Sep 13th, 2012 publishUpdated   Sep 15th, 2012, 1:21 am

Wii U Pro controllerNintendo didn’t have enough time to talk about some of the Wii U accessories today, but we just got word that the Wii U Pro controller will be priced at $49.99. Which is about $10 more than the price of a regular current gen controller from Sony and Microsoft. The Pro controller resembles the Xbox 360 controller in many ways, features dual analog sticks, and is intended for gamers who wish for a more traditional control scheme with the new console. Analyst Michael Pachter believes that third party publishers such as Activision forced Nintendo to offer this traditional controller with the Wii U. While Nintendo will sell the Wii U GamePad separately in Japan (for a whopping $170), this won’t be the case in North America or Europe. No word yet on why exactly only Japanese gamers will get to purchase a secondary GamePad.

For games, Nintendo confirmed what we suspected for a long time: Wii U games will indeed cost $60.


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  • verymetal

    Is rumble confirmed for the pro controller?

    • LordiMcKill

      The Gamepad has the rumble feature so having it in the Pro Pad is pretty much a no brainer.

      • Wils81

        There’s isn’t any rumble feature.

        • EvanescentHero

          In which? Because I can confirm from experience that there is in the GamePad.

          • jeb

            There is no rumble in the pro controller 🙁 .. oh well?

    • JC

      Dude the pro controller has rumble because is inalambric the wii pro one didn’t bc it was connected to the wii controller. Also I don’t understand why people prefer the pro to the game pad! IS ALMOST the same thing the only difference is that the game pad has that beautiful screen 🙂

      • Zeta

        guess its for familiarity, i can’t say for sure because i haven’t gotten my hands on the gamepad yet but it may also be for extended play comfort.

      • Joesatmoes

        Well im gonna use it for FPS games, including the recently confirmed Black Ops 2

      • deSSy2724

        Yes, Wii U gamepad (touch) is good for offline MP and SP games…. hmm online MP games (probably yes…), but i think that Pro controller is good for example CoD BO 2 and forthcomming online MultiPlayer FPS games like Cryengine 3 etc…

    • Alienfish

      It better be. If they’re charging that much they better have included analog triggers too. If it costs just as much or more than PS3/Xbox 360 controllers then it better damn well do everything they can.

      • Thisguywiththesheep

        It has Analog and it is wireless and it has amazing grip and it is very lite

      • ninjabake

        I was thinking the same thing you were. Unfortunately from what I’ve heard there isn’t any rumble and the triggers will resemble more of the wii remote rather than the Xbox 360 controller. That definitely isn’t a good thing considering the price of it but who knows, maybe they changed it up and added those features in last minute. If not ill just stick to the wii remote and nunchuck for shooters and have buddies use the pro controller. The gamepad is a nifty little tool so ill wanna use that anyway for more SP experiences.

    • XxTwinRova

      It has rumble but it has been said that the rumble feature is very very weak. Almost to the point of not being able to feel it.

  • Opticine

    So if Wii U games will be sold at $60, does that mean we’ll get more Club Nintendo coins from them than from the Wii’s $50 dollar games?

    • JumpMan

      IT BETTAH! lulz. but i really will be mad if that is not the case. i want me a Mario T-shirt! 😀

  • Guhtere

    Nice price!

  • Nintendo Power

    Very reasonable price on a good release date. So who pre ordered the wii u?

    • swic11

      ME!!!!!!!!!!! Now I just have to wait 66 freaking days to get it

    • DerikGotro64

      Me and my cousin went preorder the black U’s during our lunch hour. We were the first ones on the list!!

    • Kahhhhyle

      I gots one and zombie u and assassins Creed 3

  • Kirbymon123

    Not sure if incredibly dumb, seeking attention, or feeds on hate. You do know you’re about a minute late.. 😛

    • nintenfan


      • nintenfan

        i mean this to kirbymon

  • Nintedward

    I have just passed out , My body isn’t ready for so much news in one day .

