May 30th, 2012 publishUpdated   May 31st, 2012, 10:52 am

NBA 2K13 Wii U
2K Games has announced that NBA 2K13 is coming to the Wii U console, and will be released in the launch window. The Wii U is rumored to be launching on November 18, 2012, while NBA 2K13 will launch on October 2 for the Xbox 360 and PS3. 2K didn’t reveal any Wii U specific features for the NBA basketball game, although we expect it not only to look better due to more powerful hardware, but some form of innovative use of the controller as well.

NBA 2K13 is one of the first sports titles to be officially confirmed for the Wii U, the other being EA’s Madden 13. EA is also expected to bring the rest of their EA Sports lineup to the console, including FIFA 13, NHL 13, and others. 2K also revealed that those who pre-order NBA 2K13 will get a free DLC: the NBA All Star event, where players can stage their own All Star game, 3 point shootout, and dunk contest. It’s unknown if this DLC will be available to regular buyers of the game. We’d be surprised if it’s an exclusive pre-order bonus.

Sports titles are some of the games that can clearly benefit from the Wii U controller. The tablet screen can be used to show detailed stats of the game, to call out plays, manage the player squad — the possibilities are endless. Hopefully developers won’t just do straight ports to the Wii U of their games, but find some great ways of utilizing this new technology.

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  • alienfish

    sports sim = meh

  • david6

    I want a baseball game baseball

  • Skozo

    Something of the Wii-U I actually don’t care for.

  • Meh..

    Da fuck? I doubt most of us Care about Basketball games… O well 🙂 Wii U ftw~

    Can’t wait till E3 to get a look at some “Good Games’ not this basketball shit.

    • Blaster

      Are you a fool 2k12 was one of the best selling games. I would say a ton of us care about basketball.

  • alienfish

    Hey, it looks like the comments can now be ‘liked’ or ‘disliked’. Glad to see that this site is constantly improving!

  • Mooka

    Who cares if you all dont care for sports games… why comment then… Folks act like they have to put their opinion on everything on the net… But yeah I will be getting it as Nintendo is where my heart is and every multiplat that comes out, I will be getting on the Nintendo… Including the sports games that doesnt appeal to losers who share their unneeded comments… Looking forward to the sports game on the Wii U… The Wii U-makes will be getting purchased also…

    • david6

      Well some people dont have to comment how they love everything. It gets redundant, we know puppets love everything, its not human. How bout no one use this forum ever? Whats the point in calling it a forum if cant talk? Seriously puppets are so mean they turn people off on everysite. Does xbox cry everytime someone doesnt agree? Probly cause their is nothing to complain about. :p

  • BlueFalcon

    Not really into sports video games…If I want to play sports, I could go outside and play, nuff said.

  • DunDee910

    I hav’nt bought a basketball game since Kobe on the 64. But I will be adding this to one of my three launch purchases. Wii U is not only for geeks.

  • swic11

    Definitely not interested, but there is a big market for it for younger kids. My little brothers love buying sports games because they are too lazy to go out and actually play the sport.

    • ninjabake

      Actually there is a bigger market for older gamers with these sports Sims. Its not that pol buy them because they’re lazy, they buy them to play as their favorite teams and players and to customize the league or even create themselves as NBA players. There’s nothing wrong with many different gamers wanting a true sports Sim just as there is nothing wrong with gamers not interested in one

  • david6

    Green light, red light, what are those things? Does anyone(im bored) remember that game with old cars flying, was that rayman? I hope they make that game for wii u.

  • Paladin

    I am not a fan of sports titles myself, but I know that many gamers are. I hope they will continue playing what they enjoy…but on the Wii U instead of the currently existing consoles. I am glad to see that Nintendo can cater more toward diverse demographics.

  • Death

    This is pretty awesome. I want nhl 13 as well

  • Anik

    We bought our Wii in 2007- my huabnsd went down to Best Buy in the middle of the night and waited on a line that snaked around the building in the hopes of maybe scoring one of these elusive consoles. He DID score one, and we’ve been playing almost daily (which is pretty amazing for a console and games that are more than three years old!) since then. A snap to set up, incredibly easy to use. The Wii-mote is a game control like no other- simply wave it like a magic wand and the sensor bar, which comes with the console, picks up the signal and communicates your position and movement to the Wii so that you can twirl, swoop, smash, lunge, jump your heart away as you play. Our whole family has gotten a lot out of this console. I’m 36, female, and NOT a gamer, and I’ve found myself gravitating towards puzzle games, fishing (!!), the Endless Ocean series, brain teasers, and the Wii Sports Franchise, my daughter (who was a little over one year old when the Wii arrived) has always been able to play along and now is addicted to the many games out for preschoolers (Dora/Diego, the different Disney games- especially Princess and the Frog, Carnival Games, Wii Sports + Wii Sports Resort) and my huabnsd, in his 40 s, does everything from Zelda to playing poker on the Wii. We spent a significant amount of time playing together, but we also play alone. I think, in many ways, the Wii has become our family board game . It’s a life saver in summer and during Florida Hurricane Season, when it’s rainy and too hot to go outside. We can all gather together and get our mind off the gloomy weather for a bit. I’ve always had game consoles since I was a little kid- everything from Atari 2600 (which I MOURNED until the Wii came into my life), Super Nintendo, Xbox. The Wii has not only shocked me with how much use it’s getting, but the fact it’s STILL getting so much use- it’s novelty has NOT worn off at all, which is rare for any technology, especially game consoles. I can’t recommend this enough. Definitely a GREAT investment- instead of spending $20-50 for each member of your family on a toy/gadget that loses it’s luster, get the Wii and make everyone happy for a long time. And you will be more than ready to go with both Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort. Even though we’ve had both games for a while (we’ve had Wii Sports forever since it came with our Wii), they are still the games my family always goes back to.