Available Wii U Games

Game TitleGenrePublisherRelease Date
Assassin's Creed 3ActionUbisoft11/18/12
Batman: Arkham City Armored EditionActionWarner Bros.11/18/12
Call of Duty: Black Ops IIFirst Person ShooterActivision11/18/13
Darksiders 2ActionTHQ11/18/12
Epic Mickey 2: The Power of TwoPlatformDisney11/18/12
FIFA 13SportsEA Sports11/18/12
Game Party ChampionsParty GameWarner Bros.11/18/12
Injustice: Gods Among UsFightingWarner Bros.4/16/13
Just Dance 4DanceUbisoft11/18/12
Lego Batman 2: DC Super HeroesActionWarner Bros.5/21/13
Lego City: UndercoverThird Person ActionNintendo3/28/13
Little InfernoPuzzleTomorrow Corporation11/18/12
Madden 13SportsEA Sports11/18/12
Mass Effect 3RPGEA11/18/12
Monster Hunter 3 UltimateAction/RPGCapcom3/19/13
NBA 2K13Sports2K Sports11/18/12
Need For Speed Most Wanted URacingElectronic Arts3/19/13
New Super Mario Bros. UPlatformerNintendo11/18/12
Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's EdgeActionNintendo11/18/12
Nintendo LandParty GameNintendo11/18/12
Pikmin 3StrategyNintendo8/4/13
Resident Evil: RevelationsSurvival HorrorCapcom5/21/13
Scribblenauts UnlimitedPuzzleWarner Bros.11/18/12
Skylanders GiantsPlatformActivision11/18/12
Sniper Elite v2First Person Shooter505 Games5/21/13
Sonic & All-Stars Racing TransformedRacingSEGA11/18/12
Sports ConnectionSportsUbisoft11/18/12
Tank! Tank! Tank!ArcadeNamco Bandai11/18/12
Tekken Tag Tournament 2FightingNamco Bandai11/18/12
The Walking Dead: Survival InstinctFirst Person ShooterActivision3/23/13
Transformers Prime: The GameActionActivision11/18/12
Trine 2: Director's CutPlatformFrozenbyte Studios11/18/12
Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013FitnessUbisoft11/18/12
ZombiUFirst Person ShooterUbisoft11/18/12

Upcoming Wii U Games

GamePublisherGenreRelease Date
Assassin's Creed IV: Black FlagUbisoftAction10/29/13
Batman: Arkham OriginsWarner Bros. InteractiveAction10/25/13
Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's CutSquare EnixFirst Person RPG/ShooterTBD
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: BlacklistUbisoftThird Person Stealth8/20/13
Watch DogsUbisoftThird Person Action11/19/13
Angry Birds TrilogyActivisionPuzzle8/13/13
Bayonetta 2NintendoActionTBD
Mario Kart 8NintendoRacingTBD
Rayman LegendsUbisoftPlatformerSeptember 2013
Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem CrossoverNintendoRPGTBD
Skylanders: Swap ForceActivisionPlatformerTBD 2013
Super Smash Bros.NintendoFightingTBD 2014
The Legend of ZeldaNintendoRPGTBD
The Wonderful 101Platinum GamesActionTBD 2013
Wii Fit UNintendoFitnessDecember 2013
Yarn YoshiNintendoPlatformerTBD
Donkey Kong Country Returns: Tropical FreezeNintendoPlatformerNovember 2013
Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HDNintendoActionTBD
Sonic Lost WorldSegaPlatformer10/22/13
Call of Duty: GhostsActivisionShooterTBD
Disney InfinityDisneyPlatformer8/18/13
Scribblenauts UnmaskedWarner Bros. InteractivePlatformer9/24/13
Adventure Time Explore the Dungeon Because I DON'T KNOWWayForward TechnologiesPlatformer11/12/13
Super Mario 3D WorldNintendoPlatformerDecember 2013

Rumored Wii U Games

GameDeveloperGenreRelease Date
Rainbow 6: PatriotsUbisoftFPSTBD
Grand Theft Auto 5Rockstar GamesActionTBD
The Witcher 3CD Projekt REDRPGTBD
The WitnessJonathan BlowPuzzlerTBD
Star Fox Wii UNintendoActionTBD



    Black ops 2?

    • fishAlien


    • Jerm949

      fuck yeah!

      • O.o

        dude remember its a Call of Duty: game…

      • Amani

        Watch your mouth.

    • Herox95

      Yup, we are getting it! Andn plus it’ll have zombies in it too! How cool is that?! And also ZombiU.
      I really want the black Wii U, as do in fact have a Red Flame Nintendo 3DS, but ya know, I pre-ordered Super Smash Bros. 3DS, and I only had to pay 10 dollars for it!

      • Joesatmoes

        i care not for Zombies- Ill just b getting Zombi U anyway. But I love Call of Duty and this makes me so FRIGGIN EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Bo2 and Battlefield 4 are both comign, which makes me even more hyped up, cuz while i love Cod, i really want to play a Battlefield game for once.

      • Joshua Alexander

        Have You Already Pre-Ordered The 32Gb Wii U Console Before It Sold Out On Pre- Orders ?

    • Ilias

      Yes of course!!

    • CoD Hater

      Call of Duty, for those who can’t figure out how to play a real game.

      • 007 1/2

        Call of Doodoo

        • DJL

          I love C.O.D but this is still funny! lol

  • pokemon master #1

    Retro Studio’s game?

    • noah

      I didn’t see retro on there…that doesn’t necessarily mean no Metroid…but that probably means they aren’t ready to “say” there is one…because I’m sure there is. There has to be.

  • (>”)>Kirby

    They need to make a pokemon game that is like the handheld games but you explore a world like pokepark and have battles like battle revelution

    • Chris

      Actually mate, you might be on to something.

      That would actually be a sweet idea

      • Colton

        Actually, I’d REALLY enjoy an open world Pokemon. However, why not up the ante and make it so that the game world lets you see Pokemon in the grass, if it’s going to be 3D it’s kind of lame for the monster to just “Appear”.

        Plus it’d be fun to go into a cave and run from a bunch of Zubats, a flock of them chasing you. Like, you could have the choice of battling or not. But they’d still exist in the overworld.

        • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

          That’d be awesome. I still think it’d be cool to be able to control the pokemon in a 3D battle world. Like the battles switch to an arena type of stage and you can have your pokemon run around and aim for your atks. Have the four trigger buttons be your atks, left analog stick moves you, right can move the camera (I’m thinking an overhead view maybe), face buttons have you dash and jump and stuff, and the touch screen is your bag, pokemon, and run buttons. I kinda like that battle set up. For a more unique pokemon battle, more like it is in the show. Come on, you know you always wanted to have your charizard up in the air and seismic toss anyone. If they had cut scenes in for moves when they hit, that’d be epic. But do it so that it flows. Maybe only moves that go off screen. IDK, what do you guys think? A bit too much? Maybe, but that would be a seriously challenging pokemon game. I mean, you can get through the main handheld games with virtually no skill, so I think this could be an interesting concept.

          • Lixdy

            That would be awesome the have to do that!!!

          • Nintendo Defender #1


          • MujuraNoKamen

            These comments have put forward the greatest game idea I’ve ever heard (probably)

            A massive open world game where you can see roaming Pokemon and either run away from them or pursue them is an amazing concept. What if when you run into a Pokemon, it would then take you to a 3D battle arena (like the ones in Pokemon Stadium) but you could use real time combat rather than turn based combat (like in, well, just about every Pokemon game) you could lock on to enemies with a “Z-targeting” type thing (from Ocarina of Time and every 3D Zelda game) but you could fire your psi-beams and flamethrowers and stuff on the move while dodging enemy attacks. I’m thinking combat a little like Kid Icarus: Uprising. And for the controls the D-pad buttons could be used for 4 of your long ranged attacks and the A, B, X & Y buttons for Melee attacks like head-butt and tackle etc. One of the triggers will naturally be used for targeting and others could be used for using items and poke balls etc. The items menu can be displayed on the touch-screen in battles – and even outside battles so you won’t have to stop playing to browse through lists of items. When battles are over, your Pokemon gain experience points and level up, learn new and evolve just like in the main-series games, so the classic Pokemon/RPG elements are still there there, it’s just a normal Pokemon game with real-time battles and 3D over world.
            Hmm… maybe we should E-mail Nintendo these comments, they may create it and even credit us 🙂 let me know if your mind has been blown just like mine has been blown.

          • MujuraNoKamen

            These comments have put forward the greatest game idea I’ve ever heard – probably.
            It would be so awesome to have a huge 3D over world in which you can see Pokemon roaming around, and in order to start battles you have to walk right up the Pokemon – or have them come up to you. This would not only mean we wouldn’t be ambushed by wild Pokemon when you are trying to avoid them but we could run away from – as Colton said – avoid Zubats and other annoying Pokemon. When you do run into a Pokemon it will cut to a battle just like in the main series games, but it would take into a 3D arena like in Pokemon stadium with 3D Pokemon models rather than sprites. In these battles your Pokemon can move around freely to attack and lock onto enemies with a “Z-targeting” like mechanic (from Ocarina of time and other 3D Zelda games) Also, the game can have real-time combat as opposed to turn based battles (I’m thinking something like Kid Icarus: Uprising or even Zelda games) in which the D-Pad buttons are used for long ranged attacks like flamethrower and psi-beam, and the A, B, X, and Y buttons for melee attacks like headbutt and tackle. As for the the shoulder buttons and triggers, one can be used for targeting, the others are allocated to the use of items. The touchscreen is incorporated into the game by displaying items menus so as you don’t have to pause the game to pick the items you want to use (although pausing to select items can be an option through the start/select buttons) When battles are over, your Pokemon will gain experience points/level up/learn new moves as normal. So basically this is a normal Pokemon game but with a 3D open world, visible wild Pokemon and real time combat.
            Maybe Nintendo will like the idea too. Let me know what you think, has your mind been blown like mine?

          • MrK


          • Lixdy

            They have to make it. Do U Hear Me Nintendo Make it Pls
            Everyone who wants this to happen say I

          • Master Swordsman

            Think about this people? online play with a whole server of people. Think you can take on a role as gym leader and be demoted to trainer if you lose to many battles or be promoted to elite when you have good level of pokemon. then take role as champion and reign. You can customize your own trainer, have real-time action battles between pokemon. all while building the perfect team. no being limited to four moves. Use the D-pad for special attacks; a,x,b,y for physical (credit to MujuraNoKamen); the easy access trigger buttons for commonly use actions such as dodge or jump ( maybe they can even be asiigned misc moves like double team or swords dance. You can even combine moves for contests and wow the judges that are actual people playing online. ex: aqua ice jet from a buizel. just think of the possibilities with the gamepad too, full panoramic view while playing pokemon snap. all in HD. imagine an arcanine’s fur. graphics show every strand of hair. for some reason its nostalgic.

          • Master Swordsman

            and think about using the the microphone to voice activate moves and tell your pokemon to dodge incoming fire. amazing things can be done. they have to!

          • PearlTiger

            someone NEEDS to tell Nintendo this! this is GENIUS! but i highly doubt just some comments on a random website are going to make this game… THEY NEED TO KNOW!!!

          • Ben

            Sounds like Scribblenauts Unlimited.

          • Might be cool

            Great idea! I’ve had an idea for a similar Pokémon game myself, only not too much like the main games. I was thinking more like a 3D fighting game in the style of the old Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi-games for the Wii. Had completely forgotten about the idea, but it would be brilliant if Nintendo made it. If there’s one franchise they are willing to experiment with, it would be the Pokémon franchise.

          • joesatmoes

            i havent bought any pokemon games other than pokemon ranger, white, soulsilver, and diamond. Diamond was the best imo, but now the Pokemon DS games’ stories have gotten extremely old. i wont even b getting w or b 2, or any game after, unless they come up with something completely new (A new region or 100 new pokemon dont count). This might be the idea that, if put to good use, could even bring someone like me back to the pokemon world- and like it.

          • Nintendo Gamer

            I think that is a great idea! We should also be able to control flying when u use fly to get somewhere, running into flying pokemon on the way!

    • Anonymous

      Longest reply chain ever.

      And good idea.

