Jun 6th, 2012

Wii U games 720p
While the Wii U technically supports 1080p resolution, current Wii U games only run in 720p, Wii U Daily can confirm. Yesterday, Nintendo released screenshots of New Super Mario Bros U, which were in the native resolution of 720p. So were the screenshots of ZombiU and Project P-100. We initially thought that those were simply the 720p versions of the game and that 1080p would be available. But as it turns out, all of Nintendo’s upcoming first party Wii U titles will be in 720p.

Speaking to a Nintendo representative on the E3 show floor today, I was told that all of the playable Wii U games at E3 will ship with native 720p support, including Nintendo Land, New Super Mario Bros, and Pikmin 3. However, the representative said that some of those titles, like Pikmin 3, will run at 60 frames per second. The representative couldn’t confirm whether the games can be upscaled to 1080p, only that the “native resolution is 720p for all titles showcased”.

The Wii U hardware is still very new and it’s likely that it’ll take developers some time before they can push it to its full potential. But for now, it seems that Nintendo and its first party Wii U games will be sticking to 720p.

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  • GunninGamer141

    I’m starting to have small doubts about the WiiU’s power at this point. I thought it would be a fair bit better than 360 and PS3 but it looks to be, so far, only marginally better. However looking at the kind of games that are being made for PS3 and Xbox360 right now like Last of Us and Halo 4 I really don’t think we need games that look so much better than them. Definitely going to pick this up on day one xD

    • Smurfman256

      please note that launch titles are NEVER difinitive of how games later on will look. Just look at CoD2 on the 360. It looks like sh*t compared to Crysis 2 and really not much better than previous generation games (with a few extra effects, of course, like parallax mapping.)

      • Wildman


      • TotalR

        How much more “definitive” can a 2D Mario game look now compared to 5 years down the track?

        • Ravyu

          Wow! Mario Bros. was made to show the graphical capability of a a console!

          Seriously WTH….

          • Jairo

            … Well as much as I like me some Mario Bros…

            True dat.

    • 007 1/2

      That will definitely lower sales. I still want this game, but I am very disappointed. 1080p was one of the biggest draws for me.

  • olimar

    oh my god! that’s just…! it’s…! I can’t…! they…! Bah, I don’t really care, as long as the games themselves are good.

  • Giuseppe

    Personally, I don’t care so much about grafics. The important thing is that the game must be funny. That’s what the games are about. Of course I don’t want an Atari 2600 grafics. But, as the news says: ” The Wii U hardware is still very new and it’s likely that it’ll take developers some time before they can push it to its full potential “. I hope for it. I hope for Nintendo. I’ll buy Wii U independently of grafics. I will.

  • Joe

    So technically they can run 1080p but developers can’t handle it so they use 720p???

    • Paladin

      The initial games will be developed with 720p resolution. It was the same thing that happened when the Xbox 360 and PS3 were released years ago. Hell, 2 to 3 years after those consoles were released, games like Grand Theft Auto IV were still produced and running with a resolution of 640p. That is considered sub-HD. It depends on the individual developers how far they want to push the graphics of their own games. Think of it this way: At least the games produced by Nintendo for their own console will be of a higher resolution than a masterpiece like GTA IV. Somewhere down the road, just like with the 360 and PS3, the games for Wii U will most likely be in 1080p.

      • dr_awesome

        I do remember reading somewhere that Wii games are progammed in 720p, then scaled down before release on the Wii. Maybe all of these launch titles were just originally supposed to be on the Wii?

      • SY

        Sorry but xbox 360 and ps3 games run at 720p too. for 1080p and up you have to play on pc right now.

  • 3ds guy

    Little bit sad was hoping this console was going to run everything in 1080p but oh well am hoping this console can produce more power than ps3 as it will need to to keep up with competition for the next few years to really get this console hyped here wot games should have been at e3 first party smash bros u super mario bros pikmin 3 metroid prime and excite truck u and zelda of course how epic would that of been

    • Chris

      Well don’t be worrying, 1080p games will soon be arriving on the system next year with any luck.

