Sep 13th, 2012 publishUpdated   Sep 15th, 2012, 1:21 am

Wii U boxNintendo just wrapped up the New York event and revealed a ton of Wii U details. We got the price and launch date, and a brand new feature called Nintendo TVii. The company also revealed several new titles, including Bayonetta 2 for the Wii U, which will be coming exclusively to the new console. Several third party publishers announced their own games, including Disney’s Epic Mickey2: The Power of Two. Some of other new new Wii U games include:

  • 007 Legends (Activision)
  • Wipeout 3 (Activision)
  • Call of Duty Black Ops 2 (finally, it’s official!)
  • Bayonetta 2 (Nintendo)
  • Epic Mickey 2: The Power Of Two (Disney)
  • Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Capcom)
  • Nano Assault Neo (Shinen)
  • Wonderful 101 (formerly known as “Project P-100)
  • Skylanders Giants (Activision)

In all, there are 50 Wii U games coming out during the launch window. Some of the games that will be available on day one are Nintendo Land, New Super Mario Bros U, ZombiU, Rayman Legends, Call of Duty Black Ops 2, and Mass Effect 3. The release dates on the other titles should be revealed over the next few weeks.

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  • SuperWiiEntertainmentSystem

    I am happy to announce that Nintendo has learned GREATLY from their mistakes in the past, with all the announcements,specs,etc. C’mon Nintendo lets destroy 360/PS3 together! 🙂

    • Colton

      But I like 360. :C

      • Reali-tGlitch

        I do as well, but I am greatly looking forward to the WiiU.

        I’m just glad you aren’t ranting like the rest of the 12 year old kids that own one.

      • revolution5268

        i like the original one, too bad the 360 can’t survive two years without commit suicide, that’s $400 down the drain.

        • deSSy2724

          Xbox 360 is actually better in one thing against PS3 (better visuals and more stable frame rate), its funny because Xbox 360 is cheaper than PS3 lol.

          But i still prefer Sony (IMO better exclusives, free PSN and bluray)….. just like Nintendo.

          • rimedur

            Wow ur dumb ps3 has better graphics the only reason 360 is deemed better in that field is that ps3 games are ports cause microsoft wont do blu ray

      • Master Awesomeness

        360 isn’t anywhere as good as wii u, so if you’ve got one, sell it.

        • just nintendo


        • WhoFreak97

          There is only one franchise stopping me from doing that. Halo

        • FrustratedAssassin

          Nobody in their right mind sells consoles. They’ll be either worth a lot or have nostalgic value later. Plus, good old games for when new games suck.

          • Crapcake

            i sold my dsixl for a 3ds and i was in my right mind

      • Colton S.

        Ughh… no…. just no…

        • David

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    • roedburn

      And their next gens as well!

      • just nintendo

        The world is ready for best console game of all times

    • revolution5268

      Together Wii U

    • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

      Now now, let’s be fair… those are last generation machines, the Wii already crushed them, this will be crushing the 4/720 😀

      • woof

        No… while it did come out on top with sales, the Wii did not crush the PS3/360. Arguably, the other two have had a more lasting appeal– from the universal account system to the active game development by top third-party companies. The new Wii U will have both the account system and the developers, making it comparable to the PS3/360, and giving it a good chance against the next generation of consoles.

    • Michael Jackson

      Why would you want Nintendo to beat Sony and Microsoft? They’d be killing consumer choice, man. Plus the ps4/durango will probably be pretty cool.

      These games sound awesome, by the way.

    • Enigmatic

      50 games vs the massive library that the PS3/360 owns. Right.

      The Wii U won’t destroy anything. Just wait until the next Xbox and PS comes out.

      • SteampunkJedi

        That’s fifty games–at launch. And that will definitely grow.

      • goginho

        lol ..ok buddy, you’re a lil spoiled.

    • Sikora

      The 3 consoles are essential to the video game industry. If one company drops out, there will be major, negative effects.

      … Don’t be a fanboy.

      • goginho

        Just like the food chain. If we exterminate let’s say.. those pesky mosquitoes, then sooner or later other animals might go extict as well, meaning humanity would be screwed in the long run LoL ..but ur right, there needs to be competition to drive the companies forward, otherwise we’d still be stuck in the 90’s technology-wise. So don’t hate, appreciate, and prefer one over the other if you will..without any jealous hate feelings. PEACE..

