generation consoles.

    • GunninGamer141

      I don’t think the WiiU is inferior to the 360, looking at these specs that would be a long shot. When Microsoft/Sony release their consoles it won’t make the WiiU down down down, simply because to be much better than the WiiU hardware wise the system they would make would cost far too much and Sony especially learned that boasting the strongest hardware with heartstopping prices is not good for sales. And the WiiU being released early isn’t only to make money before Microsoft and Sony, its to get more developer support, Nintendo has never really been known to have great third-party support and with the WiiU being the only console of its generation on the line at the moment, developers will follow the money and develop for the WiiU. Did you notice that Xbox360 games were considerably more supported than PS3 version even after both were on the market for a long time? That was because the 360 being released first made devs have a preference to the console, in any event the PS3 was comparatively “difficult” to make games on when it first came out. I think Nintendo did great with finally making a very strong system and releasing early but I honestly can’t wait to see what Sony and Microsoft do to compete. Peace.

  • naphy


    • Matt

      Oh my god my eyes. I think I just went temporarily blind.

      No one is going to read this if you type in all caps you fucking moron.

  • cftygv

    Too little ram, for a next gen console, and considering that the system will be rendering graphics for a tablet controller. I was expecting 2gb. Tough, i know this is just rumor. But the wii u needs to be on par with the next gen, not on par with this one, if nintendo wants their console to be relevant for gamers a couple years later from launch. I am not saying that it needs to be most powerfull, that is unecessary, but needs to be close enough, not like the wii.

    • Sammie

      Actually, that is eDRAM and before IBM found out to out eDRAM on a single chip, that much eDRAM would require a console the size of a TV. Secondly, what would 2gb of RAM be used for? The OS probably uses 10mb RAM and the games will probably require at maximum 500mb of RAM for a graphically intense game. Remember, the 360 only has 10mb of eDRAM that means if the rumor is true, the Wii U is 76.8x more powerful in terms of eDRAM. What else could you want? 4,000,000x more?

  • swsfirm

    At this point that 700mb-1gb might just be bridge memory. Dont forget Cpu’s and Gpu’s still need thier dedicated memory which might be 28mb L3 cache for Cpu and up to 4 GB dedicated nemory for Gpu. Nintendo shuld have talked to intel about the new xenon quin core processor. As for the gpu ATI is the way to go according to the rumors i’m hearing about the other consoles. Dont worry im sure one or two of the console manufacturers might have nvidia in thier pocket. Lets wait and see…

    @GunninGamer141 There was no need to make miltiplatform games look better on ps3 because by the year 2008 the ps3 gpu technology was already antiquated Nvidia had finally moved on to unified shader architecture with the relase of the 8800 Gpu. The only good thing about the ps3 is the 60 frames per second processing capability the cbbe has, as for it crunching graphics data that was a lie cause it only has 512 kb L2 cache, the cpu on the xbox 360 has a 1mb L2 cache. It was not because the xbox 360 came out first,ist because it has more advanced hardware than the ps3. Also the spe’s cannot process data without the data being first processes by the ppe this is known as a two pass processing system as for the xbox360 the cpu carries out a 1 pass independent processing system each core is free to process data found in th 1mb L2 cache…

    People please remember that the Wii U is the first native HD graphics game console. Hope they install a Display port not hdmi. The SWSFIRM is out…

  • random WII U LOVER


  • Bill

    I love how people say “Oh, 768 MB of RAM” (that’s right, there’s no lowercase letters or an ‘e’ in front) “is puny.”

    Are you people fucking retarded? This is a CONSOLE, not a PC. It’s running a minimalistic OS over a video game. That being said, I don’t think the Power7 being used is that far fetched. I mean, yeah, it’s amazingly powerful, but that’s mostly due to the architecture being so efficient. Think of the i7 versus the Power7 as being a single-road highway system versus one with branching roads, overpasses, etc. As for the GPU, I can’t really say much, but the fact that Crytek is looking at it has me psyched. I’m also happy that this console will output 1080p AT THE SOFTWARE LEVEL, not the hardware upscaling used by the PS3/360. My only concern will be that Nintendo will fail to realize that patching a game can be done via download, and not just by revising code back at the devs’ lab and releasing the game again. They think updating the game will give certain players an “unfair advantage”; that’s why the annoying MK7 Maka Wuhu glitch still hasn’t been fixed.

