Mar 14th, 2013

Wii UGamestop retailers across Europe have reduced the prices of their Standard and Premium Wii U consoles in an attempt to increase sales.

The price for the Standard Pack has dropped from 299 to 199 euros, and that of the Premium Pack is now 249 down from 349 euros.

It’s unclear how long these price cuts will last; though I doubt they’ll get any cheaper. So, if you want a Wii U but don’t yet have one, then there’s no better time to buy.

The 3DS received a similar– albeit official–price drop six months after its launch; so a similar decision for the Wii U isn’t too surprising. While the console sold well during its debut, the momentum has since tapered.

If this price drop isn’t official, then perhaps Nintendo is holding out until the verge of release of Sony and Microsoft’s next home consoles.

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  • Arthur Jarret

    Odd, this actually means these retailers are losing a lot of money on each system sold. The margins are pretty low on machines like it already – most likely they are hoping to get some ‘customer loyalty’ when it comes to game purchases: a decision that has sunk multiple franchises over the years… Note that gamestop isn’t that big in europe either…

    • Gamestop is not only doing “not so good”, it is in fact one of the worst options to buy games here in Europe. At least in Germany. The service is in almost every shop totally bad and the clerks are all douchebags that don’t give a damn about their customers unless they’re making money with’em.

      Just an example…there was an action some weeks ago for AC III. They took two old games and sold you the new game for about 20 or 30€. A friend of mine went there with me and we wanted to buy two copies. We both had the same game for selling with us and just because we wanted to pay both new games in one buy, they said we wouldn’t get the bonus…

      • Adrian

        That’s weird, gamestop is the best place to get good game customer service in the state I live in (I live in the U.S.)

      • Like u say. Service is bad and the clerks are ducked up. Well its the staff not the company. Here in my town in sweden they do everything for customers. They call, the email, sms and so when a game have came in, i always get minimum 10% discount. I buy a game cheap in one store and trade in at gamestop, i always get more trade in than the game costed me. Gamestop is doing great btw

  • Laud

    That’s how bad it is in Europe.

    I’m worried about the newer consoles more than I am worried about this one. =

    If a price drop is necessary at this point then what does it mean when the PS4 comes out and there’s no incentive to buy it since all the games that it’s gonna have are gonna be released for the last gen consoles as well..

    • val berger

      I wouldn’t care too much about the PS4 sales. They’ll do.

    • Metal_Man_v2

      Thief 4, InFamous New Son, Drive Club, Killzone Shadow Fall, Knack, AC4 are some anticipated announced PS4 titles. None of them being released on last gen consoles.

      • D.M.T

        AC 4 is being released on PS3 and 360. You’re wrong buddy.

        • Metal_Man_v2

          My bad, I don’t know how that even got in there, I had intended to do PS4 exclusives. My point still stands though, not every game that is coming out on PS4 is being released on last gen consoles, that’s just absurd.

          • Laud

            Well, unless those games are gonna be out at launch (Knack will and so will Killzone) they don’t count.

          • Metal_Man_v2

            Why don’t they? You didn’t say that they had to be launch titles. You said that there would no incentive to buy the PS4 because the games would be out for last gen consoles, which isn’t true. If potential buyers know that a good game is coming out for a system, they will be more inclined to buy it. I bought a Wii U because Pikmin 3 had been announced for it, even though that game isn’t a launch title.

      • Extra Vinegary

        …and not one of those games I want to play.

    • Tobias Naustdal

      i just know that the new ps4 will be around 1000 usd here in scandinavia :L

  • SirDjss

    holy shit that is cheap.. if peaple dont buy this console now they are morons to be honest 🙂

  • Fred

    Wow really? That’s a big drop! It should boost sales, but at what cost? Isn’t Nintendo already selling the console at a loss? I love getting games at a good price, but if Nintendo doesn’t make money then they won’t keep giving me new games.

    • val berger

      Seems like the WiiU did really, really bad in January and February 🙁 I wish they could finally get the system to rise -_-

      • Tmaster

        The problem is (in my opinion) that they don’t have enough good games. A lot of games people wanted like Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends, and Lego city undercover all got delayed untill around now. Thats why there were alot less sales.

        • Fred

          You mention games. My birthday was yesterday. My original plan was to get Pikmin 3 for my birthday, then it got delayed. Then I played the Rayman demo and my next plan was to get Rayman for my birthday, now that only works if your birthday is in September. In the end I didn’t get a Wii U game for my birthday (I already own all the Wii U games I want at least until Pikmin 3 or Wonderful 101 comes out). In other words I agree with you. I hope Nintendo is hiring a ton of new developers so that they can pump out games more quickly.