      • Lazyboy88

        Hi’ all, i think that actually seeing a pokemon in the game would be SO! awesome, instead of randomly running in grass trying to find a pokemon which sometimes is a bird that should sometimes fly in the air. i would really love to see training grounds, so u don’t have to battle other trainers to lvl up or get skills/attacks.. it could be kinda cool xD maybe training your electric type pokemon by giving it a electric shock, they do it in the animé 1’st gen. you should be able to ride your pokémon instead of the lame bike, i mean come on! if i had a Rapidash, i’d ride on that istead of a bike. and maybe when you wan’t to save you could set up camp, maybe feed and play with your pokémon, gotta have fun too.. oh i almost forgot, I!! xD hope you like some of these ideas or maybe all of them…

      • Derpy

        I don’t think any of these ideas are very outlandish at all!
        the people writing these things should fill out some Pokemon Game Surveys on Club Nintendo. Nintendo actually reads those (or at least they have people who do), and a good idea, as small as it may be, goes far! I mentioned some ideas i had in an animal crossing game survey (about 2 years ago), and being able to swim was one of them, and now you can do that! I’m not saying i came up with it, but i’m sure my Support didn’t hurt!
        We’re talking about Nintendo guys! all they are is IDEAS!

  • pokemon master#1

    They should make pokemon Xd or coloseum 2

    • BowsersEvilPlot

      Those were my favorite all time pokemon games 😀
      but actually there was a rumor that said there’d be a pokemon XD 2 for 3DS but it was only a photo shopped picture on the 3DS screen, and no information has been revelaed so i don’t think it’s true :/
      here’s something I found just now xD

      • Mshenay

        Agree’d… the Game Cubs Pokemon titles show how easy [and how awesome] a 3d Pokemon Game could be… XD GoD had wild pokemon you could catch… so taking thier Hand Held Formula and using some nice HD Grpahics shouldn’t be to hard… might be a good way to introduce younger kids into the Poke-Universe [Do an open world focusing on the first 3 gens] [seeing as there’s soon to b 6 generations… kids gatta know their first 3]

  • Aquacharger

    Aliens: Colonial Marines is published by Sega not 2k.

    • Daniel Golightly

      Can’t read the list? Says Sega.

    • andre

      Wiiu daily is so inaccurate it hurts. I can’t remember specifics, but i’ve caught them wrong a lot. And like cloudberry kingdom for wiiu is actually just cloudberry kingdom, not cloudberry kingdom 2. and it’s a platformer, not a puzzle game. They mess up lots.

  • kieran

    Madden 13

  • Mike

    What the hell is Activisin

    • Lalalala

      The first 3rd party publisher. Ever.

    • To Mike

      It’s Activism and is a form govermental thought. It is similar to communism except to the extream.

      • Noteak

        @ To Mike
        Nice one

  • Sentinator

    Was Devil’s Third officially confirmed or is that a guess? I would kill for that game on Wii U but as far as I know Itagaki has only hinted at it.

  • George

    Pls tell me black ops 2

  • SkarZ0_o

    i think lego city stories is gonna be awesome if previous games are anything to go by.

    basically GTA lego.

    • Morad

      That patch only works on PAL iso.You could re-download the PAL iso and patch it hours later, or burn the NTSC iso w/o any patch.Of course, you can buy the onaigril game disc off the shelf.

  • ninja hattori games

    It’s actually a cool and helpful piece of information. I am happy that you simply shared this useful information with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

  • Alex

    Sorry no Black Ops 2.However we got Battlefeild 2 for the huge FPS fans out there.

    • Alex

      I meant to say battlefeild 3 not 2

      • Joesatmoes

        aand lol u even got that wrong! they rnt making bf3- theyr making bf4… AND BLACK OPS 2!!!

    • CommunistU

      Actually we are getting Black Ops 2

  • Roy

    How about Monster hunter multi-player, not just in the arena?… not just online. so I can play with my family. Monster hunter Brothers!! lol

    • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

      I think Monster Hunter 4 is gonna be a 3DS game. That’s what wikipedia said at least. But on this console, it would seriously rock. Multiplayer, 1 use the gamepad, the other the tv. Now, battle to the death for who gets the TV/Gamepad!

      • Mr.Chimera573

        Technically it isn’t 4, it a remake/edit of 3. (thus the name, MH 3G) And since Tri was amazing on the Wii, mabye the upgraded hardware would make 2-4 play co-op main mode possible!

      • DURPAdurpa

        A monster hunter game on the wii u is probably one of the best game ideas ever thought of

        • Mshenay

          Yes and no, you guys do know that the freaking Ps3 got the the new PSP Monster hunter and the Wii did not [which sucked] but that’s because the PSP got a HD remake [so you couldn’t do it on the wii anyways]

          Still I was happy to have monster hunter on a Nintendo system…plus it looked pretty awesome and I never had any lagg with it [unlike Rune Factory ToD… which laggs horriably AND looks bad >.>]

          So a Wii U monster hunter would be awesome!

  • Pokemon Master#1

    Need for speed: Most Wanted?

    • joesatmoes

      sorry- ea said no. Cmon EA!

  • (>”)>Kirby

    Back to the pokemon topic, maybe it could be pokemon ranger and you can point the controller at the pokemon and draw circles on it

    • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

      A console pokemon ranger could be cool. I never got into pokemon ranger myself, but that could be made in a first or third person 3D world where you can look around with the gamepad and see the pokemon flying around and stuff. Like that thing they have where you fly with the birds and can look around, only poketized. Oh, yeah, and you have the pokemon ranger gameplay in it too. That’s kinda important. I remember in the manaphy movie that the ranger actually fought and climbed ladders and did stuff himself, aside from just his pokemon doing all the work, so they could build that into the game too. Team Rocket makes a cameo and you just tackle over them then run off. Call a bird pokemon, or charizard, climb on while running and then fly off somewhere after having collected some important item. Okay, I’m just making changes to have pretty much the same plot as the beginning of that movie, but still, you could actually do that if they made a console pokemon rangers, and that’s the point.

      • Ben

        In my opinion the loftwing wins!!!

  • TheMaddMan

    Lego City stories has been renamed Lego City:Undercover

  • Pokemon Master#1

    Ninja Gaiden is published by Nintendo

    • WiiUPlayWithMe:P

      Which is hilarious. I heard the original ninja gaiden 3 went completely off track from the first 2 and became a basic beat em up slasher. Hopefully some Nintendo magic will make this version own

      • Ben

        I just like your name!!! 🙂

  • Diamondman

    will x-box and ps3 available in the wii u

    • Diamondman

      i mean xbox and ps3 games available in the wii u

      • WiiUPlayWithMe:P

        So third parties? Only some. It’s a new console, so it won’t get all the support immediately, but, by the time the next gen comes out (next year), it’ll pick way up and have, probably, all, or nearly all, of the third parties released in that generation. So we’ll be good

        • Francine

          Where can I go to find the BEST Nintendo DS Emulator?? ROMs?? Pokemon?Ive tried sooo many sites and some of them work but then I can’t find working ROMs. If someobdy could find me a site to download an emulator and find me a working Pokemon Diamond/Pearl version it would be MUCH appreciated

          • Nintendo Gamer

            Ummmm, aren’t ROMs illeagal?