  • tron:6Rsd4

    People need to shutup, IBM POWER 7, is the best second generation chip, strong and fast, is more than enouph to play even top of the line type pc games. The graphics card just needs to be enouph to support the game. (Usualy using a 1g card more than enouph.) They cant lose, its better than intel and amd cause its fast and strong. I like it, just hope box more than one color to chose from, and maybe the pad thing an add on.

  • Smurfman256

    Wait. I just realized something; isn’t 1T-SRAM an “embedded RAM”?

    …….Oh God!

  • bully

    I’ve always had a soft spot for Nintendo, can’t wait.

    I’ve always thought the Wii sucked but. Nobody really can deny that Nintendo’s last three system (DS/DSI – 3DS – Wii) are incredibly underpowered vs. contemporary hardware of the time. Wii is not much more than a overclocked GC with a new controller and some extra ram. (GC was pretty cool though)

    The CPU, if it turns out to be a POWER7 sounds quite promising.

    If the GPU turns out to be a ATI r770 (ATI HD 48**) or similar, that is quite disappointing in my opinion, and at least with my pc hardware experience, I get a much better gaming experience for money spent with a weaker CPU – stronger GPU than a stronger GPU – weaker CPU. I believe a stronger emphasis on GPU vs CPU performance will be even more important if/when new consoles get GPGPU capable graphics chips.

    A couple people have mentioned that the Xbox 360 uses an Intel Celeron, maybe your confusing the original XBOX which uses a custom Pentium 3. The 360 uses an IBM POWER based tri core chip “Xenos” which as far as i’m aware is quite similar to the PPU in the PS3 Cell.

    I can’t understand how people think 768 MB RAM is enough (if it is DRAM eDRAM, 1-TSRAM or whatever), PC Vid cards currently can have up to at least 3 gig and thats not the System Memory that Windows fills with it’s load of crap. Granted those sorts of amounts are generally to facilitate multi monitor setups, Wii U basically is multimonitor with its admitadly lo-res tablet controller in my opinion.

    Not saying it needs 3 gig+ of VRAM but i think at least 1.5 gig shared/overall should be at least a minimum.

    Not sure if it’s changed but last I heard they will only support one tablet controller per system, which really limits some of the cooler local multiplayer possibilities.

  • bully

    Correction – 360 CPU = Xenon not Xenos

  • joja

    The Wii U will be the best console ever made. PS4

  • joja

    The Wii U will be the best console ever made. Forget the PS4 and Xbox 720, Sony failed with the PS3 and made losses and microsoft failed with the xbox 360 because it couldn’t compete graphically with PC’s. Then Sony and Microsoft copied nintendo with motion sensing and family games. Follow the leader: nintendo. Even a blind person without specs can see that nintendo are great. Who cares about specs?

    • BellsGhost

      Haha! How’s your Wii U now? Nintendo failed. No one cares about them. Nintendo, king of the rehash.

  • dreamwalker

    (0_o)? ……ummmmm….. simple solution here to all the dog fighting…. you dont like crap-tendo, don’t play it, tard-box 360 bothers you, don’t bother with it, sony-sh*t-station isn’t good enough, don’t buy it…. last time i checked there was no consoles hunting or haunting my life if they produce more stuff if your concerned about them wasting time or money, dont worry little pups, its not your wallet. 😛 i dont quite understand all the competition or hostility upothe subject….. there are bigger things to worry about.

  • dreamwalker

    ps: i’ve been a nintendo fan since i was 7 yrs old, owned a 360 for a few years, and sony has some of my favorite games ever. play it for the enjoyment of it, i stoped bickering about systems and specs since i was 17, i’d rather play whatever the hell i enjoy. lol. 😛

  • Yer MOM

    You guys are fuck tards. This is obviously gonna be just like the last console generation. First, the wii comes out. It will have a resolution that will soon be below standard. Cough 480p Cough. Then new consoles will come out which by the way the PS3 does have 1080p, who cares? Fucking tv is upscaled a lot of times so shut up. Then people will laugh at the stupid wii fucks that say they’re console is better. Yeah, it sold more, who cares. It’s hardware is inferior. So next generation consoles will follow in these steps. Guess who has a new tv to update to? Dumb bitches even the Nintendo website says it will only support 1080p which will keep the price down. Fuck tards ever hear of updating? Next REAL consoles are 4k while the wii u will have already available REALLY outdated tech. Haha, end of story whith the gay console war.

