Nov 19th, 2012

The Wii U officially launched yesterday and among the top concerns is the strange rattling sound made by shaking the Wii U GamePad as discussed on the Wii U Forums. There some to be two schools of thought: some think it’s the natural rattling of the buttons while other think the interior was poorly made or improperly assembled.

It’s hard to distinguish since people are using their OWN controller as the example without a single point of reference. So I made a quick video displaying my controller’s rattling, hopefully allowing for a more controlled discussion.

Does your controller make this rattling sound? Is this the sound caused by the buttons or by some other issue? And more importantly, can we agree that EVERYONE’S Wii U GamePad is rattling like this or are there different variations of this rattle, either more or less noticeable?

Head over to the forums and continue the discussion or leave your opinion below!


  • It is NOT the stylus… removing the stylus yields the same result
  • Some have suggested it’s the “rumble pack” causing this… very possible.
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  • Trapo

    I don’t have any rattling at all. Maybe an individual thing?

    • Brett

      Is this only on basic, or is it on the deluxe as well?

      Also, is anyone else listening to Chumbawumba right now?

      • brawl

        Yea, im sure it happens on both, but its just the abxy buttons, doesnt really bother me.

        • Kard

          this happens on my 3ds as well

        • cptnovius

          yea its just the buttons i have heard this on controllers for years.

      • Shadow10087

        My Deluxe one rattles too
        But i think it’s only the buttons or stylus or some other stuff

    • 0soul

      Yeah because when we get something new we rattle the shit out of it…

      • Jeffery02

        I actually get this hyper feeling when playing games that won’t allow me to sit still. I then focus most of that into my hands and whenever there is an idle moment, I shake the controller. I’m not proud of it as I may ruin my controllers faster, but it’s one of those “itches” that you just can’t help but react to. Btw, I have a deluxe and my GamePad clearly has the rattle. It is NOT the stylus and it feels like it’s coming from the inside of the GamePad so I’m sure it’s not the buttons wither. Personally, I think it’s the rumble device. Could possibly be the batteries wires, I have not tested this yet so I’m not sure about this one.

        • 007 1/2

          Lol, good talk?

    • EatMyWindow

      It’s the xyab and start/select buttons… I see them move as I shake it

      • The Doorknob

        Hold them down.. shake it… rattle’s still there! They do create some of the noise but not all of it.

    • Lusunup

      it is the loose buttons so just relax it was not poorly made its awesome I recomend you get iт άς ςόόй Û can:)

    • BCphoton

      It’s probably just the gyro. I have a 3DS, and it makes a rattling sound, too, because of the gyro.

      • JumpMan

        i have a Deluxe and it makes that noise too! i took out the stylus to see if that was it but it was still rattling… i guess it’s just the Gyro or something?

        • dubYA

          It’s your abxy buttons. Press them while shaking it, and the rattling should go away.

      • n00dleZ

        I always thought the rattling in the 3DS was because of the built in pedometer?

    • dr scoobie

      ill help get to the bottom of this in 9 days

    • Robert

      that’s the rumble BTW if you didn’t know

  • Nintyfan

    Maybe we need to ask the guy that disassembled the Wii U Gamepad and ask him whats inside…

  • Phases

    Yep this was real concerning for me until I read it happening to others. Then I was able to pin down that its a combination of the buttons on the right as well as something internal.. since it’s minimal when holding things down. But, everything works great. I’m not worried about it anymore. Just wish they’d mentioned it in documentation. You know, a “don’t be alarmed” thing.

    Mine sounds just like yours.

    • dr scoobie

      saying dead pixels is a characteristic of lcd screens
      and isnt included in your warranty is quite a bit concerning.
      (i think the vita says the same thing)

      so saying that a noise when shaking it is normal
      is quite concerning.

      oh a resistor came off and its making a rattling noise.
      “Rattling noises are characteristics of gamepads
      and are not included in your warranty”

      nintendo arent huge dicks however
      and so they would obviously would count that in the warranty.
      but it would scare me a bit if they mentioned that.