          • Pugszly


        • joesatmoes

          We’ve got the support of Activision, Ubisoft, and EA(to some extent- their support sux at the moment, but it can always improve), and possibly Rockstar. Our third party support can only improve from now- they cant lose support, or theyll lose money-as long as Ninty fans DONT JUST GET 1st PATY GAMES. I <3 NINTY'S GAMES BUT MANY PPL ARE ACTING LIKE THEY R THE ONLY ONES THAT ARE ANY GOOD ON THE WII U! THAT IS THE KIND OF ATTITUDE THAT WILL MAKE THE REST OF US LOSE OUR 3rd PARTY GAMES!

  • Raving Rabbid

    Wii fit U and grand theft auto 5 are missing from the list

    • CoD Hater

      Grand Theft Auto is even worse than Call of Duty.

      • Master Awesomeness

        GTA is S**t !

      • Master Awesomeness

        GTA is S**t !

  • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

    This list is missing a few, but more importantly, WHY ARE THERE 2 LISTS?!? I didn’t even realize til I just decided to check on the side instead of the top of the page like I usually do. Come on guys, you’re a rocking site and do a great job, but please get a little more organized.

  • Nintendo Brony

    You guys need to update this list a little by adding the proper names of some games.

  • Bishop Brown

    I heard rumors and yes the rumors are true now that sonic all stars racing transformed is coming around christmas or late in the year and is a new version from the previous game sonic and sega all stars racing and the game looks good and should be fun ; however i was dissapointed that the console does not come out on wii but the other consoles like ps3 , psv , wii u of course , 3ds , and xbox360 and maybe more but overall im looking forward to this game and hope that’s not the price lol ; and that the wii u will be amazing ! 🙂

    • WiiUPlayWithMe:P

      Maybe more….? What, is Apple trying to get this game too. I think it’ll be a while before touch screen only games get that kind of attention. There’s a reason why only one of the DS family’s screens is touch. Controls cover the screen, in a racing game, that could cause problems. But this does bring up an idea. If Apple made a controller that could be attached to the iPad or iPod touch for gaming, I’d get it. Most expensive handheld console type of game ever, but it’d be a gaming machine second, so whatever. Anyhow, yeah, the game will be on all modern systems, so when you do get the next gen, you’ll have the game waiting for you.

  • O_O


  • TheGuyYouDon’tKnow

    What about that Fire Emblem bundle game I think it’s called Fire Emblem: Awakening? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I watched it on G4 and they talked about Fire Emblem from what I heard from other people that is… So I think that the Fire Emblem bundle game with all the games mixed together or something is certainly missing from the list. Correct me if I’m wrong about this though.

    • PK Thunder

      It is on 3DS dude.

  • Miiiiiiiii

    You forgot Jett Tailfin Racers!

  • nintendon’t

    How about a new Metroid?

    • Nintendo Fan Forever

      Yes! Something like Super Metroid, but with full HD and everything else that can be used! Thats my opinion, or even a 4th Prime game would be sweet!

      • nintendon’t

        In my opinion, the Prime trilogy was better, mainly because I like first-person shooters. 🙂

        • gNat

          They should make a game like prime but not call it prime because of the interlocking storylines.

        • James

          HA! It’s funny because it was supposed to be Nintendo not Nintendon’t! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! God, I’m weird

          • Jason


      • Mshenay

        … There was a game JUST like that called Metroid Other M… I played and still play Super Metroid and for me Other M was really GREAT! I had that side Scroller feel that the SNES title did… so I don’t think another Side Scroller is needed, plus the GBA Metroid games r great!

        But another Visually stunning Prime Style Metroid would be nice :D… I only ask that we get better sound tracks -.- The Orignal Metroid Prime has a GREAT OST, Prime 2-3 have a lot of tracks from Prime… I’m game for some new creepy Metroid Music ;3

  • nameUcan’thate

    Calm yourself COD fans. BO2 is definitely coming out on Wii U. Just check wikipedia if you don’t believe me. The strike force missions for toughscreen will be so epic. If you wanna see the strike force missions’ example gamespot on youtube shows that in it’s E3 2012 episode for Black ops 2.

    • nintendon’t

      Actually, CoD doesn’t interest me much…

      • NameUcan’thate

        I was talking to all those dumb people who are gonna come here and start flame wars cuz they didn’t look it up on wikipedia. -.- sad but true

      • NameUcan’thate

        To each his own

  • Nicky

    what about zombie u

    • Jerm949

      if it has a legit multiplayer option, then it looks interesting to me. cant kill all them zombies by myself

    • Nintendo Gamer

      SSB4 doesn’t have an official name yet and that “leaked” document of Universe was fake. They hadn’t even started development on the game at the time

      • Nintendo Gamer

        Sry, wrong post

  • John

    Make the price of the wiiu about $250 or abut the amount of the wii and make a pokemon ranger game for wii and wiiu.

    • LyingTuna

      Wii was 250

      • James

        Whoa, whoa, whoa, WAIT! If we’re deciding prices let’s make it a dollar. lol

  • SuperShyGuy

    Anyone else would like to see Street Fighter back on NIntendo’s console?

    I mean the last one was Street Fighter Alpha 2 for the SNES!
    Capcom show the Nintendo fans some love

    • Mshenay

      I agree! The SNES was the BOMB when it came out… then Play Sation STOLE SO MANY AWESOME TITLES! The whole Tales Series, Final Fantasy, STREET FIGHTER… Nintendo needs to make another great Fighter/Rpg system again… I’m tired of missing out on RPGS simpyl because they are all for ps2/3 -.-

  • TheBoldman67


  • videogamer1

    i look forward to a WII U VERsions of YUGIOH, pokemon, TETRIS, STAR TREK< SOUTH PARK, and FAMILY GUY+ STAR WARS 1313!!!!

  • Mickey

    A pokemon game that looks just like the show, that would be awesome, like it looked real and the person you choose (boy, or girl) looked real

  • NintendoLover

    I wonder when nintendo is going to start working on the ORIGINAL Mario game title on the Wii U like they did with Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 (in my opinion I liked the 2nd one better) on Wii.

