The Wii U GamePad is the official name for the Wii U controller. The Wii U GamePad is a controller with a tablet screen which makes it possible to display video game content on the controller, content such as game maps, inventory list, secondary screen, and much more. The Wii U GamePad is included with every Wii U console, and has a Wii U stylus as well, which makes it possible to drawn and add accurate inputs. The GamePad can also function as a TV remote and work on its own, without the TV being turned on. The tablet screen is a resistive touchscreen that does not support multitouch, but is instead optimized for single touch and for detailed input via a stylus. However, the Wii U GamePad does not require a stylus to work — players can simply use their fingers and the on-board keyboard as well. The Wii U will support two GamePads at the same time, however, games might see frame rates limited to 30fps when two tablet controllers are in use at the same time.

Wii U GamePad features

Wii  GamePad
The Wii U GamePad features a lot of advanced technology, such as sensors, dual analog sticks, touch screen, NFC chip, and more. Here is the full feature run down. The previous version of the GamePad had circle pads instead of analog sticks, and the NFC chip was behind the screen instead of to the side.

  • 6.2 inch touch screen with 854 x 480 resolution with stylus support
  • Dual analog sticks
  • Infrared sensors, acceleration and gyroscope
  • Wii U NFC chip
  • Built-in 1.3 MP camera, headphone jack and on-board microphone
  • On-board digital keyboard to write messages, send notes, and more
  • Connects via Bluetooth to the main console

Wii U GamePad buttons

The Wii U GamePad features all the standard controller buttons found on modern controllers:

  • Dual analog sticks (clickable)
  • D-pad + A, B, and  X, Y buttons
  • Left and right side bumpers and trigger buttons
  • Home, Select, Start and Power buttons.

The Wii U GamePad has a built-in rechargeable battery that is not replacable by the user. The Wii U GamePad battery is charged via a supplied USB cable that connects to the front of the Wii U console.

New GamePad vs old controller

The difference between the two controllers is clear in the image comparison below. The top one is the new Wii U Gamepad controller, while the bottom one is the original version, unveiled at E3 2011.
Wii U GamePad controller old vs new

Wii U GamePad accessories

Wii U GamePad accessories
The Wii U GamePad will support accessories such as the included stylus, the Wii U Zapper, and more. Check  out Wii U accessories for the full list. Third party accessory makers will offer their own hardware for the Wii U and controller, ranging from stylus pens, to cradles, charging stations, and more.

  • Sikora

    The image is the old, e3 2011 prototype.

    • 007 1/2

      wiiudaily should put a black gamepad up also.

      • Robert

        The do where it says about wii U there it is Ok

  • Wii U

    Will i be able to just buy the new controllers and use them with my original wii? And wii the new game work with the old wii?

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    • shadowfan2z

      Wii isn’t powerful enough for the Wii U Gamepad to work with it.

      • EPICGAMER111


        • EPICGAMER111


          • EPICGAMER111


      • EPICGAMER111

        you pretty funny

        • Nintendude


    • 007 1/2

      The wii cant work with the wii u but u can use wiimotes for the wii u. Wii games are also playable on the wii u.

    • Yamiryuu Zero

      Think of the Wii U like the PS2. It can run the previous console’s games, but you can’t run a PS2 game on the PS One, just like you won’t be be able to run a Wii U game on the Wii. That’s just common sense, I’m surprised you managed to make a confusion over this…

      • Joesatmoes

        Im sorry but even though that was a fairly accurate analogy, the fact that u prettymuch just compared the Wii U to a PS2, i am dissappointed in ur last comment

      • 007 1/2

        u didnt need to make a comparison to a crappy Phony device

        • ertyuiop

          What’s this “crappy Phony device” you talk about? Is that how you call the wii u? The system hasn’t even came out and you’re judging it already?… No?! It’s the ps2 you’re talking about isn’t it? “phony” is similar to sony… hahahahaha… NOT! Only something that a butthurt hater with come up with to bash a system that has sold over 150 million units worldwide and it’s still selling a little bit (the only console of the last generation that’s still selling) AND the console that was undisputably the most successful of last generation, full of awesome and memorable exclusives that people still enjoy. DO NOT INSULT PLAYSTATION 2!