      • BlackStar*

        I beg to differ, I have dealt personally with nintendo’s customer service and they are pretty awesome, they gave me something for free because I couldnt order it in my location (korea) and they are even shipping it free. I didnt have to give up a bunch of info either, just my name & ph # on my club nintendo account.

  • Chris

    The stylus maybe? Think about it, the same thing happened with the 3DS for some people. I’ll test the theory when I get back to my Wii U.

    • Andrew Sheehan

      This guy is correct.

      • Z

        Yeah, the only rattling I’ve heard comes from the stylus. If it bugs you enough, just take it out. :p

      • Kahhhhyle

        He’s not correct it makes the same sound with the stylus in or out

    • Nintyfan

      Its not the stylus. Just tested it out by taking out the stylus.

      Besides it shouldn’t rattle that much if it was a stylus doing that.

    • Nintenlord

      The sound is make by gyro sensors

      • MsDamiao

        its the buttons people

      • FrustratedAssassin

        This guy’s right, my phone rattles too. It’s the gyro sensors, people!

  • drew

    Noticed this the other day while gaming.
    Pretty sure it’s just the buttons.

  • MythBuster

    mine does as well

  • Troll patrol.

    Built in maracas for Samba De Amigo U.

    • 0soul


  • wiiufanatics

    I hope Nintendo answers this mystery!

  • Baldwin

    Yes, my wife and I are hearing a rattle from our black gamepad. It appears to be similar to the rattle in the video.

  • shroomforce

    Why would you even shake the controller?

    • crazywilljump


      • shroomforce

        ok, but you wouldn’t shake it THAT hard right?

    • Rob

      That’s like saying “why would you drop your phone”? But yet “drop tests” are pretty prevalent. It is a matter of durability and the rattling sound raises concern on what’s going on in there.

      Me might not MEAN to give our Wii U GamePads a beating… but there is such thing as wear and tear and accidents. And through gameplay and button mashing and regular use, some are concerned the GamePad won’t last long. I think that is a fair concern.

      • Killaguerrilla

        I shake everything I buy! It’s a sign of something well built and when something rattles it raises concern on manufacturing. If its rattling now… What happens 3 months from now after extensive use?!

        I immediately put all my pieces back and googled this issue. I’m extremely upset with this product right out of the box. Everything else I own with a gyroscope doesn’t rattle! For a $150 controller, the least I’d ask is solid workmanship!

        Nintendo!!! Address this issue RIGHT NOW!!!!

    • Kahhhhyle

      You don’t even need to shake it. Just tilting it back and forth creates the noise

      • MsDamiao

        ^ not mine

    • frank (3dsFC=5155-3120-0417)

      Accelerometer? While playing zombiu? You shake the wiimote, do you not?

  • soundslikeprada

    Take the stylus out and check the sound?

  • Master of Awesomeness

    It’s just buttons. But still, I find that it’s all right because they were put into mass production. Nothing is perfect.

  • Kingas of the Pingas

    Maybe it’s the built in gyro sensor.

  • Darkmanext

    Niether mine nor my sons rattle at all. Plus why would you skae it that hard, are you trying to break it.

    • Darkmanext

      shake it that hard.

  • Jebus

    Yep, that’s what I do when I play videogames, shake my controller incessantly. Nooo!!! another fault with the Wii-U, it won’t let me violently shake it while I play!!!! I can see that being a problem but for those of people who have Parkinsons disease or epilepsy, but I guess 99.999% of the population will still be okay.

    • Rob

      People who drop their phones/tablets don’t say,”Nooo!!! Another fault with the phone is I can’t chuck it on the ground without breaking it!” yet drop tests are important to some people. Consumers want durable products that withstand use and accidents.

      The shake test illustrates the rattle and raises an issue regarding wear and tear over time. I think it’s a valid concern.