      And that Zelda, Metroid and Super Smash Bros Wii U/3DS will take years to develop and they only started development on the SSB game which is why they didn’t show those games at this year’s E3.

      But don’t worry, I’m sure in the coming years Nintendo will reveal Zelda HD and a new Metroid game.

      • Joe

        You sir spoke the truth 🙂

      • Fredrik

        But in just a year those games will look antique next to the next generation of game consoles.

        • Wildman

          Not very likely…

        • Paladin

          Sony and Microsoft don’t want to risk losing more money by making their consoles a lot more powerful than the Wii U. It’s just not feasible from a financial standpoint. They would be too expensive. In these hard economic times, most people will not want to buy another $500 device like the PS3. If the Wii U costs about as much as a current Xbox 360 and PS3, more people are likely to buy it. Those are the same people who would also pay for a $60 game for either of the other current consoles. So, to keep production costs down, Sony and Microsoft would have to produce new consoles that are not substantially more powerful than the Wii U. I just don’t see how there will be a huge difference in performance amongst the next generation of consoles. It’s too risky. Both Sony and Microsoft have already lost millions of dollars more than what Nintendo has lost making the original Wii. They have much more to lose, which is why they will play it safe and attempt to make their consoles cheap with similar internal parts to the Wii U.

  • Miks

    I knew this already, but I still have my doubts about the Wii U, I’ll buy it, but only if I have enough money for all 3 systems, otherwise, I’ll probably purposely miss out on the Wii U.

    • olimar

      3 systems? which 3 systems?

      • Chris

        I think he means by the Playstation 4/Orbis and the Next Fail.. I mean Next Xbox.

      • Britton

        I was going to ask the same thing.

  • 3ds guy

    i was more excited before e3 now i am jus hearing more and more had news these r the first games which batman mass effect r ports but creed 3 looks to show the power and graphics will be better when made from ground up and as developers get better with the hardware

  • Chris

    Well, I still don’t have doubts about the system because I mean look at PS3 and 360, they started off at 720p and now they can.. sort of run 1080p.

    Besides these are just the first gen games, later down the line to the 2nd or 3rd gen games we’ll be seeing 1080p Legend of Zelda, Unreal 3.5/4 (hopefully) and maybe some cool new 3rd party titles =3

    Don’t lose hope people, Nintendo is doing their best to keep us fans happy and I for one am grateful that the Big N is focusing on our emotions towards the console.

    • Miks

      But it is the next gen, the 360/PS3 are 6 and 7 years old. The Wii U should have run 1080p without problems, I’m a bit worried about this console, it seems like Nintendo just competes with the 360/PS3, and not the Nextbox/PS4, I hope they really have something up their sleeve to top the Nextbox/PS4 may it be hardware, games, online, whatever, the need something to blow MS/Sony, out of the water, or else a lot of ”hardcore” gamers won’t even bother with Nintendo anymore, no ”hardcore” gamer will buy the Wii 3.
      Nintendo, I’m counting on you, I really don’t want to leave you, just to get more than 1 good game in 1-2 years.

      • Draco Breach

        Chris meant these are the first generation of Wii U games – the first phase.

        As developers learn how to harness and tweak a system, they learn more and more about maximizing its potential. One reason Nintendo fans love Retro Studios is because they knew how to maximize the GameCube and Wii’s potential. It requires maturity and aging.

        I’ve never been one to care for graphics. I still play classic games, and a lot of great indie games have admittedly weak graphics. The fact of the matter is, the 360 and PS3 still release most games in the 720/60p range. The systems are capable of 1080/60p yes, but they can barely handle it for the types of games players expect.

        The Wii U is technically capable of handling everything the 360 and PS3 cannot in 1080/60p. However, it is not easy to program like that. It’s not something most, if not all, console developers are used to. You’ll run across PC developers who can – like Epic and EA. Nintendo is not quite there yet; Retro might be.