          • my birthday is september 7th and I’m still pissed 😛

        • val berger

          Not just in your opinion, mate 🙁
          There are quite some problems with the WiiU launch and somehow, the situation is different that it was for example with the PS3-Launch, which was also quite a disaster. My guess is, that in about 12 months or so, they’ll release a new revision of the WiiU like they did with the 3DS. It won’t come with different performance, but for example a reworked gamepad (maybe with 1280×720 px resolution, which would be perfect) and better battery life. Just something to go again to the press and tell everybody, they are finally there, as at that time they’ll have some more games to show off. The only thing, that can really, really push Nintendo now is a huge (and I am talking huuuUUUuuge) E3 (and whatever else gaming exibitions ) lineups with some flagship titles. I personally love New Super Mario Bros U, but it’s not a game to acquire other gamers but just something to please people that already got a WiiU. And it’s everything but original as it’s just a HD remake of the Wii-Part with some new features. Still, playing it with 4 additional friends is crazy fun and Nintendo just failed to show ppl who don’t know the console’s concept how supercool asymmetric multiyplayer is. And I totally understand that as I got no clue how they should’ve done that better. They created Nintendoland just to demonstrate how great that is and still, it’s not like with the Wii, where everyone wanted to try it out IMMEDIATELY. I think the core problem of WiiU’s success is, that it isn’t specialized in anything concrete. the PS&XB are kinda optimized to please so known core gamers, the Wii was optimized for casual gamers. And the WiiU is somewhere in the middle, offering different ways of control, different types of games. Of course the Wii also had core games apart from it’s casual image and the PSXB360 had causal games that were everything but hardcore. But the markting always knew how to sell those products. With the WiiU, there somehow doesn’t seem to be a proper plan, which type of gamer it’s adressed to. Just saying ‘it’s meant for everybody’ isn’t a plan as everyone wants to buy a specialized and optimized product. If I want great graphics, then I’ll go for the console, that offers me great gfx (I know, the WiiU is capapble of beautiful sceneries, but that’s not my point here. mainstream users may not even be able to see the difference between PS4 and WiiU and they’ll still go for the PS4 because they know it has the faster hardware and it’s marketed as something, the NASA uses to calculate the Universe. The WiiU needs to have some specialization in ANYTHING which just isn’t present (in the eyes of the mainstreamies)
          For me, the specialization is of corse the gameplay, but for the mainstream masses, that’s something really hard to promote without actual software that stands out. So, nintendo, please just unveil something more than a HD remake of a 10 yr old game. Wind Waker is awesome, of course, but it won’t sell units.

    • Johny

      no thats not how it works 🙂
      Nintendo DIDNT issue a price drop… the store did…
      what that means is that nintendo still gets the same money for consoles sold, but the stores are at a loss…

    • John Novakovich

      I think its a dangerous, but good move. Market penetration. ‘Nuff said.

    • Tobias Naustdal

      299 euro is 389.18 USD… way more expensive than the one in the us! they just place the price more in same price range as the us version! 199 euro is the same as 276.94 USD… still more expensive than the one in us. (regular model)

      people in some places in europe have just a good economy as the us… so the question is. would you (if american) buy the wii u for almost 400 usd?

      • that guy

        most hardware over in europe costs more for some reason. you will find that both consoles and computer components cost more so don’t think the wii u is the only thing with a higher price

    • Tobias Naustdal

      actually. the wii u here in scandinavia costed about 3500 kr (black edition), wich is the same as 629.55 USD.

    • skullkid1337

      They have like 10 billion in the bank i think they’re fine now and for awhile. Also Nintendo isn’t the one saying to sell the consoles at a loss, its the retailer’s decisions

    • Gregory Edcius

      it’s not nintendo’s price drop its only gamestop and they are only in a few country’s

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Well OK a price cut should help sales but if they really want to up Wii U sales couldn’t these stores try and advertise it a little. I know it’s Nintendo’s responsibility but they could feature Wii U in a couple of TV ads to up sales, and if that fails then do the price cut. That way they’ll make more money.

    • There was some issue with advertising the Wii U in Europe. Apparently some people thought that the Wii U could play all games on the gamepad without the tv, and so they filed a lawsuit. Now everyone’s afraid to advertise it.

