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wii u achievementsThe Wii U will be getting achievements, cloud storage, social networking, avatars, and much more, according to a developer Wii U Daily spoke to. The source, working at a European development house with several Wii U projects in the pipeline, says Nintendo will unveil many of the new Nintendo Network features at E3 next week. Here’s a run down of the rumored features:

Wii U achievements

Nintendo will introduce an achievement system where players can earn achievements in games much like Xbox Live and PlayStation Trophies. However, Nintendo is said to be expanding the service where players who accumulate a certain amount of points get access to additional features. “We have a lot of freedom with the Wii U points system, we can add “brackets” for players, e.g. if you amass X points you get promoted into a new bracket with awards such as new MP [multiplayer] skins”. While the source called the feature “Wii U points”, he made it clear that Nintendo hasn’t settled on a name. “It’s basically what we’ve been asking Microsoft to do for years. Players who earn points by completing the game should be awarded. We can do that now”.

Wii U cloud storage

We previously reported about Wii U cloud storage, we have some more details on that. The cloud storage option will be “a few hundred MB”, will be free to all players, and will only be used to store save games and player profiles. It’ll launch in 2013.

Social networking

Nintendo will also add “deep integration” of social networking features to the Wii U, including both Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. Players will be able to upload screenshots to their Facebook accounts, auto-Tweet game progress, and record and upload game videos to YouTube. “They’re working on a UI overlay for the OS to add Twitter and FB notifications, but so far we haven’t seen it. They’ve reserved a lot of system memory for stuff like that”, the developer told us. “There isn’t much documentation about it in the new SKD, but they’ve told us it’ll be available in the future”.

Wii U avatars

Nintendo Network on Wii U will introduce new avatars with a lot more features than the original Mii avatars on the Wii console. Players will be able to use the Wii U controller’s built-in camera to take pictures of themselves and create digital avatars that resemble high-definition Miis. The Miis can then be imported into games. “There’s an API for the camera to scan faces and turn them into low-res 3D versions for games. But it’s still buggy as hell and it depends a lot on the kind of engine you’re running”, the source said.

Wii U development and game ports

Additionally, the source mentioned that porting current gen games to the Wii U isn’t as easy as originally thought, and that games that have been developed for the Xbox 360 are “much easier to port to Wii U than PS3 versions. A lot less headache involved because their architecture is similar. Technically, you can just recompile X360 to the Wii U and it’ll pretty much run, but PS3 to Wii U is much much trickier.” He said that the latest SDK hardware is final, only the software keeps updating.

“We’ve spent a lot of time creating our own tools for the X360 this generation, and we’ve already tweaked a lot of the tools to work on the Wii U. But if you code on the Wii U from ground up and have to use middleware, it’s probably gonna be tougher than doing an X360 game from ground up.”

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  • alienfish

    Awesome! Now I can use Facebook to ensnare the few Nintendo haters I hang out with!

    • wiiufanatic

      Soo true

  • Miks

    But will there be something different, than what Sony/MS offers? So far, I only see leveling by getting achievements, and maybe a better social aspect, but that’s already it, I don’t see any groundbreaking changes, that would bring over gamers that are particularly into online. I guess the achievement hunters have a bigger reason, but otherwise, I don’t see much of a reason, for a hardcore gamer to change from the 360/PS3 to the Wii U, online wise.
    I’ll buy it, but I just want other people to buy it too, so that the console doesn’t end up like the GameCube.

    • Rob

      I think that of the three companies, Nintendo is the best secret keeper, and everything they do has always its own twist. If they’re implementing this system in the new console, I trust they’re more than capable of making it original and innovative with that particular Nintendo magic everything they do gets.

      • Ernesto

        Nope. The 3DS is made for 3DS and can only interact with peole that have the 3DS voseirn of the game. Same with the Wii voseirn, DS, etc.This is because the 3DS and [whatever voseirn] were made seperately. The 3DS has more options , and, e.g. the Wii voseirn, doesn’t because it was made a few years back, making it incompatible with each other.

    • Srsly

      End up like the GameCube?!

      DaFUQ did you just say?!

      • Kris


    • john

      so you contently leave out 7 gen were Nintendo clearly won and bring up 6 generation lol ,you make a lot of sense?