        Before I get any naysayers bringing up the LoZ tech demo, that’s just it. It was a technical demonstration! It showed off the full capabilities of the Wii U without relying on Nintendo to actually develop anything substantial. While the rendering was live, the program was significantly smaller than any gamecode and did not require running anything else in the background, like AI.

        I am most certainly getting a Wii U. I’m getting one because I know Nintendo is very capable of delivering great first and second party games. I’m getting one because third party developers are hugely interested in the console. I’m getting one because the Wii U GamePad looks truly unique and innovating.

        I am not getting rid of my Wii, despite Nintendo’s promise of backwards compatibility and digital download transfer. I like the Wii; it has some fun and innovative games on it. My library is quite full – large enough to compare quite admirably to my 360 or PS3 library. It’s also a first generation Wii – bought it Day 1. I love to play games on it, and Skyward Sword and Xenoblade Chronicles prove that great graphics do not a great game or console make.

        They might look prettier, but they would not be better. I want Nintendo to succeed in entertaining me, not delivering eye candy. I do not look forward to better graphics. I look forward to more complex people and environments. I look forward to new experiences. Most of all, I look forward to a new, fresh way to interact with my entertainment – both casual and core.

        If the first generation of games to come out on the Wii U worry you because of graphics, my very short answer is as follows: Don’t fret.

        Do. Not. Fret.

  • Britton

    Thats annoying.

  • 3ds guy

    wii will love it in the end we have nowhere near seen the best of this console nintendo wont let us down and reggie said they cant show everything in the time they had an to keep up with there website for new news plenty more to come yet jus want it now the wait too long

  • DerikGotro64

    I’m sold on the Nintendo U. It will get better and better as the years go on. I won’t need my ps3 anymore for all the multiplatform games as well as 1st party titles. Only keep ps3 for their exclusive titles. As far as the graphical 720p and 1080p, just be patient it will get better

    • Frank

      You know there is a problem when your user base is making excuses for your terrible next gen graphics…hoping that it will get better.

      • Paladin

        I don’t recall anyone EVER saying that 720p was a terrible resolution. Remember that, when they were released 6-7 years ago, both the Xbox 360 and PS3 were only playing games with resolutions of 720p or less. It has only been within the last couple of years that both consoles have actually been able to play some games in 1080p. When Nintendo produces a console like the Wii U that can ALREADY play games in 720p, then it should not be too long before 1080p games are made. I would also like to make it clear that the naked eye cannot distinguish between 720p and 1080p. They both look good bytoday’s standards. If you’re sitting on a couch and watching your HDTV, you won’t know the difference. The only way to tell is to put your eyes very close to the screen and start counting dots.

  • david6

    I really dont care, my t.v. is 720 @60 frame rate and it looks good even @ 400 whatever. (I just dont like the way console looks.)

  • jeenaud

    doh maybe cause the screenshots are from 720p videos which is the standard
    on the internet….

  • jcb411abuser

    i feel cheated, nintendo promised specifically at last years e3 that the console would be able to run games in native 1080p and now they are only making games in 720p?? this is not good news, if they lied about that maybe they are lying through their teeth about third party support. if i was a developer why would i go through the hassle of porting my game to another console that will only look the same as 6-7 year old consoles that ive been working with for years, and i wouldn’t have to come up with some inventive way to use that touch screen controller. i will buy it because i’m a fan of nintendo games but other non nintendo gamers will be laughing hard at this news

    • Joe

      Dude next year nintendo will run 1080p relax 😉

      • Gene

        O rly? Can you please confirm that, Mr. Iwata?

      • Frank

        Can’t tell if retarded ….or just trolling.

    • Draco Breach

      You feel cheated because developers haven’t had 2~3 years to develop games for the Wii U and get used to its architecture? Wow, shallow. Or troll.