      • MujuraNoKamen

        I heard about that too, I suppose all they really have to say is “many games, not all, can be played off TV” Nintendo and other retailers aren’t helping themselves much by not advertising the console.

  • D.M.T

    BREAKING NEWS: some video game websites already reviewed Lego City Undercover. I read IGN’s review and they gave the game an 8 out of 10. Here are Pros and Cons they mentioned:

    PROS of Lego City:

    – Great characters and sense of humor
    – Interesting story
    – Huge Open World game.
    – It feels familiar. It reminds you of GTA
    – There are lots of things you can do after completing the game’s main story

    CONS of Lego City:

    – Loading times. They take long according to the reviewer
    – No Off-TV Play. You need your TV to play the game
    – No Offline multiplayer. It’s 1 player.
    – Gameplay is somewhat generic

    This is IGN’s review. I heard another website gave it a 9 out of 10, another gave it a 7. IGN gave it a 8.

    • D.M.T

      Ok that’s not really breaking news but i thought you should know that some websites already reviewed the game.

    • Eli Valentin Villanueva

      I think for a kid or someone who is not familiar withe the lego sagas, it will be a surprise. However, many of us already play another lego series with a friend, and also been playing for sometime makes you games with more challenge or innovation. So it is a good score must check metacritic, thanks for the info!

    • John Andalora

      To be frank, I don’t like the Lego Series. I never have cared for it.
      I also don’t listen to too many reviewers and critics, as a lot of reviews tend to be very much based on “personal taste.” Dead Space 3 had rather good reviews by many people as “good,” but I found it to be one of the most disappointing and boring games I’d ever played.

    • Gamefreak361

      IGN I don’t trust as much as I think they’re reviewing system is flawed. Personally I like GameInformer in this case. In the end though, it’s up to the buyers if they think the game is worth their money.

      • GameInformer gave it an 8.5, so that’s still good. especially for a Nintendo exclusive. I personally thing GI is very biased against nintendo

    • jcnba28

      Breaking news? lol

  • grandlx2

    an entire $100 drop? Geeze!! Wii U really performing so badly? I want a refund. dammit! Could have saved a bundle had I not been an early buyer! oh well.

    • D.M.T

      Dude relax. Only Gamestop is doing this and Gamestop isn’t big in Europe. In my country a white Wii U costs 280 euros and the black Wii U is 340 euros.

      Most retailers have NOT dropped it to 199 euros and 250 euros. And I believe this price cut is only temporary.

    • Fred

      Oh quit complaining. After the 3DS you knew that was a possibility. You should feel good know you supported the people that brought us such fun games.

    • ICHI

      $75 drop

  • Just to be clear, this is in Euros, not dollars…so 200 euros is like $250 USD. So, its only $50 cheaper there. That’s not a very big drop, it was just more expensive there. I don’t think people realise that the 3DS was on sale for $140 new in Dec. Gamestop does sales like this all the time…

    • Fred

      Not a very big drop? I think a $50 drop here in the U.S. would make a significant difference it would put BOTH versions below $300 and if you gave the zombie U bundle (which has 2 games and a pro controller) a $50 drop that thing should fly off shelves.

      • I didn’t say that it would not help sales, because it will. Saying otherwise would just make me knowledgeiswhatsup…

        What i meant was that its not a very big profit loss. And Nintendo won’t feel it. Gamestop already paid for the Wii U when they ordered them, so the slash in price only affects gamestop. If I had to guess, is say that gamestop is still making profit on the systems.

    • ICHI

      Being from the UK its a £50 reduction on Amazon, asda, shop to etc and that’s a $75 saving. As games like mass effect, nintendoland, zombi u and assassins creed went on sale for £55 ($82) I think it ruined a lot of early interest here in buying lots of games. As Europe always gets screwed by tech prices, the price drop will hopefully roll over into more games sold with new systems. Especially as how games at these places have dropped in price a little bit.

    • zajac1661

      Europe is not all connected with price range.This might be some kind of comparison with germany. But europe? The 100 euro cut, or roughly (130 dollar cut, is 30% off the console at the given price. You can not compare the valuta like that, and label it “Europe”. It is 700kr out of the 3500 kr price here in Denmark, and i would gladly like to know when gamestop cut consoles for 30% or more over here. Because they surely did not do it in scandinavia.

      • I never said that all of Europe had a similar currency. What I was trying to say is that the Wii U cost more in Europe then the US, so the price drop just brought it closer to what we pay.