  • wii u’s lover

    i want batman arkaham city

  • Wii U Lover

    super smash bros universe is coming out in 2014? Come on

    • LyingTuna

      Well, thats the current date. Also, it’s not Super Smash Bros. Universe. It’s Super Smash Bros. Argument!!!!!!!!

  • Case

    What about sports connection?

  • Jerm949

    Please make a new Yoshi game, i dont care if i have to take care of a lil baby or just run around in a book, ITS ALL I CARE ABOUT!

  • Anonymous

    I am totally getting: Darksiders 2, Assasin’s creed 3, New super mario bros.U, and ZombiU.

    • Anonymous

      And maybe fifa 13.

      • Anonymous


        • LyingTuna

          What, no Batman?

        • Hero Of Time

          Zelda is scheduled for 2014… is the preorder list at GameStop THAT long near you?

    • Hellyes


  • omega96

    I cant wait till the wiiU comes out, i would love a pokemon hd world and be able to customize my character and outfit through out the game.

  • Undecided

    I’d love to see a game like Heavy Rain come out on WiiU. Not a fan of fps..and Mario games these days just don’t keep my attention ..something in the middle would be great.

    • Bilbo Baggins

      With the really uncomfortably awkward sex scenes included?

  • firebolt101

    Where’s MW3?

    • Hero Of Time

      Probably not going to be until April I guess. CoD is just one of those games where you have other concerns, but think if we could get some of the CoD games on VC from the GCN?

  • BananaPwnz

    The games i’m looking forward to the most is Mario bros U, Batman arkham city, and Rayman legends

  • Awesomeness

    You forgot Medal of Honor Warfighter. I am also confused on your EA games page it says NHL 13 is confirmed but it’s not on this list could anyone clear this up for me?

  • Hellyes

    They should make the Luigis mansion for it been watin forever hell yea

  • Hellyes

    And Mario kart,Mario galaxy 3

  • Radojko95

    Can someone tell me which will be Wii U launch titles 😀

    • Hero Of Time

      They got one on Wikipedia with ALL of the games 11/18 to 3/31, so I think it will suffice. It has eShop games too.

      • Bilbo Baggins

        True that, also April marks the end of the launch season, so all of those games are launch games

  • Leahsss

    Gah I wan Super smash bros. But 2014 seriously? :/

    • Lixdy

      What is with that

    • Mr.Chimera573

      and no new characters either……

      • roedburn

        There will be new characters, but the number of characters wont go up.

        • Mshenay

          -.- LAME! Oh well I can just keep enjoying my hacked Brawl and Nintendo can be content without my money!

    • BoOb SuCkEr

      Maybe instead of samus zero suit how about samus zero suits!!!!! and maybe zelda can find out that link is cheating on her by seeing them having sex!!!!! WHAT THE !@#$ ARE YOU DOING LINK?!?! zelda may ask link replies WHY I’M !@#$%^& SAMUS AND IT’S FUN!!!!!

      • Hero Of Time

        Dude, little kids might end up playing the game; the last thing Nintendo needs is a “Hot Coffee Catastrophe”.

      • Bilbo Baggins

        Another preadolescent douche commenting, I see. Comment sections really should have restrictions.

    • Nintendo Gamer

      I loved Brawl and cannot w8 4 ssb4;)

  • awesomeguy

    i really want COD but super smash bros 2014, WTF

  • LolWatTurtles

    Medal of Honor: Warfighter and Need For Speed: Most Wanted.

  • Austin

    Get minecraft for wii u . Xbox fans love it .

    • Ben

      Minecraft isn’t available for WiiU.

      • Hero Of Time

        Give it time and it could travel to eShop or a nice channel of its own on Miiverse.

  • ncv144

    I got an idea to make a succesor to many games in the mario series
    Its a combo of super mario sunshine, luigis mansion mario and luigi games,, and the orignal pikmin game, the story: mario and luigi and peach and toadsworth are heading with the toads (about 15 of them) to isle delphino for vacation when suddenly their plane crashes because they run out of fuel, they fortunately land somewhere near gelato beach but the plane is broken down and they have to retrieve the plane parts, for that mario and luigi must use fludd and the poltargust 5000 to unbury the pieces from different parts of isle delphino, and mario and luigi discover new areas, like a fishing town, for the parts that are too big for the toads to carry, mario and luigi must recruit piantas to their side but to do that mario and luigi must give tyem gifts that are obtained through underground oassages full of monsters, about midway through the story, plot twist! king boo and bowser team up and capture mario and peach, luigi must reach his way through the levels and keep collecting pieces and then bring fuel from the airstrip so they can fly off to krab island where mario and peach are being held, luigi must use his vacumm to unblock the way to king boo and save mario, then the duo heads to rumblebump volcano(from paper mario 2, luigis adventures) and defeats bowser and finally go back to delphino island for the vacation with the princess( forgot to mention, toads cant enter caverns so you must bring the treasure to piantas by yourself). And that i call, Super Mario and Luigi stranded in delphino

    • Hero Of Time

      Sounds like Lost a bit, but how about instead of fighting Bowser and King Boo, you fight for survival with other players and NPCs. By this, I mean that eventually Kirby crashes down for a bit to give the player advice about foodstuffs, and Samus could give you hints on where to look for pieces. Bowser can be like one of the Piantas, and King Boo could be like a delegater. Peach will save your progress and Toadsworth can tell you how things are doing so far. Fixing a plane would be too easy though, so lets try fixing the Halberd or some other big airship.

  • Destroyer

    Where is Halo 4? 😀

    • Master Awesomeness

      Where is Battlefield 4?
      I want Boarderlands 2 on Wii U! 🙁

    • Joesatmoes

      i do hope ur kidding. halo is a 343 industries, which is a MICROSOFT GAMES COMPANY! IT ONLY MAKES XBOX games. Anyway we have Conduit 3…

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Endless Ocean 3 in 1080p anyone? Or is it just me…

  • LolWatTurtles

    I’m really hoping we hear about some more games coming to the Wii U in September during the same time Nintendo reveals the price and release date.

  • CommunistU

    I think the WiiU is getting pretty much everything it needs which is awesome.