      As I stated in another post in this thread, developers need time to get used to what the Wii U can do. Much like the they did with the Wii or 360 or PS3. It took years and dozens of games for developers to get used to the capabilities of the consoles before they were releasing games that look as good as they do today. There isn’t a single console-only developer who really knows how to release every game in such high resolution and frame rate.

      Frankly, most developers are more concerned about frame rate than resolution. If you look at 360 and PS3 games, the best looking ones (running at 60fps) are actually running at a lower resolution (720p). I’ll use Dragon’s Dogma as an example – great game by the way. Capcom could not figure out how to keep a consistent 60fps without lowering the resolution to 720p, so that’s how they finalized and shipped the title.

      On the other hand, the Wii U is capable, but it will take time for developers to really learn how.

      Graphics are not all important. Games like Dragon’s Dogma are beautiful without relying on the highest possible resolution. Give it time, and developers will learn just how to deliver the experiences they want at the “eye candy” levels they want. I’d rather they concentrate on delivering entertainment, anyway.

      • Frank

        The Wii U uses an extension of the previous Nintendo SDK used on the Gamecube and Wii. Developers have had years to get familiar with this workflow. The video card is an AMD 6700 series with a multicore PowerPC CPU. This isn’t new shit.

        If Nintendo can’t deliver a 2D sidescroller (Super Mario U) running at 1080p there is a serious problem with the current hardware. Nothing shown at this year’s E3 even comes close to the Zelda demo we saw in 2011. And they had even less time to put that together than anything seen this year.

        The graphic capabilities shown through the garden demo last year makes me think they swapped the GPU at the last minute. There is no rhyme or reason to have the Nintendo Land Plaza look so low-fi in terms of resolution and geometry. The previous Zelda and Garden demos could never run on the current hardware. They pulled a bait and switch.

        • Paladin

          The video card is a custom-made AMD product. We don’t know yet what the specs for the card are, but I can imagine that it takes development teams a while to look at the custom GPU and see what they can do with it (especially with a new console). Same thing for the custom-made IBM CPU. While the SDK may be similar, the Wii U is still a new console with newer internal parts than current consoles have (and custom-made, at that). Also, as Draco Breach was saying, developers are generally having difficulty having games run at 60fps on current consoles without sacrificing graphical resolution in some way. As for the Zelda demo, that was simply a video showing the graphical capability of the Wii U. There was nothing like AI or multiple miscellaneous elements running in the background that could potentially slow down the machine in some way. That would have required more complexity than what Nintendo was wanting to show at the time. And it was one year ago, when the console was far from being finalized. I imagine that the video could run on the Wii U now, especially since it has been finalized. Same thing goes for the Garden video…no AI or other things running in the background. It was just a video. As for Nintendo Land Plaza, I thought it looked pretty good. It was supposed to be a simple design with simplistic geometry. It was intended to look cartoony and cute. Nothing wrong with that; we’re not talking about Skyrim here. The resolution of the press conference video I was watching over the Internet probably had something to do with it as well. It was in 360p, and I couldn’t get it to up-res more than that (for some reason–it was on GameSpot’s website). So I’m guessing the video probably looked better than what I actually saw. That’s usually the case, anyway.

        • Matt

          I worry the same thing. But where did you here they’re using a 6700 based GPU card? All the rumors I heard were Radeon HD 4850, and a couple saying maybe Radeon HD 6600. If it’s Radeon HD 6700 based that’d be great, but I don’t think that’s what it is

      • Salah

        Wait until it comes out. Then go to eBay.com and BUY it there. You usually can get stuff chpeaer there than in stores. Madden NFL ’11 costs $50.00 in stores. You can bid on it for about $11.00 on eBay.Not all items on eBay for sale are only up for auction. You can purchase stuff too!Or you can just get a DSi XL for $169.99 in Gamestop.