    • Kahhhhyle

      Actually you don’t need to shake it violently at all in fact a few simple tilts back and forth can be quite noisy…

      • MsDamiao

        again, i dont seem to have that issue, unless i violently shake it

  • Superstick

    That sound is the Wii U controller saying “YAH YAH YAH YAH YAH!!!” To remind you how much better it is than the 360 and PS3 controller. ;D

    • Simon

      The hopes of All of us are etched into his body, turning the infinite darkness into light. Unmatched in heaven and earth. One soul,One body. Super wii u !!!!!!!!!!! I’ll show you … The power of Nintendo

  • Thepokemonmaster

    Well This is normal to me, My 3DS Pedometer has that, Along with my Wiimotes, So it’s probably the movement thingy :3 I have contacted Nintendo I’ll tell you if it’s okay or not.

  • rwtlaw

    Mine rattles too. on the right upper corner. Also mine wont sync with Wii u system.
    Is going back to Nintendo today. Sucks!!

  • Anon

    My 3DS does the same thing. When the 3DS launched it was determined that it was the motion control components inside that made the sound. The Wii U Gamepad has motion controls too, right? So my guess would be the exact same. Completely harmless.

    • Rob

      Makes sense. But why are some people’s not making any rattle?

  • Johny

    have anyone checked if it says anything about it in the manual ?
    atleast there should be something, so people wont think their wii u is defective or poorly made =)

  • Astro Black

    Yeah, I’m guessing rumble packs. Both my 360 and ps3 controllers rattle if you ‘shake’ them holding the right grip… Less so if holding the left grip.
    But there seems to be no sensible reason why I would ‘shake’ them again like that, or my future wii u gamepad.

    This goes in the same category as Will it Blend?

  • Yamiryuu Zero

    After reading this post, I grabbed my Gamecube Controller and shaked it. It does the same sound, meaning it could be the X A B Y buttons or the Rumble Pack (or both). I have yet to get a GamePad in hands, but as far as I’ve seen, looks like it’s completely normal and safe.

  • VezNetwork

    It’s the buttons apparently :T

  • Ledreppe

    It’s very simple, don’t shake it so hard and it wont make that sound. There’s no need to shake it that hard or in that way in order to play a game. Idiots!

    • ilovewiiu

      ur an idiot for saying that

  • marioU

    maybe Japanese likes rattling….

  • The Detonator

    once i take the stylus out it doesn’t rattle that bad…..


    thats the problem with so called game sites,just use a bit of your brain and look to see if the same sounds come from your 3ds ect you will find it does,it is what i call scare tactics also i have looked at other game sites and i have not found any such topic on this.the best way WII U DAILY is before putting this on your forum ring NINTEND FIRST them print after the full facts.

    • Killaguerrilla

      The problem is that it’s not a sound that comes from other controllers. I’m not shaking it violently… It sounds like screws are loose. That’s how loud and disconcerning it is. Plus it just makes your experience cheap!

  • Sylux

    I do not have a wiiu het (Europe) but listened to this and tried it out on other controlers (PS, PS2, gamecube, n64, snes, Wii controller pro and Wii controler normal aswell as the nunchuk) they all have the same rattle I’m pretty sure it is indeed the shoulder buttons and x, y, a and b buttons (square, triangle, circle and cross for ps’s) so I don’t think there is any need to worry, hopefully this helps a little.

  • Dan

    mine white one does as well, add me wiitag> TheMightyQUINN

  • Leon

    I am almost certain that it has something to do with the Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Motion Sensor and/or the Rumble Pack. I get the same sort of rattle (though much lower pitch) on my PS Vita and my PS3 Controllers, I also remember getting it in my GameCube controller. It could also link to the tightness the entire controller is assembled in… though that it probably unlikely.

    • ssb4 3dsFC 3007 8585 6950


      • Leon

        Just because I’m a Nintendo fan doesn’t mean I can not have consoles from other companies. Comments like those represent Nintendo fans in a negative light… lowering yourself the Sony/M$ fanboys that hate anything that isn’t from Sony/M$

        • ssb4 3dsFC 3007 8585 6950

          I WAZ KIDDIN! plus guess what! I own an xboX! O MA GAWWDDD! SUre I enjoy Halo! Sure I like infamous on the ps3! but ive noticed ps3 gets slightly lacking ports (Skyrim for example). and vita (in my opinion) can’t shine until some good games (games that arent playable on a HOME CONSOLE, cough cough ps3).