          • 007 1/2

            Phony means Sony

          • Obi Wan Cumboneme

            lol! Wii is selling more than any Sony system! Sony is being blasted out of the water.

          • ziggy

            ps2 sucked!!! ps3 was ok but to damn costly with what i paid for my ps3 i could have got 2 wii u units so i traded my ps3 for the wii u out of pocket i paid 50$ for a next gen consol if you know where you can buy a wii u in stores for 50$ you let me know till then let the haters hate because i knew 4 months in advance about wii u and the crazy preorders that would follow but halo 2 sucked big time waited in mall 3 hrs to get it on midnight release beat it in like 3 hrs took it back store manager asked you not like it i said nope beat it halo 3 here we come and now there is halo 4 aka hell no 4 lol its the games that sell the consols rember nes or atari good example of great classic games q bert, donkey kong,pac man now days those systems sell for 80$ and i was 7 yrs old when they came out and im 35 now and those games are still showing up on nintendo systems if u research nintendo made card games about 100yrs ago so i dnt think nintendo is gona go bankrupt anytime soon folks sometimes fact rules out everything comon sense people

      • xil

        ‘backward compatibility’

        • ziggy

          yep 27 yrs of nintendo games on the e shop will be for download on wii u thats one hell of a game list if u ask me games like ghost and goblins ect are for download power to the people thats nintendo power!!!

    • Ahchoo

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         `——-‘ ‘——-`

      • ashworth


        • Master Awesomeness

          Whats with the bunny?!

          • Madmagican

            It’s obviously showing…some…kind of…. this has to be the most random comment I’ve seen on Wii U Daily

          • F U Lucifag

            It is a political statement.

          • Dorjoo

            I disagree. Sega has only made one good game on Wii, Sonic Colors. I only trust Nintendo, Capcom, and Konami cotelpmely. Sega has had good ports on the Wii as well as Namco, but their original games fail hard.

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        The little boy replies, “Well, while Capitalism is screwing the Working Class, the Government is sound asleep, the People are being ignored and the Future is in deep poo.”

      • 007 1/2

        wat r u talking about thats good. i bet if u tried, ppl wouldnt even be able to recognize it.

        • Hello

          Do you like it?

      • ziggy

        godbless you! no achoo is my name

  • Hunter Santana

    Im sorry but how durable will this controller be is it gorrilla glass?

    • Collected

      Hopefully the touchscreen is indented into the gamepad, if not then it has to be really durable or you’ll have to be gentle with the motion controls. Either possibility sounds bad.

      • Stinky

        Judging by the type of stylus the screen is much more similar to DS touch screens and less like say a smart phone screen like an iPhone or whatever.

      • 007 1/2

        it is indented u can kind of c it.

  • awsomeness

    how much will this cost

    • derp

      probably about 45-70 $. the less the better but remember you only have to buy two.

      • Kapten

        Well for the Wii you should dtienfiely get Resident Evil 4 (very scary, not the kind of game you want to play alone at night) and for Xbox 360 you should get Resident Evil 5 and Call of Duty WaW for the nazi zombies mode, and Left 4 Dead, it has really fun online co-op.hoped this helped =)

        • Master Awesomeness

          Whats this got in common with the Wiipad?

      • Joesatmoes

        Acually, u technically only NEED to buy one; the other comes with the Wii U itself. 😉

      • Madmagican

        Wii U gamepads aren’t being sold separately outside of Japan, but in Japan they’re gonna sell for roughly 170 US dollars

    • Julieann

      What’s the difference beweetn Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort?besides wii motionplus, like what are all of the sports in wii sports resort? and should i sell the original wii sports to get wii sports resort?