  • Geo

    well 360 and ps3 games are 480p pushed to 1080p Its rare to find a 720p game in 360 and ps3…

    • Gene

      You don’t know what you are talking about.

  • Nintengoth

    As a ginormagantuan Nintendo fan i will always buy, the WiiU i cant wait for, but i am annoyed a lil bit sort of by next year in a full 12 months i hope every game runs at 1080p and can handle unreal engine 4 with ease, otherwise the big N will have to bring out a new console in 5 years or less to compete with others.
    i love you Nintendo dont f**k it up for me lol

  • Hafid

    This is just the beginning of the system and its at least powerful as a play3 !!!
    I think its ok for the next génération …

  • Xay

    i think they’re saying that the wii u has the support but no devleper can make a 1080p game yet maybe nintendos marketing stratgy first give 720p then bump it up when the next box and ps come turn up the power

    • pach

      Thinking about it, then nintendo could be hiding the full capabilities of the Wii U hardware becase of the upcoming PS4 and next Xbox?

      I dont know if is smart move but i think i would do that too…

      • Frank

        I’m going to charge your $350 for a new console with a secret. I’m going to make you think it’s not next gen and only output 720p for a few years. Then when everyone else releases the real next gen I’ll show you all what it can really do.

        Do you realize how insane that sounds? You think Nintendo would release a new console and hold it back so that it competes with the current gen at the same 6 year old tech level? And then kick in the BLAST PROCESSING when the PS4 and 720 arrive? Please stop talking.

  • Xay

    i think nintendo is trying a new stratgy like bump up to 1080p next year and that when zelda Hd will be here and the develpers may not no how to make 1080p as of now or doesnt want to waste the money when 720p looks fine for now

    • Frank

      You have absolutely no clue. It’s doesn’t cost more money to run in 1080p. The hardware just can’t handle it. And the console is static. It doesn’t grow over the years in power. Developers might get more out of it after a few years but that usually doesn’t translate into high resolution out put, just more effects and things on the screen at once.

    • Paladin

      The hardware is capable of running 1080p graphics. Developers are most likely learning more about the console’s architecture and newer working parts and planning to improve on games’ graphics later on. It’s the same thing that has been happening with the PS3 and 360 over the past 6-7 years, with the initial games being able to only output sub-HD (less than 720p) graphics.

      • Frank

        Wrong. You seem to know very little about development. The first xbox could do 1080p…this doesn’t mean it could run anything that looks good at 1080p.

        The hardware can’t do 60fps at 1080p. This is going to make the Wii U look like the Wii in one year when the PS4 and 720 get released.

        • Paladin

          I know more than you think, friend. Read my first post again. I never said anything about the first Xbox, only the 360. I did not deny that the original Xbox was able to run 1080p resolution, let alone say anything about it at all. The games themselves were developed with their lower resolutions, even on the original Xbox. The fact remains that the early games on both the PS3 and the 360 mostly ran at either 720p or less. I’m not blaming the consoles for that. This is because the game developers made it that way, since they were still trying to figure out how to utilize the hardware in those consoles, which were new at the time. By the way, this happens for every generation of video games. Developers don’t start off knowing everything there is to know about developing for the console during the first couple of years or so of its existence. As for the Wii U hardware being unable to run games at 60 fps…again, look at the main article of this thread. The answer is there…it will happen, and it’s not a rumor. I think there will be a mixture of games that run at 30 fps and 60 fps. That’s a good estimate. Think about this: If the PS4 and Xbox 720 do end up being much more powerful than the Wii U, I imagine they will both cost somewhere between $400 and $500 (if not more). Unless people have a fair amount of disposable income to throw around, they will not buy those types of machines in this economy. In fact, I think that I have actually said the same thing more than once on this thread.

  • swic11

    Even though graphics dont make a game great, they do indeed help. I love Nintendo, I always have, but these specs are starting to get disheartening. This thing is easily going to cost over $300 and I want some F**king power put into it.