          • Leon

            lol, can not believe I fell for that 😛
            Yeah, I agree that the Vita just doesn’t have enough big games for it yet

  • Greg

    I was all about wii u months ago. But everything is so lackluster (typical of modern day Nintendo) that it’s just not nearly as appealing. And the game pad seems like a gimmick for most games. Only thing it’s good for is tv applications and menu ease. It seems nearly impossible to add anything to most games. Nintendo just isn’t the same anymore. Most of the choices they make are nonsensical. 8gb console, are you kidding me? I’m glad I just bought an Xbox and good games for it and that I wasn’t duped into buying the wii u. At this point I’m very close to thinking Nintendo blew it.

    • Mariolgy101

      Go back to your microshit 360 then.

    • ssb4 3dsFC 3007 8585 6950


      • Greg

        is that your player card number? hahahahaha

        • ssb4 3dsFC3007 8585 6950

          no its my 3ds fc DURH!

    • Madmagican

      Give it time. It takes a bit for developers to figure out how they’re going to effectively use any new console

    • Greg

      haha i’m no xbox troll. I just have an open mind. I’ve been obsessed with the Wii U for months. There really is no reason to be biased against 1 system or the other. Xbox has some good games right now. I’m pleased with the purchase. And I probably will get a wii u in future. Like the mature madmagician pointed out. I guess I should give it time. I was in a bad mood earlier I guess. I think the reason there is so much nintendo hate out there is because everyone truly wants to see Nintendo flourish like old days. But some, if not many, “hardcore” gamers have been let down. We all love Nintendo deep down inside. I would love the wii u to be in everyone’s living room. Absolutely love it. They just have to nail it, and not let us down.

      • ssb4 3dsFC3007 8585 6950

        oh. MY bad. im sorry. JUST WAIT FOR SMASH BROS U, Metroid, zelda, and mario kart u, those games will sell wii u’s

      • Seconded, bought the wii u on release, only to be let down by  the release game selection. Nothing new since Jan 22 now, except like puddle and the cave? are you kidding me? each week should be like 2-3 new games for the wii u and it has been STAGNANT…

  • dojo


  • jacob

    Its the buttons!!! Put your fingers over buttons then try to cause the rattling sound….

    • Nintendude

      Watch the video. He did.

  • fam monkey

    there has to be GIVE in conponants to cussion falls drops slams against other objects like walls floors etc

    if the buttons were ridged and conponants the SHOCK from impacts would more likely break something or make the buttons fly off its commonsense some GIVE/SUSPENSION would be there to help make the gamepad HUMAN PROOF i dont see an issue here

    • Lazyboy88

      Love your comment, and it seems like a legit explanation imo, it the controllers were solid as a rock they would break very easy, but if they controllers were bendable they could can withstand much more like bambu..

      • fam monkey

        think crumple zone in a car the cars body work gives to obsorb shock if the car was ridged yes it would be harder to dent/break in a car accident but the people in side the car would be taking the huge impact shock yes the solid car body might stop them getting crushed but the impact force would stap your neck or back like a twig or burst your internal organs and you die

        better the car gets destroyed than the people in it

        same applys to the inners of a gamepad they need shock absorption to protect them a strong shock blow to a gyro would kill it

    • Greg

      i think people are more worried about there being something lose inside the controller

      • Killaguerrilla

        Fam monkey, your explanation makes a lot of sense. A lot like how the AK-47 was designed… Greg says it best though. We’re just all concerned something is seriously faulty cause the sound is SO loud 🙁

        I really hope it is fine because I’m really excited to present this to my kids on thanksgiving!!!

  • Flipping Geek

    Why do I care if it rattles like that? I am never going to have to shake it so violently for any game I play I would think. I just shook my Xbox 360 controller just like that I it makes noise too, not as loud but it does. I believe its the buttons and how they are set in each controller whether it be the Wii U or the Xbox 360 or even the PS3. Everyone should start shaking all of their controllers from past consoles to see if this happens.

  • Chance

    It’s the buttons

  • The Dan

    I think it might be the gyroscope.