      • 007 1/2

        yes wii sports resort has twice the amount of sports and it is very fun. Definitely get it.

  • 007 1/2

    You need to update the picture. The TV button is missing.

    • 007 1/2


    • Hello

      So I was talking to your mom and she said “My son has such cute little peppermint balls.”

  • Come at me bro

    I’m wondering about battery time. Will it last as long as the wii remote?

    • 007 1/2

      they said 3-5 hours and they often underestimate the battery life.

  • Crapcake

    I hope we can use 3ds with CPP as wii u controller

    • Gamer_mii

      sadly, most likely not. the cpp doesn’t have clicking funtions.

      • Crapcake

        Look at vita and ps3. the vita can’t click but you can still use remote play

        • Crapcake

          and vita doesn’t even have l2 and r2

          • Crapcake

            and its confirmed

  • Jerm949

    If they think that the Wii u pro controller is $50 then how much would this controller be?

    • Obi Wan Cumboneme

      It is part of the $300 price for the console. As far as getting a second one….I don’t know.

  • 007 1/2

    Yay they updated the picture!!!

  • 007 1/2

    The analog sticks are also buttons, like the PS3

  • GirlGamer

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  • Colton

    Will it come with a charger?

    • 007 1/2

      it should idk

    • ashworth

      just wow dude trolol

      • Joesatmoes

        well the wiimotes didnt; Nintendo actually never manufactured chargers, U had to get 3rd Party chargers accessories.

  • 007 1/2

    can i use the microphone to talk?

    • mtx123456

      Can I use a cellphone to call?

      • jman4102

        cell phone functions may be available via an app. like the ipod touch

        • 007 1/2

          no like as a talk function through a game so i can talk to my friends in a cod game.

          • alienlifeufo7

            Most likely, yes!

  • JayJay

    Is there a payment plan

    • mtx123456

      I think that depends on your retailer.

  • crazy bro 2012

    i hope thy put super smash bros melee as a virtual console game

  • crazy bro 2012

    and they seriously should have put a cam in the back of the controller

    • Joesatmoes

      lol why?

    • Master Awesomeness

      Quite true.

  • Nintend☆Fan

    there’s gonna be a charger that comes with it. it says -somwhere up there- that the gamepad connects via a usb cable to the console to charge the battery power

    • Nintendude

      Yes, there will be a charger for it.

      • EPICGAMER111


      • Master Awesomeness

        If only it were wireless charging…

        • Master Awesomeness

          Sorry, meant HAS

          • Crapcake

            Not via USB you have to Plug the gamepad into the wall outlet it’s sad

        • Ringating

          there is no way to safely transmit electricity wirelessly. there’s lightning, but i don’t think you want lightning flying through your living room.

          • Foster Jarnagin

            Actually there is a prototyp tech which allows laser technology to transfer and convert electricity into light and wirelessly transmits it to another device then converts it back to electricity, but hey its still a prototype. We may even see it with wireless controllers in the next generation of consoles =D

  • ncv144

    Why did it have to be a resistive touch screen, those are so much worse, and also the resolution is dissapointing by today standards for such a big size, if it was a 4 – 4.3 inch screen, it would be good but for a 6 inch screen it is bad and considering the resistive layer on top of the screen worsens the quality of the screen.

    • ncv144

      I forgot to write, i would much prefer a capacitive touch screen and a higher resolution, atleast 1024×720, yes im tech nerd 😛

      • 007 1/2

        that would raise the price but ur right.

  • Travis Rodrigeuz

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  • theorangefish

    I relly don’t know if that screen is a good idea. That gamepad reduce the free money that could be invested in better tech. A wecompany can’t just focus onto one area. If you work somewhere you should do a good job but also do it fast enough. They do mistakes every generation. The N64 had power but still cartridge. The Gamecube Had Power but low space Disk. The Wii had nice controls but was too weak. After some powerful machines without support they started thinking that grahics don’t matter. Graphics better saying POWER DOES MATTER AND IS IMPORTANT. If it wouldn’t be that way than we could still buy and develop for tue NES.

