Sep 18th, 2012

Nintendo showcased a lot of Wii U games at its special event in New York last week. Lots of gamers and folks from the press got a chance to play those games, and we got some off-screen footage of that. We got footage from the new Nintendo Land mini-games, and for the first time, we get a glimpse of Darksiders 2 and NBA2K13 running on the Wii U!

Darksiders 2 on Wii U

Finally, we get to see the Darksiders 2 Wii U version in action. And it’s looking pretty sweet.

Rayman Legends

We’ve seen a lot from Rayman Legends, here’s anther video with a developer walkthrough, explaining some of the aspects of the game.

Nintendo Land – Metroid Blast & Pikmin Adventure & Mario Chase

The following three videos showcase gameplay from 3 Nintendo Land mini-games: Metroid Blast, Pikmin Adventure, and finally, Mario Chase, which was previously known as “Mii Chase”.

Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed

This game looks absolutely gorgeous on the Wii U, almost looks like a mix between Mario Kart and Wipeout.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

The Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U version is looking pretty good at this point — we get to see some of the Wii U specific features, like when a character gets a Mario-like mushroom and grows much larger.

Trine 2

We recently proclaimed Trine 2 as the “best looking Wii U game” we’ve ever seen. If you’re still not sold, check out the gameplay video below, which features the first 10 minutes of the game.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Wii U

The Black Ops 2 footage shows the entire game running on the GamePad. The game will support local multiplayer where one player uses the GamePad, and the other the TV. Don’t worry, online multiplayer will be available as well.

NBA 2K13

NBA 2K13 is one of the few Wii U sports simulation games that will be available during the launch, here we get the first glimpse pf it running on the Wii U.

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  • mike

    oh god… i dont know how am i going to survive until november…

    • ZombieGuns

      Reminds me of that episode of South Park where Cartman freezes himself so he can be revived when the Wii came out.

      • Skoog510

        I was just watching that today!! It was a two-part episode, “Go God Go” and “Go God Go XII”, at the time I felt Cartman’s pain, now it feels like 2006 all over again!!

      • goginho

        haha, yea.. they should make a new episode where Cartman waits for the Wii U

      • revolution5268

        oh man i love that ep, i wish they make one for the wii u.

    • Bobsingh

      i know i keep thinkinking about my reactions when i open the box and take the console out. I’ll already be in heaven! Think about when I turn it on and start playing.

      • Bobsingh



      • SUperMetroid1234

        dang you i’m going to a hole to die now

      • ZombieGuns

        I’m planning on doing a unboxing video for YouTube. I’ll be doing the Wii U Deluxe, Pro Controller (black) and ZombieU.

    • meliza

      me neither… ~_~

    • meliza

      me neither bro… ~_~

    • zam

      i just want blackops 2 darksiders 2 zombi u assasins creed 3 fifa 13 mass effect 3 and some other games i cant wait!!!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • u mad bro

        Yeah a person on this site that likes Blops 2… take that MELK

  • venomjamaica

    Wow Am loving this. I can’t wait to get this system.

  • Pure Water


  • Nintendude

    Sweet! Can’t wait to get my hands on some of these games and that glossy, awesome controller!

    • Kahhhhyle

      But now it will smudge like a fiend…

  • Garzard


  • ZombieGuns

    First time seeing Trine 2. Now it’s on my must have Wii U game list.

  • Bobsingh

    “They all look great!”


    only things left to say

    The Wii U is too awesome. We need some more adjectives

    • Crapcake

      How about epic and legendary

      • Bobsingh

        Yes those are great words, and they perfectly describe Wii U

    • SteampunkJedi

      To be blunt, innovative. Less blunt, sensational. 😀

  • ocarinaoftime

    Oh sweet baby jesus! These next 60 days might be the longest days of my life.. I say this because this will be my first time attending and buying a console at launch.

    • ZombieGuns

      Same here and i’m 29 years old. Even though i’ve been a gamer all my life i’ve never attended a midnight console launch or bought one right when it came out. But with the Wii U i’ll be at my local Gamestop midnight Nov. 18 waiting to be one of the first people to get my hands on a Wii U Deluxe!

      • theaquacharger

        Yeah. I’m asking my boss for that Saturday off early to make sure I get a good spot in line.