  • jcnba28

    I just checked Gamestop Ireland and UK websites and neither of the prices were dropped…

  • Why doesnt my disc slot light up blue like that? 🙁

    • ICHI

      Its doesn’t?!?! That’s the best bit!!!! Only joking don’t think mine does either, though the Wii used to when u had messages from Nintendo 🙂

      • I know! I loved when the wii did that :3

    • Nintenjoe82

      It’s probably the thing coming in the ‘big April update’ that we’re told will improve usability experience

      • feel like that’s not the case

        • Nintenjoe82

          I’m wishing for the worst so I get the best.

          I did the same for the last Wii U direct and that was great!

          • that was your doing?

            …I love you

    • X3Charlie

      I’ve looked into the slot and didn’t find anything, I’m guessing an early prototype used to light up but they dropped that.

  • Nintenjoe82

    Unofficial means no freebies for early adopters 🙁

  • CharmanderRulz

    Stop judging the price of a system in a currency you don’t
    know about!

    The UK or anywhere in Europe you don’t get set prices for
    anything! In the USA the Wii U is known to be about 300 to 350 green rupees (I’m
    using rupees as a universal currency most could understand) as Nintendo them self’s
    said that was their manufacturer’s suggested
    retail price (MSRP) but all we got from Nintendo was a console without a price. Even
    if we were paying in red rupees (as pounds and to a smaller extent euros are
    worth more than dollars) the shops could still make it 300 – 250 red

    Long story shot in pounds (still a European currency) we shod pay about
    225, I got my Wii U for about 310 but some stores want close to 400!!!! But that
    doesn’t mean Nintendo changed the price.

    • Adrian

      I’m pretty sure 1 red rupee = 20 green rupees ;).

  • Squid

    I feel bad for Nintendo, ever since the Wii became famous, the Wii was later looked as a kiddie system. not only did they leave to play ovverated CoD (my opinion) on their Ps3 and Xbox, but they missed out on tons of games, when people in my school heard about Wii U in a school raffle, they thought it was gonna be some stupid thing. It’s not. They think because Wii didn’t have a great version of 3rd party means Wii U won’t either. They’re wrong. Now the Wii U has more superior versions. I feel so bad that Nintendo doesn’t get the sales they deserve Nintendo Land alone made me want a Wii U so bad. When I got it I didn’t put it down. I hope people come to their senses soon.

  • Adrian

    Hmm, doesn’t look like great news for the Wii U…but! WHEN THE HELL WILL PS3 DROP IN PRICE? I want a new PS3 in a great deal. Just gimme a $200 PS3 Bundle and throw in a game or some PSPLUS and I’ll be happy.

  • tooby77

    Been waited

  • Frostbite9

    Aw, crap. Donnald, you better say nothing..

  • GuardiansFan

    compare the Euro price to the US price and all the drop does is lowers it to about the same as the US price.

  • Wayne Beck

    Just did the Conversion, this “Price Drop” is more like bringing the console in line with the North American price for the Deluxe Edition. Basic Edition is about $50.00 cheaper though.

  • ahaahha and people like to say that I’m wrong, that the analysts are wrong but here lies the truth. you only cut the price if something is not selling well. RIP wii u

  • Joe Nuyen

    Wasnt the Euro Zone the only area where Nintendo let the retailers decide what they wanted to price the Wii U at and they sold the unit at a higher price point comparatively compare to NA and Japan. If So they didn’t force a suggested price and now retailers are dropping the price isn’t this just saying hey, we should have priced it here to begin with?

  • Madmagican

    100 Euros? I really don’t it had to be that much of a drop but if it works I’ll say nothing more

  • Linskarmo

    I think we just need some great games and more advertisement to sell
    more Wii U’s. It’ll just come with time (The games at least, hopefully
    ads too.)

  • Laud (Check upvotes 2039+)

    Hey guys! You know what? I admit, the WiiU is garbage! I like to suck little boy ballz to cause I’m a gay fucker that likes’a da cock!

    • X3Charlie

      Sir, I believe you just admitted to being a sexual predator.

  • Laud (Check upvotes 2039+)

    Oh! and yes…. I do get paid for trying desperately to make the WiiU look good… But it’s useless…. It just suck Donkey Ballz!

    • Frostbite9


  • Denvy

    One retail outlet dropping prices (possibly temporarily by your own admission) =/= Official price drop.