  • Mariolgy101

    I think its something that locks the stylus

  • Jody

    I highly doubt i would mind it, i just wish i get to buy one very soon…
    It’s priced at $670 for the deluxe version at the official Nintendo store where i live, and when i asked why the ridiculous price, their excuse was “We only have 500 of them” … Yeah i don’t get it -_____-

    • ilovewiiu

      i bought mine at a local target and they only had 6 (3 black 3 white) and it cost the same

  • Amtoj

    Its the gyroscope. You don’t need to shake that hard anyway.

    • Amtoj

      Besides, the 3DS gyroscope does this too doesn’t it?

  • verymetal

    Rattle Waggle!

  • xzxAndrosxzx

    i dont give 2 shits about a rattle the thing works fine and if you can hear it turn youre tv up

  • WiiUloveme

    Whoo gives a fuck, just enjoy the Wii u

  • Joey Jojo Jr Shabadoo

    Exact same rattle on my deluxe. I imagine Nintendo’s gonna release a statement about it if it’s a defect or not since it’s a concern to many. Gamepad’s working though no issues.

  • noahforwiiu

    I’m getting Best Buy insurance, don’t wanted broken in 6 months, like what happened to x-box 360, just to play it safe

  • code

    it is the rumble function inside


    Concerned? no im not concerned sbout a rattling sound,it has somthing to do with the tilting when your playing video’d some kind of leveling reader.

    it’s real small ball’s rolling around in a circular motion so the pad can read what you are doing


    stop rattling!! simple..

  • Hangman

    maybe this helps. at least you can see what’s in the area where the noise comes from


    Give it to a crying XBOX360 fanboy. They can use it as a baby rattle cause the system is so awesome.

  • Cleo

    Wow, you shake it real it good.

  • Treebeard

    The wii did that too

  • Phoenex68

    Mine has a rattle upon further inspection it is either the rumble pack or the buttons, I’m strongly leaning towards the small rumble motors because the rattle goes away when the controller rumbles.

  • Sobari

    So how long until fanboys use this to make “Wii U is a baby’s toy” comments?

  • NintendoFan

    notice that the more buttons he was holding down, the smaller the sound got. this is just a guess but i think it could be a combination of all the buttons. I think it’s either that or the rumble motors like Phoenex68 said

  • Jetty

    Yes, has a rattle. Thought the stylus was loose, but it’s in the right analog stick. Spooked? A little, but worst case scenario I’ll go Pro Controller.

  • TheBradBoZ

    It’s the gyro-scope… Because my 3DS does the same thing as well.

  • NintendoFan

    it’s definitely the gyroscope cuz the 3ds does that too, and so does the xbox and gamecube controllers. IT’S SO COMMEN IN ALL CONTROLLERS, I DON’T GET HOW EVERYBODY IS JUST NOW NOTICING THIS WITH THE GAMEPAD! XP

    • Dan

      Well, a new console,, people tend to do a close up scrutiny, from disc noise, fan noise etc… What i found on Wii gamepad is the clickable analog sticks feels like theres something stuck inside,,, unlike the 360 🙂 no biggy,, really

  • evil empire

    nothing wrong with mine.

    * Also big news my Logitech 25 recognizes the wii u and goes through automatic setup mode. good news for all racers interested in this new nintendo.

  • ShootTheCore

    ITs the rechargable battery pack inside slightly moving around when you shake it !

  • transaxle

    I have a deluxe model. Noticed a rattle immediately after unboxing. No drops or trauma to the product. Sounds like something behind the buttons on the right. Definitely not the stylus or buttons themselves. Doesn’t seem like a problem but definitely made me perk my ears some.

  • elbossmx

    I have a question offtopic about the WiiU. Can you play Nintendo Land and NSMBU games with Wiimotes without Wii Motion Plus?

    • Zhenya

      yeah you can, but make sure its wii remote plus

      • elbossmx

        You kinda didn’t answer my question. I only have the first Wiimotes, the one without Wii Motion Plus, neither as an adapter nor built inside.
        Can I play Wii U games with those?

