Apr 28th, 2012

wii u games downloadNintendo will offer Wii U games as digital downloads at launch, the company has revealed. And it won’t be just small game downloads and indie titles, but full retail games as they are released. This is something quite new for Nintendo, and it will coincide with the launch of the new Nintendo Network online service. While gamers will be able to purchase games and download them on the Wii U, retailers will be able to sell download codes to games as well.

Nintendo won’t be setting fixed prices for retailer’s downloadable codes, which means they can adjust the price as they see fit, and offer discounts, etc. It’s unknown how many and what titles will be available at launch for the Wii U as digital downloads, but its likely that the majority of third parties will be on board with the proposal. The same system will be implemented for the Nintendo 3DS as well, when Nintendo Network launches this Fall.

This also brings into question Wii U’s available storage for games and content. It’s rumored that the Wii U will include 8 GB of internal flash memory, but that may only be enough for a few Wii U games. However, the console will also support external storage through USB hard drives and SD cards.

Via Joystiq

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  • someSHET


  • Swic11

    As awesome as this is, I prefer a physical copy, and I will buy physical copies as long as I can. What’s bad about this is, as far as we know the Wii U is not going to have a hard drive. I know it’s supposed to come with inboard flash memory of like 8 gigs, but HD ges take up space, and that 8 gigs will fill up with 2-3 games. I have an external hard drive, but I think the consumers should get two different models of the Wii U, one without, and one with a hard drive

  • david6

    Can wii u news get anymore boring. And are they ever gonna change the stupid name. Digital downloads is expected, plus swic11 is right, no ext. hard drv. means no storage. And i also prefer games buy and sale and physicaly own. :p

    • NoPUNtendo

      I agree that I enjoy owning the disc, rather than a download. But Wii U is a good name. The next Nintendo system will start with “Wii”. Wii is now their brand name. Much like, Xbox, and Polystation. Oh, and Playstation.

  • uPadWatcher

    I think having digital downloads on the Wii U is a good idea. Although you may need either an external hard drive or tens of gigabytes on an SD card, I personally don’t think it’s a problem at all. I buy games at an electronic store, so don’t get me all wrong here. If there’s an independent or old school games on Virtual Console, I’ll still purchase the downloads.

  • Smurfman256

    wait…aren’t Wii u games confirmed to be up to 25GB at launch?…oh boy. get ready to stock up on SD cards and external hard drives…

    • swic11

      Nintendo developed a 25GB disc format, that way games bigger than the normal 8 gigs would fit on there. Not all games will be that big, I’m sure hardly any of them will be.

      • Smurfman256

        yes, but there could be developers (cough cough Square Enix) that would want to fill every last byte of data on the disc just because they could. and besides, bigger disc=uncompressed textures=less work for the GPU.

        • swic11

          True enough, but even games like modern warfare 3 arent even 8GB of space. I’m hoping this thing comes with a hard drive

  • Wildman

    I’m going to buy a 2TB hard drive to store things on.
    Yah Yah Yaaaaaah!

    • Smurfman256

      welcome to teh club…no jacket though.

  • Your mom

    Oh yeah baby!!! This will seriously save space in my desk. But the hard drive would have to be 200gb at the most, plus more gb’s more $$$ which means more men at the front of the line who are crying because they dont have the cash to buy the largest hard drive. LOL.

  • james braselton

    hi there your wrong it has been confirmed that wii u will have 0 thats zero wii u games download size has been confirmed at 25 gb 25 gb with 8 gb or 16 gb soo thats if 8 gb internal flash is corect wii u will only hold 0.3333333 of a wii u game or 1/3 of a wii u game soo i will be buying a 128 gb sdxc card with 2 256 gb usb flash drives soo i will have a toatal of 394 gegabytes flash storage