        • Crapcake

          speaking of that reminds me of a once awesome company called sega

  • elbrody

    I’m getting Blops 2,zombie u and Mario u

    • NintenBrony

      hey thats exactly but i was gonna get (:

    • [GHOST]

      Good for U! 😀

      No hostility intended.

    • elbrody

      I just finished reserving that sexy black $349 with these games + fifa 13…aught I love my self and Nintendo

    • Sqarticus

      Monster Hunter 3 ultimate gave me a nerd-gasm. MONSTER HUNTER IN HD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • goginho

      yea man ..and whatever Zelda game comes out (possibly 2014). Dat shits gonna be dope yo! 😀

  • LegendOfMe

    That was a great list! 😀 I can’t wait anymore!

    • LazerK

      I swear all this hype is gonna give me a heart attack e_0

  • Britton

    With Nintendo Land being included, I’ll only be able to buy NSMB-U on launch date. I want to see the full list of games, is that on this site yet? I am really excited to see some of these games coming to Nintendo, even if dont necessarily care to buy them. I want Nintendo to get a bigger audience than it already has.

    • Britton

      Nevermind I found the game list. I should have looked better before I posted.

  • dawnofmorning

    The announcement of monster hunter just made my day! 65 more days!!!

  • Mike

    OMG! Nintendo take my money take everything you want from me! im so excited 😀 😀 😀

  • Nintedward

    Wiiu >>>>> apple , sony and microsoft and TV .

    • Britton

      Funny. I actually forgot Apple had their… thing going on yesterday.

    • olimar

      Well, now with Nintendo TVii xD

    • NintendoGamer

      Nintendo and Sony > Apple and Micro$oft

      • Nintedward

        Agreed , I love sony (dissaprove of their recent cloneing) .

    • JumpMan

      what’s with the down-votes? Nintendo fanboys/girls only!!!

      • Sikora

        The only good fanboy is a fanboy of all the consoles. Why stay with one company when theres SOO much more the others have to offer?! I don’t understand fanboys..

        • Crapcake

          microsoft and apple are actually awesome apple at tablets, microsoft at pcs without microsoft their would be no computers

  • Paul

    on the uk/eu one they said monster hunter 3 will be here in march 2013

    my moneys on a white version along with zombieu, blackops 2 and lego undercover if the price of the console is right

    • Swic11

      White version is $300 black version is 350, black version is worth the extra $50 because of Nintendo land, charging dock, 10% off online purchases and console stand

      • JumpMan

        totallii gettiing black. ii miin, NintendoLand, 32 gbs, and looks friiking awesome! i thiink you get my joke so far… but aniiway… sorry. had too! ;D

  • Josh

    You wrote Wipteout instead of Wipeout. Just pointing it out, not trolling.

    • Wii U Daily

      Fixed, thanks!

    • Pokemon Master#1

      no need for speed?

  • Derek

    just pre ordered the black wii u, that comes with nintendo land and i also pre ordered zombiu! 😀

  • Mida

    Is Pikmin 3 launch window or day?

  • Trev

    I have already preordered te new Mario, zombi u, mass effect, pikmin 3, an plan to pre order darks siders and now Barretta I hope pre orders dont sell out today I can’t pre order until tomorrow

  • Trev

    I am happy about all the games, I still can’t help but feel disappointed there isn’t a silent hill or resident evil for the wiiu

    • Opheodrys

      I agree, but it’s still pretty early. I feel certain that Wii U will get re6 eventually and the producer of Silent Hill said he would like to do something for Wii U. It wouldn’t surprise me if to get an exclusive Resident Evil too.

  • GoodNintentions

    Giggity giggity giggity

    For the first time ever with a nintendo console (including the wii), I was worried that there was gonna be nothing new today and not much reason to get one early and not much for anyone other than nintendo fans to get one but I am now so excited about my Wii U Christmas!

    I haven’t heard a troll in a while…..

  • Macarony64

    Capcom i forgive you …. now let the preorders BEGGINGS

  • metroidfusion2

    This is it the wii u will shit on this gen and next gen


    New Super Mario U for myslef and Black Ops 2 for the boyfriend…. BEST anniversary gift EVER… who needs a weekend spent in Niagara when we can spend it playing the wii U hahah i cannot WAIT

  • King rat

    Some really great titles being confirmed now. I’m going for:
    super mario bros u
    Zombi u
    Black ops 2

    And possibly:
    Monster hunter
    007 legends
    …depending on how they look.