  • Your Moma

    Your a dunb ass have u seen the specs for the wii u there going to have the most up-to-date tech with main is 2x more powerful then the ps3 and Xbox 360 and besides new consoles will not have that much better graphics, there not the tech for that. there a reason the wii sold more the other consoles its fucking better, the games are the best and so the majority of the world thinks the same . ohh the ps3 can NOT support 1800p i checked so shout your face

  • None

    So Wii U is going to be a bit more powerful then 7 years old consoles??
    Hmm, don’t see why people are amazed by this …

  • Really?

    768 mb of eDRAM is improbable.
    There’s no way the wii u specs are that powerful.
    96-128 is MUCH more plausible.
    And even then, it’ll still be very powerful.

  • Hereisluigi

    Be patient! E3 is just around the corner.

  • Soooo confused

    I understand none of this and all you guys are able to argue about it all i know after reading all of the comments is that your all a bunch of nerds. Dont get me wrong i love nintendo and gaming but as long as the gameplay is fun does it really matter? :{

  • Zac

    I just like playing games, all y’all arguing over tech and insulting each other is ridiculous. hahaha, y’all either 1) Have no lives and learn this stuff, 2) have no lives and are continuously fixing/upgrading systems (including PC) or 3) Just work in technology, which is cool, but let’s not play who’s got the biggest “tool” here. Y’all are practically arguing over entertainment systems vs. a gaming system (nintendo being the gaming system). You know why nintendo wii did well, it’s because it’s just for playing games and sometimes watching netflix. Xbox360 and PS3 are entertainment systems, just like a PC, and each of the entertainment systems do stuff better than the others. Nintendo could go back to N64 graphics and I’d buy the new system since I can sit next to 1 to 7 other people in the same room and play a whole systems catalog practically vs. having to sit online and talk crap on a mic and potentially lag out. Yes I might be a hypocrite in some cases but I play individual systems for the system specific games. I prefer Playstation for most games (since most are single player oriented now-a-days) because I like the controller and have used it since PSone. Wii I play when my bros are here because we can compete together, talk shit, have fun, and laugh. PC my main system is because of RTSs, RPGs, and the contoller (key board and mouse).

    • glowats

      Well said. Honestly, game systems are all about having fun, not about the hardware that’s in it. I own almost all major systems, from NES to PS3, and it’s all about having fun. I play online sometimes, but when I do, it’s not as enjoyable, especially when you have a six year old screaming into a microphone about how everyone hacks on Call of Duty. Some of the best moments I’ve had playing were with my friends in one room sitting around our TV dukeing it out on Super Smash Bros. I hope that Nintendo continues to deliver great games that everyone can enjoy together. Graphics don’t make a game fun, and it’s my hope that people finally start realizing that.

  • Zac

    I mean all I want to do is play a video game. Not watch movies or surf the web easily or have to buy/get DLC for more content of a half finished game that has to be moded and fixed once it’s out.

  • JC

    Wow I can’t understand a thing what the other comments say. I just need to know IS THE WII U BETTER THAN PS3?????

    • nameUcan’thate


      • BellsGhost

        Nope. Wii U sucks.

        • Silent

          Yep, You are a whore.

  • MushroomGarcia

    good thats good Nintendo is beating ps3 and almost x box go NINTENOD

  • 343 H4K0R

    The wii u devkit 5 said different!

  • TheBoldman67

    Can all of you 13 – year olds just shut up about the RAM, and the CPU, and the GPU, and all that other shit and just be happy it will look better than Xbox 360 and PS3? Games were made for fun, not graphics.

  • james

    The first game system to play in 1080p was the N64, but no one knew because there weren’t any hd tv’s back then.

    • Dan


  • Consoles r 4 da poor

    U guys stop fighting,we all know that i bought a 5000 dollar overpriced alienware pc capable of all that stuff and more!silly now go play with ur toy that can play crisis 3 at what?20 frames per second haha

  • Bigmaster117

    Anyhow it matters not. Though I hate playstation haven’t liked one since ps3 came out. It will still be better than the wii. And I haven’t liked nintendo since the 64 was around. But the truth is and loads of you may hate it but my favorite brand xbox. Will win the console race. So suck on that ps and wii fans. Hahahaha playstation=over priced blu-ray player and the wii=kiddie toy

  • sorry your specs are wrong 

    wii U

    CPU 1.24 GHZ , 3 processors

    GPU 550 MHZ

  • DemonRoach

    LOL Massive fail in source.