  • Hafid

    Sorry but im really really happy That Nintendo have finally a good and powerful system and at a good cost !!!
    I Will throw away my PS3 and get back to Nintendo !!!
    I already sold a 3DS … Really happy and i mean it …
    Love miyamoto !!!

    • Frank

      No price has been announced. And it’s not more powerful than the PS3.

      • Paladin

        True, no price has been announced. And none of us know yet how powerful the console is. So until the actual specs are released, we can only guess. I don’t think it makes sense for Nintendo to release a console less powerful than the PS3. They will not get a substantial amount of new customers by doing that. So I think it will be more powerful, and I am not simply going by rumors. It’s just common sense, especially from a business perspective.

      • Matt

        Even though Nintendo has done nothing but disappoint me this week, I don’t think it’s less powerful than the PS3. They would practically have to go out of their way to produce a GPU/CPU less powerful. Even chips that are 3-4 years old are dirt cheap now and more powerful than the PS3. It would be absolutely insanity if it isn’t. And if the launch title demos right now are somewhat on par with PS3 than that means it’s more capable (check out early PS3/360 footage and you’ll see what I mean). Though I still think it should look somewhat noticeably better than current generations instead of on par.

    • Your mom


  • nathant16

    Does anyone know if wii u will be getting farcry 3? G4 says it’s coming out on ps/xbox/pc but no mention of wii u.

    • Hafid

      I dont think So …
      Sorry but its not a big lose !
      For me …

      • Hafid

        Oops !!! Ive Check it ! And it seems That Yes !!!
        Its on the Line up of the WiiU !!!
        But not sure !

    • nathant16

      So Farcry 3, Watchdogs, Lost planet 3??? No news yet?

      • Hafid

        In fact nothing sure !
        Sorry but the e3 is not ended …
        Ill wait a Zelda !

      • Dar

        I know some Wii Play Motion games around the world have a black Wii Remote Plus budlned. This is a remote with the Wii Motion Plus integrated inside the remote. So you can play it straightaway. However, for multiplayer, because the game requires Wii Motion Plus, you would have to buy a Wii Motion Plus accessory for any old remotes you have which you wish to play Wii Play Motion with.

    • swic11

      I think it would be pretty shitty if it didnt happen. Nintendo boasted about its 3rd party support. Is Ubisoft the only supporter? Kinda seems like it as of the moment.

  • ddddd

    After all the bullcrap this site has said claiming to have “insider sources” I will not believe a word from this place even if it is the name of the days.

  • omar

    this is fine. games devs will need time to utilize the hardware. ps3 and 360 are not even true hd consoles. i think cod playes at like 600p and barely made 30fps. uncharted which is 720p is the max that the ps3 has. just wait for more AAA exclusives because you cant judge graphics with ports like people have been doing. 360/ps3 versions of games all look the same, but uncharted and heavy rain detroy any ps3 game usually, as do gears of war for 360 games. the fact that wii u games are starting out with 720p 60fps is fantastic, and it wil only go up from there! ps3 launch titles compared to ps3 games now is my point

    • Altry

      CoD games have always ran at 60 fps. Many of them were under actual 720p, though… They were marketed “720p” and thus it’s not unlikely Nintendo will use that LIE as well to INCREASE SALES.

  • markw1982

    I dont really care about high definition or specs fact is that wii u is a brand new funky and innovative product just like all nintendo consoles

    the nintendo ds cant produce breath taking graphics or produce high definition but its still probably sold more than ps3 and xbox 360 combined

    give them a chance we could all be very surprised

  • Colton

    Remember: You can make beautiful graphics even on the Wii. Just look at the stylistic Skyward Sword.

    Sure, it’d be even more spectacular in HD on the XBox, but you don’t nee HD to make good graphics. I still love the graphics of the Wind Waker, because they’re stylistic.

