Jun 22nd, 2011

Wii U photo
According to new sources from consulting firm Hit Detection, the Wii U console showcased at E3 featured “underclocked” hardware, which didn’t perform as well as the final console is supposed to perform. This made Nintendo decide against showing any games on the Wii U, since they wouldn’t end up looking any better than on the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360. Apparently, developers who have the Wii U in hands also have underclocked hardware (CPU and GPU), meaning that they can’t get the full potential out of their games just yet.

At E3, Nintendo showcased a number of games, including Darksiders 3 and Ghost Recon, but it was later revealed that those games were running on Xbox 360 hardware. Nintendo has yet to finalize the hardware specs, especially the CPU and GPU clock speeds. Which isn’t a big surprise, as there’s over a year until the console is launched.

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  • Captain N

    Well it makes sense to keep your specs close to your chest….it gives them plenty of time to keep improving their specs till the end and would give the competition any insight on how to match them spec wise. Plus they can push very good specs with a lower price than the competition because they will not include a hard drive or have to include royalty fees for dvd/blue-ray. The only extra cost factor is the controller.

    • Captain N


  • Ness

    I think you meant Darksiders 2?

    But lets hope its a little power house.

  • Captain N

    Well these underclocked units were said to be 50 percent more powerful than current generation systems so that only means the machine will be getting stronger over time till its release.

  • Chupachup

    That sounds great!

  • Jebril

    I honestly say bull, this is probably near the final product if it is underclocked it won’t be too much more powerful. If they’re going to release this console at 300 dollars without taking a loss this seems about right. The screen on the tablet by itself is too expensive.