Jun 6th, 2012

Wii U images
Nintendo has released high-resolution images of the Wii U console, GamePad controller, Wii U Pro controller, and a Wii U stand. Yesterday, the company released the Wii U hardware spec sheet, but didn’t include any in-depth details on the CPU, GPU and other specific features. It’s also been rumored that the black Wii U, which we previously thought would be available at launch, would perhaps be available at a later date. As the images show, the Wii U pro controller will also be available in white (it was previously only shown in black). Head on after the break for the full gallery.

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  • awsomenes!!

    ill be going 4 the black wii u its dark and seems alot intersting the plain old white in my world white is the new black cant until november

  • P4Temperance

    Are you kidding me? I want the BLACK ONE at launch ALSO! *Does a Tantrum like a little kid that not getting what he demands*

  • Marq

    That black one is sexy. I haven’t owned a black console since my N64 (and temporary 360), so I think I’ll wait for that.

    • TheMaddMan

      I know! My Wii is white and it contrasts too muck with my black TV.

      • Jarred

        Yeah I was thinking about getting a white Wii U because my Wii is white and so that my Wii controllers match the Wii U, but the more I mull it over the more I seem to be gravitating towards black.

  • swic11

    I really want a console at launch, but I would much prefer the black one. This would really suck if this cant happen.

    • Tukinha

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  • Hafid

    White one !
    The color of Nintendo !
    But the black one is really sexy …

  • Hafid

    The new gamepad is So Damn beautiful !!!

  • Your mom

    Blah blah blah all you people with at launch yet we all know that is not the earliest time for the US to get these wii u’s so you go to midnight release while your friend doesn’t get one till he gets off work or school so U can have the bragging rights against your friend!

  • DerikGotro64

    Imma have a hard time desiding. The pro controller is an answer to my prayers cuz I like the shape of the xbox360 controller and now I can enjoy it on nintendo!

  • SOAstockton209

    I’ll only buy the black one!

  • Colton


    Why are they showing the black one off so much if it won’t be out at first?

    I sincerely doubt they’d hold it back from launch. That’d just be a dumb move. They’re using the black one in all their ads pretty much, they’re already advertising the black one. It doesn’t take time to release a new color. That’s just the shell.

    I’d be getting the black one, but man in the end it doesn’t matter. It’s just that it makes no sense to wait for the black one, in my opinion.

  • david6

    I want dry markers and stickers to tag it. But i still dont like design, but i guess theyre really really stuck on this design. Its generic, are they trying to bore us to death, it looks like wii with round corners. Is this the best their artists could possibly achieve. Nintendo is tired.

    • david6

      Nintendo, can you please change console design? Why are you stuck on it? When i saw conference it was major to look at. It doesnt appeal, it doesnt draw or excite. It doesnt offend or retract eithor, its so dull it neithor is neat or ugly, it lives in an altered dimension of non existance. Think if neon street lights, timesquare, tokyo futuristic. Excit lights of city,streets wara. I never notice it. Even on dirt road i not notice.

      • david6

        I get the feeling that Reginald doesnt want to give us anything we want cause we takin his name. Reggie doesnt kick ass. ……..(he just kiases it)

  • 3ds guy

    This is stupid because i buy nintendo consoles from 1 and always get colour i dont like i am stuck with aqua 3ds but want red had the wii day 1 white wanted black how bout this to all who preoeder an buy from release day wii should get the choice black or white or preorder people should get a special edition cause it means people that sit an wait for price drops get the colour they want and cheap and us loyal fans get standard colour and top price nintendo please look after ur loyal fans chice of colour those who preorder i should work for nintendo

    • amatboy4010

      Amen sister, i mean brother, if you are a man youde go further to notice it aint just a color issue. Its so boring it actually disapears into an altered dimension. Like a magic trick.

  • Joseph

    If the Black Wii U isn’t at launch then they need to stop showing it!

  • Eddy120876

    I agree with most of the comments here. If the black one won’t be sold on day one then don’t show it. Look Nintendo needs to so some research and notice that 80% of all HDTV’s only come in Black finishes and bezels . Why because black doesn’t distract you from focusing on your TV like other colors can. So my humble advice to Nintendo is release as many colors as you can. It worked for Apple for the Imac’s and also people loved the Gamecube because it was supper light and colorful. During the gamecube days i snag the black one because it was the only color left and I was glad.

  • Paladin

    If the white model is the only one available at launch, I will get it. Personally, I would prefer a red one. But I won’t be able to see my Wii U while I am playing games anyway, since it will be hidden from my view by a table. Plus, I have no personal hang-ups about the colors…just a preference for red, but whatever. I don’t think the white model is ugly, so it doesn’t bother me.

  • Ares

    Mars is red. I think it would take advanced technology to start a second wave industry.

  • mac

    i would love it if the black one came out at launch with the white one im aiming to have a white wii and a black wii u 😀

  • Luke

    I delight in, lead to I found just what I was having a look for. You have ended my 4 day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

  • Dan

    Guys, I am willing to bet money that both black AND white will be available at launch. Nintendo always knows what they’re doing..(showcasing white and black) 😉 ..hint*

  • Unicornia_Ocarina

    I would wait because I think that they are probably going to make a Zelda game for Wii U and they might make the Wii U with a different color and design for that game. Might even be a bundle.