    • 007 1/2


    • Ayo

      The N64 sticking to cartridge had its pros most games had sram so you didnt have to have the n64 memory card
      It also had faster lod times than the playstation
      and a rambus expansion pack if they kept releasing bigger ones more could have been don with the console POSSIBLY (and i definitely mean possibly , not definitely) put it on par with the ps2 also gamecube = the best console ever in my opinion

      Oh and by the way saying graphics do matter is like saying that every good movie is in color and recent i.e 2011-2012 and all other movies suck just cause the quality is below average

    • Christian

      On the Wii U gamepad, if you take the screen away, what do you have? You would have a normal controller, and how would they make a normal controller more innovative?
      And plus, the reason why Nintendo has been tagging behind the other guys was because they wanted to see what the mass market reacted to the DVD/CD’s or HDTV’s. If the mass market didn’t like DVD’s, then Nintendo wouldn’t have done DVD’s. If the mass market didn’t like HDTV’s, then the Wii U wouldn’t be HD. Part of the reason why Nintendo didn’t have the Wii HD was because HDTV’s were expensive, up to the high hundreds. It’d be a total crapshoot at the time to make the Wii HD.


    boy it looks so cool

    too bad my mom said no

    • Nintendude

      My parents are still questioning me about why I want it. :\

      • Master Awesomeness

        Gonna get it at launch. Parents said yes without a lecture on why I want it.

        • 007 1/2

          me 2

      • james braseton

        ask santa clause for wii u

  • Dylan

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  • golden epic

    the wii u game pad is very interesting

  • Madmagican

    CAN’T WAIT!!! I can already feel the glossy controller in my hands 🙂

  • Ninjafish

    It would be sweet if they make a Kid Icarus: Uprising sequel for the Wii U. 😀
    I know Project Sora is done, but maybe someone else can take it up?

  • ashworth

    i like pie

    • NintendoMan :D

      good to now

    • james braseton

      ordering pie with game pad durring game play alwsoume

  • Johnny

    Do you need the console to work the gamepad

    • Crapcake

      Yes the gamepad is nothing on its own the games on the gamepad have to be streamed from the console

  • Nobody

    The text says that the Wii U Controller is charged via USB connection to the main unit.
    In recent Internet Videos I saw an input on the pad for an own AC Adaptor which should charge it while playing and a separate docking station for charging without the possibility to play.

    How does the power supply work now? I would appreciate USB because I want to order the much less expensive American version with 110V Adaptors that won’t work here in Europe. And I just want to buy one, not two new 230 Adaptors which will cost approximately 20€ (just one for the console, not the pad).

    Or does the American Wii U come with 110~240V variable adaptors? Does somebody know by chance?

  • jordan

    cant wait for the wii u man

  • jordan

    its gonna me sick cant wait for new mario bros

    • BE***

  • The incredible sandwich


  • lars knoop

    supercool, de Wii U! ik krijg hem!!!!!

  • Freak

    I want more info.

    • Freak

      I need to know more!


    cant wait will be changing mah name everyday but dis will be soooo sick my friends think im nerdy come to my house play some WIIU!!!


    Just buy an Xbox

    • NintendoMan :D

      Ok, you buy and Xbox………..THEN SEE HOW WRONG YOU WERE!!!

