Jun 2nd, 2012

Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed Wii U
There have been rumors out there suggesting that the Wii U would get Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed, even SEGA teased us back in April with the possibility of the game coming to “other platforms”. Now we have the biggest evidence yet of Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed on the Wii U: a recent trailer of the game, which has been pulled by SEGA, featured a “Wii U” logo at the end where the usual console and system logos are found. As the screenshot above shows (via SonicStadium), the Wii U logo appears, in addition to the Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. We’ll have to wait and this one pans out. Truth be told, Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed sounds like a perfect game for the Wii U.

Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed won’t be the first SEGA-published title for the Wii U: the company is also publishing the much anticipated Aliens: Colonial Marines. That game was recently delayed until February 2013. Worse, the Wii U version won’t be playable at E3 next week. The Nintendo E3 press conference is just 3 days away.

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  • Miks

    Honestly, who the fuck cares? It’s a game in which Sonic drives karts, SONIC! That alone sounds stupid enough, and it also sounds like SEGA is milking Sonic, ignoring all the attributes he has, and making a game in which something that can run as fast as lightning, drives a kart. It sounds like shovelware, and it’ll probably end up as shovelware.

    • Billy Bob Norris

      ANGRY TROLL ANGRY TROLL!!! lawl…..I’m sure you’ve never played the first game…It’s really fun and cheap btw SEGA can do whatever to f*ck they want with Sonic and if you don’t like it….THEN IGNORE IT!!!

      • david6

        Where i live, troll is a very very bad word(like a cuss word) and shouldnt call people that. Thats what we call the worstest most horrible people ever, like monsters or murderers or really ugly people.

  • david6

    ‘No time for games’ swoosh, thats what sonic use to say. I like this game, but will it be online? Im sold on nintendo just by their personal acounts. I like all nintendo games so far, im just worried other people want hard core games. But i actually never played a hardcore game. (I just hope the console looks neat, cause another wii is boring)

    • david6

      Stop moderating me, what am i, a lethal weapon? Kung foo, anyone want to mess with me, ha yah, take you down!

      • david6

        You know half the people who complaining are real nintendo fans(leftover after wii) we just dont want to have to buy a ps or xbox with wii again just to have better machine. WAKE UP, WAKE UP, I realy truly am a nintendo fanboy that just wants nintendo to win.

  • Gabe

    It’d be nice to have another Mario Kart type of game to play. Hopefully the game is as entertaining and as enticing as the Mario Kart series. We’ll see.

  • BlueFalcon

    Looks cool, I’m getting the game, I don’t care what haters say.