    Stylistic games look good much longer than realistic ones. Halo 1 used to be praised for being so realistic. Now it looks terrible. The Wind Waker still looks good because it was stylistic, not realistic.

  • LazarusNine

    It seems to me that there may be SOME excuse for 3rd party games to be 720p when the Wii U is launched, but why would Nintendo titles be limited to 720p at launch, especially something like New Super Mario Bros, which won’t exactly be struggling for that 60fps? That’s why I’m worried ever so slightly. I think the Wii U might pull a few ‘hard core’ gamers (whatever they are) at the beginning (if at all), but won’t have many cross-overs by the time the next gen Sony and MS offerings are released. That said, I suppose it doesn’t matter. Most people own multiple consoles anyway. If the Wii U does ‘only’ as well as the Wii, which was severely underpowered, Nintendo is doing well for itself, though to be honest, I was hoping for a Sony/MS replacement. I’d happily stick to a single console if it was a fantastic Nintendo offering. I get a lot of use out of my Wii now, though that’s admittedly after I ‘jailbroke’ it.

  • Tommy Håkansson

    Playing with two controllers will divide the framerate in half. Might have something to do with that. I don’t know. But since games for the current HD consoles often don’t run in even 720p, 6-7 years into their lifetimes, I’m not awfully worried.

  • nope

    Most games for PS3 and 360 are not even true 720p, they use some sort of weird resolution and then upscale the rest, creating this anti-aliasing effect that actually benefits the final result. So, if this is “true” 720p, it’s still good news for anyone with HDMI and a 720p capable monitor/television, as it will be completely native.

    Xenoblade @ 30fps @ 1920x1080p emulated proves what the Wii was capable of, unfortunately the developers are well and truly beyond Nintendo at this point.

    Nintendo hasn’t done anything wrong.

    They simply didn’t grow up.

    Their userbase did.

    • Frank

      “Xenoblade @ 30fps @ 1920x1080p emulated proves what the Wii was capable of…”

      Are you absolutely retarded? This proves nothing. It proves that you have a decent PC.

      • Zeppy

        Frank is right, that doesn’t prove what the Wii was capable of at all. That’s like claiming the HD collections of PS2 games on the PS3 prove what the PS2 was capable of when really its just being upscaled by a more powerful system than it originally ran on (PC or PS3)

  • Britton

    There are a lot of comments stating that HD graphics do not matter. Guess what… although gameplay is more important… graphics do indeed matter for a “next gen” console. I am way excited for the WiiU but come on… 3rd party developers have been making games for “HD” consoles like Xbox360 and PS3 for how long now? And they “dont know how” to utilize a next gen console that is “capable” of 1080p graphics? I dont buy it. Also, why on earth would Nintendo not be able to “utilize” the full capacity of its own console?? Look, my favorite games are Nintendo so I will buy the console anyway. But the so-called hardcore gamers will not be won over by a console producing the same graphic power as a console that is 6+ years old. Nintendo not only needs to maintain the casual gamers and families… but win over the MS/Sony fans.

    • Your mom

      Yes yes bravo bravo!!

  • Dr Awesome

    Nintendo has carefully calculated their priorities with this system. Graphics that are better than current-gen, even if not a giant leap forward, are all that’s necessary. Higher priorities are offering new features and gameplay forms. Sony and M$, all they can offer with new boxes is better graphics, and those graphics can’t be a giant leap forward, either. The rate of graphics advancement has slowed significantly since 2005, due to developer’s and consumer’s costs. (very few families will want to buy Super-HD or 3D tvs yet)

    Just as “bits” became unimportant after the 32/64 bit era, graphics upgrades are becoming irrelevant.

    That said… it IS still a bit disappointing to hear about WiiU games in 720. I hope the representative was misinformed.

  • Your mom

    I can understand this on Mario, pikmin, and even Kirby. But with metroid, Zelda, star fox, super smash bros and kid Icarus those games have to run at 1080p, other wise these titles will not compete with other games on other systems. Such as halo little big planet etc. and yes I do know that it’s about game play not graphics but it just won’t be as good. So Nintendo better think about that 720p thing when it comes to Zelda and metroid.

