Jun 11th, 2012

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Wii U
According to magazine scans from Nintendo Gamer, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is coming to the Wii U in November. We have previously heard rumors from both developer Treyarch and publisher Activison, hinting at bringing the next Call of Duty installment on the Wii U. However, nothing was officially announced — not even at E3 — as it appears that Nintendo Gamer magazine has an exclusive on the story. Too late now, the news is officially out: Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is coming to the Wii U. While the publication runs a small preview on the game, it doesn’t list any details as to how the game will utilize the Wii U GamePad controller. The news was first broken by GamesAsylum, who apparently got their hands on an early issue of the magazine and took the above photo.

We’re waiting for confirmation on this from Activision. Having Call of Duty Black Ops 2 as a launch title would really help the Wii U appeal to the core gamers, since we didn’t see that many core FPS titles revealed at E3, besides ZombiU.

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  • Dead Emo

    YAY ME

  • Pwait5026

    Hell Yes so pumped

  • Neonridr

    While Call of Duty is getting a little stale, having this as a launch title is a HUGE bonus. Keep the 3rd party love coming!

  • Britton

    Awesome! I cant wait for the WiiU. The game library keeps getting better.

  • Florence

    it probably is a launch title because it gots 19 letters in it like the facebook page said on it c1 a2 l3 l4 o5 f6 d7 u8 t9 y10 b11 l12 a13 c14 k15 o16 p17 s18 2 19

    • Wildman

      Wow. That’s true! What a great launch title to have too.

    • Dan

      What Facebook page???

  • Madara

    Hooray! Yes, a huge 3rd party game that we can share with our “typical” Microsoft and Sony brethren.

  • Adam Fox

    BOO!! I am really tired of all these Call of Duty games! They are like the sports games, same ole crap, different name.

  • 3ds guy

    Now we jus need battlefield 3 like the pc version but great news

  • Giuseppe

    Excuse me, but didn’t Nintendo says Wii U will be a console for hardcore gamers? lolololol

  • JC

    Omg this isn’t real!!!! I am so exited now…. Wiiu is the best consol ever!!! I LOVE you big N:)

  • Trev

    Wow now if only silent hill and resident evil come to te wiiu the system game library would be awesome

    • Madara

      Nintendo is not going to “climb the whole staircase” while it is above the current competition. The release is months away, so sit back and enjoy the rushing stream of news. Just imagine where the Wii U will hopefully be come next E3! I’m so excited.

      • The Kid

        Well, their was a Silent Hill on the Wii. One might just come out on Wii U next year, who knows.

    • Draco Breach

      If I recall interviews at E3 correctly, Capcom did not rule out a Wii U version of RE6. However, they did say their development team was concentrating on getting the 360 and PS3 versions out on time.

      I think the GamePad has already proven how survival-game prepared it really is with Zombie U. I think it would improve gameplay with RE and SH by keeping everything realtime without a harsh HUD on the screen – like a PS3 title I forget the name of. The Last of Us, I think?

      What I want, on the other hand, is a successor – spiritual or literal – to Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem.

  • Leeroy

    Who cares?

  • Draco Breach

    To me, this seems an unusual time to make this announcement. Did Activision just decide to support the CoD franchise on the Wii U? It seems like announcing Black Ops 2 as a launch window title at E3 would have been a boost for Activision as well as Nintendo.

    Now, I don’t doubt it. Activision has shown an interest in the Wii U. I just wonder if the article is optimistic in expecting a launch release or taken out of context to show a later release. I could believe a launch window – pre-February – or later release.

    It’s just…timing. I kinda expected everything announced after E3 to be post-launch.

    • Miks

      It’s CoD, I bet they make the games in 1 month, since nothing changes. And besides, CoD is on every single platform, I think every gamer could have thought that it will come to the Wii U.

      • Draco Breach

        I’m really just commenting on the timing ;p

        I was half-expecting all the launch window titles to be announced at E3. I really had no doubt Activision was going to support the Wii U with whatever franchise they could.

