May 22nd, 2012 publishUpdated   Jul 22nd, 2012, 9:33 pm

Wii U Gamer Card
Nintendo has been toying with the idea of adding a “Gamer Card” to the list of Wii U features, something akin to the Nintendo 3DS StreetPass. The rumored Wii U Gamer Card, which Nintendo itself has suggested a few times over the past year, would be based on a small device that gamers would carry with them, something that would cost $5 to $10, according to the latest rumors.

The device would be likely to utilize the Wii U NFC technology in order to be paired with a controller or console in order to connect it to a players Nintendo Network account. Bu out “in the field”, the Wii U Gamer Card would be able to detect nearby devices and 3DS Steet Pass consoles, connect to them, share data, Nintendo Network information, and more. Additionally, the Wii U Gamer Card would include a tiny LCD screen for data reading and input.

Our take on this rumor: bogus. It’s too fiddly and too gimmicky to be taken seriously by core gamers, and it doesn’t add much value to begin with. Usually, gamer friends are found playing online and adding them, rather than carrying a separate device (God knows we’re already carrying too much stuff in our pockets). The Street Pass for the 3DS works because the 3DS is already a mobile device and the data is stored on the portable console itself, and the fact that once you connect to another 3DS, you can instantly play a game together. It won’t be like that for the Wii U — here, the Gamer Card looks to be an expensive, electronic business card you hand to someone.

Ultimately, for the Wii U, A “Gamer Card” feature sounds like an idea Nintendo toyed around with, but decided against. It just doesn’t seem like a feature core gamers would appreciate, and Nintendo has repeatedly said that the Wii U caters to core gamers first. What do you think? Would you buy and use such a “Gamer Card” for your Wii U? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Please Don’t

    … Rly? I hope this is bogus. It may work for the 3DS but is completely pointless to use for the Wii U and I won’t waste money on it or use one. even if it is $5 dollars.

    • alienfish

      Even if it packs with the console for free? Nope, didn’t think so.

  • david6

    YAY! I love it i love it i love it!!!! I want one i want one i want one!!!!

  • SomePerson

    What they should do is update the 3DS to be able to sync 3DS accounts with the Wii U accounts. That way they don’t to make something new and gives more reasons to buy, bring and play the 3DS.

    • alienfish

      I wouldn’t doubt they are already working on this since 3DS and WiiU will both be running on Nintendo Network in the near future. There may not even be a distinction between 3DS accounts and WiiU accounts at all.

      • Dan7el(WiiU day one purchase)

        Yeah thats a good idea and I think Nintendo will eventually link the two accounts together anyways so they need to implement this feature of this article on the 3ds.

    • Sony SUCKS. HA!

      Yes, I’d agree. I’ma tell the Nintendo Devs that.

      I hope Nintendo’s Wii U will have the new Zelda game that they featured at E3…

  • Adam

    Could be cool if it also helps with cloud data and the ability to take saved games to go.

  • sirroman

    I theorized this would be interesting if you could take your UPad with you to your friend’s house, taking with you your saves and extras. Along the way, integrating 3DS streetpass with the WiiU’s one, so you would like to take your 3DS to your friend’s house as well.

    It would be minor, but interesting, and pretty cheap to implement as well, I suppose.

    • Gary Moscheles

      i think THAT almost works.

    • mkdhdh

      SAVES YESS and mii’s!!!!! extras… maybe demo’s or virtual console games? :p i hope that you can put VC or wiiUware games on the Upad and play them on the go but that won’t come 🙁

  • Gary Moscheles

    there’s no way this’ll happen. it’s flaws are summed up perfectly in this article, it really would be pointless and impractical.

    • Sony SUCKS. HA!

      Not unless they put that in in the 3DS software then yeah, that could work…

  • Mr. Will

    Doing this at launch I think is a bad idea. Once they get a feel for the general market whos buying into this, they might wanna give this another look.

  • wouldn’t that make the wii u controller kinda of portable

  • Will_rkr

    It kinda sound like them though…(But if its true i cant imagine myself carrying one of those devices or let alone buying one)

  • david6

    I like it, i thought puppets were suppose to like everything. I bet even alians dont have this, it allows gamer clubin anywhere, and if could customize mii avatar or like sims, or keep a picture or custom page design, or download a gamesaved. This is not a gimmick its an accessory seperate of wii u and a type of foruming never ever invented before.