    Great 1st party Nin goodness in New Super Mario Bros. U and Pikmin etc.
    Great FPS games like CoD and ZombiU
    A racing sim: Project Cars.
    F2P game(s) like Ghost Recon Online
    Arcade style games like Tank Tank Tank and F1 Allstars and hopefully a Mario Kart at one point.
    And countless other gems. Really looking forward to the WiiU

    • Mshenay

      And an awesome RPG… oh w8 THERE ISN’T ONE

      Cmon man, the SNES was rpg KING! Now I have to buy a DS or a PlayStation… and I’d rather enjoy my eye candy at home on my Wii U in 1080p…

      so seriously cmon Nintendo… we need some more RPGS

      • MujuraNoKamen

        Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate : )

        • Bilbo Baggins

          Which, according to the Wii U’s Wiki, is only being released in Japan

    • Ben


    • Bilbo Baggins

      All reviews I read dictate that Sega and All-Stars Racing Transformed kicks major ass

  • Undecided

    I want to see Resident Evil come to the Wii U. Resident Evil 6 would be so awesome on the Wii U.

  • Buddies234

    Halo4 Will be out in xbox 360 not Wii u. Most likely vox 360 will be banned in the usa.

    • LolWatTurtles

      Oh, I don’t know. I’m PRETTY SURE he was joking about Halo 4 being on the WiiU. You need to stop taking comments seriously.

  • thenintendofan73

    they should make a 3d mario game for the wii u, just like super mario 3d land. a,b,x and y can be used for running/jumping, d-pad/left analog stick can be used for moving mario, right analog stick/touch screen can be used for camera, bumpers can be used to see how far you went in the course, and the triggers can be used for using weapon (fire flower, tanooki tail). And a feature can be that you play as Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Yoshi, just like super mario 64 ds (i believe) if you like my idea leave comments to improve my idea

  • Zhenya

    I like the fact that SSB4 is in 2014, that is when supposedly new Xbox720 and PS4 is coming out and probably the sales will go up for the Wii U

    • BloopbopBeepbop

      did they ever announce that, cause honestly ive never heard anything, i feel like everyone is just expecting it to be then.

  • The_Beeshnu


  • Undecided

    ign lists Metro: Last Light as an upcoming game for Wii U

    • Undecided

      Whoops, it’s been cancelled. Too looks creepy.

  • Nintendero

    HEY! and Plants vs Zombies 🙁

    • Bilbo Baggins

      Really? You wanna spend sixty dollars on a game you can get for free on google chrome?

  • just NINTENDO

    they are greaaaaaaaat games i want 51 of them ilove wii U i cant wait:)

  • jungle

    just xbox360

  • just NINTENDO

    you are wrong,just NINTENDOand for you dislike


    just kinect . xbox360 . MICROSOFT

  • leo

    i like the pokemon idea except the real time combat thing. It just seems too complicated to make. Theres ALOT of pokemon and to make them move all in their signature way. Would take lots of time wouldnt it?

    • Mshenay

      it would! Pokemon Turn Style is how it needs to stay! It’s worked for like 12 years no need to change 😀

      • Hero Of Time

        So keep it that way, but if you want a game not like a regular one, try bringing Pokemon Conquest to Wii U! Pure Strategy and Battle in HD… Aw BABY! 😀

  • CF

    they need to make an F-Zero game, seriously it’s been too long since GX came out

    • Hero Of Time

      You can ask them to put it in the VC if the rumors are true, but that would most likely add on more people to say please.

  • Conker The Squirrel

    isnt f-zero going to be featured in Nintendo Land?

  • ssb4

    TOTALLY GETTING SSB4! also want Zelda Wii U and Pikmin 3 im also thinking about Ghost Recon, Ninja Gaiden 3 (which is probably much better than the 360 version due to the restored difficulty), Black Ops 2, and Assasins Creed 3.

    • LolWatTurtles

      You have to buy Ghost Recon for the Wii U as a retail game? I thought it would be free on the Wii U just like it’s free on PC.

  • The Plague

    Dragon Quest X is listed as and action game. Any chance of fixing that? There is not one RPG on the list unless you do…..

    • Hero Of Time

      Actually, Orochi Warriors 3: Hyper could also be changed! Not that I am arguing and all, but does anybody know if Duel Mode will be on the NN?

  • JC

    What happened to metro: last night?

  • Mshenay

    … WHY NO RPGS?


  • Leeroy

    You forgot trine 2 for ESOP games

  • helmut

    My idea for pokemon game for the wii u,
    able to tell the pokemon what attack to make,
    i want to say pikachu, thunder shock, lol, cracking up now,
    but i am serious. that will every pokemon feel like a real trainer,
    lol. i am included.

    • Me

      lol why would a pokemon want to be a trainer of their own species 😛

  • LolWatTurtles

    Now lets get Bayonneta 2, 007 Legends, Epic Mickey 2, and all the other announced games today on that list. 😀

    • GionathanVe

      OMG… Batman arkham city on wii u 😀 ill get wii u on december oh yeah!

      • Ben

        I belive you mean “in december” not “on december”

  • 2K RichKid

    Not bad. i see they making a super smash bro. i hope Next Level games make another Mario Striker 3. mario charged was very good on the wii. lets see wat Next Level Games can do. plz Keep petty phiranha.

  • ineedawiiuNOW

    first things first: ineedawiiuNOW. what nintendo fan DOESNT? another thing: i want basically every game nintendo related on that list. i will get as much of the wii u experience AS I CAN. i WILL sacrifice my XBOX360 and $350.

  • Joesatmoes

    i love this roster of Ninty’s first party games- Zelda and SSB4 (both will probably be announved, as ive said many times b4, when xbox 720 and/or ps4 are announced to steal some of their thunder), as well as awesome third party support -big videogame companies, like Ubisoft, Activision, and EA. btw PLEASE UBISOFT MAKE RED STEEL 3! Your support has been awesome, but can u plz announce this game (exclusive plz)

  • FierceDeityVincent

    I am still unsire about what games to get.

  • FierceDeityVincent

    I want a fun multiplayer game…

  • Plant Laboratories

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  • Dantheman

    Far cry 3?skyrim?gta 5?the new fallout?dishonered?call of Juarez gunslinger?halo?sleeping dogs?prototype 2?darkness 2?

    • NintenBrony

      dude its a new console those games already came out halo is microsoft exclusive looks like you just want a xbox dude but the new fallout not sure we still dont have Bethesma with us and gta 5 where not getting that

      • Dantheman

        Why not? This will be like activision. Someone started a rumour that activision said no to wii u and we got black ops 2,skylanders giants,007 legends,project nova and amazing Spider-Man. So much for saying no to wii u, huh

        • Bilbo Baggins

          Instead of being a wannabe cocky son of a bitch, how about you use some logic. Master Chief is Microsoft’s mascot. That’s like if Nintendo decided to re-release all Mario games on a Sega console. Not gonna happen. So much for your theory, huh?