  • Your mom

    The ps4 and Xbox 720 will run at OVER 9000 FRAMES PER SECOND… Good luck with that, you copy cats!!!!! LOL

    • oldschoolDAVE

      no television or projector can support that many fps. i hope you were being facetious, otherwise quit wasting space in the forum!

      • FacePalmer

        Face, I’d like to introduce you to a good friend of mine; meet palm.

  • McDaniel-77

    60 fps is far better than 30 fps !!!

    So it is smarter to choose 720p and make it look good and run it with 60 fps, maybe with some FSAA, than make it run with 30 fps in 1080p for the sake of 1080p. Most PS360 look like crap if you use a big screen with 1080p.


  • Matt

    Am I crazy or did Reggie not say last year that the games can run natively out of 1080p? Like I’m the type of person who thinks HD is overrated and not that big of deal but if the system can basically only do things that the last generation is able to, it doesn’t bode well for it’s future and the multiplatform games it will get. It makes me concerned what the actual hardware specs are. Hopefully a 3rd party company will release the specs soon now that the non-disclosure agreements are over and put some rumors to bed

  • Onetallnerd

    I think it’s running in 720p because it has to also have an audio/video feed to the controller…

  • SonofMrPeanut

    John Kinsley really needed to come up with a better title for this article like “First Party Wii U launch games to be in 720p” instead of this sensationalist one.

  • Supermosh1990

    Can’t wait to play this game, along with Assassin’s creed 3 on my Black Wii U!

  • Supermosh1990

    Can’t wait to play this game, along with Assassin’s creed 3 on my Black Wii U on Day (in the morning, hopefully if their is a midnight launch). Come on Nintendo Bring the hype train to Indiana!

  • TheBoldman67

    Maybe like one of you said maybe nintendo’s waiting to kick in the MAJOR processing power and will run Battlefield 4 at 1080p, 45fps, 32player online with the Frostbite 3 engine when Nextbox and PS4 come out, or maybe the sites just trolling.

  • Sascha

    Looking forward to the games. Additional games can be found under http://www.games.de

  • arti

    That’s quite dissapointing that there’s no full HD in 2012 wii U, brand new console is about as powerful as almost 10 years old xbox360. All xbox360 games are 720p upscaled to 1080p which doesn’t make it look close to a real 1080p. All consoles are miles away from what you can get out of PC for $800.

  • Poetry

    It’s really a great and helpful piece of information. I’m glad that you shared this useful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  • Altry

    Nintendo, you’ve disappointed us once again.
    You should give the people what the people want. Otherwise your sales and, more importantly, dependability will suffer for silly reasons. 🙁

  • Jay

    Is it really that hard to run a game at 1080p? The technology for THAT alone has been available since the launch of the 360!!! What a lame excuse of a reason NOT to have any of the first party games, in which the consumer has to pay a whomping $59.99, that’s dated with old technology. Sure, I can confirm that I will be another victim of the successor, but I just can’t let that laziness slip by… -_____________________- Laziness!!!

  • Jay

    And by game, I mean a simple game such as NSMBU! If this is supposed to be a “future-proof” product… we’re entering a cave starting with the light at the beginning of the tunnel.

  • oldschoolDAVE

    ESPN-HD broadcasts in 720p, and I’ve never heard anyone complain about their resolution. (720p looks better than 1080i, especially for capturing motion). I would like for all my games to display in 1080p with at least 6.1 channel sound, but there are other technical factors that are important. I care about color depth, product durability, and loading time. Nintendo has excelled in these categories in the past, and I expect no less of the Wii-U.

  • Rhombid

    So, the Wii U is a current gen console 5 years too late. . .

    Seeing as how the only interesting games are ports that I’ve played already, I’ll pass. . .