        • Dan

          He said yes with Wii remote plus,,, so basically to answer your question directly ,, No,,, i need the add on,,, 😉

          • Dan

            Me and you need an add on 😉

        • eyesac

          Yes, you can. However 2 of the Nintendoland games require Motion plus. Zelda battle quest and metroid I believe.

  • Fireheart

    Yep it sounds just like mine and I have the 32GB version. I’m not sure what it is but maybe Nintendo will tell us soon. It seems like all of them are doing the same thing though.

  • Zhenya

    *facepalm* no im not concerned at all

  • DerikGotro64

    Its just the buttons! No need to worry people!!

  • MarKSpookY

    It’s because of the stylus.

  • Really???

    It’s the BUTTONS!!!! 🙂

  • GadgetsAlwaysFit

    Mine makes the same rattling noise and I don’t have to shake it that hard. I did put my fingers over all of the XYAB buttons at the same time, removed the stylus and the rattle went away. To my mind, the buttons are the largest culprit.

  • AnesthesiaGamer

    Mine is made by the buttons (x y a b)… Or at Least it sounds like it does

  • dinos24

    I’m pretty sure its Gyro Sensor. 3DS and 3DS XL do the exact same thing.

  • Nin_Stream

    I just tried shaking my Wii U gamepad and its just the stylus, and XYAB buttons lol. Calm down people.

  • Suiadan

    It’s the ABXY, +, and – buttons. Just hold them still and shake the remote. At least we know they won’t get clogged easily. Well, back to ZombiU.

  • ProppaT

    You guys realize the rattling is just the AB/XY buttons, right? It’s not poor quality, it’s that the caps fit loosely. This is actually preferable to many people. Many high quality arcade joysticks have the same rattle if you pick them up and shake them…

    • David Bandel

      no moron. NO MORON. NO MORON NO MORON.

      NO…. MORON

      hold those buttons down firmly and it still makes the same exact rattle.



      • Christopher Columbus

         The only moron is you and you sound like a mongoloid child with mental issues. Someone tell this kids Mommy he’s being a bad boy on the computer.

        Remove the STYLUS,  hold down all of the face buttons and shake.  Sound is muffled to almost nothing.   That’s all it is.  If your rattling continues after that then you have a lose component in your gamepad and that is your own isolated issue.

        The rest of us are doing just fine.  Only thing I need is the new Nyko Powerpak to replace this god awful battery with poor battery life.

        •  I’ll just paste the other message for you.

          no moron. NO MORON. NO MORON NO MORON.NO…. MORONhold those buttons down firmly and it still makes the same exact rattle.WRONG MORON. THINK BEFORE YOU POST MORON.TEST BEFORE YOU SPEAK MORON

      • JoshuaBoudreaux

         wow could you be any more of a child? 

  • Jose Melendez

    It’s the stylus… Take it out and you can’t hear it.

  • muppetstakepearlharbor

    It is a second low-power gyroscope. Notice how the power consumption drops when unused (even before the screen dims) but any touch that would move the cheap gyroscope wakes it. It is a similar motion detector to in the old Kirby Tilt’n Tumble.

  • Yo

    It’s just the volume slider. Hold it in place and shake it. You won’t hear the noise.

  • Mario MC

    Guys come on…. Stop trying to find issues…. ITS JUST THE BUTTONS! Just enjoy the system!

  • FastRDust

    you could try putting some toothpick between all the buttons and the edge of the buttons, to make sure they aren’t the cause of the rattle if you shake the controller.

    or use a piece of tape to lock the position of the buttons

  • Pappy13

    My 8 gig white set, had a baby rattlesnake inside.

  • Wachuwamekil

    Its the buttons, I held all the buttons and shook the controller the sound went away.

    I think there is to much play between the buttons and the silicone pad/spring thingy.

  • Grodus

    Mine does it, I don’t think it matters.

  • The_fuzz_buzz

    There are tree [3] possibility’s: #1, A/B/X/Y buttons: #2, The Rumble Pak: #3, The motion controls inside: And on a side note, I just shook my Wii remote, and it did rattle, it was the +/- buttons. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT!!! NINTENDO HAS ALWAYS MADE QUALITY STUFF!!! DON’T FRET!!