  • Marioravesto3d

    Not purchase to many ps3 games saving up for wii u deluxe with zombie u.Also getting mario wii u,nintendo land and batman.Am lucky as I work in store I have a discount card probably selling wii u at twelve that’s going to be fun.

  • TheImaj

    Where’s Sniper Ghost Warrior 2?

  • lonestar

    Halo can not be a nintando platform

  • blake


  • ineedawiiuNOW

    interesting. I LOVE IT!!!!!!! if there was minecraft that is the same thing as pc except less laggier and more features it would be amazing. make wii sports u and wii play u nintendo (leave luck to heaven is what nintendo means :D) and wii u is almost 15% complete in its lifetime

    • NintenBrony

      minecraft is illegal

      • Ben

        No offense this is just my opinion, but Minecraft is crap.

        • 30yearsofnintendogaming

          Yep. played it again, it judt sucks balls. maybe updates to nintendo land in the future would be a good idea

  • Tehtriggerman

    Borderlands 2?!?

  • Littlegamer07

    They’re making a Pokemon game for 3ds that I know of. It’s a spin off game.
    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 3d. The satrters will be: Pikachu,Axew and the Unova starters. I’ve seen a trailer. It’s so awesome with the 3d look and the old sounds!!! Can’t wait!!!

    • Jayden Yuki

      They are working on a new pokemon games for 3ds. Pokemon X and Y, it will come in October this year. the starters are Chespin (Grass Chipmunk thing), Froakie (Water Frog), and (My personal favorite) Fennekin (Fire Fox). it will feature a 3d view( what i mean is that its not a flat screen and pixel-like, i mean like a RPG) and the legends for the games is a flying red Y shaped pokemon and a blue X antler shaped deer but if u dont believe me, look it up

  • Dantheman

    They may announce more games for the wii u but till now,we only have the these games that our coming for the launch window for wii u. Here’s a great idea for a game, Make an assassins game by Nintendo that allows you to assassinate people from close and far using everything around you like your surroundings

  • LOL

    When they come out with the supersmash bros for wiiu instead of samus zero suit it should be samus zero suits!!!! and link could lick her pussy!!!!!

    • roedburn

      Grow up.

    • Bilbo Baggins

      What are you, 12? Fuck you.

  • Ben

    I have a 3ds. My theory is that four years from know I’m going to say “I remember 3d! Ha”

  • Ben

    FiRe EmBlEm!! FiRe EmBlEm!! FiRe EmBlEm!!

  • Ben

    I hate Zumba.

  • Ben

    One word Nintendogs!!!!!

  • Ben

    I wonder if you can play as your mii in the new super smash bros.? It’s final smash move is when ALL of the miis in your plaza come running through the map and kills everyone!!!

    • Ryan Thompson

      lol, that would be pretty funny

  • 30yearsofnintendogaming

    YAYYYYYYYYY now i dont have to get a xbox 360 or ps3 to play the games i love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rick

    Okay dudes I have thought of this pokemon idea you came up with in the year 1996, they laughed at me

  • Marth

    The game i want the most on the list comes out last 🙁

  • 30yearsofnintendogaming

    marth, its everybodys most wanted. im just afraid that it could be a rushed game. brawl was in development for like 4 years. this game, only 2?

  • Phases

    Come on Final Fantasy!!!!!!!

  • Michael Faustmann

    Ill buy it when they have a zelda game. Maybe it will be less expensive

  • Hero Of Time

    Look, just to preach to the choir here, how about add in a VC of Pokemon Colliseum? Also, Pikmin 3 and Orochi Warriors 3 are going to be best sellers compared to the filler down at the bottom. Finally, TLoZU is probably going to be boss and add the damage thing from beta to alpha in SSB4. Wii U happy and nothing will change my love for Miyamoto’s Magic, the Willy Wonka of Video Games by far!

  • Aaron

    There is a Wii U game not on the list called Chasing Aurora

    You can find out about it at


  • 30yearsofnintendogaming


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  • Patrick


  • Ben2

    They need art academy on Wiiu. Instead of Vince being your instructor Bob Ross should. We need to know how to make “happy little clouds and happylittle trees.” Don’t we? (Kids who don’t know who Bob Ross is ask your parents, trust me they will know)

  • Ben2

    Everybody go to and order stuff!!!!

  • Mario

    Why does super smash bros wii u have to come out in 2014? We have 2 more years now.

  • nicolas

    zelda majoras mask is a fake right?

  • Freak

    I agree Mario. I want my game, and I want it now. It cant be that hard to make it!

    • Johnathan

      Lets hope yall and i want the wii u so bad

  • Johnathan

    Im getting the wii u november 18 2012 hell yeah i cant wait hope the game stop lines arent long whos with me on this WII U BABY FUCK YEA!!!!!!

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  • Ben2

    How many of you guys are sad that the decamber issue of Nintendo Power will be the last? When I heard about it I went to my room and mourned that after 24 years of recieving it in the mail it reall is sad. Could we all just sing over the internet “For he’s a jolly good fellow” please.

  • Jonathan

    Yep! While all of you people wait for your “hardcore” Xbox 720/8/infinite/WHATEVER and your Ps4 for another year or two, I’ll just be happily playing some awesome games on my Wii U that won’t cost me an arm and a leg!!

  • Kamizaki

    any hope for Muramasa on wii u? or Basara?

  • satanluvsyou

    CoD on Wii U…
    SOUNDS DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOMNOMNOMNOM!!!!!!!1

  • Arsonist Monkey

    Super Mario Sunshine 2, that’s what i want to see!

  • 123xer

    i got wii u today im gonna see if they have cod on eshop

  • timfran

    too bad black ops 2 could olny be preorderd for PS3/xbox360. i wanted nuketown 2025.

    • Bilbo Baggins

      I don’t know for sure, but most Wii U games that come out after the 360 or PS3 version of the same game come with all of the DLC up to that point included.

  • Xavi

    Where’s Kingdom Hearts 3? Plz i hope its in it 4 the wii u

  • David

    ssb4 is so far away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope theres good games 4 the wii u and xavi has a point bout KH3

  • David

    Kingdom Hearts 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • CSwagg

    i want the sims for will u getting it for christmas

  • Thomas

    Who else is expecting a pokemon mmorpg for the Wii U

    • They BETTER!! I’ve been waiting for such a game for YEARS!!