    ”Cheap controllers , big discs , good games , cant take much more!!!! , Arghhhhhh” X(

    • Pikmin

      cheap controllers? didnt he just say the wii u controller was 170$ and the pro 10$ more then current gen? -.-

      • Nintedward

        The gamepad isn’t a ‘controler’ it’s litteraly part of the console.
        The pro controler is a ‘controler’ . If you break the gamepad , you just have to send off for a new one.
        $50 is about £30-£35 for me and I say that’s cheap!!

      • Melk

        You know the $170 price tag is for japan only, right?

  • Mateus Palamecia

    …”the Wii U Pro controller will be priced at $49.99. Which is about $10 more than the price of a regular current gen controller from Sony and Microsoft.”

    Uh. Last I checked, Sony brand PS3 controllers were $55, and Microsoft’s rechargeable ones for the 360 are an appalling $65.

    I’m alright with Nintendo’s prices for both games and controllers, even though personally, as a consumer, it would have been nice if the games stayed at $50. And that’s around what a controller usually ends up costing, so no surprise there. I wonder, though, if/when they’re going to start selling the gamepads in the US and Europe? They pretty much have to… it would be lame if they made the Wii U able to support two gamepads, but won’t even sell them outside of Japan.

    • Wii U Daily

      Amazon sells PS3 and Xbox 360 controllers for $40, though.

      • Mateus Palamecia

        Ohhhhhh, thanks for that. I’ve never boughten controllers from them, so I wouldn’t know! Guess every store I live by tries to rip you off. :\

        • Zeta

          the actual stores usually have them more expensive than on the internet at places like Amazon so i wouldn’t be surprised if after a few months you find some pro controllers for $40-$45.

      • Pikmin


    • swic11

      I honestly think that they wont sell the gamepads for a while. Why would they? There aren’t any games that are compatible with it, and they will probably try re-engineer it so they can manufacture it cheaper. That’s how price cuts come along anyway.

      • Mateus Palamecia

        Then why do they plan to sell them in Japan separately? That’s what I’m curious about. I’m not saying, “I demand that you sell them to us right now, Nintendo!” Nah, I have no problem if they wait a while, but I just think it’s a tad odd.

        Oh well. News is still fresh, guess we’ll find out later!

        • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

          Probably some Japanese only game that uses both. That, or they want people to be able to use the tv function and off tv play at the same time. One does tv, the other an on controller game. That’d be pretty cool, and a total waste of money if that were the only reason :P. Idk though, maybe the Japanese consumers are clumsy and break their controllers a lot, hahaha

    • dojo

      the games cost more cuz its blue ray type discs

      • Dereq

        Um, no. The discs themselves cost almost nothing to produce, the only difference between DVD and Blu-Ray is the wavelength of the laser. Production costs are far higher for HD games is probably the reason.

        • Morley94

          hahaha I love when people are just blatantly wrong, it’s hilarious to see someone slap them like you did haha

  • 3rd.Disciple

    time to pre order…

  • RSBzero

    Pre ordered my Deluxe Wii U…….F3%@ yea!!!

  • liberalagenda

    If it is $50 for this simple controller, then how much will the gamepad cost? $150? That isn’t going to fly with me.

    • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

      You clearly didn’t read this…-.-

      • Dan7el(Wiiu day one purchase)

        50$ really is absolutely reasonable. I am assuming the gamepads will go for aroung 90$ to 100$ but of course I’m just guessing. When I had a PS3 I had to 55$ for a controller so…

  • SteampunkJedi

    I think the gamepad has all the “traditional” buttons. You could just turn off the screen, and ta-da! Traditional. I think the Pro would be useful for multiplayer requiring more physical inputs than the Wii remote though, and only one GamePad can be used for now. (And the GamePad’s a lot more expensive than the Pro.)
    I kind of expected the $60 games, but I liked $50 games. Whatever. I’ll still buy them, of course.

  • Kahhhhyle

    I was really hoping games would stay 50$:'(

    • Kahhhhyle

      Why did I get a dislike for wanting to save 10$

  • LazerK

    Hmm…I feel like I’ve been living under a rock for a few years.Last time I actually went to a game shop or Wallmart,the games didn’t go over 45-50$US. 60$ for one game seems just barely reasonable to me :/
    And since I’m living in Mexico right now,where pretty much everything here is overpriced(The DSi launched at 170$USD which is supposed to be about 2200MXN. The place where I found and bought mine at the cheapest price,other than on the web, was at Wallmart for 4000MXN!)its gonna be a lot harder to buy games here than in the US…

  • LyingTuna

    Hm… I still want to know how many games will be classic controller compatible… I’m gonna have to do some serious budgeting to pay for my console and zombiu. It would make life easier.

  • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

    I bet the Japanese are gonna be able to buy the second gamepad because they’ll get some Japanese only games that support it. They’ll probably wait for a Western release til they can get the price down below the 3DS. Otherwise people will just be like “gamesystem, or extra controller. How about game system and a cheap pro controller.” Once double gamepad use is used, they’ll start selling em over here. Probably for around $150 by that point

  • TeaRzOfTheFallen

    People prefer the Classic pro who dont like innovation are play CoD, No Innovation is stupid no gamepad for CoD is smart, I’ve been playing CoD since CoD1, and Since CoD4 as a semi pro, and through all the matches i’ve played i’ve learned one thing, you get pissed when you kill someone 3 times and they spawn in behind you 3 times then you think you’re ok, but nope its always a fourth and i wouldnt want to break a $170 JPN Exclusive (as of now) controller because a game doesnt do its spawning right, or some people as i said earlier are just dumb or Stubborn

  • Kahhhhyle

    Hmmm well ign confirmed that call of duty will use that game pad… But then that doesn’t fit in too well with pachter’s theory that Activision made Nintendo make the pro controller now does it?

  • helmut

    why in is some game and other site the same price. 99.96.

  • Dr.Man.Person

    Good news for America, but in Australia those controllers will be about $80 – $100. Every new game costs $99 AUD for Christ’s sake.

    (Last time I checked, AUD was a fair bit more than USD, too.)

  • Nintendude

    Now I’m not sure if I’ll get the pro controller. I really want it for FPS games (specifically BO2) where you don’t really need a screen. Then again, now that you can change the weapons mid game, it may be better to use the gamepad…

  • NavyBlueYoshi

    Hope the gamepad and controller pro analog sticks don’t die easily like the GameCube controller…

    • EvanescentHero

      You must have had bad luck with GCN controllers. O_o Mine has withstood everything that has ever happened to it. Still works flawlessly.

      • Xblade13

        Where did you buy yours at?! I got a couple GameCube controllers from Gamestop, and now, one’s left stick messed up and it doesn’t register that I’m pressing the R button at all, and the other one’s right stick messed up. I didn’t use them very much, but somehow they screwed up anyway. Now I can’t play Wind Waker or Sunshine anymore! Hopefully the gamepad and pro are sturdier.

        I’ll just get those games on the Wii U eshop. Its bound to get GameCube games, what with no backwards compatibility.

        • Pikmaster

          Did you buy OFFICIAL conrollers?
          because madcatz and other fake nintendo hardware are know to bust easily.

  • Seth A Drekin

    PS3 controllers are $55 aren’t they?

  • How Awful

    That’s a horrible price for a controller that does nothing more than the classic controller I purchased for my Wii for $20.
    There aren’t even analog triggers, the dualshock 3 has analog face buttons for pete’s sake and costs less or just as much depending on where you get it.
    The wireless features do not cost that much if the Wii remote’s price is any indication, that came with motion sensors, gyroscopes, and accelerometers.
    Then you can consider the fact it is just borrowing parts already in production from the gamepad, Nintendo is overcharging substantially for that controller.

  • xdlugia

    50 bucks for a controller without rumble or motion control?
    That’s horrible!

  • Wii U Gamer#19

    got my Wii U Deluxe pre-ordered and can’t wait for that Nintendo Network Premium 🙂

  • Tristan

    Brutal. Too expensive.

  • Madmagican

    $60 dollars is a little strong for me, but I can deal with that price for video games I guess; however, $50 for a Pro Controller seems a little off-putting to me

  • Pikmaster

    60$ for games?
    that seems familiar.
    but, 50$ for a pro controller? screw that shit.

  • Tehtriggerman

    Overpriced sterile looking accessories? Oh noes it’s APPLE.

  • lev

    idk why this is a big deal ps3 & xbox360 controls & games go for the same price & it’s last GEN