  • Ares

    This is gold. It is using cloud hosting in a futuristic way, with gaming and avatar personal account. They are doing a new thing here (remember xbox live 7 years old) this is tech, back limits of innovation. Things like this get noticed. And it is making hosting available to anyone. Also cross platforms (never been done). Nintendo originaly was the inventor of the idea of hosting, but at the time it was not as excessible or affordable. So here; controller, sit back relax, t.v. on or off, and game on controller or host online. The only forseeable disaster after all I have heard, is bad design. Now on the web, people are not fond of wii u branding, as well console or controller design. It truly needs to be roots, nintendo once again, and wii just another bygone era. PLUS++++ POSITIVE POSITIVE IBM POWER 7, I wait………….

  • Kardibask

    Seems legit.

  • super smash bros melee

    all that matters to me is another super smash brothers(melee v.2) game

    • wiiufanatic

      1 Its going to be named something better
      2 why did you just say melee

  • dubYA

    I used to think my body was ready, but then I took this article to the brain.


  • fgsdfs

    If the Wii U is easier to port a game to than code for from ground up, I hope this doesn’t mean the 8th gen will be like X360/PS3(With few exclusives for each console and just a mass of similar ports).

  • Swic11

    This is great news indeed, I expected a few things like this, it is a next gen console, the O’S should be better and capable of greater things! As of now, it seems Nintendo is trying to bring their A game

  • saria sage of the forest

    come on people at least show some consideration to the newcomer super smash bros melee wait hew reminds of somebody i think his that meleemaster preson form some of the really old commets

  • Ravyu

    I like the gameplay recording bit.

    • Marika

      What’s your opinion on the colelorntr exclusivity thing? I’ve not seen anyone talk about it yet (maybe I just don’t read the right sites), and it’s probably going to be very important bit to their overall strategy.

  • david6

    Yah, im excited about new nintendo online, cant wait to see what its all about, very happy at customized avatar for account. (E3 preconfrence today. And g4 e3 live starting tommorow the 4th.)

  • david6

    And im gonna dress it in clothes and sing songs, and take it to places and meet other miis, I WANT A MII YAY

  • xino

    all these news from a Nintendo Wii U fan site!?

    i won’t believe it!

  • Paul

    im loving the achievments system as this is what xbox live and psn should of done…

    just awaiting price details, bundles from online and offline stores and release date along with price of extras

    if nintendo can get rockstar to release gta 5 on wii u ill be extermley happy

  • guy


    THE WII U ISNT AT FAULT HERE THE PS3 IS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    both x360 and wiiu use general purpose cores and edram common flaming sense

  • Paul

    its not sony intended to use a cell created for there ps3 home system,

    for example sony went with the blueray player which was expenisve and a year or two later you can pick one up for next to nothing…

    does anybody know if nintendo willrelease hard drive or memory cards for the console on launch as if not then the price of it needs to be reduced if its over £400

  • PT

    I thought about how achievements should offer you some sort of reward. Say for the 360, every 1,000 points is worth 100 store points. That’s not a lot, but at least it’s something. Then as I thought about this, it hit me as to why they don’t want to. If achievements have value then more people will finish their games to completion. Finishing old games, especially to get all achievements, can take many, many hours. Those people may pass on new games since they still have something to play for in their old games. It’s simple greed.

  • guy

    out of order cpus and a top gpu = easy to code

    ps3=dumb stupid bitch machine

  • ddddd

    Fortunately we’ll know tomorrow if we should keep paying attention to this site’s leaks or not.

  • Whatismyname

    I love all those things on the Xbox 360 so I’m even more exited!!

  • Wii u rocks

    I’m going to buy one of these

  • Anonymous

    They should call the achievement’s badges.

  • Gadies

    Questions about nteinndo dsi and the new nteinndo 3ds ?okay, so i’ve had a nteinndo dsi for a while, and i’m gonna sell it because i wanna buythe new one the minute it comes out so i wanna know, is there a way for someone to restore dsi deleted pics?because i took some pictures then deleted them and i wanna make surethey can’t be restored?and is there a way to format it and just delete everything at once?i’m planning on buying the new 3ds the minute it’s made available for pre-order on amazon,so is there a chance it won’t work since i’m currently living in the middle east?and one last question, do you know the release date for the 3ds?