    • Charles Carr

      your mind will change as soon as you hold the gamepad, its any gamers wet dream. i was awe struck when i got it, i spent 10 minutes just looking at it and turning it over. im commenting using it right now

      • jordan grabow

        how is it is it awesome

        • Charles Carr

          It’s brilliant mate, I wanna be able to play every game I’ve got using it. Puts standard controls to shame

    • No I have a Xbox 360 and A PS3 I wanted a Wii-U and bought one a black 32 gig and The System Rocks The games i have is Zombie-U which is Fun as hell ,Batman also Fun as hell. Darksiders 2 great game.  Any ways People will rag on this system and say it sucks compared to ps3 or Xbox 360 but The system is SOLID and fun Nintendo has always done good by its fans and Their even saying by the time the two next consoles from Microsoft and Sony come out Their  be a NEW Nintendo console to follow two years from that. !

    • I had an Xbox on February, MW3 edition 600$ CAD , and i sold it 350 with 10 games to order a WII U, the facts are, the controller is so fucking awsome and confortable. And the console itself have 4 time more memory than a PS3. The PS3 the once-better-console-on-the-market. Right nintendo really thrashed them. Wait for the games to come out, you’ll see !

  • ppp

    I hope they will make those analog sticks durable, especially if new gamepad will cost over 150€.
    Xbox 360 controller’s sticks started to wear out after about 6 months, ps3 controller’s analog sticks were still good after 3 years when I sold it.

  • kirbymon123

    how do i play soley with the gamepad?

    • some games have it in the options to ‘remote play’ and some games display the same image on the tv and gamepad so you can just turn the tv off or over.

      • Kirbyomega

        yeah, I thought it was all games, but it’s not so……..

  • jordan grabow

    awesome i have one but cant play it until christmas

    • haha me too 😀

    • why

      • Ryan Thompson

        He probably saw it under his parents bed or something  but they don’t know he knows, so he still has to wait to “find out” on christmas

  • Harley Ninja-Tune Dawber

    picking mine up today WOO, i mean WII!! (U) xD 

  • Pewdiepie_Brofist97

    Does the wii U game pad work on the normal wii consol?

  • to bad you cant order a separate wii-9 game pad in north America.

  • I’m probably getting one for Christmas! -crosses fingers, toes, nose, ears, hairs, nails, hands, arms, legs and any other exterior part of the body-

  • Tim

    how do you use the camera

  • where can i buy a ac adapter for the game pad?

    • Ryan House

       what is wrong with the one that comes with the console

  • Ryan House

    I bought a Wii U deluxe. Can’t figure out the point of the plug on the bottom of the gamepad
    . nothing seems to go in there. I thought it was for charging but that is on the top beside head phone jack. i think head phone jack should be on bottom of gamepad so your headphone cord doesn’t lay on the screen

    • The plug on the bottom is for the charging station

    • Kirbyomega

      No, it’s for ‘external accessories’ such as the fabled ‘wii u zapper’ that you plug into it.

  • Marisa

    Can you play with the wii u game pad well charging it? If you can, will it damage it? 

    • Kirbyomega

      You can play while charging and it won’t get damaged. The wire is kinda short though, around 10-7 feet.

  • This is a clear and obvious mistake for many reasons and is another reason that the new Xbox 720 and the PS4 will earn more customer loytalty while NOA loses it. If one of the controllers goes bad now a customer has to buy a new console altogether- not fair at all. In addition, this fact greatly downplays the idea/ability to play 2 player games on the controller if someone wants to watch the tv. AS a result you can only play a one player game. So, core games like super mario bros wii u dont take advantage of the feature as it should. What should also be noted is that there is currently no way for a consumer to transfer his/her information from console to console. So, if you had a white unit and upgraded to a black one or if you bought another for whatever reason there is no way to transfer your saved progress onto the new console unless you were to ship the old and new console into NOA. Once again NOA has not taken basic stuff into consideration. Can you play the new super mario bros wii u in multi player mode with others thorugh a connection on the internet? Nope. I’m sorry, I’m still loyal to NOA but it’s getting harder and harder to justify loyalty when basic issues cant be addressed.

  • how much the WII u gAME PAD cost?

    • NintendoNoob

       for spare one ( only works on Wii U) about 150