  • SOAstockton209


  • swic11

    I cant justify spending $60 on a game that is the same as the last. The campaign on these games are fun but short lived. And the multiplayer is just ridiculously unfair with special attributes to those who play all of the time. There needs to be a fair advantage for everyone.

  • Chris

    Its a good thing the Wii U is getting Black Ops 2 because the series has gained a lot of fans that will buy it whether it be on PS3, XBOX 360 on this case, Wii U.

    I think with the added bonus of better textures and lighting the game will look better on the Wii U

    • Wildman

      Better textures, lighting, particle effects, anti-aliasing, draw distances. The whole nine yards. Plus the use of the controller to command the unmanned drones.

  • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

    I’m really just sick of the call of duty generation. I hope this is the last one. I know it’s a big game to get on the Wii U, but enough is enough with these. I can’t stand those stupid call of duty fanboys. I get that nintendo has to get hardcore gamers and get this system off the shelves, but I hope this will get more of the more mature gamers and not those dumbass, middle and high school fanboys. You know you hate them too. And Nintendo needs to not focus on these games that come out before it launches, cause they’ll be older news by the time the Wii U starts getting around (Black Friday, Christmas) and focus on some hardcore games coming out in like February and stuff. Like BioShock Infinite. That looks cool. Also, GTAV wouldn’t hurt sales. They want the hardcore gamer, there you go Nintendo. Just add a few of those and maybe Tomb Raider or the other big names and games hitting the shelves early next year. Oh, and tell Ubisoft you’re interested in getting Watch Dogs on your system. That game will be a really big game for the end of the ps360 generation games, and since you’ll be in the next at that point, you can really show off that game. Ubisoft has practice with Assassins Creed 3, they can do this too 🙂

    • Draco Breach

      I have no doubt Nintendo is working with developers to get some big-name, hard-core games. I’m not really a fan of any of those games you’ve listed, but I might just buy my first Tomb Raider game if the origin story comes to the Wii U.

      Thing is; I haven’t seen any news on any games being released outside the launch window. This is a very tight-lipped setup going on. We know a 3D platform Mario game is in development, but that’s because we know Nintendo. We also know the Smash Bros., Zelda, and Metroid franchises have teams hard at work. Again, this is because we know Nintendo.

      We just don’t know what to remotely expect after about mid-February 2013. We’ve heard a lot of chatter concerning interest and potential franchises. I’ve heard some chatter concerning potential new IPs. There’s just so much anticipation that something has got to give, and soon.

      • Chris

        The only games I know that are coming out after the launch window is Aliens Colonial Marines and P100 or what ever that game was called.

  • ian

    when the wii first came out it almost put xbox360 and ps3 out of buisness. i wonder what wiil happen now with the wii u, especially because of this.

  • Cyan Ram

    “Format: Wii U, Pub: Activision, Dev: Treyarch, OUT: NOVEMBER”
    Wii U will release sometime in November.

  • Paul

    wii u could be out anytime between october – november 2012

    even though i hate cod to the bone i wouldnt mind seeing it on the wii u as its something different

  • Marmor

    Treyarch did make Call of Duty: Black Ops for Wii, so I guess it is more than possible. I just doubt it will make it before 2013.

  • xFenixKnightx

    Will probably be the game I buy along with nMario 2.

  • ddddd

    Nintendo Gamer is hardly a trustworthy magazine. Never in the article it is described any aspect of the supposed wiiu version. The article just recaps the reveal trailer and some campaign details that are already known.
    Again, they teased about an exclusive preview of assassins creed 3 and the information was just a recap of the E3 2011 roundtable. Do not take their articles as confirmation of anything yet.

  • Piva

    I don’t play CoD, but I am glad that this game is made available for the Wii U. This is definitely the path to success for the Wii U. If CoD sells well, I can definitely see more 3rd parties jumping on board to program for the Wii U.

    • WiiUrocks

      I do play CoD, and i’m very intrested to see how they use the gamepad for it. If they can make good use of it on Black Ops II, then I think the WiiU will be a great success.

  • Dan

    I Can’t Wait!!!!!! Take my money already!!