        • eyesac

          I’ve done a couple, the wii was one of the funnest launches I attended, not to stereotype. The nintendo crowd is quite a bit cooler than the others. It could just be my town. The 360 I ended up walking away from after 2 hours. The “gamers” were just dick heads. Halo launches weren’t too bad. The wii was my first one. Gonna have to camp out again this time. Nothing beats sitting in front of walmart for 18 hours. This time Ive got gear and shit packed and ready to go. I’ll see you all in miiverse.

        • Neonridr

          Are you not guaranteed a console with your preorder? Or do you just want to be that much closer to the front of the line?

  • CandyCanester26

    So happy for NBA 2k13 cant wait. Also cant forget my Cod and since im getting the Black Wii U im not singling out Nintendo Land.

  • SteampunkJedi

    This just makes me more excited for the Wii U. Why can’t time speed up? :/

  • Nintyfan


    • Nitro

      I am curious of what the reasons are for your disappointment. Could you please list them?

  • Nintendo Power of Canada/USA

    I have to buy a lot of Nintendo accessories for all this game.
    (Wii U comes out)

    Wii U console and ZombiU

    (A few weeks later)
    Wii U Pro Controller and Blackops 2
    (Another few weeks later)
    Wii U Gamepad screen pretector and Wii Accessories…..Thats my shopping plan. Whats yours?

    • Ledreppe

      My shopping plan is:

      Buy Wii U Premium Black Pack (with Nintendo Land)
      Buy Pro Controller
      Buy Gamepad screen protector, cleaning cloth and large stylus
      And download NSMBU on day 1

      All at the same time… there goes my bank balance!

      • link 5

        What if the eshop isn’t open???????? :/

    • elbrody

      well mine is
      buy the deluxe wii u
      buy zombie u,fifa 13,blop 2 and NSMB Wii U
      buy the screen protecter

      all this on day launch
      maybe later the pro controller

      and thats my xmas

  • JumpMan

    gosh, if my family become better at games all of the sudden, i’ll be playing the versus ones 24/8… if not… i guess i’ll just settle for the single player one! (on NintendoLand)

  • Over9000!!!

    I know right!

  • Nick

    Under your Nintendo Land video, you say Mario Chase used to be called Mii Chase. It was actually Chase Mii. Just Sayin’.

    • SteampunkJedi

      That’s why it sounded wrong. You’re right. Wii U Daily staff, it would be nice of you to could fix that. But it’s a minor detail that doesn’t really matter too much.

      • SteampunkJedi

        *to fix that*

    • Random

      Sorry looks like I double posted

  • Wils81

    Recently gave up on CoD (due to the bullshit that was MW3), but I must say… BO2 looks very promising! Kudos to Treyarch! ^_^

  • Death

    Screw the rest of the launch day titles (excluding Mario and Pikmin).
    Darksiders 2 just became my most anticipated game.

  • roedburn

    Hope Darksiders 2 has a targeting system. Even if it doesn’t it will still be an awesome game.

    • jeenaud

      yes it has

  • Jetty

    Speechless. Metroid Blast is like the lazy man’s version of Lazer Tag! Tekken looks incredible! Shout out to Sonic!! 4QN AWESOME!!!!!!

  • Joesatmoes

    Im want two sidescrollers at first, and new super mario bros u is one. the other one.. idkwhich is better-rayman legends or trine 2? PLEAZE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Neonridr

    Anyone else wondering what the battery life will be like on the game pad? I know my batteries go to shit on my iPod / iPad when I play a game for a few hours straight. And since we can’t get extra game pads is there a wire that we can connect like the play and charge kit for the 360 controllers?? I am just worried that I will play for a few hours and then the game pad will be dead..

    • mark

      yes. the charge cable plugs into a nearby power socket not the USB slot on the WiiU.