      • Brett Butler

         All I want is Megaman U

    • Cliff98

      I am not cause they are only for the potable systems even though that would be cool.

    • shut up girl

    • that would be awesome. or just take the new XY pokemone games and make a WiiU version with HD graphics. the gamepad is PERFECT for a Pokemon game! 😀 The possibilities are endless

      • TheUnBiasedGamer

         HD remasters are exactly what should not be on the Wii U. I want an original game like Colosseum, not an upscaled edition of an existing game.

  • Andrew Randle

    I hope I am getting it for Christmas. I asked my mom, my dad & my step-dad if I could get sometime soon, but apparently it cost too much for them so I asked my uncle and he said maybe. Sitting and Hoping *fingers crossed and eyes squinted*

  • Noteak


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  • cookie123456

    Where is black ops 2 and black ops

    • ikr

    • Bilbo Baggins

      Black ops is on the Wii. It has been for a few years. Also, Black ops 2 is on the list.  Using your eyes for seeing things and your brain for knowing something is fun, isn’t it?


  • Missy

    animal crossing,mario karting,art drawing game,duck hunt,
    all the classic games

  • Missy

    animal crossing newsest one

  • Please make a pokemon game for the Wii U please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • Matthew Tyler Preston

    Final Fantasy 15,kingdom hearts 3 and a new chrono trigger game!

  • No Zelda games? D:

    • Jaime Carlton

      likely pushed to 2014 b/c of the extra dungeon levels being added for lots and lots of hours of gameplay :)!

    • Matthew Barnes

      Not until 2014

    • Tito Burgess

      actually yes check out what Zelda games will be coming for the Wii U at my website at

  • Noko


  • I wouldnt mind seeing an Icewind Dale 3 😀 or Rift because unless they use an already made game they’ll make the game retarded Im sure

  •  pokemon?

  • wtf super smash bros in 2014 man why so much wait

  • Is the a Pixar Toy Mania available for the Wii U

  • Metsastajatyyppi

    Cant ANYONE think, how intresting were Silent Hunter like game with this instrument by doing it TO MODERN technology submarine level. Really exiting!!! CAN ANYONE DO SUCH?
    New realistic weapon develope ideas build and get to use can suggest to both sides (fleet and under water & war sides game-) “engineers” build after get some rank by experiense in continous game, which whole must solve enigmas containing balance is going to its end just by these inside economy and from dock and fort on kept statistic game frames. Engineers just care, that living pieces generation gets its “political efforts” behind to build inside costs and soldiers frames. This game can have levels from private to professionals and do between COUNTRYES, which makes it most interesting, because what there is, cannot know and small countryes can get something visple and care so about IMPORTANT balance on world, where get position above others mus keep down. So this is usefull also on WORLD PEACE frames and to weak countryes, because if something may be true, about it must talk on international tables, where allyes against winners must get real. So it is case inside EU economy, where every country must be inside same level, or others win them. And so it must be also between the wholly ONE WORLD. May anyone be AGAINST THIS KIND OF “ENTERTAINMENT”… So small country and individual frustrated YOU can become peace making great nations star by getting your name to “find something” list with your (procramming engineers) staff etc. Big countryes doesent do these on this manner, but on secret and so this is not harmfull on present world, about which ordinary people must get grip. Cant Google Earth be basis???

  • Matthew Tyler Preston

    o a new lufia,secret of mana game,and star ocean also and a enchanted arms 2 since ubisoft is helping them out!

  • NZS

    Am I the only person who noticed no mario kart? I know they have said they will make one for wii u but still no date? My theory is they will make it when they start with 2 gamepad games.

  • Woody Bevill

    Mario Kart Wii asks to sync the Wii remote each and every time I insert the game disk…then the Wii menu won’t load…  not exactly backward compatible.

    • Laud

      It’s workin’ for me.

  • Ricardo Perez


  • Ryan Miller

    Needs minecraft!!!!

  • Walker Combs

    cant wait till SSB4 and ZeldaU and maybe even a realistic pokemon. that would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Nick Kulakovskiy


  • We need some Zelda in our video game lives.

  • Meow Meow

    is any pokemon on wii u

  • Paul Tanner

    you need to add family guy back to multiuniverse which was advertised and shown to be on the ps3, xbox 360 and wii u but no release date

  • theMost Awsome

    curse you wii u region lock(bought wii u from japan and now can’t play US-made game)

  • crockytales

    Who would like it if they made a Mario Kart and a Super Smash Brothers Brawl for the Wii U?

  • Savon Williams


  • Minecraft would be good, but what I don’t get is that Microsoft has a ‘contract’ with Mojang but there are some Nintendo related things in Minecraft, like the Donkey Kong picture. It`s not a mod, but the picture is big. I wish Mojang would listen. It will definitely boost sales because Miiverse and stuff.

    • staeilis e

      You could just just sign the minecraft on wii u petition. It’s small now, but it could make a big impact if it got enough signatures.

  • Josh Boone

    no minecraft u?

  • How about WatchDogs and GTA5?

    Won’t they be lauched for Wii U as well?

  • How about WatchDogs and GTA5?

    Won’t they be lauched for the Wii U as well?

  • John Novakovich

    sniper elite v2 is also coming. why isn’t it on this list?

  • you to have mineccraft for wii U

  • James Hillhouse

    what happened to the MLB 2K series….. the wwii U seems to ignore any baseball game. Would be nice to see if the new Wii U would make the 2k baseball game run smoother & sharper graphics. I guess xbox or playstation 3 is the only way ????

  • me i want Dragon Ball Legacy Of Goku hd collection

  • call of duty black ops 2 wii u

  • call of duty black ops 2 wii u

  • where there be any good puzzle games bought out for wii u 

  • Metsastajatyyppi

    My periscope ends so hight, but cant see anything. I think, I go somewhere else, now, when Nemo have covered USA be so innocent.. bye bye.

  • Why is not “Waluigi Moonshine” in the list?

  • Curtass

    I hope they bring back Star Fox for the Wii u or even some NHL Hockey

  • carter02

    there should be a grand theft auto for the Wii U

  • Petr Tomkevich

    awesome I just signed the Mario Sunshine petition

  • Jimmy D. Fugate

    This list is out of date. Some of the games have been cancelled, delayed or released already. Some Wii U titles aren’t even on here including RE Revelations, The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, Yarn Yoshi, etc.

  • luv all games

  • Brock

    Golden Sun 4.