    • david6

      And from what i saw its little round weird thing with mii and profile on it. And its an accessory, not a gimmick. So if dont like it doesnt matter, but alot of people in the world do like accessories like this.

    • Harry Potter

      it would got lost easlily though. Syncing Wii U and 3DS is a good idea though.

  • WiiUPlayWithMe:P

    Just synch it up with the 3DS. Both systems use the portable. One Nintendo Network account, one device to use this with. Streetpass already does the job, so just have it synch to your Wii U and act as an all in one. Makes it work and it doesn’t have to impose this, probably widely unused, technology on a new device, when the handheld console already pretty much does the job

    • david6

      @wii u play with me ide say ide have to agree with this, a 3ds could do alot already and do alot more.

    • Sony SUCKS. HA!


  • nathant16

    I like it, you know one of the best selling gizmo devices in the world was the keychain pet, remember little digi key chain pets, so something like this people would like. So listed, what we like about wii u: tech specs good, games are good, unreal engine4 awesome,. Dislikes: color-design of console/controller, and wii branding. I think this card will be a seller. Wii U Daily has a touph crowd, and at times hostile and name smearing.

  • david6

    Yah, and im gonna put stickers on my wii u and graffitti tags, so they should make stickers too cause the whole wide world likes stickers, well i do, so i want some and ill put a sticker on my mii gadget too. 🙂

    • david6

      Yah and make paint markers to tag console, wouldnt that be cool! (Accept not for little kids)

  • evanescentHero

    Nahhhhh. Either they’ll update the 3DS software to allow this, as 3DS and Wii U can connect, or they’ll integrate this feature into the Wii U controller, since we already know Nintendo wants it to have a little more storage than a Wiimote’s capability for Miis. Using the 3DS seems the best bet, since unless you’re going to a friend’s house, you’re probably not gonna carry your Wii U controller everywhere.

  • Medium

    Elvis wants to put rhinestones all over his wii u, controller and gamer card.

  • Swic11

    I really just don’t think this will happen, and it looks as others have said “gimmicky”

    • david6

      Others said u pad gimmicky, but this is an accessory. Plus maybe 3ds can do all this stuff and then 3ds can be an accessory. Its ok to have gimmicks, as long as people like them. Balance. Like i really do want stickers and paint markers to put on or tag my wii u. 🙂

  • Miks

    I don’t really think this adds something, unless there’s some3 added bonus to using such a thing. Like, I dunno, finding stuff from other gamers, like avatar skins or something like that. Though, I wouldn’t use it, because I don’t give crap about a damn avatar.

    • david6

      Miks is being an avatar right now, with a blank face and on a forum. Forum isnt noob, its network.

  • Chris

    This is what I think Nintendo actually meant by the “Gamer Card”.

    I think the gamer card is actually going to be an update that comes with the app Gamer Card for the 3DS and Wii U, how it would work is that if you have a 3DS with the app on Street Pass mode and also linked up with your Wii U account, you can go out with the Gamer Card on and when you walk pass someone with the a Gamer Card you can then have their information on your 3DS, so when you go home and link your 3DS up with your Wii U you can see how many people you have met and you can also add them as a friend.

    So what I’m saying is that the Gamer Card is more like an ID pass that is linked to your Wii U account which would actually make a whole lot of sense doing it this way and also having the option to just go online and add people that way.

    • Sony SUCKS. HA!

      Or like the 3DS’s Mii StreetPass thing, you can just view the Miis on your 3DS AND Wii U.

  • You know what i would like is if they put a ds/3ds slot on the wii u controller so we could play those to ,so that would make it portable and home . They got a lot of possibilities with the controller. Also if in that app store they would add ds/3ds games to their app store it would be awesome to play mario kart on that controller.

  • Fuzunga

    Actually, this sounds plausible to me. Like if it was a credit card thing that you could carry around and share stuff with your friends via NFC. Remember that Nintendo added that to the Wii U controller?

  • Raving Rabbid

    I sorta like it.

  • Bryce Glover

    Nintendo will probably implement this ‘Gamer Card’ functionality in a way that using it requires players to have both a Wii U and a 3DS. After all, that would boost both consoles’ sales. In this case, Nintendo would have to provide players with a unified account system across all of their consoles so that the synchronization functionality would work. Speaking of syncing, I too would like to have the capability to sync Miis and save files. But how would syncing work? Would one have to deliberately sync their devices, or would Streetpass and Spotpass just take care of the details after asking for permission to do so?