    • Kahhhhyle

      I think they said 5 hours was the estimated charge time…

  • DarkNite

    Please tell me im not the only one getting the white one? i went to go reserve it on day two n they had already stopped accepting at the gamestop i went to, so my only choice was the white one, so i decided something is better then nothing..=/ either way, im excited to get that shit already, paid ac3 and fifa13 in full alreaddy, n i still have 600 bucks left to waist( including wii u). im not the only one getting the white one right?lol

    • Neonridr

      White still looks really snazzy. And since you can connect any external HD, the 8gb internal storage is a non factor. Personally I got the black because all my other components are black minus the Wii (which will probably get traded in once I transfer everything off of it. The black was also a no brainier due to the accessories and included game. It actually made the system cheaper if you subtract all the extras you got. But nothing wrong with the white one. Put it this way, you’ll be playing it on launch day while others will have nothing!

  • ssb4

    No worries there is a gamepad charger

  • King5

    Wii U is gonna be dope as hell, but did anybody else look at 2k13 closely. Something seems off. It look liked the uniforms are stiff like they glued to the body. It didnt have that natural sway to them. Hmmmm……..

    • Neonridr

      Can’t really comment on that. I would have to see a side by side of the 360/PS3 versions. Perhaps they are all like that.

  • ocarinaoftime

    New super Mario world U please? 🙂

  • Kevin White

    Nothing on NHL 13 or Borderlands 2 for Wii U?

    • Kahhhhyle

      I doubt borderlands 2… Maybe 3?

  • Christopher

    The frame rate on most of these games are just… wow.

    Obviously the guys who are making Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed aren’t given enough time so the game looks a little bit rushed.

    But other than that all these games look amazing on the Wii U

  • Random

    You made a mistake, Mario Chase used to be known as Chase Mii, not Mii Chase

  • zuxs

    3-5 hrs of game play. But you can play while its plugged in or you can get a pro-controller as a back up.


    Gotta admit Black Wii U look sexy like them black thick Bootylicious African Girls,Black is Beautiful no wonder its more expensive,me think gona get Wii U,I having a hard one now

  • Wes

    I think they said 3-5 hours for battery life but it comes with a separate AC power adapter so you can plug it in to the outlet closest to you. I think that’s even a better option than a mini USB because those cables usually aren’t that long so you wind up sitting close to the system (have this problem with my PS3)

  • kurt

    Sorry wii i think your big bro wii u is gonna whoop your butt especially since your controllers and games are supposed to work on him too


    It would make sense to have a wire that allows you to play whilst you charge the controller. They have it on the 360 and the ps3 so bound to be on the Wii U as well even if it’s not official 🙂

  • Dan

    Dunno about the gamepad battery life but u can plug the ac adaptor on a power outlet near your couch,,, it doesnt charge through usb,,,

  • LP

    All of you who said five hours get an A+. Good comprehension.

  • Deadmansam

    I’m probably getting the:

    Wii u deluxe
    Pro controller
    And nsmbu

  • zombi ubisoft tink outdated is core

    LOL ‘ DARKSIDERS 2 dualshock with a map iv played zelda and resident evil with wii remotes and nunchcucks now you expect me to robo cop cam a zelda ish come 3rd person over the shoulder like res evil 4 type game !!!!!!!!!

    putting a map on the pad doesn’t cut it and twin sticks is now 2 gens old please wake up developers please get a grip on REAL GAMING and wiiu

    • TheUNation

      You should know the fact that using the map on the GamePad is a great idea and is very useful. No more clutter on your HDTV. Mass Effect 3: Special Edition and Assassin’s Creed III are prime examples.

  • monali

    i really love darksider in the wii u

    and graphics train 2 is awesame i think it more better than xbox 360 and ps3

    • szupersuttyo

      train lol its trine

  • Neonridr

    Well that’s a relief. I didn’t see that the system came with a Gamepad AC adapter for charging. That is good news, because I plan on using the game pad for a lot of different things (my wife will be excited that she can go onto facebook with it I am sure)..

    now I can only hope that the AC adapter cable isn’t like 3 feet long..

  • BananaPwnz

    The wait is literally KILLING me!

  • Macarony64

    the first thing im going do is smell the box inside 4 at least 1 hour

  • Case

    I don’t want to wait any longer why do they have to release it in November!! Why can’t they release it in October or something!!!!

  • Marioravesto3d

    Lol am with you guys can’t wait and am in me thirties.The fact there’s a nice blend with the games ie mario,nintendo land or batman and mass effect different type of games.Wont be getting anymore ps3 games waiting for batman and the likes that controller looks mint.