  • Mils

    I don’t mind the rattle, buttons are obviously loose (they extend almost 1/8″ when holding upside down). I’m more concerned about the “stressed plastic” squeaking already developing on the right side of my d-pad/left of screen when pressed. Somewhat near the screen on the other (right) side, the same sound can be heard if moderately pressed (not very hard). So now every time I run right, there’s a squeak/creak, pretty irritating. The case/build is pretty cheap.

    • i have the same problem. Its on the right dpad. Have you found i way to fix it? I was going to take it back but nintendo will release game pads separately and then ill just get another one

  • Adam Fox

    my Xbox360 and Wiimote rattle a little too…as well as the its got to be sensors inside of it

  • supermariolinux

    there just buttons, if you hold down ABXY and start and select and shake the rattling stops. Nothing to worry about, its a sign your buttons aren’t stuck 🙂

  • NeptunePirate

    It’s the “+” and “-” buttons.

  • smallNdeadly

    Its the buttons. I flipped mine upside down and lightly held the buttons and shook controller…no rattle

  • albinopig

    Mines not that bad, but when I try holding down the face buttons I only hear ONE other rattling, doesn’t bother me that much though.

  • Chris

    Mine made noise….upper right…. then I took out the stylus from the upper right of the gamepad…no more rattle!!!

  • Jonny

    I think that is the Pedometer making the rattling sound. Just like the 3DS.

  • deaddays

    It’s the buttons. No big deal. It rarely happens during gameplay because, well, your fingers are on the buttons.

  • Lodoss

    I’m pretty sure that this is the slot that the stylus is in, if you wiggle the stylus around in that slot you’ll here it.

  • Dan

    Im sad that nintendo chose a cellphone quality vibration,,, maube to avoid the lawsuit that sony and micro payed for


    WHO CARES!!!

  • CanesterJr

    The reason why it probably rattles is because the “ACCELEROMETER” and or “GYROSCOPE”

  • braincell

    I have the 32 gv deluxe edition and its not thr stylus. Mine rattles very badly it seems to be something loose behind the select button and xb buttons that sort of moves around. All of nintebdos other motion based stuff never did this

  • CrayRay

    Glad this discussion reached the surface- I noticed the rattling the first time I held my deluxe game pad. I believe it’s the buttons, but this has not had any interference with game play thus far.

  • Noah Mazzola

    Ive never noticed a rattle…

  • Lev M

    it doesn’t bother me at all & sure others would agree

  • If you press on all the buttons & the joy sticks, there is no more rattle, so I think that answers the question

  • beerkin

    So this is only an issue if you have a seizure while playing.

  • mcmb03

    In addition to the buttons, in newer phones there is a similar rattle with the camera lenses. Again, it in the design.

  • I can’t believe there is an article about this.  It’s the buttons,  took me about 10 seconds to figure that out.  This article is just hunting for problems, just like the low clock speed ones and the 5 hour battery life ones.   Stop being a bunch of trolls, be journalists.

    • David Bandel

      nope moron. nope you stupid little moron. nope moron. nope moron.

      nope onpe nope nope nope moron moron moron moron moron.

      hold down the buttons and the rattling continues.

      think a little before you speak moron.

  • Ian Paxton

    It’s the buttons I noticed that within a few minutes of playing.

  • its not the F***ing buttons in mine, there is a loose bit of plastic inside the left part of the pad where the NFC symbol is that rolls around inside as i tilt the pad, even if the buttons are held in, i am going to open it up at the weekend and get to the bottom of it.
    bit of plastic from the forming process most probably

  • It’s the wii sensor bar people, i disconnected the sensor bar from the wii console and the rattling stopped on the gamepad

  • Damon Spencer
  • Zachary Carter

    the rattle i experience is new, recent. It did not always do this. It sounds as though the vibration motor came loose and it moves freely, very fast and loud. 

    It makes distracting noise while play cod black ops 2. I had not noticed this before. I do not see the devs programing this to sound that way, very distracting and loud. and sounds like it spins too fast or something, it is just not your typical v. motor. I is only on the Left lower side.

  • Charles Walsh

    It’s the stylus you dummy!