    Really wanting a car racing game also but no dates as of yet for any…

    • King rat

      Forgot about aliens colonial marines. I’m getting that also…looks awesome.

  • Swic11

    I PREORDERED MY WII U DELUXE EDITION . GameStop is taking preorders for those of you who don’t know. I was 5th in line to get one ordered!

    • Swic11

      Oh, and I ordered assassins creed 3, Mario u, Lego city stories and of course ZombiU

    • darkmanext

      yeah pre-ordered mine paided in full wiiu deluxe black. 1st in line at gamestop.

    • Josh

      Damn, you’re lucky. I usually wait one year before I get to buy a new Nintendo console. I’ll spend most of my year buying Wii U games and then I’ll buy a Wii U Deluxe Edition.

  • Satans_Hamster

    All the internet seemed unanimous that there would never be a console monster hunter in europe ever again..
    I was so happy i pounded my knees and now they’re kind of bruised.

    European price now please. stupid lovely neglecting Nintendo

  • NintendoGamer

    Bayonetta 2! Woohoo!

  • rafael

    I guess im glad its $300 because i think this means its reasonably more powerful then current gen, even with the gamepad being pricey…more then enough graphics for my taste (and my zelda @_@ )

  • NintendoGamer

    Also, WiiUDaily, I think you meant Wipeout, not Wipteout.

    • Wii U Daily

      Fixed, thanks for the heads up!

  • NintendoGamer

    Do you also know what this means? DNA has expired! We can hope for TGS games! Woohoo!!

  • Nano

    Omg I can’t wait my happiness level is on 100000%

    • Britton

      I hear ya. I want to go home so bad, I feel like I cant fully be happy at work! I want to watch the conference.

    • Macarony64

      IS OVER 9000, jep it nevers gets old

  • revolution5268

    there should be no reason not to buy wii u, common let be real we all know zelda is coming, smash bros is coming, even 3D mario is coming. The launch of the wii u is enough to satisfied the consumers that buy the wii u.

  • Solphins

    I want a new DeBlob, with the controls of the first game. The second game sucked.

  • Death

    Monster Hunter^…
    I read that and leapt up with excitement!
    Hell yes!

  • Colton S.

    Wouldn’t Just Dance be a launch title?

  • DURPAdurpa

    Monster hunter. YAY

  • Marioravesto3d

    Am a big sony fan especially 3d games on the ps3,I can see the wii u been massive on a par with the super nes.I think this is the most excited for a consoll. Have missed you nintendo well come back.

  • ISTF

    Still waiting for the announcement for Watchdogs on the WiiU… >.>

  • gijojo

    MY HYPE LEVEL IS OVER 9000!!!!!!!

  • SteampunkJedi

    50 games? Epicness!! I’m so pumped for the Wii U!

  • Tubba Blubba

    I’m planning on getting the deluxe version, zombi u, mario u and rayman legends launch day. Further down the road probably pikmin 3, blops 2 and wonderful 101

  • videogamer1

    I’m planning on getting the BLACK DELUXE EDITION with all the extra goodness! The U is gonna be breathtaking beyond words–putting me and everyone else in 11th HEAVEN!!!!!

  • Xblade13

    Wii U
    Wii now believe in U!

    Who else is going to be vegetating in random spots around the house all Winter? Just need Watch Dogs, Grand Theft Auto 5, Resident Evil 6 (or new?), and Skyrim (or NEXT Elder Scrolls)

    Wii U will stomp next gen to the ground.

  • Hachi Shiminami

    I think it is pointless to say that Wii U should beat PS3 or the Xbox360. As the creator of Wii U previously mentioned, these are not all about console wars. This is all about design in a different to maximise the excitement in a whole new experience.
    It seems that PS and Xbox company kind of copied this motion sensor idea but in a different way (else, they’ll be sued by Nintendo!). Expect some wicked surprises by those guys.
    Whatever they are up to, Nintendo will be much fun to play because it is simple, not too complicated and sophisticated like the other two. I always end up playing simple games with my Wii rather than playing high-end games like Skyrim etc..

    • mikey

      skyrim sucks anyway, it was way too boring (almost every dungeon was identical) and way too repetitive. can’t compete with the awesome nintendo games like zelda can’t wait for this amazing HD version sooo exited!



  • Elite

    Just got an extension in my pants!

  • Andrew

    How do i get tha wii u for free

  • Martha

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